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Beadle, Hazel (2016) Learning to deal with it: one case study workforce's perception of the risk of cyber bullying.

Bouette, Martin (2006) The Creative Enterprise Initiative: developing an infrastructure for creative entrepreneurship.

Bouette, Martin (2011) East meets West or West meets East: a cultural dilemma.


Charter, Martin (2008) Perspectives on radical changes to sustainable consumption and production. Greeenleaf Publishing.

Charter, Martin; Gray, Casper; Clark, Tom and Woolman, Tim (2008) Review: the role of business in realising sustainable consumption and production. In: UNSPECIFIED Greeenleaf Publishing.

Charter, Martin; Miedzinski, Michal; Doranova, Asel; Castel, Johanna and Roman, Laura (2013) Eco-innovate: a guide to eco-innovation for SMEs and business coaches. UNSPECIFIED. Eco Innovation Observatory.

Cox, Howard (2000) The Global Cigarette: Origins and Evolution of British American Tobacco, 1880-1945. Oxford University Press.


Ely, Philip and Campbell, Frances (2011) Higher education stimulating creative enterprise. UNSPECIFIED. UCA.


Gbadamosi, Gbolahan (2003) HRM and the Commitment Rhetoric: Challenges for Africa.

Gbadamosi, Gbolahan and Iyanda, O. (2007) IAABD Five Years After: Looking Back To the Future.

Gbadamosi, Gbolahan and Osuagwu, L. (2007) False Performance as Unethical Behaviour: Re-examining the Organisational Charlatan Scale. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Hammond, Lynne J. (2006) An investigation of micro-business management practices and their links to competitiveness in emerging fashion businesses. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Henson, Richard and Sutcliffe, D. (2013) A Model for Proactively Insuring SMEs in the Supply Chain Against Cyber Risk.


Kelley, Victoria (2007) The all-conquering advertiser?: magazines, advertising and consumer, 1880-1914. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester University Press.

Kelley, Victoria (1998) The equitable consumer: shopping at the Co-op in Manchester.

Kuzma, Joanne (2010) Case Study in Email Reponses of European Travel Agencies. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin and Woolman, Tim (2010) Energy use in houses and buildings and sustainable consumption. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin; Woolman, Tim and Tukker, Arnold (2010) Conclusions: steps towards more sustainable energy use in housing. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin; Woolman, Tim and Tukker, Arnold (2010) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Leseure, Michel (2010) Exploitation versus Exploration in Island Economies: A Brand Diagnostic Perspective.

Leseure, Michel (2014) Island Branding, Identity, and Economic Self-Discovery: A Simulation Model.

Leseure, Michel (2010) Organisational design alternatives within international operations networks: a transaction cost perspective.

Leseure, Michel (2016) Strategic trade-offs and sustainable supply chains.

Leseure, Michel (2015) Trust in Manufacturing Engineering Project Systems An Evolutionary Perspective.

Leseure, Michel and Atif, Hassan (2010) Transferring academic decision models to practitioners: a structured process.

Leseure, Michel; Cooper, David and Robins, Dawn (2014) Supply chain, sustainability, and industrial policy - the case of the UK offshore wind energy supply chain.

Leseure, Michel and Driouchi, Tarik (2010) Exploitation versus Exploration in Multinational Firms: Implications for the Future of International Business.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Celestial Cinema; or, From Celluloid to Silicon: eCinema, Cyberentertainment and the Napsterization of Hollywood.

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Digital Distribution and the Music Industry [DDMI Europe 2000].

Little, Jonathan D. (2001) Exoticism Globalised in a New Century: The Forgotten Roots of World Music.

Little, Jonathan D. (2002) The Sound of Money.

Little, Jonathan D. and Gould, John (2001) Music Business Journal [2001-2006]. Ligo Publishing Ltd..

Loon, Mark and Bell, Robin (2016) The Moderating Effects of Emotions on Cognitive Skills.

