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Abbott, Rob (2013) Crossing thresholds in academic reading.

Addis, Gulen; Karadag, Ayise; Caliskan, Nurcan; Baykara, Zehra Gocmen and Sezgin, Ferudin (2013) A longitudinal study of perceptions of self concept and professional self concept in Turkish nursing students. International Journal of Human Sciences, 10 (1). ISSN 1303-5134

Ali, Saad; Raiden, A. and Kirk, S. (2013) The Effect of Wasta on Business Conduct and HRM in Jordan. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ali, Saad; Raiden, A. and Kirk, S. (2013) Wasta in the Jordanian Culture: a Study in the Banking Sector.

Allen, Mark S.; Greenlees, Iain A. and Jones, Marc (2013) Personality in sport: a comprehensive review.

Allen, Richard (2013) Ghost Machine: a Sound Performance. [Performance]

Allen, Richard (2013) The Object Animates: Displacement and Humility in the Theatre of Philippe Quesne.

Altorf, Marije (2013) Book review: Maja Pellikaan-Engel, Calypso’s Oath: On Biased Traditions in Philosophy, VU University Press: Amsterdam, 2010; 116 pp.: 9789086594504.

Altorf, Marije (2013) Iris Murdoch, or What It Means To Be A Serious Philosopher.

Amaechi, A.; Bennett, Clare; Kafilatu, G.; Kayit, I.; Lillyman, Sue; Okeke, J. and Paticiente, T. (2013) Laying Down the Foundations for International Student Journey. Students as Academic Partners Project Report.

Anderson, E. and Bullingham, Rachael (2013) Openly Lesbian Team Sport Athletes in an Era of Decreasing Homohysteria.

Anderson, Robert (2013) The effect of hypohydration on strength, power and reactive strength index in strength trained males. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Appleby, Michelle M. (2013) The Nature of Practitioner Research: Critical distance, power and ethics.

Appleby, Richard and Xiao, Li (2013) Designing for social interaction and sharing experiences.

Armstrong, Victoria (2013) Women's Musical Lives: self-managing a freelance career.

Arnold-Jones, S.; Gregory, P.; Gaskin, Kerry and Lowe, A. (2013) Child’s Play: Interprofessional Clinical Scenarios as a Method to Enhance the Care of Children in an Emergency Setting. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Arvinen-Barrow, Monna; Clement, Damien and Hemmings, Brian (2013) Imagery in sport injury rehabilitation. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Arvinen-Barrow, Monna and Hemmings, Brian (2013) Goal setting in sport injury prevention. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Aston, Sally and D'Urban-Jackson, Dorothy (2013) Developing ecological literacy through Design and Technology. In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Attenborough, Frederick (2013) Jokes, pranks, blondes and banter: recontextualising sexism in the British print press.

Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Bagley, Kim; Baxter, Gail; Couzins, Richard; Digkas, Grigoris; Halpin, Michael; Lovey, Christina; Plant, Michael Wayne; Psarologaki, Liana and Quarini, Carol (2013) Research students exhibition catalogue 2013. University for the Creative Arts.


Babai, M. Z.; Ali, Mohammad Mojiballah; Boylan, John and Syntetos, Aris A. (2013) Forecasting and inventory performance for a two-stage supply chain with ARIMA (0,1,1) demand: theory and empirical analysis. International Journal of Production Economics, 143 (2). pp. 463-471. ISSN 0925-5273

Babai, M. Z.; Ali, Mohammad Mojiballah; Syntetos, Aris A. and Boylan, John (2013) Forecasting and inventory performance in a two-stage supply chain with ARIMA demand: theory and empirical analysis. International Journal of Production Economics, 143 (2). pp. 463-471. ISSN 0925-5273

Bacon, Jane (2013) Embodied and direct experience in performance studies. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Baird, K. and Mitchell, Theresa (2013) Issues for Consideration by Researchers Conducting Sensitive Research with Women Who Have Endured Domestic Violence during Pregnancy.

Bakar, A. (2013) A Study of Asian Students' Perceptions of Learning Strategies and Related Issues in UK Based Higher Education Institutions. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Baker, Camille (2013) MINDtouch: embodied mobile media ephemeral transference.

