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Aderibigbe, Semiyu Adejare; Colucci-Gray, Laura and Gray, Donald (2014) Mentoring as a collaborative learning journey for teachers and student teachers: a critical constructivist perspective.

Ashbridge, Jan and Josephidou, Joanne (2014) The learning environment. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.


Backman, Erik; Humberstone, Barbara and Loynes, Christopher (2014) Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work. Recito Förlag.

Badariah, Tunku; Zubairi, Ainol Madziah; Ibrahim, Mohd Burhan; Othman, Joharry; Rahman, Nik Suryani Abd; Rahman, Zainurin Abd; Nordin, Mohamad Sahari; Nor, Zainab Mohd and Ahmad, Tunku (2014) Assessment for learning practices and competency among Malaysian university lecturers: a national study.

Bampouras, Theodoros; Marrin, Kelly; Sankey, Sean P. and Jones, Paul A. (2014) Test-retest reliability and sensitivity of the Concept2 Dyno dynamometer: practical applications.

Barton, David; Ward, Katherine and Roddam, Hazel (2014) Adapting to trauma: disengagement as a holding strategy.

Bates, Elizabeth A.; Graham-Kevan, Nicola and Archer, John (2014) Testing predictions from the male control theory of men's partner violence.

Bates, Elizabeth A. and Kaye, Linda K. (2014) Exploring the impact of the increased tuition fees on academic staff's experiences in post-92 universities: a small-scale qualitative study.

Bates, Elizabeth A. and Kaye, Linda K. (2014) “I’d be expecting caviar in lectures”: the impact of the new fee regime on undergraduate students’ expectations of Higher Education.

Baum, Carolyn and Cox, Diane (2014) Occupational performance measures for health and wellbeing — research and practice (special issue editorial).

Baumann, Steven L.; Wright, Stephen G. and Settecase-Wu, Corinne (2014) A science of unitary human beings perspective of global health nursing.

Bell, Janice; Cox, Diane and Marcangelo, Caroline (2014) Master's level occupational therapy students on placement: an exploration of perceptions and expectations.

Bendell, Jem and Doyle, Ian (2014) Healing capitalism: five years in the life of business, finance and corporate responsibility. Greenleaf Publishing.

Booth, Lisa and Henwood, Suzanne (2014) Models of communication excellence. In: UNSPECIFIED CRC Press.

Bourne, Richard (2014) Communication, punishment and virtue: the theological limitation of (post) secular penance.

Boyd, Pete (2014) Learning conversations: teacher researchers evaluating dialogic strategies in early years settings.

Boyd, Pete (2014) 'Learning teaching' in school. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications Ltd.

Boyd, Pete (2014) Using 'modelling' to improve the coherence of initial teacher education. In: UNSPECIFIED Wydawnictwo Libron.

Boyd, Pete; Smith, Caroline and Beyaztas, Dilek Ilhan (2014) Evaluating academic workplaces: the hyper-expansive environment experienced by university lecturers in professional fields.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2014) Book review: Women in transit through literary liminal spaces.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2014) Living at our full compass: Michael Roberts and the poetry of mountaineering. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2014) “A Task of Glory All Thine Own”: Hannah More and women’s biblical poetry of the early nineteenth century.

Brunning, Alizon (2014) Bodies out of place: location and dislocation in Ian Rankin’s Fleshmarket Close. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brunning, Alizon (2014) Evil Blizzard: Kendal Calling – live review.

Brymer, Eric; Davids, Keith and Mallabon, Elizabeth (2014) Understanding the Psychological Health and Well-Being Benefits of Physical Activity in Nature: An Ecological Dynamics Analysis.

Burns, Caroline and Foo, Martin (2014) What are our international students telling us? Further explorations of a formative feedback intervention, to support academic literacy.


Carver, Mark (2014) Book Review: The University in Dissent.

Chalmers, Charlotte; MacCallum, Janis; Mowat, Elaine and Fulton, Norma (2014) Audio feedback: richer language but no measurable impact on student performance.

