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Barr, Charles (1999) English Hitchcock. Cameron & Hollis.

Barrett, Heather; Storey, David and Yarwood, R. (1999) Trade and Commerce in Cleobury Mortimer. [Report]

Bennett, Evelyn and Rutter, Christopher (1999) Circus. [Art/Design Item]

Biart, Nicholas D. (1999) A question of history. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bigger, Stephen (1999) Changing Multiculturalism. Kincheloe and Steinberg. (Book Review). Taylor and Francis.

Bittner-Eddy, P.; Can, C.; Gunn, N.; Pinel, M.; Tör, M.; Crute, I.; Holub, E.B. and Beynon, J. (1999) Genetic and Physical Mapping of the RPP13 Locus, in Arabidopsis, Responsible for Specific Recognition of Several Peronospora parasitica (Downy mildew) Isolates.

Bloxham, Susan; Capstick, S and Greenwood, S (1999) Combining GUM and contraceptive services for young people: profile of an innovative clinic.

Brooker, Dawn (1999) DCM and Engagement Combined to Audit Care Quality.

Brown, Sarah and Cox, Diane (1999) Supporting Pupils with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Carrie, Rachael; Mitchell, L. and Black, K.D. (1999) Fatty Acids in Surface Sediments at the Hebridean Shelf Edge, West of Scotland.

Charter, Martin (1999) Greener marketing: a global perspective on greening marketing practice. Greenleaf Publishing.

Cox, Diane (1999) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – An occupational therapy programme.


Dixon, Andrew M.; Butler, D. and Fewkes, A. (1999) Guidelines for greywater re-use: health issues.

Dixon, Andrew M.; Butler, D. and Fewkes, A. (1999) Water saving potential of domestic water reuse systems using greywater and rainwater in combination.

Durdan, Simon (1999) Studies on Floral Determination in the Short Day Plant, Pharbitis nil and the Long Day Plant, Silene coeli-rosa. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Eldridge, Jim (1999) Behind Enemy Lines. Puffin Books.

Eldridge, Jim (1999) Deadly Skies. Puffin Books.

Eldridge, Jim (1999) Depth Charge Danger. Puffin Books.

Eldridge, Jim (1999) Tank Attack. Puffin Books.

Eldridge, Jim and Melling, David (1999) Tractor and Digger Save The Day. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.

Eldridge, Jim and Player, Stephen (1999) Journey into Fear. Red Fox.

Eldridge, Jim and Player, Stephen (1999) The Killer Within. Red Fox.

Emberlin, Jean; Mullins, J.; Corden, J.; Jones, S.; Millington, W.; Brookes, M. and Savage, M. (1999) Regional Variations in Grass Pollen Seasons in the UK, Long-term Trends and Forecast Models.

Excell, Peter S; Tinniswood, A D and Clarke, R W (1999) An independently fed log-periodic antenna for directed pulsed radiation.


Fijalkowski, Krzysztof (1999) Dada and Surrealism in Central and Eastern Europe. In: A Companion to Dada and Surrealism. John Wiley & Sons, UK. ISBN Print ISBN: 9781118476185 Online ISBN: 9781118476215

Fijalkowski, Krzysztof; Ades, Dawn and Richardson, Michael (1999) The Surrealism Reader: An Anthology of Ideas. Tate Publishing, London, United Kingdom.

Ford, Julia A. (1999) The use of salivary immunoglobulin-A as a marker exercise-induced immunomodulation. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Foster, Alicia (1999) Gwen John. Tate Publishing.

Fox, Anna and Bal, Mieke (1999) Zwarte Piet. Black Dog Publishing.

Francis-Smythe, Jan (1999) 'Best Practice' in Police Training? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Francis-Smythe, Jan (1999) Developing Reflective Practice in Police Firearms Instruction. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Francis-Smythe, Jan (1999) On the Relationship Between Time Management and Time Estimation.

Francis-Smythe, Jan (1999) Time-Related Individual Differences.


Goldsmith, Shelly (1999) Dew Point. [Art/Design Item]

Greenlees, I.A.; GRAYDON, J.K. and MAYNARD, I.W. (1999) The impact of collective efficacy beliefs on effort and persistence in a group task.



Harper, Catherine (1999) Book Review: Re/dressing Cathleen: contemporary works from Irish women artists.

Haywood, Mark (1999) Beauty, Fast Cars, Sex, William Hogarth and… Furniture. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haywood, Mark (1999) Crucible of Gold, (site-specific installation). [Show/Exhibition]

Haywood, Mark (1999) Outside perspective. Rhodes University.

Heard, Peter J; Bain, Alex D and Hazendonk, Paul (1999) Stereochemical rearrangements in tricarbonylrhenium(I) halide complexes of the non-racemic chiral ligand 2-[(4R),(5R)-dimethyl-1,3-dioxan-2-yl]pyridine (L): a dynamic NMR study.

Heard, Peter J; King, Paul M; Bain, Alex D; Hazendonk, Paul and Tocher, Derek A (1999) A detailed NMR study of the solution stereodynamics in tricarbonylrhenium(I) halide complexes of the non-racemic chiral ligand 2,6-bis[(4R,5R)-4,5-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl]pyridine (L¹) and the molecular structure of fac-[ReBr(CO)₃(L¹)].

Huggins, Mike (1999) Flat racing and British society 1790-1914: a social and economic history. Routledge.


Kennedy, Lynne; Ubido, J; Elhassan, S; Price, A and Sephton, J (1999) Dietetic helpers in the community: the Bolton Community Nutrition Assistants Project.

