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Anderson, E. and Bullingham, Rachael (2013) Openly Lesbian Team Sport Athletes in an Era of Decreasing Homohysteria.

Attenborough, Frederick (2013) Jokes, pranks, blondes and banter: recontextualising sexism in the British print press.


Bairner, A. and Whigham, Stuart (2014) Sport and the Scottish Diaspora. In: UNSPECIFIED Edinburgh University Press.

Baker, Steven; Warburton, Jeni; Hodgkin, Suzanne and Pascal, Jan (2016) The supportive network: rural disadvantaged older people and ICT.

Beadle, Hazel (2016) Learning to deal with it: one case study workforce's perception of the risk of cyber bullying.

Benkwitz, A. and Molnar, Gyozo (2016) The Emergence and Development of Association Football: Influential Sociocultural Factors in Victorian Birmingham.

Benkwitz, Adam and Molnar, Gyozo (2012) Interpreting and Exploring Football Fan Rivalries: An Overview.

Benkwitz, Adam and Molnar, Gyozo (2012) Socio-cultural Approaches to Interpreting Football Rivalries.

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Animism in Rainforest and Tundra: Personhood, Animals, Plants and Things in Contemporary Amazonia and Siberia (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (1999) Changing Multiculturalism. Kincheloe and Steinberg. (Book Review). Taylor and Francis.

Bigger, Stephen (2010) Religion: Beyond a Concept edited by Hent de Vries, New York: Fordham University Press, 2008 (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2008) Review of Ethnographica Moralia: Experiments in Interpretive Anthropology (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2004) Review of Islamophobia: Issues, Challenges and Action. (Book Review).

Black, J. and Whigham, Stuart (2015) 'Team GB', 'Team England' or 'Team Scotland'? Media Representations of 'Britishness', 'Englishness' and 'Scottishness' in London 2012 and Glasgow 2014. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Board, Douglas and Warwick, Robert (2013) Chief executives are running scared.

Burden, Pete and Warwick, Robert (2014) The purpose and practice of Conscious Business.

Butt, J. and Molnar, Gyozo (2009) Involuntary Career Termination in Sport: A Case Study of the Process of Structurally Induced Failure.

Butt, Joanne and Molnar, Gyozo (2009) Involuntary Career Termination in Sport: A Case Study of the Process of Structurally Induced Failure.


Chalari, A.; Sealey, Clive and Webb, Michael (2016) A Comparison of Subjective Experiences and Responses to Austerity of UK and Greek Youth. GreeSE Paper No.102. [Report]

Chalari, Athanasia (2009) Approaches to the Individual: The Relationship Between Internal and External Conversation. Palgrave Macmillan.

Chalari, Athanasia (2012) The Causal Impact of Resistance: Mediating Between Resistance and Internal Conversation About Resistance.

Chalari, Athanasia (2012) The Greek Crisis : Social and personal Changes.

Chalari, Athanasia (2012) Greek Crisis and Greek Society: the Contribution of Greek Citizens.

Chalari, Athanasia (2012) Why Greeks Interrupt Each Other? the Phenomenon of ‘Overlaps’ in Everyday Greek Conversations. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing.

Chalari, Athanasia and Khoury, A. (2010) Politics Based on ‘Reflexivity’, ‘Shallow Politics’ and the EU GM Food and Feed Regulatory.

Churchill, Sue; Jessop, Donna and Sparks, Paul (2008) Impulsive and/or planned behaviour: Can impulsivity contribute to the predictive utility of the theory of planned behaviour?

Cooper, C.; Dalmasso, Frederic and Lamb, T. (2013) The ‘Problem’ of Youth 2012-13 - Participatory Action Research & Drama Workshops. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cooprider, Josh (2008) A Comparative Study on the Importance of Winning within University Sport in England and the United States. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Crisp, Philippe (2013) An evaluation of the CoachSussex Bursary scheme – one year on. UNSPECIFIED. Active Sussex Library of Sport.


Davis, Paul and West, K. (2009) What Do Public Values Mean for Public Action? Putting Public Values in their Plural Place.

Dhillon, Jaswinder (2015) Social Capital in Inter-Organizational Partnership Research. In: UNSPECIFIED Edward Elgar.


Ely, Philip (2012) The domestication of home ubiquitous computing. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Evans, Simon (2009) That Lot Up There and Us Down Here’ : Social Interaction and a Sense of Community in a Mixed Tenure UK Retirement Village.

Everley, Suzanne and Potter, Julia A. (2016) Do 'Sporting' Agendas Limit Primary School Aged Girls' Physical Activity? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Everley, Suzanne and Potter, Julia A. (2016) Primary School Aged Boys And Physical Activity In School Environments: Subjective Experiences And The Place Of 'Sport' In Social Identity. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Fairchild, Nikki (2016) Book Review: 'Queer Post-gender Ethics. The Shape of Selves to Come' by Lucy Nicholas.