Bakir, Ali and Bakir, Vian (2013) A critique of the capacity of Strauss’ grounded theory for prediction, change, and control in organisational strategy via a grounded theorisation of leisure and cultural strategy. The Qualitative Report. ISSN 1052--147

Balaskas, Bill (2013) At a time of crisis (AUDI Art Award artworks). [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2013) Living in a global 'Society of the Spectacle' from Guy Debord to the economic crisis through an exhibition of contemporary art.

Balaskas, Bill (2013) The market: hybrid spatial practices in contemporary art. [Art/Design Item]

Bampouras, Theodoros; Relph, Nicola; Orme, Duncan and Esformes, Joseph (2013) Validity and reliability of the Myotest Pro wireless accelerometer in squat jumps.

Barber, George (2013) The Freestone Drone. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2013) The very, very end. [Art/Design Item]

Barker, Jenny and Gossman, Peter (2013) The Learning Impact of a Virtual Learning Environment: Students’ views.

Barker, Simon (2013) "Lost property": John Galsworthy and the search for "that stuffed shirt". In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Barnett, Anthony (2013) 11. The Toy Car and Development Matters. [Audio]

Barnett, Anthony (2013) The Creative Analytic Paradigm: Raising the Insignificant Details of Experience to Significance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony (2013) Developing a Creative Analytic Paradigm. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony (2013) Raising the Insignificant Details of Experience to Significance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony (2013) A Role for Evocative Objects Within Educational Research: Reflective Practice. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barr, Charles (2013) 'Let's just watch it for a minute': This is your life in 1958. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury Academic.

Batten, John; Birch, Phil; Wright, James; Manley, Andrew and Smith, Matthew (2013) An exploratory investigation examining male and female students’ initial impressions and expectancies of lecturers.

Baughen, Monica and Baughen, Bernadette (2013) Moral and spiritual development through learning outside the classroom (LOTC). In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Bawtree, Don and Kirkland, Kate (2013) Charity administration handbook. Bloomsbury Professional.

Baysal, Ö.; Lai, D.; Xu, H.; Siragusa, M.; Çalışkan, M.; Carimi, F.; Teixeira da Silva, J.A. and Tör, M. (2013) A Proteomic Approach Provides New Insights into the Control of Soil-borne Plant Pathogens by Bacillus Species.

Baysted, Stephen (2013) Strange Factories. [Composition]

Beaton, S.; Forster, Peter and Maple, M. (2013) Suicide and Language: Why we Shouldn't Use the 'C' Word.

Beaton, S.J. and Forster, Peter (2013) Using a Simple, Free Voice-over-Internet Protocol Service to Add Interest to Lectures and Enhance Student Engagement.

Beck, Ashley (2013) Book review: Pinker, Steven (2011). The Better angels of our nature: the decline of violence and its causes in history. Penguin 978-1-846-14093-8.

Beck, Ashley (2013) Book review: Woods, Richard and Tyler, Peter. (2012) The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality. Bloomsbury 978-1-4411-8484-9.

Beck, Ashley (2013) Catholic social teaching in the contemporary church: towards a radical and prophetic methodology. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Beeching, Kelvin; Williams, S. and Francis, John (2013) The Effect of Pitch Size on Technical Demands in Small Sided Possession Games in Amateur Footballers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin (2013) The Development of Entrepreneurial Drive During the University Business School Experience.

Bendell, Jem and Greco, Thomas H. (2013) Currencies of transition: transforming money to unleash sustainability. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishing.

Bendell, Jem and Thomas, Laetitia (2013) The appearance of elegant disruption: theorising sustainable luxury entrepreneurship.

Benge, Bryan (2013) +100 The London Group Today. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Art Jazzed Up. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Cardboard City. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Centenary Members' Exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) The London Group at 100. [Art/Design Item]

Benkwitz, Adam (2013) Clashing Sub-Cultures: The Rivalry Between the Fans of Aston Villa and Birmingham City Football Clubs. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) Becoming sexual. A Critical Appraisal of the Sexualization of Girls (Book Review).

Bennett, Clare (2013) Engendering a Culture of Self Leadership. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) The Francis Report: Speaking Up and Speaking Out. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) Giving Nurse Leaders a Voice. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) Leadership and Caring: A Symbiotic Relationship? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) Leading for Change. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Clare (2013) Leading for Quality Improvement. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Crysalis 'Metamorphosis'. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) I am not dead. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Keeper of the patterns. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Whitstable Laser Dinghy Sail Design. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn and Rutter, Christopher (2013) Cabaret Voltaire with Needless Alley Collective. [Art/Design Item]

Bezodis, Neil E.; Salo, Aki I. T. and Trewartha, Grant (2013) Excessive fluctuations in knee joint moments during early stance in sprinting are caused by digital filtering procedures.

