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Abbott, Rob and Burkitt, Esther (2015) Child Development and the Brain: An Introduction. Policy Press.

Abeykoon, Chamil (2015) Improving the performance of shell-and-tube heat exchangers by the addition of swirl. International Journal of Process Systems Engineering, 2 (3). pp. 221-245. ISSN 1757-6342

Abraham, Grace (2015) The Weapon Focus Effect: an analytic vs. holistic perception comparison. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Adams, Kate; Bull, Rebecca and Maynes, Mary-Louise (2015) Early childhood spirituality in education: towards an understanding of the distinctive features of young children's spirituality.

Adams, Kate; Monahan, J. and Wills, R. (2015) Losing the whole child? A national survey of primary education training provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2015) Frequency and Abundance of Pollen Taxa in Crime Case Samples from the United Kingdom.

Ahmed, Shamila (2015) Citizenship, belonging and attachment in the 'war on terror'. Critical Criminology: an international journal, 24. pp. 111-125. ISSN 1572-9877

Ahmed, Shamila (2015) The 'emotionalization of the "war on terror"': Counter-terrorism, fear, risk, insecurity and helplessness. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 15 (5). pp. 545-560. ISSN 1748-8958

Al-Khannak, Rafid; Jawad, Talib and Abdulameer, Murooj (2015) E College: Intelligent Examination Board (EC-IEB). International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology, 5 (5). pp. 103-109. ISSN 2231-0711

Al-Khannak, Rafid; Kadhim, Abdulkareem and Ibrahim, Nada (2015) Integrating Grid Computing Technology into Multimedia Application. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, 23 (3). pp. 103-107. ISSN 22312803

Al-Khatib, I.A.; Eleyan, D. and Garfield, Joy (2015) A System Dynamics Model to Predict Municipal Waste Generation and Management Costs in Developing Areas.

Al-Sadi, A.M.; Al-Oweisi, F.A.; Edwards, S.G.; Al-Nadabi, H. and Al-Fahdi, A.M. (2015) Genetic analysis reveals diversity and genetic relationship among Trichoderma isolates from potting media, cultivated soil and uncultivated soil. BMC Microbiology, 15 (1).

Ali, Saad; Raiden, A. and Kirk, S. (2015) Social Capital in Jordan: Wasta in Employment Selection. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Allen, Richard (2015) Panoramic Sea Happening (After Kantor): Video Installation. [Video]

Allen, Richard and May, S. (2015) Encountering Anthropomorphism (Editorial).

Allende, A. and Monaghan, J.M. (2015) Irrigation water quality for leafy crops: A perspective of risks and potential solutions. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12 (7). pp. 7457-7477.

Alshaibani, Elham (2015) Investigating the relationship between cultural intelligence and service quality in hospitality: A cross cultural study. Doctoral thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.

Alsop, Will (2015) Making life better. [Art/Design Item]

Amarante Andrade, Pedro; Wistbacka, Greta; Larsson, Hans; Södersten, Maria; Hammarberg, Britta; Simberg, Susanna; Švec, Jan G. and Granqvist, Svante (2015) The Flow and Pressure Relationships in Different Tubes Commonly Used for Semi-occluded Vocal Tract Exercises. Journal of Voice, 30 (1). pp. 36-41. ISSN 08921997

Anderson, Eric (2015) Assessing the Sociology of Sport on Changing Masculinities and Homophobia.

Anderson, Eric (2015) Charlie is so cool like: Authenticity, Popularity and Inclusive Masculinity on YouTube.

Anderson, Eric and Bullingham, Rachael (2015) Openly Lesbian Team Sport Athletes in an Era of Decreasing Homohysteria.

Andersson, M.X.; Nilsson, A.K.; Johansson, O.N.; Boztaş, Gulin; Adolfsson, L.E.; Pinosa, F.; Garcia, C.; Arronsson, H.; Mackey, D.; Tör, M.; Hamberg, M. and Ellerström, M. (2015) Involvement of the Electrophilic Isothiocyanate Sulforaphane in Arabidopsis Local Defense Responses.

