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Abu-Akel, A.; Clarke, J.; Perry, Amy; Wood, S.J.; Forty, L.; Craddock, N.; Jones, I.; Gordon-Smith, Katherine and Jones, Lisa (2016) Autistic and Schizotypal Traits and Global Functioning in Bipolar Disorder. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Al-Khatib, I.A.; Eleyan, D and Garfield, Joy (2016) A System Dynamics Approach for Hospital Waste Management in a City in a Developing Country: The Case of Nablus, Palestine.

Al-Sahaf, H.; Al-Sahaf, A.; Xue, B.; Johnston, Mark and Zhang, M. (2016) Automatically Evolving Rotation-invariant Texture Image Descriptors by Genetic Programming.

Alaca, I.V. and Grobler, Piet (2016) Drawing in Duos: The Journeys and Intersections Collaboration Project Between Istanbul and Worcester.

Ali, Saad and Loon, Mark (2016) Developing and Delivering L&D Solutions for International Markets. In: UNSPECIFIED Kogan Page.

Allen, Richard (2016) The Measure of All Things: Rethinking Humanism through Art (Group Show). [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, Richard (2016) Theatrical Latency: Walking Katrina Palmer’s The Loss Adjusters.

Allen, Richard (2016) The Theatricality of Objects: Object Theatre Beyond the Puppet.

Allen, Stephanie (2016) The Hive: the Joint University of Worcester/Worcester Public Library That’s Open for Business.

Amano, T.; Gerrett, Nicola; Inuoe, Y.; Nishiyasu, T.; Havenith, G. and Kondo, N. (2016) Determination of the Maximum Rate of Eccrine Sweat Glands’ Ion Reabsorption Using the Galvanic Skin Conductance to Local Sweat Rate Relationship.

Andrews, Maggie (2016) 'Does the Fascination with WWI Tommy Giving People a Voice to Talk About Class? Can Understanding Death and Destruction of the Past Help Fight for Social Justice in the Present? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2016) Gendering Remembrance: The Home Front in Contemporary Engagement with the First World War. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2016) New Social and Cultural Histories of the First World War Home Front. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2016) 'Policing the Private Spheres of Motherhood and Domesticity Surveillance and Wartime Evacuation'. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie (2016) Tropes and Trench Cakes: The Home Front in the Media and Community History.

Andrews, Maggie; King, Elspeth; Miller, Rosemarie; Spiers, Lesley and Jones, Laura (2016) It's More than Just Beetroot Brownies and Carrot Marmalade: Food, Social History and Student Engagement. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Maggie and Lomas, J. (2016) Introduction: Home Fronts, Gender War and Conflict.

Andrews, Maggie and Waugh, Jennifer (2016) How the Pershore Plum Won the Great War. The History Press.

Artz, Neil; Dixon, S.; Wylde, V.; Marques, E.; Beswick, A.D.; Lenguerrand, E.; Blom, A.W. and Gooberman-Hill, R. (2016) Comparison of Group-based Outpatient Physiotherapy With Usual Care After Total Knee Replacement: a Feasibility Study For a Randomized Controlled Trial.


Baird, K.; Creedy, D. and Mitchell, Theresa (2016) Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy Intentions: A Qualitative Study.

Barnett, Anthony (2016) A Reflective Encounter With the Fine Sand Area in a Nursery School Setting.

Barnett, Anthony; Archer, Kelly-Anne; Christie-Thompson, Tilly; Gee, Megan and Burton, Molly (2016) Creative Reflection in Action. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Barnett, Anthony; Christie-Thompson, Tilly; Archer, Kelly-Anne; Gee, Meggan and Burton, Molly (2016) Developing the Potential of Observation - Generating Ideas Using Video Data From a Nursery School: a Students as Academic Partners Project.

Bartlett, D. and Francis-Smythe, Jan (2016) Bridging the Divide in Work and Occupational Psychology: Evidence From Practice.

Batten, J.; White, A.; Anderson, E. and Bullingham, Rachael (2016) From Management to Prevention: the New Cure for Sports Concussion.

Beevers, C. and Fagg, Su (2016) FIL Benchmarking Project.

Bell, H. and Bell, Robin (2016) Applying Enterprise: Active Learning Environments for Business Higher National Diploma Students.