Guo, Tieyuan; Ji, Li-Jun; Spina, Roy and Zhang, Zhiyong (2012) Culture, temporal focus, and values of the past and the future.


Hassall, Lee (2013) Postcards From Hashima. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Heine, Steven J.; Foster, Julie-Ann B. and Spina, Roy (2009) Do birds of a feather universally flock together? Cultural variation in the similarity-attraction effect.

Holmes, M. and Storey, David (2004) Who Are the Boys in Green? Irish Identity and Soccer in the Republic of Ireland. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

How, Alan (2003) Critical Theory. Palgrave Macmillan.

How, Alan (2007) Gyorgy Lukacs. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

How, Alan (2001) Habermas, History and Social Evolution: Moral Learning and the Trial of Louis XVI.

How, Alan (2011) Hermeneutics and the “Classic” Problem in the Human Sciences.

How, Alan (2007) The Text, the Author and the Canon: Gadamar and the Persistence of Classic Texts in Sociology.


John, Mills (2015) An [AUTO]ethnographic account of constructing, deconstructing, and partially reconstructing a coaching identity.


Kanemasu, Y. and Molnar, Gyozo (2015) Double-trouble: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in Post-colonial Women’s Rugby in Fiji.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2012) Collective Identity and Contested Allegiance: A Case of Migrant Professional Fijian Rugby Players.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2013) Collective Identity and Contested Allegiance: A Case of Migrant Professional Fijian Rugby Players.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2014) Life after Rugby: Issues of Being an ‘Ex’ in Fiji Rugby.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2016) Private Military and Security Labour Migration: the Case of Fiji.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2013) Problematizing The Dominant: The Emergence Of Alternative Cultural Voices In Fiji Rugby.

Kohe, Geoff (2011) Body Commons: Toward an Interdisciplinary Study of the Somatic Spectacular.

Kohe, Geoff (2015) London 2012 (Re)calling: Youth Memories and Olympic 'Legacy' Ether in the Hinterland.

Kohe, Geoff (2012) Reflexivity in the Apologetic Aeon: NZOC’s Return to Moscow.

Kohe, Geoff (2012) Reflexivity in the Apologetic Aeon: NZOC’s Return to Moscow.

Kohe, Geoff and Newman, Josh I. (2011) Body Commons: Toward an Interdisciplinary Study of the Somatic Spectacular.

Kohe, Geoff and Newman, Joshua (2011) Body Commons: Toward an Interdisciplinary Study of the Somatic Spectacular.

Kotting, Andrew and Sinclair, Ian (2012) Swandown. [Art/Design Item]

Kowalski, Ronnie (2004) 'Cry For Us, Argentina': Sport and National Identity in Late Twentieth-Century Scotland. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Law, Kate (2016) “Mostly we are White and Alone”: Identity, Anxiety and the Past in Some White Zimbabwean Memoirs.

Lewin-Jones, Jenny and Webb, Michael (2013) Ideology in Disguise: Place Name Metonyms and the Discourse of Newspaper Headlines.

Lin, Yuwei (2011) A qualitative enquiry into OpenStreetMap making.

Lipscomb, Martin (2012) Abductive Reasoning and Qualitative Research.

Lipscomb, Martin (2006) Book Review: Critical Realism, Post-positivism and the Possibility of Knowledge by Ruth Groff (2004).

Lipscomb, Martin (2009) Change at a Hospice: Realist Social Theory Applied. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lipscomb, Martin (2016) Exploring Evidence-based Practice: Debates and Challenges in Nursing. Routlegde - Taylor and Francis.

Lipscomb, Martin (2016) Ideas Matter: a Realist Critique of ‘Culture’ in Qualitative Research. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lipscomb, Martin (2017) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group.

Lipscomb, Martin (2010) Realist Social Theory Applied: Understanding Change at a Hospice. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lipscomb, Martin (2006) Rebutting the Suggestion that Anthony Giddens' Structuration Theory Offers a Useful Framework for Sociological Nursing Research: a Critique Based upon Margaret Archer's Realist Social Theory.

Lipscomb, Martin (2010) Retroduction and Retrodiction: Abductive Inference in Realist Practice. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lipscomb, Martin (2006) Review Essay: Realist Theory in Research Practice.

Lipscomb, Martin (2017) Social Theory and Nursing. Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group.

Lipscomb, Martin (2017) Social and Sociological Theory – Reimagining Nursing’s Disciplinary Identity. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group.

