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Beadle, Hazel (2016) Delivering the future workforce: a highlighting of the need to focus on the relationship between school teachers and technology.

Beadle, Hazel (2017) A procession of change: argument for the use of the processual approach in examining school based organisational change.

Beyaztas, Dilek Ilhan and Hymer, Barry (2016) An analysis of Turkish students perception of intelligence from primary school to university.

Boorman, David (2015) Should primary school children be ‘calculator aware’ or ‘calculator beware’?

Boyd, Pete (2008) Editorial: Practitioner Research in Higher Education, 2 (1).

Boyd, Pete (2014) Learning conversations: teacher researchers evaluating dialogic strategies in early years settings.

Boyd, Pete and Bloxham, Susan (2007) Editorial: Practitioner Research in Higher Education, 1 (1).

Carpenter, Chris (2016) 'Evidence based teaching' (EBT) in the Carter Review on Initial Teacher Education (2015): rhetorical device or something more?

Christie, Colin (2016) Speaking spontaneously in the modern foreign languages classroom: tools for supporting successful target language conversation.

Clarke, David A.G. and Mcphie, Jamie (2015) From places to paths: learning for sustainability, teacher education and a philosophy of becoming.

Clarke, Emma and Visser, John (2017) How do teaching assistants view their role in managing behaviour and cultivate their learning and understanding in relation to managing behaviour?

Copping, Adrian (2016) Exploring connections between creative thinking and higher attaining writing.

Crichton, Hazel and Valdera Gil, Francisco (2015) Professional partnership between universities and schools: the use of a diagnostic tool to support development of student teachers' professional skills.

Dean, M. and Levis, Annie (2015) Does the use of a university lecturer as a visiting tutor support learning and assessment during physiotherapy students’ clinical placements? A survey of higher education institution providers.

Demissie, Fufy (2016) Student teachers' perceptions of seminar learning contexts in ITE.

Douglas, Alaster Scott (2015) A new research agenda for teacher education: the value of a partnership approach to classroom-based research.

Duncalf, Debbie; Lloyd, Di; Pratt, Andrea and Horsfall, Peter (2017) Teacher perspectives of cultivating learning through practitioner enquiry to transform practice.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2002) I’m not being racist but ... anti-racism and critical multiculturalism.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2011) ‘We are like dictionaries, Miss, you can look things up in us’: evaluating child-centred research methods.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally; Lander, Vini; Revell, Lynn; Warner, Diane and Whitworth, Linda (2016) To promote, or not to promote fundamental British values? Teachers' Standards, diversity and teacher education.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally and Mills, Kären (2015) Measuring challenge, fun and sterility on a ‘phunometre’ scale: evaluating creative teaching and learning with children and their student teachers in the primary school.

French, Amanda and Hobbs, Dinah (2017) ‘So how well did it really go’? Working with primary school pupils as project evaluators: a case study.

Gaciu, Nicoleta; Dalzell, Luke; Davis, Jonathan; Diamond, Allyson and Howard, Sian (2017) Trainee teachers’ reflections on approaches to enhance their subject knowledge in physics and mathematics.

Hamilton, Tom (2016) Teachers as enquiring professionals and career-long professional learning in Scotland.

Hewitt, Sarah; Buxton, Sarah and Thomas, Ani (2017) A new way of learning: how can an understanding of self-efficacy and emotional resilience be used to develop successful teaching and learning strategies for students in Initial Teacher Education.

Hunt, Tim and Jordan, Sally (2016) I wish I could believe you: the frustrating unreliability of some assessment research.

Huxtable, Marie (2016) Integrating personal, political, and professional educational practice that gives meaning and purpose to my life and work.

Jackson, Alison (2016) Editorial: Teacher Education Advancement Network Journal, 8 (1).

Jackson, Alison (2017) Editorial: Teacher Education Advancement Network Journal, 9 (1).

Jackson, Elizabeth (2008) Mathematics anxiety in student teachers.

James, Carolyne (2016) Early intervention: the impact on future student participation and engagement in classroom environments.

Khalid, Louise (2016) How do beginning teachers develop their knowledge of early-years pedagogy?

King-Hill, Sophie (2016) A critical discussion upon the relationship between the Psychoanalytical perspective of developmental psychology and its adaptation to educating teenage mothers.

Knight, Ben (2017) The evolving codification of teachers’ work: policy, politics and the consequences of pursuing quality control in Initial Teacher Education.

Lockney, Karen and Proudfoot, Kevin (2013) Writing the Unseen Poem: can the writing of poetry help to support pupils' engagement in the reading of poetry?

Lynch, Jonathan and Mannion, Greg (2016) Enacting a place-responsive research methodology: walking interviews with educators.

Magas, Mark (2009) What challenges and issues does language present for science learning in multicultural settings?

Mercier, Carrie (2015) Book review: Textbook Gods: genre, text and teaching religious studies.

Miller, Paul K. and Cronin, Colum (2013) Rethinking the factuality of “contextual” factors in an ethnomethodological mode: Towards a reflexive understanding of action-context dynamism in the theorisation of coaching.

Miller, Paul K.; Relph, Nicola; Grimwood, Tom and Crooks, Elaine (2015) Evaluating the upskilling impacts of management and leadership training initiatives in the healthcare domain: Quantitative findings from a regional NHS programme.

Minott, Mark A. (2015) Reflective teaching and disruptive behaviour in regular high school classrooms in London, Engand.

Misra, Sarah and Webster, Maggie (2015) Can trainees' perceptions of the delivery of the foundation subjects and R.E. in primary teacher education be enhanced by using a Three-Lens model of delivery?

Morrison, Jade (2016) University satisfaction, peer communication, and appearance appraisal as predictors of global self-esteem in university students.

