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Allen, Heather; Chubb, Shirley; Dickinson, Roger; Majerus, Marianne; Rielly, James; Sekules, Veronica and Tickle, Les (1997) Collections and Reflections: The Transformative and Assimilative Uses of Art Objects. Arts Council of England.


Bloxham, Susan (1997) Integrated learning skills training: an evaluation. In: UNSPECIFIED Oxford Centre for Learning and Staff Development.

Bloxham, Susan (1997) The contribution of interagency collaboration to the promotion of young people's sexual health.

Bloxham, Susan (1997) The social contract between young people and society. In: UNSPECIFIED Russell House.

Brooker, Dawn (1997) BASOLL: The Behavioural Assessment Scale of Later Life. Winslow Press.

Brooker, Dawn (1997) Issues in User Feedback on Health Services for Elderly People.

Brooker, Dawn; Snape, M.; Johnson, E.; Ward, D. and Payne, M. (1997) Single Case Evaluation of the Effects of Aromatherapy and Massage on Disturbed Behaviour in Severe Dementia.

Buck, Lyndon (1997) FURNITURE DESIGN WITH COMPOSITE MATERIALS. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.


Cox, Howard (1997) The Evolution of International Business Enterprise. In: UNSPECIFIED International Thomson.

Cox, Howard (1997) Learning to do Business in China: the Evolution of BAT’s Cigarette Distribution Network, 1902-41.


Ebbatson, Roger (1997) The Rainbow and the Language of Origins.

Eldridge, Jim (1997) Perry Homes and the case of the missing head. Heinemann.

Eldridge, Jim and Matysiak, Janek (1997) Captain Hawk and the Stone of Destiny. A & C Black Publishers Ltd.


Herbert, Rob and Morris, Mike (1997) The Design and Performance of a Vertical Flow Reed Bed for the Treatment of High Ammonia, Low Suspended Solids Organic Effluents.

Higgins, Peter; Loynes, Christopher and Crowther, Neville (1997) A guide for outdoor educators in Scotland. Adventure Education.

Hurrion, Paul D. (1997) The effect of neoprene athletic supports on cricket bowling and javelin throwing. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Kay, William K (1997) Bertrand Russell and World Religions a Review Article. Glyndŵr University Research Online.

Kay, William K (1997) Jung and world religions. Glyndŵr University Research Online.

Koven, Mikel (1997) Voices from the Periphery: Videodrome and the (pre)Postmodern Vision of Marshall McLuhan.


Lister, Phil (1997) The Art of Nursing in a Postmodern Context.


Marshall, Gill and Jones, Nicholas (1997) Screening for ovarian cancer—Does it fulfil the criteria for mass screening?

Masalha, Nur (1997) A land without a people: Israel, transfer and the Palestinians 1949-96. Faber and Faber.

McMorris, Terry (1997) The effect of exercise on decision making in team games. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Mitchell, Theresa (1997) Phenomenological Data Analysis Strategies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mullins, John and Emberlin, Jean (1997) Sampling Pollens.


Nash, Margaret and Eldridge, Jim (1997) The great iron horse: the story of the Stephenson's Rocket. Macdonald Young.

Noys, Benjamin (1997) Communicative unreason: Bataille and Habermas.


Paget, Derek (1997) Paved with Gold : the Real World as Literary Enterprise.

Poole, Robert (1997) Review of: Astrology and the seventeenth-century mind: William Lilly and the language of the stars.

Powers, Alan; Williams, Gaynor; Ford, Alan; Doig, Allan; Walker, Peter K.; Devonshire Jones, Tom and Marsh, Norman S. (1997) Feibusch murals Chichester and beyond: an exploration of approach. Chichester Institute of Higher Education.


Roberts, David (1997) Hamlet and the Frailty of Woman.


Slade-Brooking, Catharine (1997) The encyclopaedia of illustration techniques. Running Press Book Publishers.

Sly, Debbie and Burton, Mick (1997) Issues in Teaching Literary Theory.

Sugarman, Leonie and Woolfe, R (1997) Piloting the Stream: The Life Cycle and Counselling. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Tör, M. (1997) Biotechnological Approaches to Plant Breeding: II. Plant Molecular Biology (in Turkish).


Upton, Dominic and Thompson, Pamela (1997) Age at Onset and Neuropsychological Function in Frontal Lobe Epilepsy.

Upton, Dominic and Thompson, Pamela (1997) Neuropsychological Test Performance in Frontal-lobe Epilepsy: The Influence of Aetiology, Seizure Type, Seizure Frequency and Duration of Disorder.


Venables, K.M.; Allitt, U.; Collier, C.G.; Emberlin, Jean; Greig, J.B.; Hardaker, P.J.; Higham, J.H.; Laing-Morton, T.; Maynard, R.L.; Murray, V.; Strachan, D.P. and Tee, R.D. (1997) Thunderstorm Related Asthma - the Epidemic of 24/25 June 1994.


Wakeham, Alison; Pettitt, Timothy and White, J.G. (1997) A Novel Method for Detection of Viable Zoospores of Pythium in Irrigation Water.

Webb, Jean (1997) The Anxiety Of The Real: A Reading Of Charles Kingsley’s Water Babies’.

Webb, Jean (1997) If We Had Fairies They’d Melt - A Comparative Discussion Of The Fairy Tale In Nineteenth-Century English, American And Australian Literature For Children.

Webb, Jean (1997) Northern Lights and Southern Gardens.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Purslow, P. P. (1997) Mechanical and structural characteristics of single muscle fibres and fibre groups from raw and cooked pork longissimus muscle.

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