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Aihio, N; Frings, D; Wilcock, Rachel and Burrell, P (2016) Crime Victims’ Demographics Inconsistently Relate to Self-Reported Vulnerability.

Anderson, Robert; Waayers, Robyn and Knight, Andrew (2016) Orca behavior and implications for oceanaria confinement and use in performances: aggression increases and behavioral pathology.

Arkesteijn, Marco; Jobson, Simon; Hopker, James and Passfield, Louis (2016) The effect of cycling intensity on cycling economy during seated and standing cycling.



Baker, Robin (2016) The Book of Judges: A Spiritual History?

Batten, John; White, Adam and Anderson, Eric (2016) Preventing penalty corner injuries and head trauma in field hockey: time to consider the power play?

Batten, John; White, Adam; Anderson, Eric and Bullingham, Rachael (2016) From management to prevention: The new cure for sports concussion.

Bayless, Sarah and Harvey, Alistair (2016) Testing Alcohol Myopia Theory: Examining the effects of alcohol intoxication on simultaneous central and peripheral attention.

Best, Shaun (2016) Voice and the Generalised Other in the Ethical Writings of Zygmunt Bauman. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Best, Shaun (2016) Zygmunt Bauman: What it means to be included.

Bhopal, Kalwant; Brown, Hazel and Jackson, June (2016) BME academic flight from UK to overseas higher education: aspects of marginalisation and exclusion.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Education at the Margins of the Political.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Innovative/Modern Learning Environments and the Uneven Return of Pastoral Power.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Inventing the Educational Subject in the 'Information Age'.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Learning not to Learn.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Negative Aesthetic Education. In: UNSPECIFIED Rowman and Littlefield.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) A New Version of Optimism for Education.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Passive education.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) The Primacy of Pity: Reconsidering Ethics and Education in Rousseau.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) The Queer Optimism of a Remuant Pedagogy. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) Review of Pedagogy, Praxis and Purpose in Education. By C.M., D.E. and D.G. Mulcahy. Taylor and Francis.

Bojesen, Emile (2016) 'this so low a purpose': Richard Mulcaster and the aims of public education in Sixteenth Century England. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.

Bonizzi, Bruno (2016) Institutional investors’ allocation to emerging markets: A panel approach to asset demand.

Bonizzi, Bruno (2016) International financialization and the contradictions of privatized Keynesianism.

Bonizzi, Bruno (2016) An alternative Post Keynesian framework for understanding capital flows to emerging markets.

Bonizzi, Bruno and Churchill, Jennifer (2016) Pension funds and financialisation in the European Union.

Bonnardel, Valerie (2016) Perceptual color spacing derived from Maximum Likelihood Multidimensional Scaling.

Booth, Stan and Mounsey, Chris (2016) The Variable Body in History. Peter Lang.

Boyce-Tillman, June (2016) Experiencing Music - Restoring the Spiritual. Peter Lang.

Bullingham, Rachael (2016) Changing times: discovering how openly lesbian athletes navigate team sport. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Burke, Maria (2016) The party’s over at the digital society: some thoughts towards the search for serious theoretical frameworks.

Byrne, E; Daykin, Norma and Coad, J (2016) Participatory Photography in Qualitative Research: A Methodological Review.


Carvalho, Constanca; Crespo, Mariana V; Bastos, Luisa F; Knight, Andrew and Vicente, Luís (2016) Contribution of animal models to contemporary understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Clarke, Katie (2016) Lay women's religion in the later middle ages. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Claxton, Guy and Lucas, Bill (2016) Open Dialogue: The Hole in the Heart of Education (and the role of psychology in addressing it).

Clift, S; Page, S; Daykin, Norma and Peasegood, E (2016) The perceived effects of singing on the health and wellbeing of wives and partners of members of the British Armed Forces: A cross-sectional survey.

Cotterill, Stewart (2016) Developing Leadership Skills in Sport: A Case Study of Elite Cricketers.

Cotterill, Stewart and Cheetham, Richard (2016) The Experience of Captaincy in Professional Sport: The Case of Elite Professional Rugby.

Cotterill, Stewart and Fransen, Katrien (2016) Athlete Leadership in Sport Teams: Current Understanding and Future Directions.

Crossland, Deborah; Kneller, Wendy and Wilcock, Rachel (2016) Intoxicated witnesses: Testing the validity of the Alcohol Myopia Theory.



Davies, Jude (2016) Method and Judgment in the Theodore Dreiser Edition: From Sister Carrie to The Titan.

