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Blake, R.J.; Westbury, Duncan; Woodcock, B.A.; Sutton, P. and Potts, S.G. (2011) Improving Butterfly Habitat in Existing Grass Buffer Strips. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Blake, R.J.; Woodcock, B.A.; Westbury, Duncan; Sutton, P. and Potts, S.G. (2011) Enhancing Habitat to Help the Plight of the Bumblebees.

Blake, R.J.; Woodcock, B.A.; Westbury, Duncan; Sutton, P. and Potts, S.G. (2011) New Tools to Boost Butterfly Habitat Quality in Existing Grass Buffer Strips.


Carrie, Rachael (2013) A Checklist of the Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Belize. [Report]

Carrie, Rachael and Kay, E. (2014) Belize. In: UNSPECIFIED Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua.

Comont, R.F. and Ashbrook, Kate (2016) Evaluating Promotional Approaches for Citizen Science Biological Recording: Bumblebees as a Group Versus Harmonia axyridis as a Flagship for Ladybirds.


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Gooch, S.; Ashbrook, Kate; Taylor, A. and Székely, T. (2015) Using Dietary Analysis and Habitat Selection to Inform Conservation Management of Reintroduced Great Bustards Otis tarda in an Agricultural Landscape.

Grainger, Margaret and Williamson, Richard (1988) The Nightjar: yesterday and today. West Sussex Institute of Higher Education.


Howarth, Sue (2013) Creating a Buzz Around School (Editorial).

Howarth, Sue (2010) Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West (Book Review).

Howarth, Sue (2015) Freshwater Algae by Edward G Bellinger and David C Sigee (Book Review).

Howarth, Sue (2013) The Mayflies of Europe; Book Review.

Howarth, Sue (2011) Moringa: the Science Behind the Miracle Tree - a review of this journal article, published alongside the article.

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Howarth, Sue (2011) Spider Behaviour: Flexibility and Versatility - Book Review.

Howarth, Sue (2011) Spider Silk Evolution and 400 Years of Spinning, Waiting, Snagging and Mating, Ed. Herberstein (Book Review).

Howarth, Sue (2014) Tracks and Shadows: Field Biology As Art. (Book Review).

Howarth, Sue and Blackmore, Karen (2011) STEM Clubs. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Howarth, Sue and Ingram, N. (2010) Two Cheers for Biodiversity.

Howarth, Sue and Scott, Linda (2014) Success With STEM Workshop. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Howarth, Sue; Turner, I. and Carter, I. (2014) Pheromones and Animal Behaviour, 2nd Edition, Tristram Wyatt (Book Review).


Peach, W.J.; Dodd, S.; Westbury, Duncan; Mortimer, S.R.; Lewis, P.; Brook, A.J.; Harris, S.J.; Kessock-Philip, R.; Buckingham, D.L. and Chaney, K. (2010) Cereal-based Silages: A Potential Conservation Measure for Farmland Birds in Pastoral Landscapes.

Polhemus, D.A. and Carrie, Rachael (2013) A New Species of Potamocoris (Heteroptera: Potamocoridae) from Belize, and Synonymy of the Genus Coleopterocoris.


Scott, Linda and Howarth, Sue (2012) Creative Gardening as a STEM Club Activity.

Smith, Joanna; Downie, J.R.; Dye, R.F.; Ogilvy, V.; Thornham, Daniel; Rutherford, M.G.; Charles, S.P. and Murphy, J.C. (2011) Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae Scarthyla vigilans (Solano 1971): Range Extension and New Country Record for Trinidad, W.I. With Notes on Tadpoles, Habitat, Behaviour and Biogeographical Significance.


Thornham, Daniel; Smith, Joanna; Grafe, T.U. and Federle, W. (2012) Setting the Trap:Cleaning Behaviour of Camponotus Schmitzi Ants Increases Long-term Capture Efficiency of Their Pitcher Plant Host, Nepenthes Bicalcarata.


Woodcock, B.A.; Edwards, A.R.; Lawson, C.S.; Westbury, Duncan; Brook, A.J.; Harris, S.J.; Brown, V.K. and Mortimer, S.R. (2008) Contrasting Success in the Restoration of Plant and Phytophagous Beetle Assemblages of Species-rich Mesotrophic Grasslands.

Woodcock, B.A.; Edwards, A.R.; Lawson, C.S.; Westbury, Duncan; Brook, A.J.; Harris, S.J.; Masters, G.; Booth, R.; Brown, V.K. and Mortimer, S.R. (2010) The Restoration of Phytophagous Beetles in Species-Rich Chalk Grasslands.

Woodcock, B.A.; Mortimer, S.R.; Edwards, A.R.; Lawson, C.S.; Westbury, Duncan; Brook, A.J.; Harris, S.J. and Brown, V.K. (2009) Re-creating Plant and Beetle Assemblages of Species-rich Chalk Grasslands on Ex-arable Land. In: UNSPECIFIED Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Woodcock, B.A.; Potts, S.G.; Westbury, Duncan; Ramsay, A.J.; Lambert, M.; Harris, S.J. and Brown, V.K. (2007) The Importance of Sward Architectural Complexity in Structuring Predatory and Phytophagous Invertebrate Assemblages.

Woodcock, B.A.; Vogiatzakis, I.N.; Westbury, Duncan; Lawson, C.S.; Edwards, A.R.; Brook, A.J.; Harris, S.J.; Lock, K.A.; Maczey, N.; Masters, G.; Brown, V.K. and Mortimer, S.R. (2010) The Role of Management and Landscape Context in the Restoration of Grassland Phytophagous Beetles.

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