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Animism in Rainforest and Tundra: Personhood, Animals, Plants and Things in Contemporary Amazonia and Siberia (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Bakhtinian Pedagogy: Opportunities and Challenges for Research, Policy and Practice in Education Across the Globe (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Critical Education about Marriage: Combining Critical Pedagogy and Phronesis For Religious Education.

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Review Article: Anthropology and the Biblical Exile.

Bihet, Francesca (2013) Sprites, spiritualists and sleuths: the intersecting ownership of transcendent proofs in the Cottingley Fairy Fraud. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bilkhu, P; Wolffsohn, J; Naroo, S; Kennedy, Roy and Robertson, Louise (2013) Effectiveness of Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Acute Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis.

Blacker, Sam D.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Bilzon, James L. J. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2013) Neuromuscular impairment following backpack load carriage.

Blacker, Sam D.; Fallowfield, Joanne L. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2013) Intra- and interday reliability of voluntary and electrically stimulated isometric contractions of the quadriceps femoris.

Blake, R.J.; Woodcock, B.A.; Westbury, Duncan; Sutton, P. and Potts, S.G. (2013) Novel Management to Enhance Spider Biodiversity in Existing Grass Buffer Strips.

Blank, Alison; Harries, P. and Reynolds, F. (2013) The Meaning and Experience of Work in the Context of Severe and Enduring Mental Health Problems: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

Bloxham, Susan and Price, Margaret (2013) External examining: fit for purpose?

Board, Douglas and Warwick, Robert (2013) Chief executives are running scared.

Bogard, Debbie A. (2013) Full depositor's guide to the University of Chichester EPrints Repository. UNSPECIFIED. University of Chichester.

Bogard, Debbie A. (2013) Quick guide to the University of Chichester EPrints Repository. UNSPECIFIED. University of Chichester.

Bolibaugh, Cylcia and Foster, Pauline (2013) Memory-based aptitude for nativelike selection: The role of phonological short-term memory. In: UNSPECIFIED John Benjamins.

Booth, Lisa and Parr, J. (2013) Student radiographers’ personality; constant or individual differences in change? A transactional analysis approach.

Bossi, R.; Skjøth, C. and Skov, H. (2013) Three Years (2008-2010) Measurements of Atmospheric Concentrations of Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) at Station Nord, North East Greenland.

Bottle, Neil (2013) Kaleidoscope – Printed Textiles by Neil Bottle. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2013) Lace Effects Coat and Wallhanging Installation. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2013) Model : making. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil and Goldsmith, Shelly (2013) How to teach digital. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Boukas, Nikolaos and Ziakas, Vassilios (2013) A chaos theory perspective of destination crisis and sustainable tourism development in islands: the case of Cyprus. Journal of Tourism, Planning & Development, 11 (2). pp. 191-209. ISSN 2156-8316

Bower, Julie and Cox, Howard (2013) Merger Regulation, Firms, and the Co-Evolutionary Process: An Empirical Study of Internationalisation in the UK Alcoholic Beverages Industry, 1985-2005.

Bower, Julie and Cox, Howard (2013) Whitbread, the Whitbread Investment Company and Protection from Hostile Bids. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bowers, Christopher; Creed, C.; Cowan, B.R. and Beale, R. (2013) Touching Annotations: A Visual Metaphor for Navigation of Annotation in Digital Documents.

Bowman, Stephen Austen (2013) BYOD! We don't think so. In: UNSPECIFIED Facet Publishing.

Bowman, Stephen Austen (2013) Bentkowska-Kafel, A., Denard, H. and Drew, B. 'Paradata and Transparency in Virtual Heritage', Farnham: Ashgate. 2012. 336p, ISBN-10: 0754675831 ISBN-13: 978-0754675839. £54.

Bowman, Stephen Austen (2013) Please vacate the library! In: UNSPECIFIED.

Boyd, Pete and Bloxham, Susan (2013) A situative metaphor for teacher learning: the case of university tutors learning to grade student coursework.

Boztas, Gulin; Fantozzi, Elena; Woods-Tör, Alison; Zipfel, C. and Tör, M. (2013) An Insight into Apoplastic Effectors in Arabidopsis Thaliana-Hyaloperonospora Arabidopsidis Pathosystem.