Daykin, Norma (2016) Arts for Health and Wellbeing. An Evaluation Framework. UNSPECIFIED. Public Health England.

Daykin, Norma (2016) Arts for Health and Wellbeing: An Evaluation Framework. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Daykin, Norma; Gray, Karen; McCree, Mel and Willis, Jane (2016) Creative and credible evaluation for arts, health and wellbeing: opportunities and challenges of co-production.

Daykin, Norma; Mansfield, Louise; Payne, Annette; Kay, Tess; Meads, Catherine; D’Innocenzo, Giorgia; Bunett, Adele; Dolan, Paul; Julier, Guy; Longworth, Louise; Tomlinson, Alan; Testoni, Stefano and Victor, Christina (2016) What works for wellbeing in Culture and Sport? report of a DeLPHi process to support coproduction and establish principles and parameters of an evidence review.

De Valk, Mark (2016) Mr. Stone Goes To Washington: JFK 2.4. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

De Valk, Mark (2016) Screening the Tortured Body: The Cinema as Scaffold. Palgrave Macmillan.

Deeb, Haneen; Vrij, Aldert; Hope, Lorraine; Mann, Samantha; Granhag, Pär-Anders and Lancaster, Gary (2016) Suspects' consistency in statements concerning two events when different question formats are used.

Dickinson, Jen (2016) The political geographies of diaspora strategies: rethinking the 'sending state'.

de Graaf, H.; Sukhtankar, P.; Arch, B.; Ahmad, N.; Lees, A.; Bennett, A.; Spowart, C.; Hickey, H.; Jeanes, A.M.; Armon, K.; Riordan, A.; Herberg, J.; Hackett, S.; Gamble, C.; Shingadia, D.; Pallett, A.; Clarke, C.; Henman, P.; Emonts, M.; Sharland, M.; Pollard, A.J.; Powell, C.; Marsh, P.; Ballinger, C.; Williamson, P.R.; Clarke, N.M.P. and Faust, S.N. (2016) Duration of intravenous antibiotic therapy for children with acute osteomyelitis or septic arthritis: a feasibility study.


Egan, Bridget and Goodman, Joyce (2016) Household and Domestic Science: Entangling the Personal and the Professional.

Ewen, Neil (2016) The age of Nigel: Farage, the media, and Brexit.

Ewen, Neil and Cobb, Shelley (2016) ‘The 90s are officially over’: Generation X celebrity break-ups.


Farnell, Gary (2016) 'Faulks, Tagore, Proust: From Flaubert to "Birdsong" through Adaptation'.

Faulkner, James; Tzeng, Y-C; Lambrick, D; Woolley, B; Allan, P D; O'Donnell, T; Lanford, J; Wong, L and Stoner, L (2016) A randomized controlled trial to assess the central hemodynamic response to exercise in patients with transient ischaemic attack and minor stroke.

Finneran, Niall (2016) Beside the Seaside. The archaeology of the twentieth-century English seaside holiday experience: a phenomenological context.

Finneran, Niall (2016) Slaves to sailors: the archaeology of traditional Caribbean shore whaling c. 1850-2000.


Gamble, Tim and May, Jon (2016) Transitions in Interface Objects: Searching Databases.

Gamble, Tim and Walker, Ian (2016) Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Can Increase Risk Taking and Sensation Seeking in Adults.

Giannakopoulou, Anastasia; Uther, Maria and Ylinen, Sari (2016) Phonetic and orthographic cues are weighted in speech sound perception by second language speakers: Evidence from Greek speakers of English.

Gibbs, Alexis (2016) Academic freedom in international higher education: right or responsibility?

Gibbs, Alexis (2016) ‘What Makes My Image of Him into an Image of Him?’: Philosophers on Film and the Question of Educational Meaning.

Gilbert, Ruth (2016) ‘No outlines’: From dystopia to heterotopia in Howard Jacobson’s J.

Giles, David (2016) The immortalisation of celebrities. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Goodman, Joyce (2016) Circulating Objects and (Vernacular) Cosmopolitan Subjectivities - Zirkulierende Objekte und (einheimische) kosmopolitische Subjektivitäten.

Gowreesun kar, Vanessa and Seraphin, Hugues (2016) Entrepreneurship in Haiti: Toward an Identification of The ‘Blind Spots’.

Grace, Jamie and Oswald, Marion (2016) ‘Being on our radar does not necessarily mean being under our microscope’:The Regulation and Retention of Police Intelligence.

Gray, Robert (2016) Walking the Boundaries Between Modernity and Tradition: Perambulation and 'Beating the Bounds in nineteenth-century Hungary. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave MacMillan.