Kingman, Joanna (1999) The biomechanical and physioligical demands of roller hockey match play. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Konstantaki, Maria and Swaine, I. L. (1999) Lactate & Cardiopulmonary Responses to Simulated Arm-Pulling & Leg-Kicking in Collegiate & Recreational Swimmers. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 20 (2). pp. 118-121. ISSN 0172-4622

Konstantaki, Maria; Swaine, I.L. and Winter, E.M. (1999) Maximal and submaximal cardiopulmonary responses to whole-body simulated swimming. In: The 4th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science - ECSS Rome, 14-17 July 1999, Rome, Italy.. (Unpublished)

Konstantaki, Maria; Winter, Edward M. and Swaine, lan L. (1999) The effects of arms-or legs-only training on indices of swimming performance and dry-land endurance in swimmers. In: Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming VIII: Proceedings of the VIII International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, June 28-July 2, 1998. Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of Jyväskylä,, Jyväskylä, Finland, pp. 391-395. ISBN 9789513906078

Koven, Mikel (1999) Candyman Can: Film & Ostentation.

Koven, Mikel (1999) Feminist Folkloristics and Women's Cinema: Towards a Methodology.

Koven, Mikel (1999) "You Don't Have to be Filmish": The Toronto Jewish Film Festival.


Lewis, Jodie (1999) The Everton Flint Collection in Wells Museum.

Lister, Phil (1999) Developing a Taxonomy for Cultural Competence.

Little, Jonathan D. (1999) The Sistrum – and How to Make One.

Loynes, Christopher (1999) Once upon a time. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Loynes, Christopher (1999) Once upon a time. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Maddock, Ian (1999) The Importance of Physical Habitat Assessment for Evaluating River Health.

Mathieson, I.; Upton, Dominic and Birchenough, A. (1999) Comparison of Footprint Parameters Calculated From Static and Dynamic Footprints.

McGregor, Richard (1999) I am the Rose of Sharon. [Composition]

Mitchell, Theresa (1999) Present Tense Commentary. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mitchell, Theresa (1999) Present Tense Commentary: a Qualitative Research Technique.

Morris, C. and Evans, Nick (1999) Research on the Geography of Agricultural Change: Redundant or Revitalized?

Morris, Lynda (1999) Book as Artwork, 1960 to 1972. In: Artists Who Make Books. Phaidon Press, pp. 198-209. ISBN 978 0 7148 7264 3

Morris, Michael (1999) Studies in the Behaviour of a Nitrifying Verical Flow Constructed Wetland Wastewater Treatment System. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Nobes, G.; Smith, M.; Upton, Penney and Heverin, A. (1999) Physical Punishment by Mothers and Fathers in British Homes.


Paul, Leocordia (1999) Values and conflict in initial teacher education. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Peel, Elizabeth (1999) Lesbian and Gay Psychology.

Peel, Elizabeth (1999) Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men: Decision-making in Reporting and Not Reporting Crime.

Phoca, Sophia and Wright, Rebecca (1999) Introducing postfeminism. Icon Books.

Poole, Robert (1999) Book review: Calendrical Calculations, by Nachum Dershowitz and Edward M. Reingold.

Poole, Robert (1999) Making Up for Lost Time.


Rowe, Carl (1999) Translation - After Christiane Baumgartner Woodcut print on paper with framed engraving Carl Rowe 2017. [Show/Exhibition]


Scholefield, Lynne (1999) A tale of two cultures: a dialogical study of a Jewish and a Catholic secondary school. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Storey, David (1999) Integration and Participation in Rural Development: the Case of Ireland.

Storey, David (1999) Issues of Integration, Participation and Empowerment in Rural Development: The Case of LEADER in the Republic of Ireland.

Storey, David (1999) Residents' Perspectives of Rural Living Conditions in Cork and Kerry. In: UNSPECIFIED Oak Tree Press.


Thompson, A.J.; Tör, M.; Barry, C.S.; Vrebalov, J.; Orfila, C.; Jarvis, M.C.; Giovannoni, J.J.; Grierson, D. and Seymour, G. (1999) Molecular and Genetic Characterization of a Novel Pleiotropic Tomato-Ripening Mutant.


Upton, Dominic (1999) Attitudes Towards, and Knowledge of Clinical Effectiveness in Nurses, Midwives, Practice Nurses and Health Visitors.

Upton, Dominic (1999) Clinical Effectiveness and EBP 2: Attitudes of Health-Care Professionals.

Upton, Dominic (1999) Clinical Effectiveness and EBP 3: Application by Health-Care Professionals.

Upton, Dominic (1999) Clinical Effectiveness: How Much Do Radiographers Know About It And What Do They Think Of The Concept?

Upton, Dominic and Thompson, Pamela (1999) Twenty Questions Task and Frontal Lobe Dysfunction.


West, T.M.; Marshall, E.J.P.; Westbury, Duncan and Arnold, G.M. (1999) Vegetation Development on Sown and Unsown Field Boundary Strips Established in Three Environmentally Sensitive Areas. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Willems, Mark E. T.; Huijing, P. A. and Fridén, J. (1999) Swelling of sarcoplasmic reticulum after isometric contractions in rat semimembranosus lateralis muscle.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Stauber, William T. (1999) Isometric and concentric performance of electrically stimulated ankle plantar flexor muscles in intact rat.

Williams, Robert (1999) Disjecta Reliquiae - The Tate Thames Dig. In: UNSPECIFIED Black Dog Publishing.

Wood, Daniel M. (1999) Assessment of maximal oxygen uptake in runners: new concepts on an old theme. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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