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Gibson, Susanne (2012) Abortion. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier.

Gibson, Susanne (2012) Acts and omissions. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier.


Hannah, Alan and Hunt, Geoffrey (2006) Nanotechnologies and civil liability. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.

Hewitt, Alice (2015) Should the rights of the donor-conceived-offspring be the ruling bioethical principle of the disclosure of information regarding gamete donation in the UK? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hunt, Geoffrey (2006) Nanotechnologies and society in Europe. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.

Hunt, Geoffrey (2006) Nanotechnoscience and complex systems: the case for nanology. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.

Hunt, Geoffrey (2006) The global ethics of nanotechnology. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.

Hunt, Geoffrey; Gannon, Craig and Gallagher, Ann (2012) Elements of an engaged clinical ethics: a qualitative analysis of hospice clinical ethics committee discussions.

Hunt, Geoffrey; Lynch, Iseult; Cassee, Fleming; Handy, Richard D.; Fernandes, Teresa F.; Berges, Markus; Kuhlbusch, Thomas A.J.; Dusinka, Maria and Riediker, Michael (2013) Towards a Consensus View on Understanding Nanomaterials Hazards and Managing Exposure: Knowledge Gaps and Recommendations.

Hunt, Geoffrey and Mehta, Michael D (2006) Introduction: the challenge of nanotechnologies. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.


Jones, David Albert (2015) The other woman: Evaluating the language of ‘three parent’ embryos.

Jones, David Albert (2016) An unholy mess: why ‘the sanctity of life principle’ should be jettisoned.

Jones, David Albert and Stammers, Trevor (2009) Why Emergency Contraception Remains Controversial.


Masami, Matsuda; Hunt, Geoffrey and Masayuki, Obayashi (2006) Nanotechnologies and society in Japan. In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.

Matthews, Pia (2017) End-of-life Care: what is important for me and for us. A review of recent UK strategy and policy documents and their implications for chaplains.

Mehta, Michael D and Hunt, Geoffrey (2006) What makes nanotechologies special? In: UNSPECIFIED Earthscan.


Sprodowski, Nadine (2016) Assisted suicide – an alternative for Germany? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Stammers, Trevor (0029) Book Review: The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion and Childbirth: Exploring Moral Choices in Childbearing. By HELEN WATT. Pp. 157. Abingdon: Routledge. 2016. £85.00 (hb). ISBN: 978-1138188082.

Stammers, Trevor (2009) Book review: Ethics in professional life: virtues for health and social care.

Stammers, Trevor (2011) Book review: Mann S 2010: Bioethics in perspective; corporate power, public health and political economy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 287 pp. GBP17.99 (PB). ISBN: 978 0 521 75656 3.

Stammers, Trevor (2010) Book review: The Body in Bioethics, Alastair Campbell. Routledge Cavendish, 2009. 150 pages. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-84472-056-9. RRP: £25.00.Routledge Cavendish, 2009. 150 pages. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-84472-056-9. RRP: £25.00.

Stammers, Trevor (2012) Brain death.

Stammers, Trevor (2016) Editorial: Challenging ideas.

Stammers, Trevor (2016) The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion and Childbirth: Exploring Moral Choices in Childbearing.

Stammers, Trevor (2016) A Reasonable Objection? Commentary on “Further Clarity on Co-operation and Morality”.

Stammers, Trevor (2016) ‘A last act of grace’? Organ donation and euthanasia in Belgium. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge University Press.

Stammers, Trevor (2001) A question of confidence.


Wilson, Mark and Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis (2010) The Empty Wilderness: Seals and Animal Representation. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Wilson, Mark; Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis; Benediktsson, Karl; Hannula, Mika and Broglio, Ron (2006) (A)fly :(between nature and culture). National Museum of Iceland.

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