Brady, Caroline (2013) Relationships, responsibility and reflection: promoting well-being through relationships and PSHE in the primary classroom. In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Brand, Z.; Cloete, S.W.P.; Malecki, I.A. and Brown, Chris (2013) Changes in the Air Cell Volume of Artificially Incubated Ostrich Eggs.

Braso, Emma (2013) Global Archive. [Art/Design Item]

Braso, Emma (2013) Man of the Year: Henry Coombes and Carles Congost. [Art/Design Item]

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Dementia Awareness Starts in School – A Group of Pioneer Schools in England Pilot Intergenerational Exchange. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Intergenerational Schools Dementia Project - the Challenges of Working with Children (and Teachers). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Prime Minister’s Challenge On Dementia Intergenerational Schools Project - It's Not All Knitting and Bingo... In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia Intergenerational Schools Project - It's Not All Knitting and Bingo... In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia Intergenerational Schools Project - It's Not All Knitting and Bingo... In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bray, Jennifer and Atkinson, Teresa (2013) Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia - Intergenerational Schools Project. It's Not All Knitting and Bingo... In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brittain, Ian Stuart (2013) Perspectives of elite athletes with disabilities: problems and possibilities. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Brodie, David and Inoue, Alison (2013) Motivational interviewing to promote physical activity for people with chronic heart failure. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 50 (5). ISSN 1365-2648

Brolmann, Fleur E.; Eskes, Anne M.; Bauer, E. Sumpio; Mayer, Dieter O.; Moore, Zena; Agren, Magnus S.; Hermans, Michel; Cutting, Keith; Legemate, Dink A.; Vermeulen, Hester and Ubbink, Dirk T. (2013) Fundamentals of randomized clinical trials in wound care: reporting standards. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 21 (5). pp. 641-647. ISSN 1524-475X

Brooker, Dawn (2013) Atencion Centrada en la Persona con Demencia. Octaedro.

Brooker, Dawn (2013) Digging Deep into Care Home Culture: What Makes a Real Difference to Residents’ Experience? Findings from the CHOICE (Care Home Organisations Implementing Cultures of Excellence) Research Project. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn (2013) Informed Consent and Pre-diagnostic Counselling. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn (2013) Person Centred Dementia Care in Acute Hospitals. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn and Killett, A. (2013) Digging Deep into Care Home Culture: What Makes a Real Difference to Residents’ Experience? Findings From the CHOICE (Care Home Organisations Implementing Cultures of Excellence) Research Project. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn; La Fontaine, Jenny; De Vries, Kay and Latham, Isabelle (2013) The Development of PIECE-dem: Focussing on the Experience of Care for People Living with Advanced Dementia.

Brooker, Dawn and Lillyman, Sue (2013) Dementia Care. Pearson.

Brown, George and Edmunds, Sarah (2013) Lectures. In: UNSPECIFIED Churchill Livingstone: Elsevier.

Brown, Nicola; White, Jennifer; Brasher, Amanda and Scurr, Joanna (2013) The experience of breast pain (mastalgia) in female runners of the 2012 London Marathon and its effect on exercise behaviour.

Brown, Roni (2013) Pleasure brand: material culture and experience at Butlin's Bognor Regis. In: UNSPECIFIED Schilt Publishing.

Browne, Sarah and Renfree, Andrew (2013) Exercise Performance and Neuromuscular Activity at a Fixed Level of RPE Following Manipulation of Peripheral Physiological Status.

Brownrigg, Sarah; Miller, Paul K. and Grimwood, Tom (2013) Senior Clinicians Role Profiling: A Qualitative Evaluation. [Report]

Bryant, Mark (2013) Romancing the throne: Maintenon's journey from secret royal governess to the Sun King's clandestine consort, 1669-84. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bullivant, Stephen (2013) Defining 'Atheism'. In: UNSPECIFIED Oxford University Press.

Bullivant, Stephen (2013) Faith and Unbelief: A Theology of Atheism. Canterbury Press.

Bullivant, Stephen (2013) ‘I Am a Sinner’: The deep humility of Pope Francis.

Bullivant, Stephen (2013) The Oxford Handbook of Atheism. Oxford University Press.

Bullivant, Stephen and Lee, Lois (2013) Interdisciplinary Studies of Non-religion and Secularity: The State of the Union. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Bullivant, Stephen and Ruse, Michael (2013) Introduction: the study of atheism. In: UNSPECIFIED Oxford University Press.