Andrews, Chris (2015) A study into prosocial behaviour as a predictor of prospective memory performance. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Holly; Francis-Smythe, Jan and Jellis, Matthew (2015) Shining a Light on the Dark Side: How the Global Financial Crisis Exposed the Dark Side of Leadership. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) The Acceptable Face of Feminism: The Women’s Institute Movement as a Social Movement (2nd edition). Lawrence and Wishart.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Gender, Feminist and Women’s History by 'Any Other Name': The Need to Keep Alive the Radical Traditions of Women’s History.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Jumping on the Bandwagon: Fantasy and Reality in Contemporary Texts About WW1. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) The Nation's Cinderella's: Women's Organisations and Wartime Evacuation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Not All Jam and Jerusalem. [Show/Exhibition]

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Politics, Problems and Possibilities: Why Teaching Must Really Matter for Historians. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Poppies, Tommies and Remembrance.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Potential Cosmopolitan Sensibilities in Feminized Mediated Remembrance. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Salting the Pig and Harvesting the Plums: Gendered Roles in Rural Worcestershire in WWI. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) 'Salting the Pig, Picking and Preserving the Fruit: the Rural West Midlands Home Front'. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) Shopping for Identities and Purchasing Fantasies of Domesticity in Post-war Kays Catalogues. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Academic.

Andrews, Maggie (2015) The WI's Rural Retailing and Markets 1915–1939: a First World War Legacy.

Andrews, Maggie; Crutchley, Jody; Jones, Laura; King, Elspeth and Miller, Rosemarie (2015) Enhancing the Employability of Humanities Postgraduates: a Students as Academic Partners Project Report.

Ansbro, Maria (2015) Looking under the bonnet: probation officers' practice with child protection cases. Child & Family Social Work. ISSN 1365-2206

Ansbro, Maria (2015) What Can we Learn from Serious Incident Reports? Probation Journal, 53 (1). pp. 57-70. ISSN 0264-5505

Antai, Diddy; Braithewaite, Patrick and Clerk, George (2015) Social determinants of child abuse: evidence of factors associated with maternal abuse from the Egypt demographic and health survey. Journal of Injury and Violence Research, 8 (1). pp. 25-34. ISSN 20082053

Aqueel, M.A.; Raza, A.M.; Balal, R.M.; Shahid, M.A.; Mustafa, I.; Javaid, M.M. and Leather, S.R. (2015) Tritrophic interactions between parasitoids and cereal aphids are mediated by nitrogen fertilizer. Insect Science, 22 (6). pp. 813-820.

Arakeri, Gururaj; Colbert, Serryth; Patil, Shekar Gowda; Hale, Beverley J.; Merkx, M. A. W. and Brennan, Peter A. (2015) Salivary pooling: is it specific to particular regions in oral submucous fibrosis?

Araujo, Simone; Cohen, Daniel and Hayes, Lawrence D. (2015) Six weeks of core stability training improves landing kinetics among female capoeira athletes: a pilot study.

Arloth, J; Major Depressive Disorder Working Group, Psychiatric Genomics Consortium; Jones, Lisa and Binder, E (2015) Genetic Differences in the Immediate Transcriptome Response to Stress Predict Risk-Related Brain Function and Psychiatric Disorders.

Armstrong, David; Elliott, Julian; Hallett, Fiona and Hallett, Graham (2015) Understanding child and adolescent behaviour in the classroom: research and practice for teachers. Cambridge University Press.

Arnull, Elaine and Aldridge Bent, Sharon (2015) Fit for Practice: How can we help? Pedagogic Reflections. International Journal of Practice-based Learning in Health and Social Care, 3 (2). pp. 48-60. ISSN 2051-6223

Arvinen-Barrow, M.; Clement, D.; Hamson-Utley, J. J.; Kamphoff, C.; Zakrajzek, R.; Lee, S-M.; Lintunen, T; Hemmings, Brian and Martin, S. (2015) Athletes’ expectations about sport injury rehabilitation: A cross-cultural study.