Chapman, Ian (2014) The end of Peak Oil? Why this topic is still relevant despite recent denials.

Clapham, Melanie; Nevin, Owen; Ramsey, Andrew D. and Rosell, Frank (2014) Scent-marking investment and motor patterns are affected by the age and sex of wild brown bears.

Clarke, David A.G. and Mcphie, Jamie (2014) Becoming animate in education: immanent materiality and outdoor learning for sustainability.

Convery, Ian; Carroll, Bob and Balogh, Ruth (2014) Flooding and schools: experiences in Hull in 2007.

Cooper, Hilary (2014) Professional studies in primary education, 2nd edition. SAGE Publications Ltd.

Cooper, Hilary (2014) Writing history 7-11: historical writing in different genres. Routledge.

Copping, Adrian (2014) ‘Put it there, Partner!’A Case Study of an organic partnership with a school.

Cornes, Michelle; Manthorpe, Jill; Joly, Louise and O'Halloran, Sue (2014) Reconciling recovery, personalisation and Housing First: integrating practice and outcome in the field of multiple exclusion homelessness.


Darwell, John (2014) Allonby Beach. [Show/Exhibition]

Darwell, John (2014) Chernobyl volume 1. The Velvet Cell.

Darwell, John (2014) Chernobyl volume 2. The Velvet Cell.

Darwell, John (2014) DDSBs [images and interview].

Darwell, John (2014) Dark Days [images].

Darwell, John (2014) Desert states. The Velvet Cell.

Darwell, John (2014) Grangemouth and the Forth Estuary. Cafe Royal Books.

Darwell, John (2014) Legacy: inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, volume one. The Velvet Cell.

Darwell, John (2014) Sheffield: in transition. Cafe Royal Books.

Darwell, John (2014) Sheffield: the remains of some buildings around the Don Valley. Cafe Royal Books.

Darwell, John (2014) Sheffield: things seen whilst wandering around Attercliffe. Cafe Royal Books.

Davis, Anne E.; Lewandowski, Adam J.; Holloway, Cameron J.; Ntsui, Ntobeko A.B.; Banerjee, Rajarshi; Nethononda, Richard; Pitcher, Alex; Francis, Jane M.; Myerson, Saul G.; Leeson, Paul; Donovan, Tim; Neubauer, Stefan and Rider, Oliver J. (2014) Observational study of regional aortic size referenced to body size: production of a cardiovascular magnetic resonance nomogram.

Dermo, John and Boyne, James (2014) Assessing understanding of complex learning outcomes and real-world skills using an authentic software tool: a study from Biomedical Sciences.

Dewhurst, Susan and Bampouras, Theodoros (2014) Intraday reliability and sensitivity of four functional ability tests in older women.

Dewhurst, Susan; Bargh, Melissa; Davidson, Chester and Bampouras, Theodoros (2014) Loaded and unloaded marching: implications for fluid replacement.

Dewhurst, Susan; Nelson, Norah; Dougall, Paul K. and Bampouras, Theodoros (2014) Scottish Country Dance: Benefits to Functional Ability in Older Women.

Dewhurst, Susan; Nelson, Norah; Dougall, Paul K. and Bampouras, Theodoros (2014) Scottish Country Dance: benefits to functional ability in older women.

Diggle, Jeremy (2014) Asemic writing. In: UNSPECIFIED Studio International and the Studio Trust.

Diggle, Jeremy (2014) No safe place to land. [Show/Exhibition]

Diggle, Jeremy (2014) On your knees. [Show/Exhibition]

Dion, Mark and Williams, Robert (2014) Phylogenetic Trees. [Show/Exhibition]

Dudgeon, John (2014) Measures. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.


Elliott, Dave and Hoyle, Kathryn (2014) An examination of barriers to physical education for Christian and Muslim girls attending comprehensive secondary schools in the UK.

Elliott, Dave; Polman, Remco and Taylor, Julie (2014) The effects of relaxing music for anxiety control on competitive sport anxiety.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally and Warner, Diane (2014) Race, culture and ethnicity: teachers and their pupils. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications Ltd.

