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Adams, Lesley (2001) Postcards of belief. [Art/Design Item]

Adams, Lesley (2001) Postcards of belief. [Art/Design Item]

Al-Assaf, S; Milas, M; Phillips, G O; Rinaudo, M; Roure, I and Williams, Peter A (2001) Comparative rheological behavior of hyaluronan from bacterial and animal sources with cross-linked hyaluronan (hylan) in aqueous solution.

Anderson, J.M.; Honey, R.; Shanks, D.R.; Papadakis, N.; Bullmore, Eduard T.; Donovan, Tim; Liversidge, V.C.; Carpenter, T. Adrian and Fletcher, Paul C. (2001) Cerebral effects of unexpected events: an fMRI study.

Anderson, K.; Attwood, S. and Mitchell, Theresa (2001) Discussing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation With Patients.

Arthurs, O.; Donovan, Tim; Carpenter, T. Adrian; Pickard, J.D. and Boniface, S. (2001) Neurovascular relationships in human sensorimotor cortex can be modulated by movement.

Asquith, Simon (2001) Spot the Environmental Issue.


Barrett, Heather; Storey, David and Yarwood, R. (2001) Child Care Provision in Bromyard. [Report]

Barrett, Heather; Storey, David and Yarwood, R. (2001) From Market Place to Marketing Place: Retail Change in Small Country Towns.

Bigger, Stephen (2001) Education and Care Away from Home:a Review of Research, Policy and Practice M. Borland,, 1998 Scottish Council for Research in Education. (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2001) Transforming Learning: Individual and Global Change Susan Askew & Eileen Carnell, 1998 (Book Review).

Bradshaw, Penelope (2001) Dystopian Futures: Time-Travel and Millenarian Visions in the Poetry of Anna Barbauld and Charlotte Smith.

Briginshaw, Valerie A. (2001) Dance, Space and Subjectivity. Palgrave.

Briginshaw, Valerie A. (2001) Dance, space and subjectivity. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn (2001) Enriching Lives: Evaluation of the ExtraCare Activity Challenge.

Brooker, Dawn (2001) Therapeutic Activity. In: UNSPECIFIED Open University Press.

Brooker, Dawn and Rogers, L. (2001) DCM Think Tank Transcripts 2001. [Report]

Buttress, Donald; Kelly, Tessa; Stamp, Gavin; Atherton Bowen, John and Rance, Victoria (2001) Chichester Cathedral spire: the collapse (1861). University College Chichester.


Capita, Carol; Cooper, Hilary and Halalau, Gheorghita (2001) Teaching history to ten-year-olds in England and Romania.

Charter, Martin (2001) Sustainable solutions: developing products and services for the future. Greenleaf Publishing.

Close, Helen and Procter, Susan (2001) Coping strategies used by hospitalized stroke patients: implications for continuity and management of care. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 29 (1). pp. 138-144. ISSN 0309-2402

Cochrane, Claire (2001) "The Pervasiveness of the Commonplace": the Historian and Amateur Theatre.

Collins, Paul M. (2001) Trinitarian Theology: West and East: Karl Barth, the Cappadocian Fathers, and John Zizioulas. Oxford University Press.

Couper, Pauline and Maddock, Ian (2001) Subaerial River Bank Processes and Interaction with other Bank Erosion Mechanisms on the River Arrow, Warwickshire, UK.

Cox, Robyn (2001) Investigating Literacy and Gender in an Islamic Context.

Croall, Hazel (2001) Understanding White Collar Crime. Open University Press. ISBN 9780335204274

Curnow, Trevor (2001) Thinking through dialogue: essays on philosophy in practice. Practical Philosophy Press.

Czosnyka, M.; Czosnyka, Z.; Whitfield, P.C.; Donovan, Tim and Pickard, J.D. (2001) Age dependence of cerebrospinal pressure—volume compensation in patients with hydrocephalus.


Darwell, John (2001) Legacy: photographs inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Davidson, Andrea (2001) Body images and new media: towards a laboratory of dance and new media at Université Paris 8.

Davidson, Andrea (2001) La morsure: a digital interactive choreography. In: UNSPECIFIED Marsilio Editori.

Davidson, Andrea (2001) Maâlem Experience. [Show/Exhibition]

Diaper, C.; Dixon, Andrew M.; Butler, David; Fewkes, Alan; Parsons, Simon A.; Strathern, M.; Stephenson, Tom and Strutt, J. (2001) Small scale water recycling systems-risk assessment and modelling.

