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Barrett, Heather; Storey, David and Yarwood, R. (2003) Development Through Partnership: LEADER II in the Marches. In: UNSPECIFIED Universitaire Blaise Pascal.

Bigger, Stephen (2003) The Bahá’í Sense of Human Unity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bigger, Stephen (2003) Feelings Within the UK Bahá’í Faith About the Potential Contribution of Their Faith to the Unity of Humankind. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bigger, Stephen (2003) Spirituality as a Process within the School Curriculum.

Bigger, Stephen (2003) Understanding Schools and Schooling. (Book Review).

Brooker, Dawn (2003) Future Challenges for DCM. In: UNSPECIFIED Health Professions Press.

Brooker, Dawn (2003) Maintaining Quality in Dementia Care Practice. In: UNSPECIFIED Arnold Publishers.

Brooker, Dawn (2003) What is Person-Centred Care in Dementia?

Brown, Chris; Brand, Z. and Brand, T.S. (2003) The Effect of Dietary Energy and Protein Levels on Production in Breeding Female Ostriches.

Brown, Chris; Brand, Z. and Brand, T.S. (2003) The Effect of Different Combinations of Dietary Energy and Protein on the Composition of Ostrich Eggs.

Brown, Chris; Meyer, A. and Cloete, S.W.P. (2003) The Influence of Separate-sex Rearing on Ostrich Behaviour and Skin Damage.

Brown, Chris; Meyer, A.; Cloete, S.W.P. and Van Schalkwyk, S.J. (2003) The Persistence to Slaughter Age of Scars Resulting From Damage Inflicted to Ostrich Skins During the Grow-out Phase.

Brown, Chris and Peinke, D.M. (2003) Metabolism and Thermoregulation in the Springhare (Pedetes capensis).

Brown, Chris; Tieleman, B.I.; Williams, J.B. and Buschur, M.E. (2003) Phenotypic Plasticity of Larks Along an Aridity Gradient: Are Desert Birds More Flexible?

Burr, M.L.; Emberlin, Jean; Treu, R.; Cheng, S.; Pearce, N. and ISAAC Phase One Study Group, . (2003) Pollen Counts in Relation to the Prevalence of Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis, Asthma and Atopic Eczema in the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC).


Cochrane, Claire (2003) The Birmingham Rep: A City's Theatre 1962-2002. Sir Barry Jackson Trust.

Cochrane, Claire (2003) "The Contaminated Audience": Researching Amateur Theatre in Wales Before 1939.

Colvin, John and Keene, Judith (2003) Extending the Academic Year for Mature Part-Time Higher Education Students using a Web Based Learning Environment.

Corcoran, Christine (2003) The Effectivness of Partnership in the Implementation of Youth Strategies: A Case Study of Bromyard and Wychavon. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Cox, Howard; Huang, B. and Metcalfe, S. (2003) Compradors, Firm Architecture and the ‘Reinvention’ of British Trading Companies: John Swire & Sons’ Operations in Early Twentieth Century China.

Cox, Howard; Mowatt, Simon and Prevezer, Martha (2003) New Product Development and Product Supply Within a Network Setting: The Case of the Chilled Ready-Meal Industry in the UK.


Dixon, Alan (2003) The Indigenous Evaluation of Wetlands Research in Ethiopia.

Dixon, Alan (2003) Indigenous Management of Wetlands: Experiences in Ethiopia. Ashgate.

Dixon, Alan and Wood, A. (2003) Wetland Cultivation and Hydrological Management in Eastern Africa: Matching Community and Hydrological Needs Through Sustainable Wetland Use.


Elkin, Judith (2003) Cultural and Multicultural Perspectives on Reading. In: UNSPECIFIED Facet Publishing.

Elkin, Judith (2003) Special Needs/Special Places. In: UNSPECIFIED Facet Publishing.

Evans, Margaret (2003) Christian Counsellors' Views on Working with Gay and Lesbian Clients:Integrating Religious Beliefs with Counselling Ethics.

Evans, Nick; Gaskell, P. and Winter, M. (2003) Re-assessing Agrarian Policy and Practice in Local Environmental Management: The Case of Beef Cattle.


Francis-Smythe, Jan (2003) The Importance of Time Congruity in the Organisation.

Frapwell, A.; Incledon, V. and Peters, D.M. (2003) Learning and Teaching in 'Style': From 'Knower' to Learner. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Gbadamosi, Gbolahan (2003) HRM and the Commitment Rhetoric: Challenges for Africa.

Graham, Karen (2003) How Can Children's Independence be Promoted and Measured in the Primary Classroom? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Hoaen, Andrew and Loney, Helen L (2003) Field Survey in Glencoyne Park.

How, Alan (2003) Critical Theory. Palgrave Macmillan.

Howarth, Sue (2003) Doing Homework On Your Computer In Easy Steps.(Book Review) Geoff Preston. 192 pp. Southam: Computer Step, 2002. £10.99. ISBN 1 85168 304 6.

Howarth, Sue (2003) GCSE Biology 3rd Ed(Book Review)D G Mackean, 2002. London, UK: John Murray(Publishers) Ltd., 374pp. £13.99. ISBN 0719586151.

Howarth, Sue (2003) Mitosis and Meiosis.(Resource Review) Illumination Educational Software, 2002. UK: Illumination Educational Software c/o Uniview Worldwide Ltd.


Jones, Allan; Zachariae, R. and Arendt-Nielson, L. (2003) Dispositional Anxiety and the Experience of Pain: Gender Specific Effects.