Bell, Robin (2016) Concerns and Expectations of Students Participating in Study Abroad Programs: Blogging to Reveal the Dynamic Student Voice.

Bell, Robin (2016) The Continuing Search to Find a More Effective and Less Intimidating Way to Teach Research Methods in Higher Education.

Bell, Robin (2016) Curriculum Development & Teaching Approaches in Entrepreneurship Education. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin (2016) Enterprise Education: Entrepreneurial Universities and Systems. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin (2016) Fostering Globally Minded Entrepreneurs: Examining the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Enterprise through International Video Case Studies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bell, Robin (2016) Unpacking the Link Between Entrepreneurialism and Employability: an Assessment of the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Likelihood of Graduate Employment in a Professional Field.

Bell, Robin and Bell, H. (2016) An Enterprise Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Students: Student Enterprise Development and Experience Assessed through the Student Voice.

Bell, Robin and Bell, H. (2016) Replicating the Networking, Mentoring and Venture Creation Benefits of Entrepreneurship Centres on a Shoestring: A Student-centred Approach to Entrepreneurship Education and Venture Creation.

Bell, Robin and Loon, Mark (2016) Understanding the Context of L&D. In: UNSPECIFIED Kogan Page.

Benkwitz, A. and Molnar, Gyozo (2016) The Emergence and Development of Association Football: Influential Sociocultural Factors in Victorian Birmingham.

Biagioli, V.; Prandi, C.; Giuliani, L.; Nyatanga, Brian and Fida, R. (2016) Prosocial Behaviour in Palliative Nurses: Psychometric Evaluation of the Prosociality Scale.

Blank, Alison; Finlay, L. and Prior, S. (2016) The Lived Experience of People with Mental Health and Substance Misuse Problems: Dimensions of Belonging.

Blom, A.W.; Artz, Neil; Beswick, A.D.; Burston, A.; Dieppe, P.; Elvers, K.T.; Gooberman-Hill, R.; Horwood, J.; Jepson, P.; Johnson, E.; Lenguerrand, E.; Marques, E.; Noble, S.; Pyke, M.; Sackley, C.; Sands, G.; Sayers, A.; Wells, V. and Wylde, V. (2016) Improving Patients’ Experience and Outcome of Total Joint Replacement: the RESTORE Programme.

Bloom, A. and Dhillon, Jaswinder (2016) Which Boxes Do You Tick on the Outstanding Leader List? The Times Educational Supplement.

Bovey, Simon (2016) Teaching Rules or Teaching Creativity: a Paradigm Shift. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bozward, David (2016) Educating Entrepreneurs with Open Source Material & the Business Model Canvas. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bozward, David (2016) Social Enterprise.

Bradley, Eleanor (2016) Carers and Co-Production: Enabling Expertise through Experience?

Breeze, Nicholas; Barber, Lerverne; Chapman, V.; Beaman-Evans, Charlotte and Beeching, Kelvin (2016) Employability and the UseMyAbility Online Tool: Raising Sports Students’ Awareness to Inform the Development of Their Skills and Attributes.

Brennan, G.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Barber, A.; Clewlow, Y.; De Vere, N.; Griffith, G.; Hegarty, M.; McInnes, R.; Osborne, N.; Petch, Geoffrey; Skjøth, C.; Wheeler, B. and Creer, S. (2016) Linking Grass Pollen Biodiversity and Human Health: an Environmental Genomic Approach. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn; Latham, Isabelle; Evans, Simon; Jacobson, Nicola; Perry, Wendy; Bray, Jennifer; Ballard, C.; Fossey, J. and Pickett, J. (2016) FITS into Practice: Translating Research into Practice in Reducing the Use of Anti-psychotic Medication for People with Dementia Living in Care Homes.

Buckler, Scott (2016) The Development of an Inclusive Taxonomy for Classifying Global Fighting Traditions.

Buckler, Scott (2016) Wing Chun Kuen: A Revised Historical Perspective (Part 1).


