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Adams, Joanne; Pascal, Jan and Dickson-Swift, Virginia (2014) Spirituality and aging in place: the impact of extreme climatic conditions on domestic gardening practice.


Baird, J.; Bell, S.; Brabban, A.; Burbach, F.; Campbell, A.; Dodgson, G.; Eranti, S.; Fox, T.; Fraser, R.; French, P.; Hember, M.; Jeavons, J.; Laughton-Brown, H.; Leeks, A.; Kumar, D.; McGowan, S.; Pearson, D.; Shiers, D.; Smith, Jo; Williams, M.S. and Zoetti, M. (2012) IRIS Guidelines: Early Intervention in Psychosis IRIS Guidelines Update September 2012. [Report]

Baker, James; Daniels, Robert; Roberts, A. and Haines, B. (2017) The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad. [Show/Exhibition]

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Baker, Steven; Warburton, Jeni; Hodgkin, Suzanne and Pascal, Jan (2016) The supportive network: rural disadvantaged older people and ICT.

Baysted, Stephen (2011) Life Lines: A Reflection on Organ Donation. [Composition]

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Bhatti-Sinclair, Kishwar and Sutcliffe, Charles (2012) What determines the out-of-home placement of children in the USA?

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Burt, Christopher D. B.; Chmiel, Nik and Hayes, Peter (2009) Implications of turnover and trust for safety attitudes and behaviour in work teams.


Carr, Lucy (2016) Enhancing resilience in ‘at-risk’ youth through adventure-based interventions. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Kenny, Amanda and Pascal, Jan (2015) Psychosocial care/support. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.


Lavis, A.; Lester, H.; Everard, L.; Freemantle, N; Amos, T.; Fowler, D; Hodgekins, J.; Jones, P.; Marshall, M.; Sharma, V.; Larsen, J.; McCrone, P.; Singh, S.P.; Smith, Jo and Birchwood, M. (2015) Layers of Listening: Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Early Intervention Services for First-episode Psychosis on Carers' Experiences.


Mantell, Andy (2010) Traumatic brain injury and potential safeguarding concerns.

Mantell, Andy (2010) Under a cloud: carers' experiences of Huntington's Disease.

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McCrae, Niall and Wright, Maureen (2016) Work, rest and play: professional and social progress of nurses at a British mental hospital in the early 20th century.

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Misca, Gabriela (2008) Developmental Adjustment in Adolescents Growing Up in Childcare Institutions in Romania. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Misca, Gabriela (2010) Risk and Resilience in the Developmental Pathways of Adolescents Growing Up in Childcare Institution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Mori, Katsumi; Rhind, Daniel; Gervis, Misis; Callan, Mike; Nakamoto, Hiroki; Elmes, David; Hamada, Koji; Sakanaka, Misato; Nakamura, Isamo and Yamada, Rie (2015) The present state of abuse or corporal punishment involving children and sports authority figures and the necessity for a child protection system in sports in Japan.


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Noys, Benjamin (2013) The violence of representation and the representation of violence. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.


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Pascal, Jan; Johnson, N.; Dickson-Swift, V.; McGrath, P. and Dangerfield, F. (2015) Understanding receptivity to informal supportive cancer care in regional and rural Australia: a Heideggerian analysis.

Paton, Roderick (2011) Lifemusic workshops. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Paton, Roderick (2011) Lifemusic: Sounding out university community engagement.

Pike, Elizabeth (2012) Aquatic antiques: Swimming off this mortal coil?

Pike, Elizabeth (2011) The active aging agenda, old folk devils and a new moral panic.

Popper, Steven (2010) High quality leadership and the early years professional status award. In: UNSPECIFIED David Fulton: Routledge.

Preston, John and Robins, Dawn (2013) Evaluating the long term impacts of transport policy: The case of passenger rail privatisation.


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Spence, Craig (2016) Accidents and violent death in early modern London: 1650-1750. Boydell Press.

Student, A. (2016) A study into childhood vaccinations; comparing the views of parents/carers who choose to take up the MMR vaccination and those who do not with consideration for what influences their decisions. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Thomas, Yvonne (2015) Cyclone Yasi: The Experience of Queenslanders Without a Home. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier B.V..

Thomas, Yvonne; Gray, M. and McGinty, S. (2013) Occupational Wellbeing of People Experience Homelessness: Survival, Self Identity and Socialisation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Unwin, Peter and Leverett, S. (2009) “Having Your Say” – Reflections on a Training Course For Older People Volunteering to Become Peer Visitors in Care Homes.

Upton, Penney (2005) Development of a Measure of the Health Related Quality of Life of Children in Public Care.


Wallace, Carolyn (2009) An Exploration of Health and Social Care Service Integration in a Deprived South Wales Area. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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