Jones, S. and Mitchell, Theresa (2003) The Psychosocial Effects of Chemotherapy Toxicity: a Patient Perspective.


Kington, Alison and Harris, S. (2003) Educational ICT Policy and Practice in England. In: UNSPECIFIED Age Publishing Inc.

Kington, Alison; Harris, S.; Smith, P. and Hall, M. (2003) Computers for Teachers: a Qualitative Evaluation of Phase 1. [Report]

Koven, Mikel (2003) Folklore Studies and Popular Film & Television: A Necessary Critical Survey.

Koven, Mikel (2003) La Dolce Morta: Space, Modernity and the Giallo.

Koven, Mikel (2003) The Terror Tale: Urban Legends and the Slasher Film.

Krassa, Penelope (2003) An Analysis of the Feasibility of Transferring the English Early Excellence Centres (EEC) Programme to Early Childhood Settings in Greece. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Lane, A.; Hewston, Ruth; Redding, E. and Whyte, G. (2003) Mood Changes following Modern-dance Classes.

Lipscomb, Martin (2003) Comment: Suffering - Hospice and Palliative Care's Hidden Heritage?

Loney, Helen L (2003) History and the Italian Bronze Age: A Discussion of the Effects of Italian Politics on Prehistoric Interpretation.

Loney, Helen L and Hoaen, Andrew (2003) Upland Settlement in Glencoyne Park Ullswater, Cumbria.


Mcdonald, Paul; Burgess, C. and Smith, K. (2003) A Support Team for Foster Carers: The Views and Perceptions of Service Users.

Mcdonald, Paul; Monahan, R. and Clifford, C. (2003) Seeking Advice From NHS Direct on Common Childhood Complaints: Does it Matter Who Answers the Phone.


Parfitt, D. (2003) A Study of Glucose Signalling and Gene Expression in Early Flower Development in the Short Day Plant Pharbitis nil. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Peel, Elizabeth (2003) The Health Psychology Reader (Book Review).

Peters, D.M.; Jarrett, Haydn and Robinson, Paul D. (2003) Evaluation Report of the Walking the Way to Health Initiative 2002 'Step-o-meter campaign'. Report submitted to the Countryside Agency and the Department of Health. [Report]

Peters, D.M. and Jones, Gareth (2003) Moving On - Sports Science. Subject Specific Study-Pack Extension Booklet for the Collaborative Widening Participation Project. [Report]

Price, Colin (2003) A Taxonomy of Turing Patterns. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Prieto-Baena, Jose; Hidalgo, P.; Galán, C. and Domínguez, E. (2003) Pollen Production in the Poaceae Family.

Pumfrey, Peter (2003) Towards an Inclusive Higher Education System in the UK? First Degree Results of Students With and Without Disabilities. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Roberts, H.; Cullerne, T. and Mitchell, Theresa (2003) Dilemmas and Conflicts in Research with Patients with Cancer. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Shakesheff, Tim (2003) Rural Conflict, Crime and Protest : Herefordshire 1800-1860. Boydell Press.

Spieksma, F.T.M.; Corden, J.M.; Detandt, M.; Millington, W.M.; Nikkels, H.; Nolard, N.; Schoenmalers, C.H.H.; Wachter, R.; de Weger, L.A.; Willems, R. and Emberlin, Jean (2003) Quantitative Trends in Annual Totals of Five Common Airbourn Pollen Types (Betula, Qercus, Poacrae, Urtica, and Artemisia), at Five Pollen-Monitoring Stations in Western Europe.

Storey, David (2003) Changing Approaches to Rural Development.

Storey, David (2003) Citizen, State and Nation. Geographical Association.

Symons, John C. (2003) The Mining and Smelting of Copper in England and Wales, 1760-1820. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Sánchez-Mesa, J.A.; Smith, Matt; Emberlin, Jean; Allitt, U.; Caulton, E. and Galán, C. (2003) Characteristics of Grass Pollen Seasons in Areas of Southern Spain and the United Kingdom.


Tör, M.; Yemm, A. and Holub, E. (2003) The Role of Proteolysis in R-Gene Mediated Defence in Plants.


Upton, Dominic (2003) Learning and Teaching in Health Psychology.

Upton, Dominic and Cooper, C.D. (2003) Experiences with an On-line Health Psychology Course.

Upton, Dominic and Cooper, C.D. (2003) Online Health Psychology: Do Students Need It, Use It, Like It, and Want It?


Visser, Fleur (2003) Sediment Budget for Cane Land on the Lower Herbert River Floodplain, North Queensland, Australia. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Webb, Jean (2003) Conceptualising Childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses.

Webb, Jean (2003) ‘Out of this World’: Fantasy, Fairy tale, Subjectivity and Projection of the Future in 19th and 20th Century Fantasy Texts for Children. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Webb, Jean (2003) Walking Into the Sky: Englishness, Heroism and Cultural Identity: a 19th and 20th Century Perspective. In: UNSPECIFIED Praeger.

West, H.K.; Morgan, A.J.; Bowker, D.W.; Stuart Davis, M. and Herbert, Rob (2003) Evidence for Interpopulation Differences in Life History Parameters of Adult and F1 Generation Lumbricus Rubellus.

Wiles, A. and Brooker, Dawn (2003) Complementary Therapies in Dementia Care.


Yarwood, R. and Evans, Nick (2003) Livestock, Locality and Landscape: EU Regulations and the New Geography of Welsh Farm Animals.

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