Lähteenoja, Satu; Kuhndt, Michael; Charter, Martin and Csobod, Eva (2010) Network of change: civil society partnerships for sustainable consumption and production. UNSPECIFIED. United Nations Environmental Programme.


Ma, Jenny Wei-Chen and Gad Mohsen, Marwa (2016) Choosing the Right Promotional Tool in the Hotel Industry: The Case of the Chinese Consumer. In: UNSPECIFIED.

McKenzie, Kay (2001) Micro-business development in the creative industries sector. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Muggleton, David (2016) Brighton Pubs. Amberely Publishers.


Nicholls, Richard (2016) Capacity Management in Healthcare Services.

Nicholls, Richard (2010) The Challenge of Globalisation for Managing Service Encounters. In: UNSPECIFIED University of Podlasie.

Nicholls, Richard (2011) Customer-to-Customer Interaction (CCI): a Cross-cultural Perspective.

Nicholls, Richard (2016) Demand Forecasting and Capacity Management.

Nicholls, Richard (2016) Exploring the Meaning of ‘Communitas’ in Tourism and Leisure. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nicholls, Richard (2014) Managing Patient-to-patient Interaction: the Waiting Room Experience.

Nicholls, Richard (2016) More Than a Wallet: Serving the Older Consumer.

Nicholls, Richard (2010) New Directions for Customer-to-Customer Interaction Research.

Nicholls, Richard (2008) Perceived Risk in Service Consumption – a C2C Perspective. In: UNSPECIFIED University of Podlasie.

Nicholls, Richard (2016) Responding to Fluctuating Demand for Healthcare Services.

Nicholls, Richard and Gad Mohsen, Marwa (2015) Other Customer Age: Exploring Customer Age-difference Related CCI.


Oestreicher, Klaus; Walton, Nigel and Newnham, M. (2014) Produkteinführung im Umfeld des Niedergangs: Die Blu-ray Disk. In: UNSPECIFIED Symposion Verlag.



Student, A. (2015) Development of marketing recommendations for Westgate Leisure Chichester, in order to increase University of Chichester student memberships. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) The Effect of Fashion Blogs and their Influence on Females’ Consumer Buyer Behaviour. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Employer’s expectations of graduates in Tourism Management: Implications for curriculum design at the University of Chichester. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Enhancing the virtual visitor experience. The Role and Importance of Visit Chichester’s visitor website. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Establish brand value to develop a marketing strategy that will enhance customer experience at Aiimi Ltd, London, for 2015-2016. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Supermarket Loyalty Schemes Contributing to Brand Loyalty in Bognor Regis: A Study of Sainsbury's Nectar Card. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) A Feasibility Assessment of a ‘Volunteer’ Package that Could be Offered As An Optional Alternative Remuneration to Pay for Casual Event Staff at the Revival and Festival of Speed. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Investigating Marketing Challenges at Small-to-Medium Enterprises and how Social Media can Encourage Brand Engagement: A Study of Tyre Stocks Ltd. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Investigation into whether Associated Security Group can utilise social media as a marketing tool. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Modelling an online retail start-up: devising a marketing strategy for UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Research into the effectiveness and impact of the use of employee engagement approaches in the front of house departments of Premier Inn on the overall engagement of its workforce in the company in 2015, in order to develop new schemes to get employees more engaged at work. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Review and Revision of Jaegers Employee Bonus Scheme to Support Sales Growth in Upcoming Seasons. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) The effects of designing and delivering a low cost marketing communications strategy through improved brand awareness at Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester, 2015. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) To analyse, design and develop a document repository to help improve efficiency within the test team at Capgemini Worthing. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) To assess the marketing activities of the American Football Team at the University of Chichester in terms of raising awareness and participation among students. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) Understanding local businesses’ perceptions of using local foods in West Sussex. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2016) An analysis of the costs of several prestigious training courses for the Maritime Warfare School for the 15/16 Financial Year. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) An analysis, development and creation of a multichannel online booking system for Surrey County Golf Ltd. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) The effects of UK corporation tax avoidance on brand loyalty: an investigation of Generation Y and Starbucks UK post 2012. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) An investigation into Dutton Gregory’s 4 key components, for their customer relationship management (CRM) system. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) An investigation into improving efficiency of the monthly UNIFIDO reports through analysing solutions to project client data automatically and implementing this for Ad Astra UK. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Student, A. (2015) An investigation into the use of Social Media as a marketing tool for SMEs’ in Chichester to aid Parsons Green Media’s outsourcing service. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Walton, Nigel (2014) Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Labour Markets.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Banks Face Rising Global `Crowdfunding` Competition.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Bitcoin Could Disrupt Traditional Banking Globally.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Chat Apps Will Disrupt Global Telecoms Sector.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Chinese Internet Giants Disrupt Traditional Markets.