Bunsell, Tanya (2013) Strong and hard women: an ethnography of female bodybuilding. Routlege.

Burch, James and Jackson, Alison (2013) Developing Partnership through Third Space Activity.

Burge, Julie; Batchelor, Ray and Cox, Lionel (2013) Shall I lead now? Learner experiences of leader-follower relationships through engagement with the dance. In: Embodiment of Leadership. Jossey-Bass. ISBN 9781118551615

Burgess, Robin and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2013) Towards an A-Z of visual arts research data: disseminating guidance and information from the KAPTUR Environmental Assessment Report. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Burgoyne, Greig (2013) Omon Ra. [Art/Design Item]

Burgoyne, Greig (2013) We are alternative structures. [Art/Design Item]

Burgoyne, Greig and Seki, Yumino (2013) What is line, and how does it travel through space? [Art/Design Item]

Burkitt, Esther and Sheppard, Lisa (2013) Children’s colour use to portray themselves and others with happy, sad and mixed emotion.

Burkitt, Esther and Watling, Dawn (2013) The impact of audience age and familiarity on children's drawings of themselves in contrasting affective states.

Butler, T.; Scurlock-Evans, Laura and Upton, Dominic (2013) Psychology Express: Personality and Individual Differences (Undergraduate Revision Guide). Pearson.

Bygate, Martin (2013) Patterning and unpredictability in the task-in-process: a Dynamic Systems Theory approach. In: UNSPECIFIED Riveneuve Editions.


Caldicott, Fiona (2013) Information: To share or not to share. Information Governance Review. Information: To share or not to share.

Carr, Sam; Colthurst, Kate; Coyle, Melissa and Elliott, Dave (2013) Attachment dimensions as predictors of mental health and psychosocial well-being in the transition to university.

Carrie, Rachael (2013) A Checklist of the Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Belize. [Report]

Catling, J.; Dent, K.; Preece, Emma and Johnston, R. (2013) Age-of-acquisition Effects in Novel Picture Naming: a Laboratory Analogue.

Catling, J.; South, Felicity and Dent, K. (2013) The Effect of Age of Acquisition on Older Individuals With and Without Cognitive Impairments.

Cattaneo, Jac; Gramstadt, Marie-Therese and Tappenden, Curtis (2013) Create curate collaborate! Expanding student responses to the V&A through the juxtaposition of creative writing and non-linear presentation technology. In: UNSPECIFIED University of Brighton Press.

Challis, Gary (2013) Catholic distinctiveness in a multicultural setting: a case study of how a Catholic secondary school serves its community. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Chambers, Jane (2013) Professional identity, motherhood and education. In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Chance, Helena (2013) Consulting the genius of the plant’: redefining space and place at work in Britain and America at the turn of the 19th century. In: Design Activism, '8 - 10 September 2011, University of Barcelona. (Submitted)

Chance, Helena (2013) Mobilising the modern industrial landscape for sports and leisure in the early 20th century. In: Design History Society Conference, Septemeber 2012, University of Brighton. (Submitted)

Chandler, Andrew (2013) The latter glory of this house: Two Christian commonwealths in Britain, 1828-1970. UNSPECIFIED. Darton, Longman & Todd.

Chandler, Andrew and Hansen, Charlotte (2013) Observing Vatican II: The confidential reports of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Representative, Bernard Pawley, 1961-5. Cambridge University Press: Royal Historical Society.

Charter, Martin (2013) Emerging issues, cities and grassroots innovation. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Charter, Martin (2013) Sustainable innovation 2013: collaboration, co-creation and new business models. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Charter, Martin; Keiller, Scott and Clements, Vic (2013) A guide for SMEs on eco-design for the construction industry. UNSPECIFIED. EDECON project, Enterprise Europe Network.

Charter, Martin; Miedzinski, Michal; Doranova, Asel; Castel, Johanna and Roman, Laura (2013) Eco-innovate: a guide to eco-innovation for SMEs and business coaches. UNSPECIFIED. Eco Innovation Observatory.

Chell, Edward (2013) Eclipse. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward (2013) Soft Estate. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward; Mabey, Richard and Parsons, Sara-Jayne (2013) Soft estate. Bluecoat.