Dixon, Alan (2001) Indigenous Hydrological Knowledge in Southwest Ethiopia.

Dixon, Andrew M. and Simon, Matthew (2001) Top of the food chain: Product services in the food industry. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dobbins, Trevor D. (2001) The VO2 slow component in endurance trained cyclists. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Drawmer, Lois Jane (2001) The impact of science and spiritualism on the works of Evelyn De Morgan 1870-1919. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.

Duncan, Isla J. (2001) "The profound poverty of knowledge": Sandra Birdsell's Narrative of Concealment.

Dunkerley, Hugh (2001) Unnatural relations? Language and nature in the poetry of Mark Doty and Les Murray.


Edwards, Sharon (2001) Regulation of water, sodium and potassium: implications for practice. Nursing Standard, 15 (22). pp. 36-42. ISSN 0029-6570

Edwards, Sharon (2001) Shock: types, classifications and explorations of their physiological effects. Emergency Nurse, 9 (2). ISSN 1354-5752

Edwards, Sharon (2001) Using the Glasgow Coma Scale: analysis & limitations. British Journal of Nursing, 10 (2). pp. 92-101. ISSN 0966-0461

Eldridge, Jim (2001) Warriors: Stories of Combat, Skill and Courage. Chicken House Ltd.


Fletcher, Barry; Morris, Philip; Rankin, John; Scicluna, Anne; Goodman, David; Houtin, Francois; Kyle, Francis; Blake, Judith; Child, Kenneth; Foster, Andrew and Masters, Keith (2001) A jewel in stone: Chichester Market Cross (1501-2001). University College Chichester.

Fletcher, Paul C.; Anderson, J.M.; Shanks, D.R.; Honey, R.; Carpenter, T. Adrian; Donovan, Tim; Papadakis, N. and Bullmore, Eduard T. (2001) Responses of human frontal cortex to surprising events are predicted by formal associative learning theory.

Fletcher, Paul C.; Stephenson, C.; Bullmore, Eduard T.; Donovan, Tim; Williams, E.; Fletcher, P.C. and Carpenter, A. (2001) Brain regions predicting subsequent episodic and implicit memory for words: a dissociation measured using fMRI.

Fletcher-Campbell, F. and Kington, Alison (2001) Links Between Special Schools and Mainstream Schools: a Follow-up Survey.

Fox, Anna (2001) Made in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes Gallery.

Fox, Anna (2001) Printemps de Septembre, Theatres du Fantastique. Actes Sud.

Froome-Lewis, Oliver; Leach, Neil; Worton, Nicola and Hock, Katja (2001) Mars Pants: covert histories, temporal distortions, animated lives. Architecture Foundation.


Goldsmith, Shelly (2001) Ripened. [Art/Design Item]

Groves, Suzanne C. (2001) How children experience national curriculum physical education. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Guizard, A. V.; Boutou, O.; Pottier, D.; Troussard, X.; Pheby, Derek; Launoy, G.; Spira, A. and Slama, R. (2001) The incidence of childhood leukaemia around the La Hague nuclear waste reprocessing plant (France): a survey for the years 1978–1998. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 55 (7). pp. 469-474. ISSN 1470-2738 (online)


Hajat, S.; Haines, A.; Atkinson, R.W.; Bremmer, S.A.; Anderson, H.R. and Emberlin, Jean (2001) Association Between Air Pollution and Daily Consultations with General Practitioners for Allergic Rhinitis In London, United Kingdom.

Harrison, Diana (2001) Distance. [Art/Design Item]

Haywood, Mark and Bryars, Gavin (2001) The Sinking of the Titanic, New Music Indaba (installation). [Show/Exhibition]

Herbert, Rob; Vilhar, B.; Evett, C.; Orchard, C.B.; Rogers, H.J.; Davies, M.S. and Francis, D. (2001) Ethylene Induces Cell Death at Particular Phases of the Cell Cycle in the Tobacco, TBY-2 Cell Line.

Herbert, Rob; West, H.K.; Davies, M.S. and Morgan, A.J. (2001) Intraspecific Variation in Calcium and Strontium Accumulation / Depuration in an Epigeic Earthworm Species.

Honey, R.; Anderson, J.M.; Michie, P.T.; Papadakis, N.; Bullmore, Eduard T.; Donovan, Tim; Liversidge, V.C.; Carpenter, T. Adrian and Fletcher, Paul C. (2001) An fMRI study of manipulation and maintenance processes in verbal working memory.

How, Alan (2001) Habermas, History and Social Evolution: Moral Learning and the Trial of Louis XVI.