Arvinen-Barrow, Monna; Clement, Damien; Hamson-Utley, Jennifer J.; Zakrajsek, Rebecca A.; Lee, Sae-Mi; Kamphoff, Cindra; Lintunen, Taru; Hemmings, Brian and Martin, Scott B. (2015) Athletes’ Use of Mental Skills During Sport Injury Rehabilitation.

Atkin, Chris and Foster, Ellie (2015) educationUndergraduate: Journal of undergraduate research in education (Volume 7). Bishop Grosseteste University.

Atkin, Chris; Rose, Anthea; Cheffins, Nick and Clarke, Michele (2015) Public understanding of, and attitudes to, local hybrid energy systems: a study across rural Britain. Bishop Grosseteste University.

Aubrey, Karl and Bell, Les (2015) Teacher education in further education 2000–2010: subversion, avoidance and compliance.

Aubrey, Karl and Riley, Alison (2015) Understanding and using educational theories. Sage Publications Ltd.


Bacon, Jane (2015) Authentic Movement A Field of Practices.

Baggs, A., (2015) The influence of a hypoxic environment on motor coordination of skiers. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Baker, Camille (2015) Wear next: an investigation into the future of wearable technology. [Art/Design Item]

Baker, Camille (2015) A match made in heaven? Marrying fashion and technology & rebranding wearables. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Baker, Camille and Sicchio, Kate (2015) Stitch, bitch, make/perform: wearables and performance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Balaskas, Bill (2015) 10th Mildura Palimpsest Biennale 2015. [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2015) PUNK: its traces in contemporary art. [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2015) Tous Pour Tous. [Art/Design Item]

Bandy, J. (2015) Children’s motivation in primary school physical education: Generalist teacher vs sports coach. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Banfield-Zanin, J.A. and Leather, S.R. (2015) Drought intensity and frequency have contrasting effects on development time and survival of the green spruce aphid. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 17 (3). pp. 309-316.

Banfield-Zanin, J.A. and Leather, S.R. (2015) Reproduction of an arboreal aphid pest,Elatobium abietinum, is altered under drought stress. Journal of Applied Entomology, 139 (4). pp. 302-313.

Banfield-Zanin, J.A. and Leather, S.R. (2015) Season and drought stress mediate growth and weight of the green spruce aphid on Sitka spruce. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 17 (1). pp. 48-56.

Banham, D., (2015) A thematical analysis of English governing bodies parental codes of conduct – To what extent do they shape parental figure? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Barber, George (2015) Akula dream. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2015) By the way. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2015) Fences make senses. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, Jenny; Hillier, Sarah E; Middleton, Geoff; Keegan, Richard; Henderson, Hannah and Lavin, Jacquie (2015) Providing weight management via the workplace.

Barber, Lerverne and Breeze, Nicholas (2015) HND Degree 'Top-up' Students' Perceptions of Their Experience at the University of Worcester: How Can Future Students' Experiences Be Improved?

Barbosa-Leiker, Celestina; Fleming, Susan; Hollins Martin, Caroline J. and Martin, Colin R. (2015) Psychometric properties of the Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised (BSS-R) for US mothers. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 33 (5). pp. 504-511. ISSN 0264-6838

Barnes, Sue; Ceen, F.; Gardener, John and Hughes, M. (2015) Students as Academic Partners Project: Audit of Team Work Practice within Worcester Business School. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony (2015) Categorising Asynchronous Discussion Threads: Improving the Quality of Student Learning. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony (2015) Conceptual Canvas. [Show/Exhibition]

Barnett, Anthony (2015) Learning Stories and Documentation. [Audio]

Barnett, Anthony (2015) Looking Back to the 1980s.

Barnett, Anthony and Savage, Moira (2015) Digital Literacy for Primary Teachers. Critical Publishing.

Barrett, Heather (2015) Book Review: Carmona M (ed.) (2014) Explorations in Urban Design: an Urban Design Research Primer, Farnham, Ashgate.

