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Antick, Paul; Skinner, Jonathan and Wilford, Andrew (2016) Terror and the Tour: Introduction.


Bigger, Stephen (2009) Ethno-Spirituality: A Postcolonial Problematic?

Buckler, Scott (2016) The Development of an Inclusive Taxonomy for Classifying Global Fighting Traditions.

Buckler, Scott (2016) Wing Chun Kuen: A Revised Historical Perspective (Part 1).

Buckler, Scott (2017) Wing Chun Kuen: A Revised Historical Perspective (Part 2: Red Junks, Pirates and Secret Societies).

Buckler, Scott; Castle, Paul and Peters, D.M. (2009) Defining the Martial Arts: A Proposed Inclusive Classification System.


Dixon, Alan and Carrie, Rachael (2015) Creating Local Institutional Arrangements for Sustainable Wetland Socio-ecological Systems: Lessons from the ‘Striking a Balance’ Project in Malawi.


Evans, S.L.; Maclean, K.; MacLeavy, J.; Stepney, Melissa; Strauss, K.; Tarrant, A.; Wallace, I. and Brickell, K. (2013) Naming the Next Generation: Early Career Perspectives on the Future of the Women and Geography Study Group.


Koven, Mikel (2001) ‘"Buzz Off!": The Killer Bee Movie as Modern Belief Narrative.’.


Loney, Helen L (2000) The Development of Ceramic Production at Casale Nuovo (Lazio): Identifying the Rise of Complex Society in the Archaeological Record. In: UNSPECIFIED Accordia Research Institute.

Loney, Helen L (2001) Pots and Evolution: Response to Neff and Schiffer et al.

Loney, Helen L (2007) Prehistoric Italian Pottery Production: Motor Memory, Motor Development and Technological Transfer.

Loney, Helen L (2000) Society and Technological Control: An Argument Against Progress in the Study of Ancient Ceramic Technology.


Smith, Laurajane; Cubitt, Geoff and Wilson, Ross (2011) Introduction: anxiety and ambiguity in the representation of dissonant history. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Stepney, Melissa (2013) British Women's Experiences of Drinking Alcohol: Dynamics of Emotional Proximity and Distance.

Stepney, Melissa (2010) ‘Vrouwen, alcohol en ambiguïteit’[translated from Dutch to English] as 'Women, alcohol and ambivalence'.


Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2012) Book Live! Symposium. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2013) The book is alive! Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom.

Warwick, Robert (2011) Reflexivity – an innovative leadership research methodology and an ongoing means to develop personal effectiveness. UNSPECIFIED. University of Bedfordshire.

Waterton, Emma; Smith, Laurajane; Wilson, Ross and Fouseki, Kalliopi (2010) Forgetting to heal: remembering the abolition act of 1807.

Wilson, Ross 2016b ‘Witnessing and affect: making new spaces to remember the Great War in Britain’, in D. Drozdzewski, S. De Nardi and Emma Waterton (eds.) Memory, Place and Identity: commemoration and remembrance of war and conflict, London: Routledge, pp.221-235. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Archaeology Quiet on the Western Front. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Scholars.

Wilson, Ross (2007) Archaeology on the Western Front: the archaeology of popular myths.

Wilson, Ross (2011) The Curatorial Complex: marking the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Wilson, Ross (2009) History, memory and heritage.

Wilson, Ross (2014) It still goes on: football and the heritage of the Great War in Britain.

Wilson, Ross (2014) It still goes on: trauma and the memory of the First World War. In: UNSPECIFIED De Gruyter.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Memory and trauma: narrating the Western Front 1914-1918.

Wilson, Ross (2015) Playful heritage: excavating Ancient Greece in New York City.

Wilson, Ross (2010) The Popular Memory of the Western Front: Archaeology and European Heritage. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Wilson, Ross (2011) Remembering and forgetting sites of terrorism in New York, 1900-2001.

Wilson, Ross (2008) Representing the Diaspora: Performances of 'Origin' and 'Becoming' in Museums.

Wilson, Ross (2010) Rethinking 1807: governmentality and the bicentenary.

Wilson, Ross (2015) Still fighting in the trenches: ‘war discourse’ and the memory of the First World War in Britain.

Wilson, Ross (2015) Surveying New Sites: Landscapes and Archaeologies of the Internet.

Wilson, Ross (2011) 'Tommifying' the Western Front, 1914-1918.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Writing the bicentenary – reconciling in the museum through the written word. In: UNSPECIFIED Historical Museum of Serbia.

Wilson, Ross (2008) The mystical character of commodities: the consumer society in eighteenth century England.

Wright, Duncan W. (2015) Early medieval settlement and social power: the middle Anglo-Saxon ‘home farm’.

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