Pollard, Hugh M. (1964) Review of Homer Lane: a biography.

Poultney, Val (2016) 'The self-improving primary school': understanding and approaching teacher inquiry: a pilot study.

Pugh, Eamonn (2008) Recognising emotional intelligence in professional standards for teaching.

Rutter, Tim; Edwards, Ruth and Dean, Phil (2016) Who's that talking in my class?: What does research say about pupil to pupil exploratory talk that leads to learning?

Ryan-Atkin, Helen (2015) The use of an on-line discussion forum to support collaborative studying practices and argumentation amongst trainee teachers.

Smith, Caroline and Boyd, Pete (2012) Becoming an Academic: The reconstruction of identity by recently appointed lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions.

Smith, Helen (2008) Assessing student contributions to online discussion boards.

Sugarman, Leonie and Markham, Selby (1980) Educational choice and differential values in two samples of British students.

Thanaraj, Ann and Williams, Steve (2016) Supporting the adoption of technology enhanced learning by academics at universities.

Thomas, Lorraine (2017) The masters in teaching and learning: lessons to be learnt and key stakeholder perceptions.

Turner, Sarah and Braine, Margaret (2016) Embedding wellbeing knowledge and practice into teacher education: building emotional resilience.

Tynan, Rick and Mallaburn, Andrea (2017) Consistency counts – or does it?

Walker, Gary (2015) Institutional habitus and educational outcomes of Looked After Children: lessons for teachers.

White, Elizabeth; Dickerson, Claire and Weston, Kathryn (2015) Developing an appreciation of what it means to be a school-based teacher educator.

Whitehead, Jack (2016) Book review: de Sousa Santos, B. (2014) Epistemologies of the South: justice against Epistemicide. London; Paradigm Publishers.

Whitehead, Jack and Huxtable, Marie (2016) Creating a profession of educators with the living-theories of master and doctor educators.

Wilson, Ian (2016) Positive PowerPoint: developing good practice through practitioner research.

Woodbury, Jayne (2017) Stakeholder views of teacher training routes.

Wright, Victoria (2016) Giving lesson observation feedback.

Wright, Victoria; Loughlin, Theresa and Hall, Val (2017) Lesson observation and feedback in relation to the developing identity of student teachers.

Book Section

Asquith, Simon (2002) Assessing the Standards. In: UNSPECIFIED Learning Matters.

Boyd, Pete (2014) 'Learning teaching' in school. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications Ltd.

Boyd, Pete (2016) Realistic clinical practice: proposing an inquiry-based pedagogy for teacher education. In: UNSPECIFIED Wydawnictwo Attyka.

Boyd, Pete (2014) Using 'modelling' to improve the coherence of initial teacher education. In: UNSPECIFIED Wydawnictwo Libron.

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Boyd, Pete and Szplit, Agnieszka (2016) Prologue. In: UNSPECIFIED Wydawnictwo Attyka.

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Hymer, Barry (2009) Beyond compare? Thoughts towards an inclusional, fluid, and non-normative understanding of giftedness. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Ledwith, Margaret (2016) Emancipatory action research as a critical living praxis: from dominant narratives to counternarratives. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan US.

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O’Riordan, Zoe (2012) Living in the ‘real world’: the experiences and support of school-leavers with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

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Whitehead, Jack (2016) Practice and theory in action research: living-theories as frameworks for action. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan US.

Conference or Workshop Item

Boyd, Pete (2016) Assessment of, for and as, learning: an international perspective. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2004) Raising the achievement of pupils from diverse backgrounds. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jackson, Elizabeth (2009) Justifying a phenomenographic approach to investigating primary student teachers’ perceptions of mathematics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Loynes, Christopher (2015) Residential outdoor learning in schools: ‘next’ practices. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Poole, Robert (2003) James Butterworth and the Autodidact Tradition. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Pugh, Eamonn (2009) Discourses on teaching with emotional intelligence: Can they transform performance by student teachers and their school placement mentors? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Pugh, Eamonn and Tyson, Edward (2008) Developing their emotional intelligence improves the classroom performance of student teachers. How can they be supported in this? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Warner, Diane (2009) Enquiring into student teachers’ attitudes towards cultural diversity. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Boyd, Pete and Szplit, Agnieszka, eds. (2016) Student teachers learning through inquiry: international perspectives. Wydawnictwo Attyka.

Boyd, Pete; Szplit, Agnieszka and Zbrog, Zuzanna, eds. (2014) Teacher educators and teachers as learners: international perspectives. Wydawnictwo Libron.

Armstrong, David; Elliott, Julian; Hallett, Fiona and Hallett, Graham (2015) Understanding child and adolescent behaviour in the classroom: research and practice for teachers. Cambridge University Press.

Boyd, Pete; Hymer, Barry and Lockney, Karen (2015) Learning teaching: becoming an inspirational teacher. Critical Publishing.

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Lenton, Teresa Ellen (2016) The influence of representations on English students’ perceptions of the place of Antarctica. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Kelsey, Jan and Taylor, Paul (2005) A Sense of Place. [Artefact]


Barry, Timothy and Abt, Grant (2007) A Strategy for Using Podcasts for Teaching and Learning in the Biosciences. [Report]

Boyd, Pete; Harris, Kim and Murray, Jean (2011) Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for induction (2nd Ed.). [Report]

Boyd, Pete; Smith, Caroline; Lee, Susan and MacDonald, Iain (2009) Becoming a Health Profession Educator in Higher Education: The experiences of recently-appointed lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions. [Report]

Doughty, Stephen and Loynes, Christopher (1993) The training of development trainers: proposed standards. [Report]

Jackson, Alison and Ashworth, Mary (2013) Embedding a University teacher education programme in a school; an evaluation of a school and university partnership. [Report]

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