Barry, D., (2015) An investigation into the most effective deployment of funding in primary school sport and physical education in two different Local Education Authorities. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Barwell, Claire (2015) Whose memory? reflections on the construction of an archive, or Canute against the waves of oblivion.

Bates, Elizabeth A. (2015) Editorial: Journal of Applied Psychology and Social Science, 1 (1).

Bates, Elizabeth A. (2015) Editorial: Journal of Applied Psychology and Social Science, 1 (2).

Baxter, Gail (2015) Re-viewing lace in archives: connecting the lacunae. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bazzucchi, Ilenia; De Vito, Giuseppe; Felici, Francesco; Dewhurst, Susan; Sgadari, A. and Sacchetti, Massimo (2015) Effect of exercise training on neuromuscular function of elbow flexors and knee extensors of type 2 diabetic patients.

Beacham, A.M.; Monaghan, J.M. and Kettlewell, P.S. (2015) Culinary herb growth and appearance in response to high salinity and high pH treatments in substrate-based and substrate-free conditions. The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, 90 (2). pp. 164-170.

Beacom, Aaron and Golder, Gill (2015) Developing Disability Sport: The case for a critical pedagogy. Journal of Sport for Development, 3 (5).

Beadle, H (2015) A Defining Moment in E-working: The Application of an E-working Definition to the Education Context.

Beadle, H (2015) 'Setting research all aTwitter': Education research participants' perspectives on use of the Twitter platform.

Beadle, H (2015) 'The case of the educated methodological study': An exploration of published technology related research case studies.

Beaman-Evans, Charlotte; Chapman, Val; Breeze, Nicholas and Bowen-Jones, Will (2015) 'Usemyability’ (UMA). An Investigation Into Whether an Online Employability Skills Audit Can Enhance Students Understanding of the Term Employability.

Begum, Gulshanara; Konstantaki, Maria; Cunliffe, Adam and Leveritt, Michael (2015) Effectiveness of Commercial versus Homemade Sports Drinks on Fluid Balance and Exercise Capacity during High-intensity Intermittent Exercise. American Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 3 (2). pp. 39-46. ISSN 2333-4592

Bell, H. and Bell, Robin (2015) Post-Crisis Belarus: Marxism and the Lender of Last Resort.

Bell, Robin (2015) Developing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Giving Students the Opportunity to Gain Experience and Thrive.

Bell, Robin (2015) Encouraging and Preparing Students for a Study Abroad Experience through the Management of Student Concerns, Apprehensions and Expectations Developed from Previous Students’ Experiences. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin (2015) Mentoring as a Key Facet in the Applied Entrepreneurial Learning Experience: The Impact of Consultant Mentoring on Students’ Entrepreneurial Development. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin and Loon, Mark (2015) The Impact of Critical Thinking Disposition on Learning Using Business Simulations.

Bendell, Jem (2015) Comment: Could electronic parallel currency ease Greece’s big cash freeze?

Bendell, Jem (2015) Could enterprise zones help us achieve the Global Goals? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem (2015) Disruptive leadership: innovating major changes for sustainability. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem (2015) From castle to cage: what to do about the housing crisis?

Bendell, Jem (2015) Searching for sustainability leadership. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem (2015) State of and need for responsible leadership. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem (2015) To save growth, we must leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Bendell, Jem (2015) Towards a Liberal Green alliance.

Bendell, Jem (2015) Understanding the future of money. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem (2015) What if we are failing? Towards a post-crisis compact for systemic change. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishing.

Bendell, Jem (2015) What price a cashless life?

Bendell, Jem (2015) The monetary cause of the house price crisis affecting many cities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem and Little, Richard (2015) Searching for sustainability leadership. [Report]

Bendell, Jem and Little, Richard (2015) Seeking sustainability leadership.