Lipscomb, Martin (2009) The Theory and Application of Critical Realist Philosophy and Morphogenetic Methodology: Emergent Structural and Agential Relations at a Hospice. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Lipscomb, Martin and Snelling, Paul (2006) Degraded Learning Environments in HE: Professional and Academic Value Systems in Conflict, Student Self-censorship, and Moral Education. Theorising Student Self-censorship Using Critical Realist Theory. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lister, Phil (1997) The Art of Nursing in a Postmodern Context.

Lister, Phil (1999) Developing a Taxonomy for Cultural Competence.


McCray, Janet and Ward, Cally (2009) Social enterprise — A new challenge for nursing practice and collaborative partnerships.

Molnar, Gyozo (2010) From the Soviet Bloc to the European Community: Migrating Professional Footballers in and out of Hungary. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo (2014) League of Retirees: Foreigners in Hungarian Professional Football. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo (2010) Re-discovering Hungarianness: The Case of Elite Hungarian Footballers. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.

Molnar, Gyozo (2010) Re-discovering Hungarianness: The Case of Elite Hungarian Footballers. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.

Molnar, Gyozo; Doczi, T. and Gal, A. (2011) Socio-structural Overview of Hungarian Football. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo; Doczi, Tamas and Gal, Andrea (2011) Socio-structural Overview of Hungarian Football. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo and Faulkner, Christopher (2016) Football Related Migrations. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo and Kanemasu, Y. (2016) Challenges of Exploring Women’s Resistance in Post-colonial Hegemonic Masculinity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Molnar, Gyozo and Kelly, John (2012) Sociology of Sport and Exercise: An Introduction. Routledge.

Molnar, Gyozo and Maguire, J. (2008) Hungarian Footballers on the Move: Issues of and Observations on the First Migratory Phase.

Morris, C. and Evans, Nick (2001) Cheese Makers are Always Women: Gendered Representations of Farm Life in the Agricultural Press.

Muggleton, David (2012) Just another Saturday night: Sussex 1960 - eine folkmusikszene? In: UNSPECIFIED Locker Verlag.


Newlands, F.; Shrewsbury, Duncan and Robson, J. (2015) Foundation Doctors and Dyslexia: a Qualitative Study of Their Experiences and Coping Strategies.

Nuhu, Lemun Yatu and Esidene, E.C. (2013) Minority Question in the Nigerian Governmental Process.


Pearson, Richard (2006) Domesticating the Goddess: Popular Issues of Class and Gender in J.R. Planche's Classical Extravaganzas. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Pike, Elizabeth (2015) Assessing the Sociology of Sport: On the Trajectory, Challenges, and Future of the Field.

Pike, Elizabeth and Coakley, Jay J. (2009) The social significance of sports.

Pike, Elizabeth and Scott, Andrea (2014) Safeguarding, injuries and athlete choice. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Postlethwaite, Verity (2014) Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and the Controversy of the Russian Propaganda Laws: is the IOC Buckling Under the Pressure of its own Incoherence in Thought?

Postlethwaite, Verity and Griz, J. (2016) Beyond the Acronyms: Sport Diplomacy and the Classification of the International Olympic Committee.

Price, L. and Evans, Nick (2006) From ‘As Good as Gold’ to ‘Gold Diggers’: Farming Women and the Survival of British Family Farming.

Price, L. and Evans, Nick (2005) Work and Worry: Revealing Farm Women's Way of Life. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.


Rooney, Joy; Unwin, Peter and Osborne, Nina Dawn (2016) Gaining by Giving? Peer Research into Service User and Carer Perceptions of Inclusivity in Higher Education.

Ross, Catharine (2013) New Unions in the UK: the Vanguard or the Rearguard of the Union Movement?


Shrewsbury, Duncan (2014) Disability and Participation in the Professions: Examples from Higher and Medical Education.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Guo, Tieyuan; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Ye and Fabrigar, Leandre (2010) Cultural differences in the representativeness heuristic: Expecting a correspondence in magnitude between cause and effect.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Ross, Michael; Li, Ye and Zhang, Zhiyong (2010) Why best cannot last: Cultural differences in predicting regression toward the mean.

Stepney, Melissa (2013) British Women's Experiences of Drinking Alcohol: Dynamics of Emotional Proximity and Distance.

Stepney, Melissa (2013) Multicultural Girlhood Racism, Sexuality, and the Conflicted Spaces of American Education, Mary E. Thomas. Temple University Press (2011). vii, 204 pp., $24.95, Paper, ISBN 1-43990-732-3 (Book Review).

Stepney, Melissa (2010) ‘Vrouwen, alcohol en ambiguïteit’[translated from Dutch to English] as 'Women, alcohol and ambivalence'.