Cai, W.J.; Loon, Mark and Chan, C.K.T. (2016) Empowerment and Service Quality: The Sequential Mediating Effects of Affective Commitment and Work Centrality. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cai, W.J.; Loon, Mark and Wong, H.K. (2016) Leadership, Trust in Management and Acceptance of Change in Hong Kong’s Civil Service Bureau. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Camacho, I.C.; Caeiro, E.; Ferro, R.; Camacho, R.; Câmara, R.; Grinn-Gofroń, A.; Smith, Matt; Strzelczak, A.; Nunes, C. and Morais-Almeida, M. (2016) Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Annual Pollen Index Recorded by Sites Belonging to the Portuguese Aerobiology Network.

Campbell, Virginia and Nolan, Mary (2016) A Qualitative Study Exploring How the Aims, Language and Actions of Yoga for Pregnancy Teachers May Impact Upon Women's Self-efficacy for Labour and Birth.

Carrie, Rachael (2016) Annex 6: Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Identity, Status and Distribution and the Development of an Index of Biotic Integrity for Belize’s Wadeable Streams in the 'National Biodiversity Monitoring Program' 2016 Report. [Report]

Caulfield, L.S.; Wilkinson, Dean and Wilson, D. (2016) Exploring Alternative Terrain in the Rehabilitation and Treatment of Offenders: Findings from a Prison-based Music Project.

Chalari, A.; Sealey, Clive and Webb, Michael (2016) A Comparison of Subjective Experiences and Responses to Austerity of UK and Greek Youth. GreeSE Paper No.102. [Report]

Chao, A.; Waitzberg, D.; de Jesus, R.; Bueno, Allain; Kha, V.; Allen, K.; Kappus, M. and Medici, V. (2016) Malnutrition and Nutritional Support in Alcoholic Liver Disease: a Review.

Charney, A.W.; Ruderfer, D.M.; Stahl, E.A.; Moran, J.L.; Chambert, K.; Belliveau, R.A.; Forty, L.; Gordon-Smith, Katherine; Di Florio, A.; Lee, P.H.; Bromet, E.J.; Buckley, P.F.; Escamilla, M.A.; Fanous, A.H.; Fochtmann, L.J.; Lehrer, D.S.; Malaspina, D.; Marder, S.R.; Morley, C.P.; Nicolini, H.; Perkins, D.O.; Rakofsky, J.J.; Rapaport, M.H.; Medeiros, H.; Sobell, J.L.; Green, E.K.; Backlund, L.; Bergen, S.E.; Juréus, A.; Schalling, M.; Lichtenstein, P.; Roussos, P.; Knowles, J.A.; Jones, Lisa; Hultman, C.M.; Perlis, R.; Purcell, S.M.; McCarroll, S.A.; Pato, C.N.; Pato, M.T.; Craddock, N.; Landén, M.; Smoller, J.W. and Sklar, P. (2016) Evidence For Genetic Heterogeneity Between Clinical Subtypes of Bipolar Disorder.

Cinpoes, Nicoleta (2016) “By Looking Liking”: Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet.

Cinpoes, Nicoleta (2016) Doing Kyd: Essays on The Spanish Tragedy. Manchester University Press.

Cinpoes, Nicoleta (2016) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester University Press.

Cinpoes, Nicoleta (2016) Handling Ophelia: a Story in Four Unscripted Scenes.

Cliffe, Johanna and Solvason, Carla (2016) Using Rhizomatic Thinking in Early Childhood Pedagogy to Avoid Making Other into Same.

Cochrane, Claire (2016) A City's Toys: Theatre in Birmingham 1914-1918. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Cochrane, Claire (2016) Facing the Face of the Other: The Case of the Nia Centre. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Cochrane, Claire (2016) Shakespeare and the Re/Vision of Indian Heritage in the Postcolonial British Context. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.

Cochrane, Claire and Robinson, J. (2016) Introduction to Theatre History and Historiography Ethics, Evidence and Truth. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Cochrane, Claire and Robinson, J. (2016) Theatre History and Historiography Ethics, Evidence and Truth. Palgrave Macmillan.

Comont, R.F. and Ashbrook, Kate (2016) Evaluating Promotional Approaches for Citizen Science Biological Recording: Bumblebees as a Group Versus Harmonia axyridis as a Flagship for Ladybirds.