Bendell, Jem; Miller, Anthony; Weber, Joerg and Zhan, James (2015) Enhancing the contribution of Export Processing Zones to Sustainable Development Goals: an analysis of 100 EPZs and a framework for sustainable economic zones. [Report]

Bendell, Jem; Owen, Godfrey and Alexander, Jon (2015) Welcome address at the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bendell, Jem; Slater, Matthew and Ruddick, William (2015) Re-imagining money to broaden the future of development finance: what Kenyan community currencies reveal is possible for financing development. [Report]

Bending, Hazel (2015) BLOGGING MY REFLECTIONS? NO I DON’T…. BUT IT’S A GOOD IDEA. In: EDULEARN15 Proceedings-7th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. IATED Publications, pp. 3270-3277. ISBN 978-84-606-8243-1

Benelli, M.; Leather, S.R.; Francati, S.; Marchetti, E. and Dindo, M.L. (2015) Effect of two temperatures on biological traits and susceptibility to a pyrethroid insecticide in an exotic and native coccinellid species. Bulletin of Insectology, 68 (1). pp. 23-29.

Benge, Bryan (2015) Dwell: a book of nets. Sampson Low Ltd.

Bennett, Evelyn and Rutter, Christopher (2015) 'Gunfighter' project. [Art/Design Item]

Bernardin, Daniel (2015) Altering hamstring peak torque-angle: a comparison of the Romanian dead-lift and Nordic hamstring exercise. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Berry, Matthew; Lomax, Jane and Hodgson, Christopher I. (2015) Adventure Sports Coaching. Routledge.

Best, Shaun (2015) Education in the interregnum: an evaluation of Zygmunt Bauman’s liquid-turn writing on education.

Best, Shaun (2015) Talcott Parsons: Despair and Modernity. Routledge.

Bezodis, Neil E.; Salo, Aki I. T. and Trewartha, Grant (2015) Relationships between lower-limb kinematics and block phase performance in a cross section of sprinters.

Bezodis, Neil E.; Trewartha, Grant and Salo, Aki I. T. (2015) Understanding the effect of touchdown distance and ankle joint kinematics on sprint acceleration performance through computer simulation.

Bhatti-Sinclair, Kish and Price, Donna (2015) Evaluation of Serious Case Reviews and Anti-racist Practice. In: UNSPECIFIED The Policy Press.

Bickerdike, H.L.; Evans, D.J.A.; McDougall, Derek and Vieli, A. (2015) Overview of the Younger Dryas Glaciation in the Lake District. In: UNSPECIFIED Quaternary Research Association.

Bidmead, Elaine; Reid, Tilly; Marshall, Alison and Southern, Veronica (2015) ‘Teleswallowing’: a case study of remote swallowing assessment.

Bindewald, Leander (2015) Keynote presentation at Danish ‘Transition Movement’ annual conference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bindewald, Leander (2015) Understanding the impact of Community Currencies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bingle, Branwen; Howard, Colin; Robinson, Catriona and Kington, Alison (2015) Tales From the Watershed:Using Repertory Grids in the Study of Teachers’ Mid-career Identity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Birch, P; Batten, John and Batey, Joanne (2015) The influence of student gender on the assessment of undergraduate student work.

Bisson, N.; Grondin, S. and Francis-Smythe, Jan (2015) Validation Française de l’Échelle de la Personnalité Temporelle (French Validation of the Time Personality Indicator).

Black, J. and Whigham, Stuart (2015) 'Team GB', 'Team England' or 'Team Scotland'? Media Representations of 'Britishness', 'Englishness' and 'Scottishness' in London 2012 and Glasgow 2014. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Blacker, Sam D.; Rayson, Mark P.; Wilkinson, David M.; Carter, James M.; Nevill, Alan and Richmond, Victoria L. (2015) Physical employment standards for U.K. fire and rescue service personnel.

Blackwell, Robert (2015) Susceptibility to the anchoring bias: a cross-cultural investigation. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Blagrove, Richard (2015) Strength and conditioning for endurance running. Crowood Press.

Blake, Glen M.; Barnfield, Mark C.; Burniston, Maria T.; Cosgriff, Philip S.; Fleming, John S. and Murray, Anthony W. (2015) Measuring glomerular filtration rate using chromium-51 EDTA: body surface area normalization before or after Brochner-Mortensen correction?