Englefield, Chris (2014) Radioactive source security: the cultural challenges.

Englefield, Chris (2014) Radioactive source security: why do we not yet have a global protection system?


Feltham, Christina (2014) The value of preceptorship for newly qualified midwives.

Ferguson, Anne (2014) The development of the M.A. (Hons) in Primary Education with Teaching Qualification.

Fowler, Martin (2014) Scotland the brave: a graphic history of Scotland 1514-2014. Word Power Books.

Fowler, Martin (2014) Scotland the brave: a graphic history of Scotland 1514-2014. [Show/Exhibition]

Fowler, Martin (2014) The Society of Scottish Artists 117th annual open exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Fowler, Martin (2014) Still future I. [Show/Exhibition]

Fowler, Martin (2014) The tension of a line: a portrait of Perth prison. [Show/Exhibition]

Fox, Kathryn and Smith, Patrick (2014) Getting selection processes right. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.


Gallo, Josef; Kuneš, Ivan; Baláš, Martin; Nováková, Olga and Drury, Miles Louis (2014) Occurrence of frost episodes and their dynamics in height gradient above the ground in the Jizerské hory Mts.

Gregson, Keith and Huggins, Mike (2014) Ashbrooke Whit Sports, Sunderland and its records: a case study of amateurism in late Victorian and Edwardian athletic and cycling competition.

Griffiths, Vivienne (2014) Reflections of a Researcher Teacher.

Grimwood, Tom (2014) Kierkegaard’s journals and notebooks, volume 5: journals NB6-NB10 (book review).

Grimwood, Tom and Miller, Paul K. (2014) How to do things without words. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave MacMillan.


Hamilton, Tom (2014) The Role of a Professional Regulatory Body in Achieving the Priorities of Teacher Education.

Hayes, Lawrence D.; Sculthorpe, Nicholas; Herbert, Peter; Baker, Julien S.; Hullin, David A.; Kilduff, Liam P. and Grace, Fergal M. (2014) Resting steroid hormone concentrations in lifetime exercisers and lifetime sedentary males.

Hayes, Lawrence D.; Sculthorpe, Nicholas; Herbert, Peter; Baker, Julien S.; Hullin, David A.; Kilduff, Liam P.; Reed, Dewi; Spagna, Roberto and Grace, Fergal M. (2014) Salivary testosterone measurement does not identify biochemical hypogonadism in aging men: a ROC analysis.

Hayes, Lawrence D.; Sculthorpe, Nicholas; Young, John D.; Baker, Julien S. and Grace, Fergal M. (2014) Critical difference applied to exercise-induced salivary testosterone and cortisol using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA): distinguishing biological from statistical change.

Hayes, Tracy (2014) The challenges of social inclusion in outdoor education: can tortoise and hare learn together? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Helbren, Emma; Halligan, Steve; Phillips, Peter; Boone, Darren; Fanshawe, Thomas R.; Taylor, Stuart A.; Manning, David; Gale, Alastair; Altman, Douglas G. and Mallett, Susan (2014) Towards a framework for analysis of eye-tracking studies in the three dimensional environment: a study of visual search by experienced readers of endoluminal CT colonography.

Hepplestone, Stuart and Chikwa, Gladson (2014) Understanding how students process and use feedback to support their learning.

Hill, Davina L.; Lindstrom, Jan; McCafferty, Dominic J. and Nager, Ruedi G. (2014) Female but not male zebra finches adjust heat output in response to increased incubation demand.

Hill, Davina L. and Wall, Eileen (2014) Dairy cattle in a temperate climate: the effects of weather on milk yield and composition depend on management.

Hough, Lizz; Blake, Jo and Chesney, Sarah (2014) North West collaborative project developing an e-learning resource: Learning about health visiting.

Hryniewicz, Liz; Griffiths, Vivienne and Thompson, Simon (2014) Living graphs as a methodological tool: representing landmarks in the professional development of teacher educators.

Huggins, Mike (2014) Book review: Immortals of British sport: a celebration of Britain's sporting history through sculpture.

