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Ahmed, Lubna and de Fockert, Jan (2012) Focusing on Attention: The Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Load on Selective Attention.

Ahmed, Lubna and de Fockert, Jan W (2012) Working memory load can both improve and impair selective attention: Evidence from the Navon paradigm.

Anderson, Jill and Burgess, Hilary (2009) Essential shared capabilities for the whole of the mental health workforce: bringing the educators into the frame.

Anderson, Jill and Penson, William (2011) Occasional Paper No.13: Burning Issues in Learning and Teaching about Mental Health. [Report]


Bates, Elizabeth A. (2016) Current controversies within intimate partner violence: overlooking bidirectional violence.

Bates, Elizabeth A. (2015) Editorial: Journal of Applied Psychology and Social Science, 1 (1).

Bates, Elizabeth A. (2015) Editorial: Journal of Applied Psychology and Social Science, 1 (2).

Bates, Elizabeth A. (2016) Editorial: Journal of Applied Psychology and Social Science, 2 (1).

Bates, Elizabeth A.; Archer, John and Graham-Kevan, Nicola (2016) Do the same risk and protective factors influence aggression towards partners and same-sex others?

Bates, Elizabeth A. and Graham-Kevan, Nicola (2016) Is the presence of control related to help-seeking behavior? A test of Johnson’s assumptions regarding sex-differences and the role of control in intimate partner violence.

Bates, Elizabeth A. and Kaye, Linda K. (2016) The impact of higher fees on psychology students’ reasons for attending university.

Beck, Ashley (2012) Film review: A Dangerous Method (certificate 15) Directed by David Cronenberg. Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, 2011.

Bennett, Victoria (2016) The benefits of 'nature' as a tool in improving mental health and maintaining psychological well-being: an ecological dynamics analysis. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bolam, Lauren T. (2015) Do the different historical and cultural diagnostic criteria of schizophrenia have social and treatment implications?

Bolam, Lauren T. (2016) Intimate partner violence within LGBTQ+ samples: a systematic review.


Caparos, Serge; Ahmed, Lubna; Bremner, Andrew J; de Fockert, Jan W; Linnell, Karina J and Davidoff, Jules (2012) Exposure to an urban environment alters the local bias of a remote culture.

Chapman, Amanda (2015) Using the assessment process to overcome Imposter Syndrome in mature students.

Clough, Peter; Mackenzie, Susan; Mallabon, Elizabeth and Brymer, Eric (2016) Adventurous physical activity environments: a mainstream intervention for mental health.

Convery, Ian; Bailey, Cathy; Mort, Maggie and Baxter, Josephine (2005) Death in the wrong place? Emotional geographies of the UK 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic.

Crawford, Trevor; Litchfield, Damien and Donovan, Tim (2016) 'Target absent' decisions in cancer nodule detection are more efficient than 'target present' decisions.


Daney, Paul (2010) An exploration of anxiety interpretation and perceived control. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Elliott, Dave and Dewhurst, Susan (2016) A cross-sectional examination of the mental and social well-being of older female Scottish country dancers and physically active non-dancers.

Ewin, Robert (2016) The vulnerable and intimidated witness: a study of the special measure practitioner.


Goose, Mitch and Winter, Stacy (2012) The coach's impact on long distance runners' training and competition motivation.

Grunt-Meyer, Katarzyna and Campbell, Christine Around consensual non-monogamies – assessing attitudes toward non-exclusive relationships.


Hast, Michael (2011) Explicit versus tacit knowledge in early science education: The case of primary school children’s understanding of object speed and acceleration. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hast, Michael and Howe, Christine (2010) Explicit versus tacit knowledge in children’s reasoning about object motion. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hemmings, Brian (2011) Sport Psychology and the English Golf Union: A Case Study of a Winter Elite Squad Support Programme.

Hoelterhoff, Mark (2010) Saving ecopsychology from itself: the need for scientific enquiry.

Hoelterhoff, Mark (2015) A theoretical exploration of death anxiety.

Hoelterhoff, Mark and Chang, Kirk (2010) Membership stability and performance - a study of baseball clubs and laboratory groups. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hoelterhoff, Mark and Chung, Man Cheung (2016) Death anxiety resilience; a mixed methods investigation.

Hoelterhoff, Mark and Chung, Man Cheung (2010) Trauma reaction in the light of Kierkegaard's concept of self.

Holder, Tim and Winter, Stacy (2016) Experienced Practitioners Use of Observation in Applied Sport Psychology.


Lawrence, Kate; Campbell, Ruth and Skuse, David (2015) Age, gender, and puberty influence the development of facial emotion recognition.

Lawrence, Kate; Campbell, Ruth and Skuse, David (2016) Can Children See Emotions in Faces?

Litchfield, Damien and Donovan, Tim (2015) Worth a quick look? Initial scene previews can guide eye movements as a function of domain-specific expertise but can also have unforeseen costs.

Litchfield, Damien and Donovan, Tim (2016) The flash-preview moving window paradigm: unpacking visual expertise one glimpse at a time.


