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Darwell, John (2005) A Black Dog Came Calling and Other Melancholy Objects. [Show/Exhibition]

Darwell, John (2006) Il volto della follia. Cent'anni di immagini del dolore. Catalogo della mostra (Reggio Emilia-Correggio, 12 novembre 2005-22 gennaio 2006). In: UNSPECIFIED Skira.

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Jonker, Leon and Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing a research grant proposal.


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Marshall, Gill (2008) Sharps injuries among radiographers: dangers associated with opening bottles of contrast agent. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing up for publication.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing... a literature review.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing... an abstract.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing... an introduction.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing... the method.

Marshall, Gill (2010) Writing... the results.

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