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Adams-Groom, Beverley; Emberlin, Jean; Corden, J.; Millington, W. and Mullins, J. (2002) Predicting the Start of the Birch Pollen Season at London, Derby and Cardiff, United Kingdom, Using a Multiple Regression Model, Based on Data from 1987 to 1997.

Adsett, J. (2002) An Investigation into Young Children’s Numerical Representations in Mathematics. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Bigger, Stephen (2002) Managing to Motivate: A Guide For School Leaders by Linda Evans. London: Cassell, 1999 (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen (2002) Reaching Students: Teachers’ Ways of Knowing by Vivienne Collinson. Thousand Oaks;Corwin Press/Sage, 1996 (Book Review).

Bigger, Stephen and Bigger, J. (2002) Motivating and Empowering Adults Returning to Study. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brooker, Dawn (2002) Dementia Care Mapping: A Look at its Past, Present and Future.

Brooker, Dawn (2002) Enriching Lives: Evaluation of the ExtraCare Activity Challenge. In: UNSPECIFIED Hawker Publications Ltd.

Brooker, Dawn and Woolley, R.J. (2002) The Enriched Activities Project; Expert Working Group Summary and Transcripts. [Report]

Brown, Chris; Brand, Z. and Brand, T.S. (2002) The Effect of Dietary Energy and Protein Levels During a Breeding Season of Ostriches (Struthio cemelus domesticus) on Production the Following Season.

Brown, Chris; Brand, Z. and Brand, T.S. (2002) The Effect of Dietary Energy and Protein Levels on Body Condition and Production of Breeding Male Ostriches (Struthio cemelus domesticus).

Brown, Chris; Meyer, A.; Cloete, S.W.P. and Van Schalkwyk, S.J. (2002) Declawing Ostrich (Struthio camelus domesticus) Chicks to Minimize Skin Damage During Rearing.


Cariñanos, P.; Sánchez-Mesa, J.A.; Preito-Baena, Jose; Lopez, A.; Guerra, F.; Moreno, C.; Domínguez, E. and Galán, C. (2002) Pollen Allergy Related to the Area of Residence in the City of Cordoba, South-West Spain.

Couper, Pauline; Stott, T. and Maddock, Ian (2002) Insights into River Bank Erosion Processes Derived from Analysis of Negative Erosion-pin Recordings: Observations from Three Recent UK Studies.

Cox, Howard and Frenz, Marion (2002) Innovation and Performance in British-based Manufacturing Industries:Shaping the Policy Agenda.

Cox, Howard; Frenz, Marion and Prevezer, Martha (2002) Patterns of Innovation in UK Industry: Exploring the CIS Data to Contrast High and Low Technology Industries.

Cox, Howard; Mowatt, Simon and Prevezer, Martha (2002) The Firm in the Information Age: Organizational Responses to Technological Change in the Processed Foods Sector.


Dart, Gareth; Didimalang, C. and Pilime, S. (2002) An Evaluation of Special Units for Children with Mental Retardation at Botswana Primary Schools. [Report]

Dixon, Alan (2002) The Hydrological Impacts and Sustainability of Wetland Drainage Cultivation in Illubabor, Ethiopia.


Emberlin, Jean; Detandt, M.; Gehrig, R.; Jaeger, S.; Nolard, N. and Rantio-Lehtimäki, A. (2002) Responses to the Start of Betula (birch) Pollen Seasons to Recent Changes in Spring Temperatures Across Europe.

Evans, Nick; Morris, C. and Winter, M. (2002) Conceptualizing Agriculture: a Critique of Post-Productivism as the New Orthodoxy.


Fenton, E. and Mitchell, Theresa (2002) Growing Old with Dignity: a Concept Analysis.

Francis-Smythe, Jan (2002) Identifying High Potential Police Officers and Role Characteristics. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Harris, S. and Kington, Alison (2002) Innovative Classroom Practices Using ICT in England. National Foundation for Educational Research.

Harris, S. and Kington, Alison (2002) Redefining the Classroom: Innovative Pedagogical Practices Using ICT in Primary and Secondary Schools in England. [Report]

Harris, S.; Kington, Alison and Lee, B. (2002) Classroom Practice: New approaches Supported by ICT.