Howard, Ashley (2001) Searching and finding.


Jackson, A.; Kutnick, P. and Kington, Alison (2001) Principles and Practical Grouping for the Use of Drill and Practice Programs.


Kennedy, Lynne (2001) Community involvement at what cost? – Local appraisal of a pan-European nutrition promotion programme in low-income neighbourhoods.

Kim, J M; Choi, B S; Kim, S I; Bjelkhagen, H I and Phillips, N J (2001) Holographic Optical Elements Recorded in Silver Halide Sensitized Gelatin Emulsions. Part I. Transmission Holographic Optical Elements.

Kington, Alison (2001) Teacher-pupil Relationships in Key Stage Two: Case Studies Exploring Individual Differences, Experiences and Constraints. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Knorr, Karen (2001) Capital. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen (2001) Connoisseurs. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen and Guzman, Antonio (2001) Karen Knorr: profil d'une collection. FRAC Basse-Normandie.

Koven, Mikel (2001) ‘"Buzz Off!": The Killer Bee Movie as Modern Belief Narrative.’.


Lauder, Mike A.; Dabnichki, P. and Bartlett, Roger (2001) Improved accuracy and reliability of sweepback angle, pitch angle and hand velocity calculations in swimming.

Lewis, Jodie and Mullin, David (2001) The Middle Down Drove Project.

Lipscomb, Martin (2001) Book Review: The Globalization Reader.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Celestial Cinema; or, From Celluloid to Silicon: eCinema, Cyberentertainment and the Napsterization of Hollywood.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Celestial Jukebox.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Digital Distribution and the Music Industry [DDMI Europe 2000].

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Exoticism Globalised in a New Century: The Forgotten Roots of World Music.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) History of Copyright: a Chronology in Relation to Music.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Oriental Colour and Atmosphere: Why Exotic Colour became Prominent in 19th- and early 20th-Century Orchestration.

Little, Jonathan D. and Gould, John (2001) Music Business Journal [2001-2006]. Ligo Publishing Ltd..

Loney, Helen L (2001) Pots and Evolution: Response to Neff and Schiffer et al.

Longstaffe, Stephen (2001) Charm, bowler, umbrella, leather boots : remaking The Avengers. In: UNSPECIFIED Pluto Press.

Longstaffe, Stephen (2001) Puritan Tribulation and the protestant English history play. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Lovell, Geoff and Lauder, Mike A. (2001) Bilateral strength comparisons among injured and noninjured competitive flatwater kayakers.

Loynes, Christopher (2001) A Sense of Place: matters of space, mind and personhood.


Maddock, Ian; Bickerton, M.; Spence, R. and Pickering, T. (2001) Reallocation of Compensation Releases to Restore River Flows and Improve Instream Habitat Availability in the Upper Derwent Catchment, Derbyshire, UK.

McDougall, Derek (2001) The geomorphological impact of Loch Lomond (Younger Dryas) Stadial plateau icefields in the central Lake District, northwest England.

McEacheran, C.; Read, E. and Mitchell, Theresa (2001) Psychological Wellbeing of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

McKenzie, Kay (2001) Micro-business development in the creative industries sector. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Mey, Kerstin (2001) Sculpsit: contemporary artists on sculpture and beyond. Manchester University Press.

Millar, Lesley (2001) Textural space: contemporary Japanese textile art. Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College.

Mitchell, Theresa (2001) The Diploma in Higher Education Curriculum, an Evaluative Study.

Moeller, Karl (2001) Words of (In-)-evitable certitude? Reflections on the interpretation of Prophetic Oracles of Judgement. In: UNSPECIFIED Zondervan.

Morris, C. and Evans, Nick (2001) Cheese Makers are Always Women: Gendered Representations of Farm Life in the Agricultural Press.


Naghettini, A.V.; Nogueira, P.C.K.; Juliano, M.; Bueno, Allain; Casarini, D.E. and Carvalhaes, J.T. (2001) Tubular Urinary Enzymes in Acute Post-infectious Glomerulonephritis.

Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2001) BC Bear Viewing: An Analysis of Bear- Human Interactions, Economic and Social Dimensions with Recommendations for Best Practices. [Report]

Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2001) Foraging under risk: female nutrition and human impacts on a British Columbia salmon stream. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2001) Further Analysis of Human - Bear Interactions: A Supplement to "BC Bear Viewing: An Analysis of Bear- Human Interactions, Economic and Social Dimensions with Recommendations for Best Practices". [Report]

Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2001) The energetic cost of risk avoidance in brown bears (Ursus arctos) feeding on a non-depleting resource. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Newham, Roger and Ormond-Walshe, Sarah E. (2001) Comparing and contrasting the clinical nurse specialist and the advanced nurse practitioner roles. Journal of Nursing Management, 9 (4). pp. 205-207. ISSN 1365-2834


Odundo, Magdalene (2001) Magdalene Odundo: clay forms. Blackwell The Arts & Crafts House.

