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Balshaw, Thomas; Bampouras, Theodoros; Barry, Timothy and Sparks, S.Andy (2012) The effect of acute taurine ingestion on 3-km running performance in trained middle-distance runners.

Bampouras, Theodoros; Cronin, Colum and Miller, Paul K. (2012) Performance analytic processes in elite sport practice: An exploratory investigation of the perspectives of a sport scientist, coach and athlete.

Bampouras, Theodoros; Reeves, Neil D.; Baltzopoulos, Vasilios; Jones, David A. and Maganaris, Constantinos N. (2012) Is maximum intensity stimulation intensity required in the assessment of muscle activation capacity?

Beacham, N and McIntosh, K (2012) Student teacher attitudes and beliefs towards using ICT as part of inclusive practice: A 2008-2009 pilot survey.

Bell, Janice (2012) Introducing problem-based learning as a learning strategy for Masters students.

Bendell, Jem (2012) Elegant disruption: how luxury and society can change each-other for good. [Report]

Bendell, Jem and Ellersiek, Anne (2012) Advocacy for corporate accountability and trade justice: the role of ‘Noble Networks’ in the United Kingdom. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Bendell, Jem and Ellersiek, Anne (2012) The potential and practice of civic networks. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Bloxham, Susan (2012) ‘You can see the quality in front of your eyes’: grounding academic standards between rationality and interpretation.

Boyd, Pete and Tibke, Jon (2012) Being a school-based teacher educator: developing pedagogy and identity in facilitating work-based higher education in a professional field.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2012) Christopher at the Lakes : Volume One - The Lake Poems of John Wilson. Bookcase.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2012) Cumbrians and their "ancient kingdom" : landscape, literature and regional identity. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2012) 'Living at our Full Compass': Michael Roberts and the Poetry of Mountaineering.

Burns, Caroline and Foo, Martin (2012) Evaluating a Formative Feedback Intervention for International Students.


Cabras, Ignazio and Mulvey, Gail (2012) Nuclear economies and local supply chains in peripheral areas: the case of West Cumbria.

Chapman, Amanda (2012) A (re)negotiation of identity: from "mature student" to "novice academic".

Christie, Mark; Miller, Paul K.; Barry, Timothy and Dewhurst, Susan (2012) The case for community conservation in cardiovascular health promotion in the North West: Evidence from the Lancaster ‘Greenfingers’ initiative.

Churchland, Carolyn; Weatherall, Andrew; Briones, Maria J.I. and Grayston, Sue J. (2012) Stable-isotope labeling and probing of recent photosynthates into respired CO2, soil microbes and soil mesofauna using a xylem and phloem stem-injection technique on Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis).

Convery, Ian; Corsane, Gerard and Davis, Peter (2012) Making sense of place : multidisciplinary perspectives. Boydell & Brewer.

Convery, Ian and Cox, Diane (2012) A Review of Research Ethics in Internet Based Research.

Convery, Ian and Dutson, Tom (2012) Wild Ennerdale : a cultural landscape. In: UNSPECIFIED Springer.

Convery, Ian and O'Brien, Vincent (2012) Gypsies, travellers and place : a co-ethnography. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Copping, Adrian (2012) A case study evaluating the experience of a tutor co-teaching with students on a teacher education placement.

Court, Krista (2012) The use of tutor feedback on draft essays: exploring the potential to develop students’ academic writing and subject knowledge.

Cowan, J and Cherry, D (2012) The Learner's role in assessing higher level abilities.

Cox, Diane; Garry, Heather; Spickett, Gavin; Wilson, Louise and Bojke, Chris (2012) Tele-rehabilitation: video-conferencing for delivery of interventions for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Darwell, John (2012) The mail keeps coming (empty shops).

Deecke, Volker B. (2012) Tool-use in the brown bear (Ursus arctos).

Devine, Cathy (2012) London 2012 Olympic legacy: a big sporting society?