Bloxham, Susan (2015) Assessing assessment: new developments in assessment design, feedback practices and marking in higher education. In: UNSPECIFIED Taylor & Francis (Routledge).

Bloxham, Susan; Hudson, Jane; den Outer, Birgit and Price, Margaret (2015) External peer review of assessment: an effective approach to verifying standards?

Bloxham, Susan; Hughes, Clair and Adie, Lenore (2015) What’s the point of moderation? A discussion of the purposes achieved through contemporary moderation practices.

Bloxham, Susan; den Outer, Birgit; Hudson, Jane and Price, Margaret (2015) Let’s stop the pretence of consistent marking: exploring the multiple limitations of assessment criteria.

Board, Russell T. (2015) Effect of Three Different Fatigue Protocols on Countermovement Jump Kinetics and Kinematics in Amateur Rugby Union Players. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Boddey, J. and Hodgkins, Angela (2015) The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Management of a Playwork Setting.

Boehm, J.; Cordier, R.; Thomas, Yvonne; Tanner, B. and Salata, K. (2015) The First Year Experience of Occupational Therapy Students at an Australian Regional University: Promoting Student Retention and Developing a Regional and Remote Workforce.

Boehm, J.; Tanner, B.; Lowrie, D.; Bonassi, M.; Brown, N.; Thomas, Yvonne and Reinie, C. (2015) Exploring Emerging Occupational Therapy Identity and the Development of Graduate Attributes Among Occupational Therapy Students.

Bojesen, Emile (2015) Educational Plasticity: Catherine Malabou and 'the feeling of a new responsibility'.

Bojesen, Emile (2015) Of Remuant Existence.

Bojesen, Emile (2015) Review of Benign Violence: Education in and beyond the Age of Reason. By Ansgar Allen. Taylor and Francis.

Bokhari, S. (2015) North Western Pakistani Pashtun Perspectives on the Educational Achievement of Their Children in England. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bolam, Lauren T. (2015) Do the different historical and cultural diagnostic criteria of schizophrenia have social and treatment implications?

Bold, Justine (2015) Postgraduate Perspectives on E-feedback.

Bolton, Gareth C. and Cox, Diane (2015) Survey of UK sonographers on the prevention of work related muscular-skeletal disorder (WRMSD).

Bonini, M.; Šikoparija, B.; Cislaghi, G.; Colombo, P.; Testoni, C.; Grewling, Ł.; Lommen, S.T.; Müller-Schärer, H. and Smith, Matt (2015) Is the Recent Decrease in Airborne Ambrosia Pollen in the Milan Area Due to the Accidental Introduction of the Ragweed Leaf Beetle Ophraella Communa?

Bonini, M.; Šikoparija, B.; Prentović, M.; Cislaghi, G.; Colombo, P.; Testoni, C.; Grewling, Ł.; Lommen, S.T.; Müller-Schärer, H. and Smith, Matt (2015) A Follow-up Study Examining Airborne Ambrosia Pollen in the Milan Area in 2014 in Relation to the Accidental Introduction of the Ragweed Leaf Beetle Ophraella Communa.

Boorman, David (2015) Should primary school children be ‘calculator aware’ or ‘calculator beware’?

Booth, Lisa; Henwood, Suzanne and Miller, Paul K. (2015) Reflections on the role of consultant radiographers in the UK: what is a consultant radiographer?

Booth, Lisa and Kada, S. (2015) Student radiographers' attitudes toward the older patient: an intervention study.

Booth, Philip Mark (2015) Federal Britain - the case for decentralisation. Institute of Economic Affairs/LPP.

Booth, Philip Mark (2015) Pluralism and the Common Good in a Market Economy. In: UNSPECIFIED SCM Press.

Booth, Philip Mark (2015) Price ceilings and financial markets, chapter in Flaws and Ceilings - price controls and the damage they cause. In: UNSPECIFIED Institute of Economic Affairs/LPP.