Huggins, Mike (2014) Book review: Only gold matters: Cecil Griffiths, the exiled Olympic champion.

Huggins, Mike (2014) Going to the dogs: greyhound racing, animal activism, and American popular culture.

Hurley, Andrew and Cammack, Paul (2014) Get a backbone … Come on!’ The place of emotional intelligence in pre-placement preparation and support for trainee teachers.

Hussain Ahmed, Deeba and Jackson, Elizabeth (2014) Implementing a social networking platform as an educational tool in a UK secondary school: a case study.

Hutchison, Sonia (2014) How can I work participatively with carers to improve the education of social work students? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hymer, Barry (2014) Constructing and deconstructing giftedness: a reflective conversation between Tim Dracup, architect of England’s National Gifted and Talented Education Programme from 1996 to 2009, and Barry Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria, UK.

Hymer, Barry and Gershon, Mike (2014) Growth mindset pocketbook. Teachers' Pocketbooks.


Kazim, Raza; Mahomed, Adam; Moloney, Mark and Morrison, Liz (2014) Developing a ‘dynamic’ and collaborative pedagogy for postgraduate certificate (PGCE) secondary mathematics students.

Kokologos, D; Tsitoura, I; Kouloumpis, Viktor and Tsoutsos, Theocharis (2014) Visual impact assessment method for wind parks: a case study in Crete.

Kuneš, Ivan; Baláš, Martin; Zahradník, Daniel; Nováková, Olga; Gallo, Josef; Nárovcová, Jarmila and Drury, Miles Louis (2014) Role of planting stock size and fertilizing in initial growth performance of rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.) reforestation in a mountain frost hollow.


Leslie, Andrew D. (2014) Book review: Forests and Global Change.

Leslie, Andrew D.; Mencuccini, Maurizio and Perks, Mike (2014) Frost damage to eucalypts in a short-rotation forestry trial in Cumbria (England).

Leslie, Andrew D.; Mencuccini, Maurizio; Purse, John G. and Perks, Mike P. (2014) Results of a species trial of cold tolerant eucalypts in south west England.

Littler, Nadine (2014) Emotional health and wellbeing CPD for school nurses.

Long, Philip (2014) Staff and students’ conceptions of good written feedback: Implications for Practice.

Loynes, Christopher (2014) The legacy of the use of maps in outdoor education: breaking the link between maps and navigation and the experience of place. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Malik, Poonam; Zuleger, Nikolaj; de las Heras, Jose I.; Saiz-Ros, Natalia; Makarov, Alexandr A.; Lazou, Vassiliki; Meinke, Peter; Waterfall, Martin; Kelly, David A. and Schirmer, Eric C. (2014) NET23/STING promotes chromatin compaction from the nuclear envelope.

Mallett, Susan; Phillips, Peter; Fanshawe, Thomas R.; Helbren, Emma; Boone, Darren; Gale, Alastair; Taylor, Stuart A.; Manning, David; Altman, Douglas G. and Halligan, Steve (2014) Tracking eye gaze during interpretation of endoluminal three-dimensional CT colonography: visual perception of experienced and inexperienced readers.

Mansfield, Lois (2014) Upland farming and wilding.

Markonish, Denise (2014) The one-minute film festival: festival guide book. MAS MoCA.

Marshall, Alison and Bell, Tom (2014) Digital technologies and rural healthcare: the Cumbria Rural Health Forum.

McDermott, Clare; Al Haddabi, Atheer; Akagi, Hiroko; Selby, Michelle; Cox, Diane and Lewith, George (2014) What is the current NHS service provision for patients severely affected by chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis? A national scoping exercise.

Mcphie, Jamie (2014) Book review: Controversial issues in adventure programming.

Mcphie, Jamie (2014) Mr. Messy and the Ghost in the Machine: a tale of becoming... a working-class academic (researching environ(mental) health).

Meer, Nicky and Chapman, Amanda (2014) Co-creation of Marking Criteria: Students as Partners in the Assessment Process Co-creation of Marking Criteria: Students as Partners in the Assessment Process.