McCann, Joseph (2016) Is mental illness socially constructed?

Mcphie, Jamie (2014) Mr. Messy and the Ghost in the Machine: a tale of becoming... a working-class academic (researching environ(mental) health).

Meissner, Maxi; Cantell, Marja H.; Steiner, Ronald and Sanchez, Xavier (2016) Evaluating emotional well-being after a short-term traditional yoga practice approach in yoga practitioners with an existing Western-type yoga practice.

Miller, Paul K. (2015) Brief encounters with qualitative methods in health research: conversation analysis.

Miller, Paul K. (2011) Review: Psychology gets in the game: Sport, mind and behaviour, 1880–1960.

Miller, Paul K. and Benkwitz, Adam (2016) Where the action is: towards a discursive psychology of “authentic” identity in soccer fandom.

Miller, Paul K.; Cronin, Colum and Baker, Graham (2015) Nurture, nature and some very dubious social skills: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of talent identification practices in elite English youth soccer.

Miller, Paul K.; George, Robert and Nicholson, Steven (2015) Confidence-sourcing among amateur soccer players: interpreting time, place and stimulus-relevance.

Miller, Paul K.; Woods, Amanda L.; Sloane, Charles and Booth, Lisa (2016) Obesity, heuristic reasoning and the organisation of communicative embarrassment in diagnostic radiography.

Mistry, Henna (2015) Facebook official: the attitudes towards the role of social media in romantic relationships.

Mistry, Henna (2015) Music while you work: the effects of background music on test performance amongst extroverts and introverts.

Morris, Karen; Cox, Diane and Ward, Katherine (2016) Exploring stories of occupational engagement in a regional secure unit.

Morrison, Jade (2016) University satisfaction, peer communication, and appearance appraisal as predictors of global self-esteem in university students.

Mugabe, Colliss; Brug, Peary and Catling, Jonathan (2016) Cross-Cultural difference in Academic Motivation, Academic Self-Esteem, and Upward Social Mobility within a student cohort.


O'Donovan, Rachel (2015) Professionalism of police officers involved in custody deaths.

Oliver, Stuart (2003) Geography's difficult engagement with the psychological therapies.

O’Riordan, Zoe (2012) Living in the ‘real world’: the experiences and support of school-leavers with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Perfect, Timothy J; Stark, Louisa-Jayne; Tree, Jeremy J; Moulin, Christopher J.A; Ahmed, Lubna and Hutter, Russell (2004) Transfer appropriate forgetting: The cue-dependent nature of retrieval-induced forgetting.

Pierce, Naomi (2015) Ethical malpractice in randomised controlled trials in India: an appraisal and improvement proposal.


Rachel, O'Donovan (2016) ‘To boldly go where no psychologist has gone before”: effects of participation in fandom activities on parasocial relationships.

Roca, André and Williams, A. Mark (2016) Expertise and the Interaction between Different Perceptual-Cognitive Skills: Implications for Testing and Training.

Routledge, Chelsey H. (2015) Ethical standards in clinical psychology: maintaining integrity, record keeping and confidentiality.

Runswick, Oliver R.; Roca, André; Williams, A. Mark and North, Jamie S. (2016) The effects of anxiety and situation-specific context on perceptual-motor skill: A multi-level investigation.


Salim, Jade; Wadey, Ross and Diss, Ceri (2015) Examining Hardiness, Coping and Stress-Related Growth Following Sport Injury.

Salim, Jade; Wadey, Ross and Diss, Ceri (2015) Examining the relationship between hardiness and perceived stress-related growth in a sport injury context.

Sanchez, Xavier and Fritsch, Julian (2016) FEPSAC newsletter (July 2016).

Sanchez, Xavier and Fritsch, Julian (2016) FEPSAC newsletter (March 2016).

Sanchez, Xavier and Fritsch, Julian (2016) FEPSAC newsletter (November 2016).

Sanchez, Xavier and Jones, Gareth (2016) Psychological processes in the sport of climbing. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

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Stott, Kerry (2008) Student life - give me time to heal.

Sugarman, Leonie (1985) Kolb's model of experiential learning: touchstone for students, trainers, counselors and clients.

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Sumner, Petroc and Ahmed, Lubna (2006) Task switching: The effect of task recency with dual- and single-affordance stimuli.


Van Der Zee, Sophie; Anderson, Ross and Poppe, Ronald (2016) When lying feels the right thing to do.

Vater, Christian; Roca, André and Williams, A. Mark (2015) Effects of Anxiety on Anticipation and Visual Search in Dynamic, Time-Constrained Situations.

van der Westhuizen, Leanza (2015) An investigation into perceptions and responses to conflict in intimate relationships.


Walton, Pat (2016) Chronic pain within a family context: an art project informed by lived experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Webster, Laura (2015) The effectiveness of physical activity as an intervention in the treatment of depression: a systematic review.

Wilson, Dave (2016) Responding to risk through behavioural intervention teams.

Wilson, David (2015) Fitness to study: lessons from the United Kingdom. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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