Grover, Chris and Grover, Richard (2016) Property Rights and Canada’s approach to exporting Alberta’s tar sands oil: Unlearning the lessons of the Mackenzie Valley? In: UNSPECIFIED.


Hewlett, Denise; Harding, Lisa; Munro, Tom; Terradillos, Ainara and Wilkinson, Keith (2016) Broadly engaging with tranquillity in protected landscapes: A matter of perspective identified in GIS.

Houghton, Robert (2016) The vocabulary of groups in eleventh-century Mantua.

Hunt, Tristram; Cruddas, John; Coppard, Oliver; Huq, Rupa; Taylor, Michael; Ferrett, John; Reed, Jamie; Bradshaw, Ben; Stride, Suzy; Quagliozzi, Jacob; Khan, Naushabah; Nandy, Lisa and Denham, John (2016) Labour's Identity Crisis: England and the Politics of Patriotism. University Winchester Press.


Iglesias Rogers, Graciela (2016) José Joaquin de Mora in Chile: From Neo-Europe to the ‘Beocia Americana'.

Inchley, Charlotte E.; Larbey, Cynthia D. A.; Shwan, Nzar A. A.; Pagani, Luca; Saag, Lauri; Antão, Tiago; Jacobs, Guy; Hudjashov, Georgi; Metspalu, Ene; Mitt, Mario; Eichstaedt, Christina A.; Malyarchuk, Boris; Derenko, Miroslava; Wee, Joseph; Abdullah, Syafiq; Ricaut, François-Xavier; Mormina, Maru; Mägi, Reedik; Villems, Richard; Metspalu, Mait; Jones, Martin K.; Armour, John A. L. and Kivisild, Toomas (2016) Selective sweep on human amylase genes postdates the split with Neanderthals.


Johnson, Rosalind (2016) The case of the distracted maid: healing and cursing in early Quaker history.

Joneidy, Sina and Burke, Maria (2016) Aspectual analysis as an alternative way of understanding the definitions of Big Data. In: UNSPECIFIED LISU, Loughborough University.



Karsten, B; Hopker, J; Jobson, Simon; Baker, J; Petrigna, L; Klose, A and Beedie, C (2016) Comparison of inter-trial recovery times for the determination of critical power and W’ in cycling.

King, Anthony (2016) A new monument type for the New Forest: excavation of a Late Iron Age/Early Roman 'Platform Site' at Leadenhall, Godshill, 2015.


Kneller, Wendy and Harvey, Alistair, J. (2016) Lineup identification accuracy: The effects of alcohol, target presence, confidence ratings and response time.

Knight, Andrew (2016) BVA is right on hunting. Veterinary Business Development Ltd.

Knight, Andrew (2016) Can hunts control their hounds?

Knight, Andrew (2016) Forging a career in animal welfare – part 1. Compassion in World Farming.

Knight, Andrew (2016) Horse manure: the new secret weapon in cetacean conservation research.

Knight, Andrew (2016) Hunters fail to silence critics.

Knight, Andrew (2016) A request for euthanasia: handling the client.

Knight, Andrew and Leitsberger, Madelaine (2016) Vegetarian versus meat-based diets for companion animals.

Korstanje, Maximiliano and Seraphin, Hugues (2016) Revisiting the Sociology of Consumption in Tourism. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Lansley, Charles Morris (2016) Charles Darwin's Debt to the Romantics. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Lees, Amanda (2016) Facts with feelings - social workers' experiences of sharing information across team and agency borders to safeguard children.

Legood, Alison; Mcgrath, Michelle; Searle, Rosalind and Lee, Allan (2016) Exploring how social workers experience and cope with public perception of their profession.

Locke, Rachel; Alexander, Gail; Mann, Richard; Kibble, Sharon and Scallan, Samantha (2016) Doctors with dyslexia: Strategies and support.

Lu, Jing; Wang, CuiQing and Keech, Malcolm (2016) A Novel Approach to Knowledge Discovery and Representation in Biological Databases.

Lucas, Bill (2016) A Five-Dimensional Model of Creativity and its Assessment in Schools.

Lucas, Bill (2016) Never mind the quantity feel the depth. In: UNSPECIFIED Winchester University Press.

Lucas, Bill (2016) We need to talk about pedagogy.

Lucas, Bill (2016) What if the further education and skills sector realised the full potential of vocational pedagogy? UNSPECIFIED. RSA.

Lucas, Bill and Hanson, Janet (2016) Learning to be employable: practical lessons from research into developing character. UNSPECIFIED. City & Guilds.