Cook, Janice and Nichol, Lynn (2016) Doctoral Supervisor: Coach, Mentor or Master? Developing an Alternative Paradigm for Doctoral Supervision. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cooper, S.J.; Reynolds, G.P.; Barnes, T.R.E.; England, E.; Haddad, P.M.; Heald, A.; Holt, R.I.G.; Lingford-Hughes, A.; Osborn, D.; McGowan, O.; Patel, M.X.; Paton, C.; Reid, P.; Shiers, D. and Smith, Jo (2016) BAP Guidelines on the Management of Weight Gain, Metabolic Disturbances and Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Psychosis and Antipsychotic Drug Treatment.

Cox, Howard (2016) Horatio Bottomley and the Making of John Bull Magazine (1906-14). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cox, Howard (2016) The International Distribution of News: the Associated Press, Press Association, and Reuters, 1848–1947, by Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb (Book Review).

Cropley, B.; Faull, Andrea; Hays, K. and Mellaliue, S.D. (2016) Applied Sport Psychology: An Expert Panel Discussion.

Currie, Stuart (2016) ‘Framing the Picture and Picturing the Frame’. Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ Stories and William Blake Richmond’s ‘The Sisters’ (1862-65). In: UNSPECIFIED.


Davies, Andy (2016) Atlas of Animal Adventures by Rachel Williams and Emily Hawkins - Book Review (for the Association of Illustrators' Blog). The Association of Illustrators.

Davies, Andy (2016) 'Granny' Selected for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2016. [Show/Exhibition]

Davies, Andy (2016) Hiding Heidi by Fiona Woodcock – Book Review (for the Association of Illustrators Blog). Association of Illustrators.

Davies, Andy (2016) Make it Grow by Debbie Powell - Book Review (for the Association of Illustrators Blog). Association of Illustrators.

Davies, Andy (2016) Two Can by Smriti Prasadam-Halls - Book Review (for the Association of Illustrators Blog). Association of Illustrators.

Davies, Andy (2016) Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories by Michael Bird - Book Review (for the Association of Illustrators Blog). The Association of Illustrators.

Davies, Andy (2016) Visualising Spaces: The Illustrated Map as a Mode of Communicating Fact, Fiction and Feeling.

Davis, Sarah; Farrelly, Daniel; Muse, Kate and Walklet, Elaine (2016) Technology Enhanced Learning in Psychology: Current Direction and Perspectives.

Davis, Sarah K. and Rachel, Nichols (2016) Does Emotional Intelligence have a “Dark” Side? A Review of the Literature.

Dhillon, Jaswinder (2016) Creating Courses for Adults: Design for Learning (Book Review).

Dhillon, Jaswinder (2016) Leadership as Shared Practice in Outstanding Schools and Colleges in England. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dhillon, Jaswinder (2016) Publishing in Academic Journals: Tips to Help You Succeed. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dhillon, Jaswinder and Bentley, J. (2016) Governor and Course Leaders’ Reflections on HE in FE: Strategic Ambition and Curriculum Practice in Two Large Colleges in England.

Dhillon, Jaswinder; Howard, Colin and Cooke, Vivian (2016) Unlocking Characteristics of Outstanding Leadership in Schools and Colleges in England. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dhillon, Jaswinder; Whitehouse, Kerry; Hunt, David; Sisk, Jane and Winson, Alison (2016) Developing Innovative TEL Practice in Teacher Education. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Doney, J.; Parker, Stephen and Freathy, R. (2016) Enriching the Historiography of Religious Education: Insights from Oral Life History.

de Weger, L.A.; Pashley, C.H.; Šikoparija, B.; Skjøth, C.; Kasprzyk, I.; Grewling, Ł.; Thibaudon, M.; Magyar, D. and Smith, Matt (2016) The Long Distance Transport of Airborne Ambrosia Pollen to the UK and the Netherlands from Central and South Europe.

do Carmo, E.C.; Barroso, R.; Renfree, Andrew; Gil, S. and Tricoli, V. (2016) Influence of an Enforced Fast Start on 10-km-Running Performance.


Eaton, G.; Renshaw, J.; Gregory, P. and Kilner, Tim (2016) Can the British Heart Foundation PocketCPR Application Improve the Performance of Chest Compressions During Bystander Resuscitation: a Randomised Crossover Manikin Study.

Edwards, Christian; Molnar, Gyozo and Tod, D. (2016) Searching for Masculine Capital: Experiences Leading to High Drive for Muscularity in Men.