Boseley, D., (2015) Co-educational versus single-sex physical education and the revised GCSE content: how will they affect students’ attainment levels? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bossom, Andrew and Dunning, Ben (2015) Video games: an introduction to the industry. Bloomsbury.

Bougdah, Hocine (2015) Internal summertime temperatures in courtyard houses in Boussaada, Algeria.

Boukas, Nikolaos and Ziakas, Vassilios (2015) Islands' tourist development and local residents' prosperity: reality or an unsolved problem? In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Tourism (ICOT 2015): From Tourism Policy into Practice: Issues and Challenges in Engaging Policy Makers and End Users - London 24-27June 2015. International Association for Tourism Policy, London, pp. 75-84. ISBN 9786188150300

Bowers, Christopher (2015) Technology Driven Behaviour Change Using Mobile Devices. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Boyd, Pete; Hymer, Barry and Lockney, Karen (2015) Learning teaching: becoming an inspirational teacher. Critical Publishing.

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Bradley, Eleanor; Taylor, Charlotte and Taylor-Robinson, S. (2015) Perceptions of Mental Health Recovery: Service Users, Carers and Health Professionals’ Perspectives. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bradley, R.; Lewis, Jodie; Mullin, David and Branch, N. (2015) Where Water Wells Up From the Earth: Excavations at the Findspot of the Late Bronze Age Broadward Hoard, Shropshire.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2015) Ann Radcliffe’s tour of the Lakes. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer; Atkinson, Teresa and Kitchen, S. (2015) Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Priorities for a Strategy Now.

Bray, Jennifer; Evans, Simon; Bruce, Mary; Carter, Christine; Brooker, Dawn; Milosevic, Sarah; Thompson, R. and Hutt, L. (2015) Improving Activity and Engagement for Patients with Dementia.

Bray, Jennifer; Evans, Simon; Thompson, Rachel; Bruce, Mary; Carter, Christine; Brooker, Dawn; Milosevic, Sarah; Coleman, H. and McSherry, W. (2015) Understanding the Needs of People with Dementia and Family Carers.

Briganti, Arianna (2015) Generating my own living-theory: an interim report.

Briganti, Arianna (2015) What (how and why) am I doing to enhance my contribution to bringing people closer to their own humanity through my work as a development practitioner? Generating my own living theory. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Broadhead, Samantha (2015) Drawing on experience: mature students and practical wisdom in art and design higher education. It’s All Adult Education: Proceedings of 44th Annual Conference. pp. 68-75. ISSN 978-0-907644-09-5

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Brotherton-Ratcliffe, David; Osanlou, Ardeshir and Excell, Peter S (2015) Using the parallel stacked mirror model to analytically describe diffraction in the planar volume reflection grating with finite absorption. Applied Optics, 54 (12). pp. 3700-3707. ISSN 1559-128X

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Browning, Paul and Rowell, T. (2015) Relationship Between EU Membership & UK Medical Device Innovation.

Bruinvels, Georgie; Burden, Richard; Brown, Nicola; Richards, Toby and Pedlar, Charles (2015) The prevalence and impact of heavy menstrual bleeding among athletes and mass start runners of the 2015 London Marathon.

Buckley, L.A.; Sandilands, V.; Hocking, P.M.; Tolkamp, B.J. and D’Eath, R. B. (2015) Feed-restricted broiler breeders: State-dependent learning as a novel welfare assessment tool to evaluate their hunger state? Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 165. pp. 124-132.

Bullivant, Stephen (2015) The trinity: how not to be a heretic. Paulist Press.

Burden, Richard; Pollock, Noel; Whyte, G.; Richards, Toby; Moore, Brian; Busbridge, Mark; Srai, Surjit K; Otto, James and Pedlar, Charles (2015) Impact of Intravenous Iron on Aerobic Capacity and Iron Metabolism in Elite Athletes.

Burgoyne, Greig (2015) Gapfillers. [Art/Design Item]

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Topping, Jane (2015) 'Teeth' screening. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2015) 'Teeth' screening. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2015) 'Teeth' screening. [Show/Exhibition]

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