Lucas, Bill and Hanson, Janet (2016) Thinking Like an Engineer: Using Engineering Habits of Mind and signature pedagogies to redesign Engineering Education.

Lucas, Bill and Spencer, Ellen (2016) A practical guide to craftsmanship: creating the craftsmen and women Britain needs. UNSPECIFIED. City & Guilds.


McCray, Janet; Palmer, Adam and Chmiel, Nik (2016) Building Resilience in Health and Social Care Teams.

Mccullouch, Judith (2016) Excellence in Primary Mathematics Teaching: becoming excellent. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mccullouch, Judith (2016) If ‘good enough’ is sufficient for primary mathematics teaching, do we need excellence? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mccullouch, Judith (2016) A Meccano® model of approaches to teaching mathematics.

Mccullouch, Judith (2016) The contribution of teacher confidence to ‘excellent’ mathematics teaching.

Mccullouch, Judith and Hall, Michael (2016) Further and Higher Progression for Service Children: Research Paper. UNSPECIFIED. The University of Winchester.

Meads, Geoffrey (2016) Wellbeing agencies in the High Street: the rebirth of primary health care?

Meads, Geoffrey; Lees, Amanda and Tapson, Christine (2016) Creational narratives for new housing communities: evidence synthesis.

Meads, Geoffrey; Russell, Grant and Lees, Amanda (2016) Community governance in primary health care: towards an international ideal type.

Moraes, C; Ferreira, C; Michaelidou, N and Mcgrath, Michelle (2016) Consumer ethical judgement and controversial advertising avoidance on social media. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer.

Morgan, Marie (2016) Hannah Arendt and the 'Freedom' to Think.

Mormina, Maru; Brandao, Andreia; Eng, Ken Khong; Rito, Teresa; Cavadas, Bruno; Bulbeck, David; Gandini, Francesca; Pala, Maria; Hudson, Bob; White, Joyce; Ko, Tsang-Ming; Saidin, Mokhtar; Zafarina, Zainuddin; Oppenheimer, Stephen; Richards, Martin; Pereira, Luisa and Soares, Pedro (2016) Quantifying the legacy of the Chinese Neolithic on the maternal genetic heritage of Taiwan and Island Southeast Asia.

Mormina, Maru; Soares, Pedro; Trejaut, Jean; Rito, Teresa; Cavadas, Bruno; Hill, Catherine; Eng, Ken Khong; Brandao, Andreia; Fraser, Ross; Wang, Tse-Yi; Loo, Jun-Hun; Snell, Christopher; Ko, Tsang-Ming; Amorim, Antonio; Pala, Maria; Macaulay, Vincent; Bulbeck, David; Wilson, James; Gusmao, Leonor; Pereira, Luisa; Oppenheimer, Stephen; Lin, Marie and Richards, Martin (2016) Resolving the ancestry of Austronesian‑speaking populations.

Murray, Ashnil; White, Adam; Scoats, Ryan and Anderson, Eric (2016) Constructing Masculinities in the National Rugby League’s Footy Show.


Obrien, Susan (2016) English Catholics and the Holocaust. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Oswald, Marion (2016) Algorithmic policing and freedom of information – how far should transparency extend?

Oswald, Marion and Grace, Jamie (2016) Intelligence, policing and the use of algorithmic analysis: a freedom of information-based study.

Oswald, Marion and Grace, Jamie (2016) Norman Stanley Fletcher and the case of the proprietary algorithmic risk assessment.

Oswald, Marion; James, Helen and Nottingham, Emma (2016) The not-so-secret life of five-year-olds: legal and ethical issues relating to disclosure of information and the depiction of children on broadcast and social media.


Pagani, Luca; Lawson, Daniel John; Jagoda, Evelyn; Morseburg, Alexander; Eriksson, Anders; Mitt, Mario; Clemente, Florian; Hudjashov, Georgi; DeGiorgio, Michael; Saag, Lauri; Wall, Jeffrey D.; Cardona, Alexia; Magi, Reedik; Sayres, Melissa A. Wilson; Kaewert, Sarah; Inchley, Charlotte; Scheib, Christina L.; Jarve, Mari; Karmin, Monika; Jacobs, Guy S.; Antao, Tiago; Iliescu, Florin Mircea; Kushniarevich, Alena; Ayub, Qasim; Tyler-Smith, Chris and Mormina, Maru (2016) Genomic analyses inform on migration events during the peopling of Eurasia. Nature Publishing Group.

Passfield, L.; Hopker, J.G.; Jobson, Simon; Friel, D. and Zabala, M. (2016) Knowledge is power: Issues of measuring training and performance in cycling.