Hobson, A.J.; Braun, A.; Kington, Alison; Felgate, R. and O'Connor, K. (2002) Evaluation of Excellence in Cities Primary Pilot: A Report of the Findings of Interviews with Partnership Coordinators. [Report]

Hobson, A.J. and Kington, Alison (2002) Evaluation of Excellence in Cities Primary Extension: A Report on the Findings of the Learning Mentor Strand Study. [Report]

Holub, E.B.; Tör, M.; Cooper, A.; Gordon, P. and Gunn, N. (2002) Genetics of Disease Resistance in Arabidopsis to Crop Pathogens. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Howarth, Sue (2002) The Heart (review and report of part of ABPI website). [Report]

Howarth, Sue (2002) The Kidneys and Body Balance (website review [Report]

Howarth, Sue (2002) Snail Shells and Acids. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Jones, Allan and Zachariae, R. (2002) Gender, Anxiety and Experimental Pain Sensitivity: An Overview.


Kington, Alison; Easton, C. and Masson, J. (2002) Evaluation of the Leading Small Primary Schools Pilot Programme. [Report]

Kington, Alison; Harris, S. and Leask, M. (2002) Innovative Practice Using ICT in Schools: Findings From Two Case Studies.

Koven, Mikel (2002) Filming Legends: A Revised Typology.


Lewis, Jodie (2002) Reinterpreting the Priddy Long Barrow, Mendip Hills, Somerset.


Mitchell, Theresa (2002) Becoming a Nurse: a Hermeneutic Study of the Experiences of Student Nurses on a Project 2000 Course. Ashgate Publishing.


Peel, Elizabeth (2002) Lesbian and Gay Awareness Training: Homophobia, Liberalism, and Managing Stereotypes. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell.


Shakesheff, Tim (2002) Wood and Crop Theft in Rural Herefordshire, 1800-60.

Snelling, Paul and Duffy, L. (2002) Developing Self-Directed Training for Intravenous Cannulation.

Storey, David (2002) Territory and National Identity: Examples from the Former Yugoslavia.

Storey, David and Palmer, C. (2002) Leominster Young Persons Drugs Outreach Project: An Evaluation. [Report]

Surr, C. and Brooker, Dawn (2002) The Effects of Undertaking a DCM Training Course on Care Practice.

Swinkels, A.; Albarran, J.; Means, R.; Mitchell, Theresa and Stewart, M. (2002) Evidence-based Practice in Health and Social Care: Where are We Now?


Tör, M.; Gordon, P.; Cuzick, A.; Eulgem, T.; Sinapidou, E.; Mert-Türk, F.; Can, C. and Dangl, J.L. (2002) Arabidopsis SGT1b Is Required for Defense Signaling Conferred by Several Downy mildew Resistance Genes.

Tör, M.; Gordon, P.; Cuzick, A.; Yemm, A. and Holub, E. (2002) Several Downy Mildew Resistence Genes in Arabidopsis Require Signalling Via a Homologue of Yeast SGT1. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Tör, M.; Manning, K.; King, G.J.; Tompson, A.J.; Jones, G.H.; Seymour, G.B. and Armstrong, S.J. (2002) Genetic Aalysis and FISH Mapping of the Colourless Non-Ripening Locus of Tomato.


Van Schalkwyk, S.J.; Brown, Chris and Cloete, S.W.P. (2002) Gas Exchange of the Ostrich Embryo During Peak Metabolism in Relation to Incubator Design.

Visser, Fleur; Roth, C.H.; Wasson, R.J. and Prosser, I.P. (2002) Quantifying Sediment Sources in Lowlying Sugarcane Land: A Sediment Budget Approach. In: UNSPECIFIED IAHS Press.


Webb, Jean (2002) Children’s Literature: The State of the Art. In: UNSPECIFIED The British Council, Gaudeamus.

Webb, Jean (2002) ‘Conceptualising Childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses’. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Webb, Jean (2002) ‘Contemporary Writing and Culture in the UK’. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Webb, Jean and Thacker, Deborah (2002) Introducing Children's Literature: from Romanticism to Postmodernism. Routledge.

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