Edwards, Christian; Tod, D.; Molnar, Gyozo and Markland, D. (2016) Perceived Social Pressures and the Internalization of the Mesomorphic Ideal: the Role of Drive for Muscularity and Autonomy in Physically Active Men.

Edwards, Christian; Tod, D.; Molnar, Gyozo and Markland, D. (2016) Predicting Muscularity-Related Behavior, Emotions, and Cognitions in Men: The Role of Psychological Need Thwarting, Drive for Muscularity, and Mesomorphic Internalization.

Edwards, Sean (2016) Talk at 'Sticky Intimacy Symposium'. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Edwards, Sean (2016) Thickness on Paper (Draft 2). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Edwards, Sean (2016) 'Untitled 2007/2013' and 'Untitled' in Ground (Group exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

Elliott, Geoffrey (2016) Merger Talk in Further Education: of Whales and Minnows, Rhetoric and Reality. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Emblen-Perry, Kay (2016) Building Owner vs. Energy User: a Split Incentive for Energy Reduction. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Emblen-Perry, Kay (2016) Evolution of an Interactive Online Magazine for Students, Academics and Expert Practitioners to Engage Students in ESD. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer International Publishing.

Emblen-Perry, Kay (2016) Promoting Education for Sustainability Through Game-based Learning: Using the Sustainable Strategies Game to Improve Students’ Knowledge and Skills of Sustainable Business Practices. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emblen-Perry, Kay (2016) The Role of ‘Edutainment’ in Education for Sustainable Development. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emblen-Perry, Kay and Duckers, L. (2016) Energy Management in UK Non-Domestic Buildings - a New Perspective to Provoke Reduced Carbon Emissions. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emblen-Perry, Kay and Duckers, L. (2016) Energy Management in UK Non-Domestic Buildings - a New Perspective to Provoke Reduced Carbon Emissions. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer.

Emblen-Perry, Kay; Evans, Sian; Boom, Katy; Corbett, Wendy and Weaver, Lorraine (2016) Evolution of an Interactive Online Magazine for Students, Academics and Expert Practitioners to Engage Students in ESD. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emblen-Perry, Kay; Evans, Sian; Boom, Katy; Corbett, Wendy and Weaver, Lorraine (2016) Evolution of an Interactive Online Magazine for Students, Academics and Expert Practitioners, to Engage Students from Multiple Disciplines in Education for Sustainable Development. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer International Publishing.

Erol, Rosie; Brooker, Dawn and Peel, Elizabeth (2016) The Impact of Dementia on Women Internationally: an Integrative Review.

Erol, Rosie; Upton, Penney and Upton, Dominic (2016) Supporting Completion of an Online Continuing Professional Development Programme For Newly Qualified Practitioners: a Qualitative Evaluation.

Evans, C. and Richardson, Mark (2016) Realizing the Latent Potential in the Part-time Student Workforce.

Evans, Simon; Atkinson, Teresa; Darton, R.; Cameron, A.; Netten, A.; Smith, R. and Porteus, J. (2016) A Community Hub Approach to Older People’s Housing.

Evans, Simon; Harrison-Dening, K. and Read, Kate (2016) Towards the End of Life: an In-depth Exploration of the Role of Admiral Nursing in Dementia Care (Innovative Practice).


Fagg, John (2016) The Growth of Population in Victorian Colwall.

Farrelly, Daniel (2016) The Type of Behavior and the Role of Relationship Length in Mate Choice for Prosociality Among Physically Attractive Individuals.

Farrelly, Daniel; Clemson, P. and Guthrie, M. (2016) Are Women’s Mate Preferences for Altruism Also Influenced by Physical Attractiveness?

Faull, Andrea (2016) Sport Psychology Support to Paralympic Athletes on the Road to Rio. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Felisberti, F.M. and Farrelly, Daniel (2016) Investigating Behaviour and Face Encoding in a Hypothetical Real-World Social Contract: Handwashing in Hazardous Health Settings.

Fisher, James (2016) Doppelgänger. [Show/Exhibition]

Fisher, James (2016) Towards Night. [Show/Exhibition]

Forster, Peter and Pereira, M. (2016) How Can Villages Become Eco-villages? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Forster-Horváth, C.; Artz, Neil; Hassaballa, M.A.; Robinson, J.R.; Porteous, A.J.; Murray, J.R. and Newman, J.H. (2016) Survivorship and Clinical Outcome of the Minimally Invasive Uniglide Medial Fixed Bearing, All-polyethylene Tibia, Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty at a Mean Follow-up of 7.3 Years.