Meer, Nicky M. and Chapman, Amanda (2014) Assessment for confidence: exploring the impact that low-stakes assessment design has on student retention.

Merritt, Lucy and Miller, Paul (2014) Anxiety, physical activity and public performance: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of amateur gymnasts’ competition experiences.

Merritt, Lucy and Miller, Paul K. (2014) Anxiety, physical activity and public performance: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of amateur gymnasts’ competition experiences.

Merritt, Lucy H. and Miller, Paul K. (2014) Anxiety, physical activity, and public performance: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of amateur gymnasts’ competition experiences.

Miller, Paul; Wilson, Nicola; Dickson, Alyson and Gaffney, Joanne C. (2014) Confidence-building among school staff as a latent systemic impact of the Cumbrian initiative.

Miller, Paul K.; Wilson, Nicola; Dickson, Alyson and Gaffney, Joanne C. (2014) Targeted mental health in schools: confidence-building among school staff as a latent systemic impact of the Cumbrian initiative.

Moeller, Karl (2014) Book review: The theology of the book of Amos.

Moeller, Karl (2014) Reading Amos as a book. Grove Books.

Mokhtar, Maizura; Liu, Xiongwei and Howe, Joe (2014) Multi-agent Gaussian Adaptive Resonance Theory Map for building energy control and thermal comfort management of UCLan's WestLakes Samuel Lindow Building.

Murray, Anthony W. (2014) Nuclear medicine software: nothing is perfect.

Murray, Anthony W.; Barnfield, Mark C. and Thorley, Penelope J. (2014) Optimal uniformity index selection and acquisition counts for daily gamma camera quality control.

Murray, Anthony W.; Lawson, Richard S.; Cade, Sarah C.; Hall, David O. and Kenny, Bob (2014) UK audit of glomerular filtration rate measurement from plasma sampling in 2013.


Nair, Richard K.F.; Weatherall, Andrew; Perks, Mike and Mencuccuni, Maurizio (2014) Stem injection of 15N–NH4NO3 into mature Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis).

Nevin, Owen; Swain, Peter and Convery, Ian (2014) Bears, place-making, and authenticity in British Columbia.


Patrick, Fiona and McPhee, Alastair (2014) Evaluating the use of problem-based learning in a new initial teacher education degree.

Peck, Frank; Parry, Simon; Mulvey, Gail; Jackson, Keith; Cabras, Ignazio and Jackson, Jacqueline (2014) The role and significance of rates relief for supporting businesses in Wales.

Peelo, Moira and Soothill, Keith (2014) ‘Marginal’ crime: the example of blackmail in representing evolving crime narratives.

Pemberton, Sue and Cox, Diane (2014) Synchronisation: co-ordinating time and occupation.

Perez, David Michael and Williams, Robert (2014) Everyday ecologies: the art of father-and-son Robert Williams and Jack Aylward-Williams.

Philpott, Carey (2014) Using narrative research as a method in teacher education; a sociocultural approach.

Philpott, Carey; Scott, Helen and Mercier, Carrie (2014) Initial teacher education in schools: a guide for practitioners. Sage.

Philpott, Chris (2014) A pedagogy for initial teacher education in England.

Prince, Heather (2014) Eliciting nature and landscape writing through outdoor experiences. In: UNSPECIFIED The Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research, University of the Highlands and Islands.

Prince, Heather (2014) Eliciting nature and landscape writing through outdoor experiences. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Relph, Nicola and Herrington, Lee (2014) Inter-examiner, intra-examiner and test-retest reliability of clinical knee joint position sense measurements using an image capture technique.

Relph, Nicola; Herrington, Lee and Tyson, Sarah (2014) The effect of ACL injury on knee proprioception: a meta-analysis.

Ross, Amy Miner; Fotheringham, Diane and Crusoe, Kristen (2014) Re-valuing nursing's currency: shifting away from hierarchical binary opposition.