Walton, Nigel (2013) `Cloud` Will be Growth Driver in Developing Economies.

Walton, Nigel (2013) Computing is Becoming a Global `Utility Business`.

Walton, Nigel (2014) European Telecoms Will Not Become a Single Market.

Walton, Nigel (2014) `Financial Tech` Will Disrupt Business Models Globally.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Global Auto Sector Entering Innovation Renaissance.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Global Spread of Digital Healthcare Will Be Gradual.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Internet Gives Small Companies A New Global Leg Up.

Walton, Nigel (2013) `M-Commerce` Will Transform Global Retail Industry.

Walton, Nigel (2013) Mobile Phones will Disrupt Global Banking Industry.

Walton, Nigel (2014) New Conglomerates and the Ecosystem Advantage.

Walton, Nigel (2013) The New Conglomerates and the Ecosystem Advantage. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Walton, Nigel (2013) New Media Will Disrupt Global Advertising Industry.

Walton, Nigel (2014) New Robotics Tech Will Transform Industries Globally.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Novel `Crowdsourcing` Methods Will Have Global Impact.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Obama Security Reforms will not Help US Tech Firms.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Productivity in China Could Surge With IT Revolution.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Taxi Apps Could Transform Global Transport Models.

Walton, Nigel (2014) Technology Undermines Cable Television Globally.

Walton, Nigel (2016) Technology is Set to Change Real Estate Forever.

Walton, Nigel (2014) US Tech Firms May Disrupt Asset Management Industry.

Walton, Nigel and Buxton, Michael (2014) The Internet as a Small Business E-Commerce Ecosystem. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer International Publishing.

Warwick, Robert (2016) Doubt, uncertainty and vulnerability in leadership: using fiction to enable reflection and voice.

Warwick, Robert (2016) Routine innovation: complex processes from policy development to implementation.

Warwick, Robert and Donaldson, Alison (2016) Trust and the emotional bank account. UNSPECIFIED. Wolters Kluwer.

Warwick, Robert and Donaldson, Alison (2016) The emergence of trusting relationships: stories and reflections. UNSPECIFIED. Roffey Park Institute.

Warwick, Robert and MacKenzie, Bob (2016) Kaleidoscopic views of trust.

Warwick, Robert; McCray, Janet and Palmer, Adam (2016) Building sustainable yet unsettling inter-disciplinary research practices: paying attention to ourselves as researchers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Watts, Helen (2015) Are we Doing Enough to Develop Career Competency?

Watts, Helen (2016) It’s Cheaper than Acquiring New Ones: Retaining Members to Your Service.

Williamson, Judith (1981) Decoding advertisements: ideology and meaning in advertising. Marion Boyers.

Williamson, Judith (1978) Decoding advertisements: ideology and meaning in advertising. Marion Boyers.

Wilson, Susan A. (2005) Product development in the leisure software industry: a design methodology for the development of inclusive interactive digital media. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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