Fowler, Stephen (2016) Rubber Stamping: Get Creative with Stamps, Rollers and Other Printmaking Techniques. Laurence King Publishing.

Freathy, R.; Parker, Stephen; Schweitzer, F. and Simojoki, H. (2016) Conceptualizing and Researching the Professionalization of Religious Education Teachers: Historical and International Perspectives.


Gad Mohsen, Marwa (2016) Foodies in the UK: A Sense of Self, Connection and Belonging Beyond the Passion? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gad Mohsen, Marwa (2016) Receptivity to Self-Service Technology (SST): A Research Overview and the Way Forward. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gad Mohsen, Marwa and Nicholls, Richard (2016) Incorporating Research into Teaching: How & Why. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garfield, Joy and Nzacahayo, P. (2016) IT Adoption and Usage in Non-Profit Organizations: a Cross-generational Case Study. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garratt, M.P.D.; Breeze, T.D.; Boreux, V.; Fountain, M.T.; Mckerchar, Megan; Webber, S.M.; Coston, D.J.; Jenner, N.; Dean, R.; Westbury, Duncan; Biesmeijer, J.C. and Potts, S.G. (2016) Apple Pollination: Demand Depends on Variety and Supply Depends on Pollinator Identity.

Gaskin, Kerry (2016) Traversing the Boundaries and Borders of Discharge from Hospital Following First Stage Surgery for Complex Congenital Heart Disease: the Parents’ Experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gaskin, Kerry; Barron, D.J. and Daniels, A. (2016) Parents’ Preparedness for Their Infants’ Discharge Following First-stage Cardiac Surgery: Development of a Parental Early Warning Tool.

Gaskin, Kerry; Cooper, L.; Mohammed, N.; Rooney, M. and Barron, D. (2016) Acceptability of a Parental Early Warning Tool: Outcomes from a Feasibility Study of Parental Home Monitoring and Assessment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gaskin, Kerry; Cooper, L.; Rooney, M.; Mohammed, N. and Barron, D. (2016) Psychosocial Adjustment and Adaptation in Parents of Infants with Complex Congenital Heart Disease Going Home for the First Time Following First Stage Cardiac Surgery: A Prospective Review. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Geels, C.; Andersson, C.; Hänninen, O.; Lansø, A.S.; Skjøth, C.; Schwarze, P.E. and Brandt, J. (2016) Future Air Quality Related Health Effects in Europe and the Nordic Region—Sensitivity to Changes in Climate, Anthropogenic Emissions, Demography and Building Stock.

Gerrett, Nicola; Jackson, Sarah; Yates, James and Thomas, Gavin (2016) Ice Slurry Ingestion Does Not Enhance Self-paced Intermittent Exercise in the Heat.

Golz, Paul; Bowers, Christopher and Price, Marc (2016) A Practical Approach to Using Motion Capture in Performance Dance.

Golz, Paul; Bowers, Christopher and Price, Marc (2016) A Practical Approach to Using Motion Capture in Performance Dance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Goodyear, R.K.; Lichtenberg, J.W.; Hutman, H.; Overland, E.; Bedi, R.; Christiani, K.; Di Mattia, M.; du Preez, E.; Farrell, W.; Feather, J.; Grant, J.; Han, Y.; Ju, Y.; Lee, D.; Lee, H.; Nicholas, Helen; Jones Nielsen, J.; Sinacore, A.; Tu, S. and Young, C. (2016) A Global Portrait of Counselling Psychologists’ Characteristics, Perspectives, and Professional Behaviors.

Gordon-Smith, Katherine; Knott, Sarah; Perry, Amy; Forty, L.; Craddock, N.; Jones, I. and Jones, Lisa (2016) Comorbid Migraine in Major Depressive Disorder Suggests a Subgroup Related to Bipolar Disorder. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Green, E.K.; Rees, E.; Walters, J.T.R.; Gordon-Smith, Katherine; Forty, L.; Grozeva, D.; Moran, J.L.; Sklar, P.; Ripke, S.; Chambert, K.D.; Genovese, G.; McCarroll, S.A.; Jones, I.; Jones, Lisa; Owen, M.J.; O'Donovan, M.C.; Craddock, N. and Kirov, G. (2016) Copy Number Variation in Bipolar Disorder.