Sales, Rachel (2014) Being-in-the-world-of-marking: New academics’ experiences of assessment & feedback.

Samarra, Filipa I.P.; Miller, Patrick J.O.; Deecke, Volker B. and Simonis, Anne E. (2014) Geographic variation in the time-frequency characteristics of high-frequency whistles produced by killer whales (Orcinus orca).

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2014) Feral attraction: art, becoming, and erasure. In: UNSPECIFIED Taylor & Francis (Routledge).

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2014) Trout fishing in America and other stories. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stansbury, Amanda L.; Götz, Thomas; Deecke, Volker B. and Janik, Vincent M. (2014) Grey seals use anthropogenic signals from acoustic tags to locate fish: evidence from a simulated foraging task.

Stevenson-Holt, Claire D. and Sinclair, Billy (2014) Assessing the geographic origin of the invasive grey squirrel using DNA sequencing: implications for management strategies.

Stevenson-Holt, Claire D.; Watts, Kevin; Bellamy, Chloe C.; Nevin, Owen and Ramsey, Andrew (2014) Defining landscape resistance values in least-cost connectivity models for the invasive grey squirrel: a comparison of approaches using expert-opinion and habitat suitability modelling.

Stuart, Karen (2014) Activity theory as a reflective and analytic tool for action research on multi-professional collaborative practice.

Stuart, Karen (2014) Collaborative agency to support integrated care for children, young people and families: an action research study.

Sutrop, Margit (2014) Using the Teachers’ Values Game to facilitate teachers’ reflection on their own values.


Thanaraj, Ann (2014) Using virtual clinics to develop and experience professional responsibility and clinical legal skills. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Topping, Jane (2014) DISCORDIA commissioned t-shirt. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2014) The Luck of Edenhall. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2014) 'Peter' premiere. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2014) The Women: 8 Films. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2014) The Women: PULSE. [Show/Exhibition]

Twinley, Rebecca and Morris, Karen (2014) Are we achieving occupation-focused practice?


Venters, Colin C.; Austin, Jim; Dibsdale, Charlie E.; Dimitrova, Vania; Djemame, Karim; Fletcher, Martyn; Fores, Sarah; Hobson, Stephen; Lau, Lydia; McAvoy, John; Marshall, Alison; Townend, Paul; Taylor, Nick; Valentina, Viduto; Webster, David E. and Xiu, Jie (2014) To trust or not to trust? Developing trusted digital spaces through timely reliable and personalized provenance. [Report]

Vincent, Karen and Roden, Judith (2014) Comparative experiences of two teacher educators: a self-study.


Watson, Jan S (2014) Assessing creative process and product in higher education.

Whitehead, Jack (2014) Improving learning and practice in the workplace through living theory research. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Whitehead, Jack (2014) Review of Gert Biesta’s book “Beyond learning: democratic education for a human future”.

Wilkinson, Mike (2014) Developing support for the Pi to teach computer control.

Williams, Rachel C.; Dawson, Deborah A.; Horsburgh, Gavin J. and Sinclair, Billy (2014) Isolation and characterisation of microsatellite loci for the ancient cephalopod, Nautilus pompilius.

Williams, Robert (2014) The one minute film festival 2003-2012. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Robert and Aylward-Williams, Jack (2014) Systema naturae: a history of in-animate nature. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Robert and Schäfer, Hilmar (2014) Alchemist's Shack III: Underworlds. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Robert and Wilson, Bryan McGovern (2014) Cumbrian Alchemy. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Robert and Wilson, Bryan McGovern (2014) Cumbrian Alchemy: exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Wilson, Mark and Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis (2014) Feral Attraction: Art, Becoming and Erasure. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Wilson, Mark and Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis (2014) The We of 'We' – Re-thinking Back to the Garden. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Art and Environment.

Wilson, Viv (2014) Examining teacher education through cultural-historical activity theory.

Wosik, Dawid (2014) Measuring the quality of the assessment process: dealing with grading inconsistency.


Yazbak Abu-Ahmad, Manal and Yahav, Aliza (2014) Humanising ‘the other’.

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