Storey, David (2013) ‘New’ Migrants in the British Countryside.


Tischner, Irmgard and Malson, H. (2008) Exploring the Politics of Women’s In/Visible‘Large’ Bodies.

Tyndall, Ian T.; Roche, Bryan and James, Jack E. (2009) The interfering effect of emotional stimulus functions on stimulus equivalence class formation: Implications for the understanding and treatment of anxiety.


Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2012) Book Live! Symposium. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2013) The book is alive! Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom.

Warwick, Robert (2014) Gaining leadership insights from literature – an exploration of paradoxical processes and how we might make sense of them. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Warwick, Robert (2011) Guest Editorial - Innovation.

Warwick, Robert (2011) Reflexivity – an innovative leadership research methodology and an ongoing means to develop personal effectiveness. UNSPECIFIED. University of Bedfordshire.

Warwick, Robert (2010) The experience of policymaking in healthcare: the interaction of policy formulation and frontline staff practice. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Warwick, Robert (2012) The intertwining of private conversation and public presentation.

Warwick, Robert and Board, Douglas (2012) Reflexivity as methodology: an approach to the necessarily political work of senior groups.

Warwick, Robert and Board, Douglas (2014) Webinar: Dr Watson I presume – thinking of doing a DBA, research or further education after your MBA? [Audio]

Warwick, Robert and Board, Douglas (2013) The social development of leadership and knowledge - a reflexive inquiry into research and practice. Palgrave Macmillan.

Warwick, Robert and Burden, Pete (2013) Editorial: Exploring conscious business practice - sensing as we act, reacting to what we sense.

Warwick, Robert and Cunnane, Dympna (2013) Francis report: what went wrong with NHS leadership?

Warwick, Robert and Donaldson, Alison (2016) Trust and the emotional bank account. UNSPECIFIED. Wolters Kluwer.

Warwick, Robert and Donaldson, Alison (2016) The emergence of trusting relationships: stories and reflections. UNSPECIFIED. Roffey Park Institute.

Warwick, Robert and MacKenzie, Bob (2016) Kaleidoscopic views of trust.

Warwick, Robert; McCray, Janet and Palmer, Adam (2016) Building sustainable yet unsettling inter-disciplinary research practices: paying attention to ourselves as researchers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Welbourn, David; Warwick, Robert; Carnall, Colin and Fathers, Dean (2012) Leadership for whole systems. UNSPECIFIED. King's Fund.

West, K. and Davis, Paul (2011) What is the Public Value of Government Action? Towards a (New) Pragmatic Approach to Values Questions in Public Endeavours.

Whigham, Stuart (2013) 'Anyone But England‘, Glasgow 2014 and the Independence Referendum: Exploring the Role of Narratives in the Sociological Study of Scottish Sport. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Whigham, Stuart (2014) 'Anyone but England'? Exploring Anti-English Sentiment as Part of Scottish National Identity in Sport.

Whigham, Stuart (2014) The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games and Scottish Independence: “Political Truce” or Political Truth(s)? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Whigham, Stuart (2015) Internal Migration, Sport and the Scottish Diaspora in England.

Whigham, Stuart (2014) Political Discourse Analysis, Sport and Scottish Independence: Provisional Reflections upon Fairclough and Fairclough's (2012) Analytical Framework. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Whigham, Stuart (2015) ‘Sport for Yes’? The Precarious Positioning of Scottish Athletes in the Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Whigham, Stuart (2015) The Working Group on Scottish Sport and the Scottish Independence Referendum: an Unrealised Political 'Imaginary'? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wilson, Ross (2014) Framing the Great War in Britain: Modern Mediated Memories. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Wilson, Ross (2014) It still goes on: football and the heritage of the Great War in Britain.

Wilson, Ross (2014) It still goes on: trauma and the memory of the First World War. In: UNSPECIFIED De Gruyter.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Memory and trauma: narrating the Western Front 1914-1918.

Wilson, Ross (2008) Remembering to forget? The BBC abolition season and the media memory of the transatlantic slave trade.

Wilson, Ross (2008) Representing the Diaspora: Performances of 'Origin' and 'Becoming' in Museums.

Wilson, Ross (2010) Rethinking 1807: governmentality and the bicentenary.

Wilson, Ross (2014) Sad shires and no man’s land: First World War frames of reference in the British media representation of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Wilson, Ross (2015) Still fighting in the trenches: ‘war discourse’ and the memory of the First World War in Britain.


Xu, Qiong (2014) Being ‘Cared For’ and Growing Up in Shanghai: A Study of Adolescent Girls in Chinese Context. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Xu, Qiong (2014) A Whole New World, a ‘Free’ World for Chinese Teenagers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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