Greer, Sarah (2016) Nothing in Common.

Grewling, Ł.; Bogawski, P.; Jenerowicz, D.; Czarnecka-Operacz, M.; Šikoparija, B.; Skjøth, C. and Smith, Matt (2016) Mesoscale Atmospheric Transport of Ragweed Pollen Allergens from Infected to Uninfected Areas.

Grewling, Ł.; Bogawski, P. and Smith, Matt (2016) Pollen Nightmare: Elevated Airborne Pollen Levels at Night.

Griffiths, Lisa; Smith, Jo; Bold, Justine; Band, Marie; Bradley, Eleanor and Hird-Smith, R. (2016) Exercise and Lifestyle Therapy Improves Weight Maintenance in Young People with Psychosis: A Service Evaluation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gubbins, Karen (2016) The Hanging/hanged Patient and Relevance to Pre-hospital Care.


Hadi-hanifi, Karima and Elliott, Geoffrey (2016) Appraising and Reconfiguring HE in FE Through Research and Critical Perspectives.

Hall, T.R. and Barrett, Heather (2016) Cities: Urban Worlds. In: UNSPECIFIED Pearson.

Hanson, Karen and Appleby, Karen (2016) Reflective Practice : Theoretical Background. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Harding, R. and Peel, Elizabeth (2016) Ageing and Sexualities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

Hassall, C.; Hill, Matthew; Gledhill, D. and Biggs, J. (2016) The Ecology and Management of Urban Pondscapes. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Haugen, T.; Reinboth, M.; Hetlelid, K.J.; Peters, D.M. and Høigaard, R. (2016) Mental Toughness Moderates Social Loafing in Cycle Time-Trial Performance.

Heil, M.; Land, W.G. and Tör, M. (2016) Editorial – Wound Recognition Across the Tree of Life.

Henson, Richard and Garfield, Joy (2016) SMEs Attitudes to “Information Assurance” and Consequences for the Digital Single Market.

Henson, Richard and Garfield, Joy (2016) What Attitude Changes Are Needed to Cause SMEs to Take a Strategic Approach to Information Security?

Hicks, D.M.; Ouvrard, P.; Baldock, K.C.R.; Baude, M.; Goddard, M.A.; Kunin, W.E.; Mitschunas, N.; Memmott, J.; Morse, H.; Nikolitsi, M.; Osgathorpe, L.M.; Potts, S.G.; Robertson, K.M.; Scott, A.V.; Sinclair, F.; Westbury, Duncan and Stone, G.N. (2016) Food for Pollinators: Quantifying the Nectar and Pollen Resources of Urban Flower Meadows.

Highfield, J.A.; Lowe, K.; Lewis, E.; Warren, R.; Martin, K. and Walklet, Elaine (2016) Clinical Psychologists Training and Supervising IAPT Therapists to Work with Long-term Conditions and Medically Unexplained Symptoms: A Service Development Project.

Hill, Matthew; Biggs, J.; Thornhill, I.; Briers, R.A.; Gledhill, D.H.; White, J.C.; Wood, P.J. and Hassall, C. (2016) Urban Ponds as an Aquatic Biodiversity Resource in Modified Landscapes.

Hill, Matthew; Chadd, R.P.; Morris, N.; Swaine, J.D. and Wood, P.J. (2016) Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity Associated with Artificial Agricultural Drainage Ditches.

Hill, Matthew; Death, R.G.; Mathers, K.L.; Ryves, D.B.; White, J.C. and Wood, P.J. (2016) Macroinvertebrate Community Composition and Diversity in Ephemeral and Perennial Ponds on Unregulated Floodplain Meadows in the UK.

Hill, Matthew; Ryves, D.B; White, J.C. and Wood, P.J. (2016) Macroinvertebrate Diversity in Urban and Rural Ponds: Implications for Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation.

Hill, Matthew; Sayer, C.D. and Wood, P.J. (2016) When is the Best Time to Sample Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Ponds for Biodiversity Assessment?

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