Chen, H and Boylan, John (2013) The effect of correlation between demands on hierarchical forecasting. In: Advances in Business and Management Forecasting. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. ISBN 9781781903315

Cherry, Amy; Finta, C.; Karlström, M.; Jin, Q.; Schwend, T.; Astorga-Wells, J.; Zubarev, R.A.; Del Campo, M.; Criswell, A.R.; de Sanctis, D.; Jovine, L. and Toftgård, R. (2013) Structural Basis of SUFU–GLI Interaction in Human Hedgehog Signalling Regulation.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) Cult films and music. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenwood Press.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) Defanging the Vampire: Projected Interactivity and All Human 'Twilight' Fanfic. In: UNSPECIFIED I.B. Tauris.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) Extermi…Knit!: Female Fans and Feminine Handicrafting. In: UNSPECIFIED Intellect.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) Gothic On the Small Screen. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) 'It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for': Audience responses to change in the new era of 'Doctor Who'. In: UNSPECIFIED I.B Tauris.

Cherry, Brigid (2013) 'You're this Doctor's companion. What exactly do you do for him? Why does he need you?': 'Doctor Who', Liminality and Martha the Apostle. In: UNSPECIFIED Darton, Longman and Todd.

Chick, Lucy (2013) Intervention 1. [Art/Design Item]

Chick, Lucy (2013) Intervention 2. [Art/Design Item]

Chung, Jennifer H. and Crossley, Michael (2013) Academic Achievement in Finland. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Clarke, Janice (2013) Spiritual Care in Everyday Nursing Practice: A New Approach. Palgrave Macmillan.

Claxton, Guy (2013) School as an Epistemic Apprenticeship: The case of Building Learning Power. In: UNSPECIFIED The British Psychological Society.

Cleather, Daniel J.; Goodwin, Jon E. and Bull, Anthony M. J. (2013) Hip and knee joint loading during vertical jumping and push jerking.

Cleather, Daniel J.; Goodwin, Jon E. and Bull, Anthony M. J. (2013) Intersegmental moment analysis characterizes the partial correspondence of jumping and jerking.

Coakley, Jay J. and Souza, Doralice L. (2013) Sport mega-events: can legacies and development be equitable and sustainable?

Compton, Ashley (2013) Creativity. In: UNSPECIFIED McGraw Hill Education/Open University Press.

Conrad, Joseph; Simmons, Allan H.; Stape, J. H. (John) and Knowles, Owen (2013) The Shadow-Line: A Confession. Cambridge University Press.

Contadini, Anna and Norton, Claire (2013) The Renaissance and the Ottoman World. Ashgate.

Cooper, C.; Dalmasso, Frederic and Lamb, T. (2013) The ‘Problem’ of Youth 2012-13 - Participatory Action Research & Drama Workshops. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cordery, Mark and Williams, Rhys (2013) Towards the development of an ICT curriculum to support children's well-being and wisdom. In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Corker, Caroline (2013) Daring to be different - how an art project made a difference to attitudes, learning and well-being of girls in a traveller community. In: UNSPECIFIED Brown Dog Books & The Self Publishing Partnership.

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner 2013. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: The Mouth. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on digestion. In: UNSPECIFIED Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom.

Couch, Amanda (2013) A Reflection on digestion: embodiment and the professional. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Couch, Amanda; Hladky, Andrew and Lee, Mindy (2013) On Innards: Presentation of Artwork by Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda; Hladky, Andrew and Lee, Mindy (2013) On Innards: three-way conversation by Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cowan, B.R.; Bowers, Christopher; Beale, R. and Pinder, C. (2013) The Stroppy Kettle: An Intervention to Break Energy Consumption Habits. In: UNSPECIFIED Association for Computing Machinery.

Cox, Diane; Burgess, Mary; Chalder, Trudie; Sharpe, Michael and White, Peter D. (2013) Training, supervision and therapists' adherence to manual-based therapy.

Cox, Howard (2013) The Anglo-American Tobacco War of 1901-02: A Clash of Business Cultures and Strategies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cox, Howard (2013) The Devil Within: Ogden's Role in the Anglo-American Tobacco War of 1901-02. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cox, Howard and Mowatt, Simon (2013) Machinations in Fleet Street: Roy Thomson, Cecil King and the Creation of a Magazine Monopoly. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Crisp, Philippe (2013) An evaluation of the CoachSussex Bursary scheme – one year on. UNSPECIFIED. Active Sussex Library of Sport.

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