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Davis, Paul and West, K. (2009) What Do Public Values Mean for Public Action? Putting Public Values in their Plural Place.


Frey, Hugo (2008) Trapped in the past: The persistence of anti-semitism in Hergé’s 'Flight 714'. In: UNSPECIFIED University Press of Mississippi.


How, Alan (2007) Gyorgy Lukacs. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Noys, Benjamin (2016) Bound to Labor: Life & Labor in (Early) Marx and (Early) Derrida.

Noys, Benjamin (2011) Bye, Bye, Mr Critique? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Noys, Benjamin (2016) Christ Subjects: Michel Henry, Francois Laruelle, and the Politics of Life. In: UNSPECIFIED Universidad de Los Andes Press.

Noys, Benjamin (2011) Communization and its discontents: Contestation, critique, and contemporary struggles. Minor Compositions.

Noys, Benjamin (2013) Days of phuture past: accelerationism in the present moment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Noys, Benjamin (2002) Fascinating (British) Fascism: David Britton’s 'Lord Horror'.

Noys, Benjamin (2012) Forget Neoliberalism?: Baudrillard, Foucault, and the Fate of Critique.

Noys, Benjamin (1998) Georges Bataille’s Base Materialism.

Noys, Benjamin (2011) 'Grey in Grey': Crisis, critique, change.

Noys, Benjamin (2014) Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism. Zero Books.

Noys, Benjamin (2011) Mourning and melancholia: Ultra-left disorders. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Noys, Benjamin (2010) ‘Remain true to the earth!’: remarks on the politics of Black Metal. In: UNSPECIFIED Glossator: Black Metal Theory.

Noys, Benjamin (2008) Through a glass darkly: Alain Badiou’s critique of anarchism.

Noys, Benjamin (2012) Western nihilism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Noys, Benjamin (2014) The discreet charm of Bruno Latour. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave.

Noys, Benjamin (2010) The horror of the real: Zizek's modern gothic.

Noys, Benjamin (2015) The savage ontology of insurrection: negativity, life, anarchy. In: UNSPECIFIED Duke University Press.

Noys, Benjamin (2014) ‘The untranscendable horizon of our time’: capitalist crisis and the ends of utopia. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Noys, Benjamin (2013) The war of time: occupation, resistance, communization.

Noys, Benjamin; Lemm, Vanessa; Vatter, Miguel and Chirolla, Gustavo (2012) Power, Life and Subjectivation Debate.


Storey, David (2015) Territoriality: Geographical. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier.

Storey, David (2012) Territories : the claiming of space (2nd edition). Routledge.


West, K. and Davis, Paul (2011) What is the Public Value of Government Action? Towards a (New) Pragmatic Approach to Values Questions in Public Endeavours.

Wilford, Andrew (2016) Lone Wolves, Werewolves & Radicalised Rolling Stone Covers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wilson, Ross (2008) The mystical character of commodities: the consumer society in eighteenth century England.

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