Pearson, Megan (2016) Religious discrimination and the ‘hierarchy of rights’: non-existent, appropriate or problematic?

Pilato, Manuela; Seraphin, Hugues and Yallop, Anca (2016) Exploring the potential of street food as a sustainable livelihood tourism strategy for developing destinations. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Prentki, Tim (2016) Joking A Part: The Social Performance of Folly.


Ross, Kirsty; Pye, Rachel E. and Randell, Jordan (2016) Reading Touch Screen Storybooks with Mothers Negatively Affects 7-Year-Old Readers’ Comprehension but Enriches Emotional Engagement.


Salapatas, Dimitrios Filippos (2016) The Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius: Quest for Truth, Quest for Theology, Quest for Unity An Exploration of Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Ecumenical Theological and Ecclesiological Relations from 1927 until 2012. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Scott, Peter; Scott, Tasmin; Stokes, Peter; Moore, Neil; Smith, Simon; Rowland, Caroline and Ward, Tony (2016) The Consumer Journey in the Digital Age – The Challenges Faced by Destination and Place Marketing Agencies.

Scott, Peter; Scott, Tasmin; Stokes, Peter; Moore, Neil; Smith, Simon; Rowland, Caroline and Ward, Tony (2016) Reconceptualising Buyer Behavior in the Digital Era: An Emergent Journey.

Sennett, Beth (2016) Adjusting existing VLEs to support students with dyslexia.

Seraphin, Hugues (2016) Challenging the negative images of Haiti at a pre-visit stage using Visual Online Learning Materials.

Seraphin, Hugues (2016) Marketing and Tourism. Research method for the segmentation of the Haitian diaspora. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Seraphin, Hugues; Ambaye, Michele; Gowreesunkar, Vanessa and Bonnardel, Valerie (2016) A marketing research tool for destination marketing organizations’ logo design.

Seraphin, Hugues; Gowreesunkar, Vanessa and Ambaye, Michele (2016) The Blakeley Model applied to improving a tourist destination: An exploratory study. The case of Haiti.

Seraphin, Hugues and Minto-Coy, Indianna (2016) Role of the diaspora in the emergence of Economic and Territorial Intelligence in Haiti.

Smith, Simon (2016) Organizational Ambidexterity: Welcome to paradox city.

Smith-Spark, J.H; Bartimus, J. and Wilcock, Rachel (2016) Mental time travel ability and the mental reinstatement of context for crime witnesses.

Stickley, T; Parr, H; Atkinson, S; Daykin, Norma; Clift, S; De Nora, T; Hacking, S; Camic, P; Joss, T; White, T and Hogan, S (2016) Arts, health and wellbeing. Reflections on a seminar series and building a UK research network.

Stockman, Caroline (2016) Empirical Data and Emerging Power Critiques: Lessons Learned.

Stokes, Peter; Moore, Neil; Smith, Simon; Larson, Mitchell J. and Brindley, Clare (2016) Organizational Ambidexterity and the Emerging-to-Advanced Economy Nexus: Cases from Private Higher Education Operators in the UK.

Stokes, Peter; Moore, Neil; Smith, Simon; Rowland, Caroline and Scott, Peter (2016) Organizational Management: Approaches and Solutions. Kogan Page.


Thomae, Manuela and Houston, Diane M. (2016) The impact of gender ideologies on men's and women's desire for a traditional or non-traditional partner.

Tubbs, Nigel (2016) Epistemology as Education.


Uther, Maria and Banks, Adrian P (2016) The influence of affordances on user preferences for multimedia language learning applications.


Warhurst, Amy and McGeown, Sarah (2016) Sex differences in education: Exploring children’s’ gender identity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Waterhouse, Genevieve F.; Ridley, Anne M.; Bull, Ray; LaRooy, David and Wilcock, Rachel (2016) Dynamics of Repeated Interviews with Children.

Witt, Sharon and Clarke, Helen (2016) Making connections in the Company of Pigeons.

Wood, Michael (2016) Conspiracy suspicions as a proxy for beliefs in conspiracy theories: Implications for theory and measurement.

Woodacre, Ellie (2016) Poder y parentesco: ¿Los fundamentos de reinar? El impacto de las relaciones familiares y conyugales en los reinados de las reinas titulares de Navarra (1274-1517).



Ziemer, Ulrike (2016) Unsettled Identity Negotiations: The Armenian Diaspora in Krasnodar Krai. In: UNSPECIFIED Boehlau Verlag GmbH.

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