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Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Bagley, Kim; Baxter, Gail; Couzins, Richard; Digkas, Grigoris; Halpin, Michael; Lovey, Christina; Plant, Michael Wayne; Psarologaki, Liana and Quarini, Carol (2013) Research students exhibition catalogue 2013. University for the Creative Arts.

Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Quarini, Carol and White, Bob (2012) Cloth & memory. Direct Design Books.


Bliss, Simon (2006) 'Cubistic claptrap'? Erik Magnussesn's The Lights and Shadows of Manhattan of 1927.

Bliss, Simon (2007) The Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris.

Bliss, Simon (2003) Thoroughly modern: reflections on the work of Jean Puiforcat.

Bottle, Neil and Prichard, Sue (2010) Neil Bottle exhibition catalogue. UNSPECIFIED. The Ruthin Craft Centre.


Charter, Martin and Clark, Tom (2007) Sustainable innovation: key conclusions from Sustainable Innovation Conferences 2003–2006 organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Charter, Martin and Gray, Casper (2007) Remanufacturing and product design: designing for the 7th generation. UNSPECIFIED. Centre for Sustainable Design.


Fisher, James (2015) Unfolding the Archive (Group Exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

Fowler, Stephen (2016) Rubber Stamping: Get Creative with Stamps, Rollers and Other Printmaking Techniques. Laurence King Publishing.


Harrison, Diana (2006) Diana Harrison turmoil and change. [Art/Design Item]

Harrison, Diana (2001) Distance. [Art/Design Item]

Harrison, Diana (2006) Uncovering and travelling. [Art/Design Item]

Howard, Ashley (2011) Crossing the line: the drawing of Magdalene Odundo. [Art/Design Item]

Howard, Ashley (2000) Matt glazes.

Howard, Ashley (2001) Searching and finding.

Howard, Ashley and Odundo, Magdalene (2011) Intimate humanity: Ashley Howard reveals the language of drawing for Magdalene Odundo.


Jackson, Andrew (2011) Understanding the experience of the amateur maker. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Kelley, Victoria (2009) The interpretation of surface: boundaries, systems and their transgression in clothing and domestic textiles, c.1880-1939.


Lehmann, Ulrich (2010) Imiter c'est créer: du transfert des formes naturelles à la transgression économique, 1800-1850. In: UNSPECIFIED Livres EMCC.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2010) Performance materielle: Dufour et le materialisme. In: UNSPECIFIED Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2011) The surrealist object and subject in materialism: notes on the understanding of the object in surrealism. In: UNSPECIFIED Hatje Cantz.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2007) The uncommon object: surrealist concepts and categories for the material world. In: UNSPECIFIED V&A Publications.

Light, Vivienne and Olding, Simon (2008) Martyn Brewster: prints 1975-2007. Canterton Books.


McIntyre, Kate and Olding, Simon (2004) The Crafts Commissioner.

Mifsud, Daniel (2013) An 'exploded' replica of a commode.

Millar, Lesley (2011) Bite-size: miniature textiles from Japan and the UK. University for the Creative Arts.

Millar, Lesley (2011) Lost in lace: new approaches by UK and international artists. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.

Millar, Lesley (2004) Through the surface : collaborating textile artists from Britain and Japan. The Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College.

Millar, Lesley; Silver, Maggie; Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Quarini, Carol and White, Bob (2012) Cloth & memory. Direct Design Books.

Millar, Lesley; Silver, Zöe; Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Hill, June; Ofield-Kerr, Simon; Agano, Machiko; Appleton, Jeanette; Bamba, Masae; Bartlett, Caroline; Bower, Hilary; Bristow, Maxine; Clements, Reece; Fujino, Yasuko; Garfen, Caren; Gray, Rachel; Harrison, Annie; Harrison, Diana; Hinsberg, Katharina; Jacobs, Peta; Lawrence, Philippa; Leighton-Boyce, Hannah; Murayama, Yoriko; Pym, Celia; Steihaug, Kari; Takaki, Koji; Takasuka, Katsura; Thompson, Karina and Yoneyama, Yoriko (2013) Cloth & memory {2}. Salts Estates Ltd.


Odundo, Magdalene (1991) Magdalene Odundo. Self published.

Odundo, Magdalene (2001) Magdalene Odundo: clay forms. Blackwell The Arts & Crafts House.

Odundo, Magdalene (2009) Serendipity or chance: Stanford Museum, summer 1976.

Odundo, Magdalene; Casely-Hayford, Augustus and Westwood, David (2006) Resonance and inspiration: new works by Magdalene Odundo and breath and dust by Augustus Casely-Hayford in Clay in Art International Yearbook 06/07 edited by Kostas Tarkasis. [Art/Design Item]

Odundo, Magdalene; Olding, Simon and Cooper, Emmanuel (2004) Magdalene Odundo. Lund Humphries.

Olding, Simon (2011) Defining craft. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Council of Ireland.

Olding, Simon (2012) Dogs that bark in the night.

Olding, Simon (2009) Garden theatre.

Olding, Simon (2014) Harmony and poise.

Olding, Simon (2006) John Hinchcliffe. Canterton Books and the Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2008) Joining forces.

Olding, Simon (2008) Makers & movers. Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2008) Mapping the crafts in Dorset.

Olding, Simon (2010) Order and poise.

Olding, Simon (2009) Quiet isolation.

Olding, Simon (2007) Rezia Wahid: woven air. Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2008) Rhythmic irregularity.

Olding, Simon (2007) Urban field. Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2004) 'A conglomeration of interesting objects': the significance of the Craft Study Centre. In: UNSPECIFIED Canterton Books.

Olding, Simon (2008) The endless line. In: UNSPECIFIED Canterton Books.

Olding, Simon (2009) The founding of the Crafts Study Centre. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2009) The founding of the Crafts Study Centre. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Council and the Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon (2010) The slightly estranged.

Olding, Simon (2009) The willow river.


Pulley, Bob; Glasgow, Andrew; Olding, Simon and Ratuszniak, Annette (2014) The carving of the wood: an exhibition of work by David Pye, Nick Barberton, Matthew Burt, Gaynor Dowling, Eleanor Lakelin, Malcolm Martin and Keith Rand. Crafts Study Centre.


Robinson, Amy (2013) Role models: designers who have been offering inspiration for decades: Zandra Rhodes.

Robinson, Amy (2013) Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection.

Rocha, Maria Alice Vasconcelos (2007) Study of consumer clothing behaviour and its relevance to the successful fashion product development. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Schoeser, Mary and Bottle, Neil (2007) Work by Neil Bottle. In: UNSPECIFIED Yale University Press.


Vacher, Jean (2013) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Study Centre.

Vaizey, Marina; Cooper, Emmanuel and Odundo, Magdalene (2001) Clay forms Magdalene Odundo. Lakeland Arts Trust.

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