Oldridge, Darren (2001) Witchcraft, Satanic Abuse and the Myth of Pure Evil. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Owens, Jane (2001) Evaluation of Individual Learning Accounts - Early Views of Customers and Providers. Research Report RR294. [Report]


Panse, Silke (2001) Autobiographical art beyond post-structuralism: Tracey Emin’s life-stories and their reception as celebrity biography. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2001) Promiscuous narrations: Tracey Emin between biography and autobiography. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Peel, Elizabeth (2001) 'I am what I am'? Using Stereotypes in Anti-heterosexism Training.

Peel, Elizabeth (2001) Mundane Heterosexism: Understanding Incidents of the Everyday.

Phoca, Sophia (2001) Feminism and gender. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Phoca, Sophia (2001) Protest and survive.

Poole, Robert (2001) 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Poole, Robert (2001) Review: The pub in literature, by Steven Earnshaw.

Prieto-Baena, Jose; Cariñanos, P.; Galán, C. and Domínguez, E. (2001) Solid Suspended Particles Affecting the Quality of Air in Urban Environments.


Reimers, Anne (2001) Ein Holzschnitt von Herzog Phillip dem Guten von Burgund in der Cronycke van Hollandt Zeelandt ende Vrieslandt, Leiden 1517. In: UNSPECIFIED Dumont.

Rugg, Judith (2001) Regeneration or reparation: death, loss and absence in Anya Gallaccio's intensities and surfaces and forest floor. In: UNSPECIFIED Intellect Books.

Rugg, Judith and Sedgwick, Michele (2001) Budapest's Statue Park: memorial or countermonument?


Salkeld, Duncan (2001) New historicism. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge University Press.

Sawkins, M.C.; Maass, B.J.; Pengelly, B.C.; Newbury, John; Ford-Lloyd, B.V.; Maxted, N. and Smith, R. (2001) Geographical Patterns of Genetic Variation in Two Species of Stylosanthes Sw. Using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism.

She, Zhishun; Gray, D A and Bogner, R E (2001) Autofocus for inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging.


Simon, Matthew and Dixon, Andrew M. (2001) Design for energy efficiency. In: UNSPECIFIED Mechanical Engineering Publications.

Simon, Matthew and Dixon, Andrew M. (2001) Opportunities for sustainability messages in product service systems. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Smith, Marcus S.; Hamilton, Matthew; Dyson, Rosemary J.; Hale, Tudor; Kelly, John and Wellington, Peggy (2001) The effects of restricted energy and fluid intake on simulated amateur boxing performance.

Snape, M.F. and Parker, Stephen (2001) Keeping Faith and Coping: Belief, Popular Religiosity and the British People. In: UNSPECIFIED Harper Collins.

Stammers, Trevor (2001) A question of confidence.

Storey, David (2001) Deprivation Hot Spots in Worcestershire. An Evaluation of Research. [Report]

Storey, David (2001) Territory: The Claiming of Space. Pearson.

Sugarman, Leonie (2001) Life-span Development: Frameworks, Accounts and Strategies. Psychology Press, Taylor and Francis Group.

Swift, John (2001) Labour in Crisis: Clement Attlee and the Labour Party in Opposition, 1931-40. Palgrave Macmillan.

Syntetos, Argyrios (2001) Forecasting of intermittent demand: A Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Business School, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, Brunel University July 2001. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.


Thelwell, Richard C. (2001) Towards repeatable good performance in cricket. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Vaizey, Marina; Cooper, Emmanuel and Odundo, Magdalene (2001) Clay forms Magdalene Odundo. Lakeland Arts Trust.


Weaver, Margaret (2001) Information Skills and the DNER - the INHALE Project.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Stauber, William T. (2001) Force deficits after repeated stretches of activated skeletal muscles in female and male rats.

Willems, Mark E. T.; Stauber, William T. and Miller, Gerald R. (2001) Force deficits after stretches of activated rat muscle-tendon complex with reduced collagen cross-linking.

Wright, Andrew C and Viney, I V (2001) A structural evaluation of ZnS-based electroluminescent phosphors and devices: a comparison with performance.

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