Donovan, Tim; Crawford, Trevor and Litchfield, Damien (2012) Negative priming for target selection with saccadic eye movements.

Donovan, Tim and Litchfield, Damien (2012) Looking for cancer: expertise related differences in searching and decision making.


Eldridge, Jim (2012) The Deadly Game. Bloomsbury.

Eldridge, Jim (2012) The Invisible Assassin. Bloomsbury.


Fallahi, Farshid; Jafari, Hooman; Jefferson, Gail; Jennings, Peter and Read, Ruth (2012) Explorative study of the sensitivity and specificity of the pronator quadratus fat pad sign as a predictor of subtle wrist fractures.

Filatova, Olga A.; Deecke, Volker B.; Ford, John K.B.; Matkin, Craig O.; Barrett-Lennard, Lance G.; Guzeev, Mikhail A.; Burdin, Alexandr M. and Hoyt, Erich (2012) Call diversity in the North Pacific killer whale populations: implications for dialect evolution and population history.

Firth, Matthew (2012) Deuteronomy 11-22. In: UNSPECIFIED The Bible Reading Fellowship.

Freeman, Patrick and Toyn, Mike (2012) Making the link - analysing the effectiveness of a module on the role of ICT in developing pupil creativity.


Gibson, Susanne (2012) Abortion. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier.

Gibson, Susanne (2012) Acts and omissions. In: UNSPECIFIED Elsevier.

Gleeson, M (2012) 'Jack of all trades': The ambiguous role of the ESOL teacher in secondary schools.

Green, Kerie and Longman, David (2012) Polling learning: modelling the use of technology in classroom questioning.


Harris, Ian (2012) Buddhism in a dark age: Cambodian monks under Pol Pot. University Of Hawaii Press.

Hartworth, Christopher; Hartworth, Joanne and Convery, Ian (2012) Survival sex work: vulnerable, violent and hidden lifescapes in the North East of England. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Hay, M. and Mathers, L. (2012) Designing assessment for autonomous learning.

Hayes, Tracy (2012) The accidental youth worker. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hymer, Barry (2012) Igniting passion in children, teachers and leaders. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hymer, Barry (2012) An act of GRACE? What do contemporary understandings in psychology have to contribute to the future of gifted education?

Hymer, Barry and Sutcliffe, Roger (2012) P4C Pocketbook. Management Pocketbooks.


Kean, J (2012) Show AND tell: using peer assessment and exemplars to help students understand quality in assessment.

Kennell, Z (2012) The application of somatic practices into the praxis of being a teacher educator: how can i take better xcare of myself?

Kneen, J and Pattison, E (2012) ‘Qui Docet Discet’ (Those who teach learn) – how peer teaching can help prepare student teachers for the classroom.


Lewis, G and Forsythe, S (2012) Which qualities did aspiring teachers value in their ‘best’ mathematics teachers?

Lindsay, Ellie; Ramsey, Andrew; Convery, Ian and Simmons, Eunice (2012) Rainforests, place and palm oil in Sabah, Borneo. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Lloyd, C and Trangmar, R (2012) Investigating the Implications of Hattie’s (2012) Synthesis of Meta-Analyses for Teaching Higher Education in Further Education.

Longstaffe, Stephen (2012) The troublesome reign of King John. In: UNSPECIFIED Oxford University Press.


Mansfield, Lois (2012) Hill farming identities and connections to place. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

McGregor, Richard (2012) Walking the Line: Deconstructing Identity, Suicide and Betrayal in Peter Maxwell Davies’Mr Emmet Takes a Walk.

Mee, Steve (2012) Valuing people with a learning disability. M & K Publishing.

Menzies, Loic and Jordan-Daus, Kerry (2012) The importance of schools and HEIs in Initial Teacher Training: how collaboration between Canterbury Christ Church University and its partnership of schools changed trainees’ understandings of diversity.

Miller, Paul K. (2012) Arsène didn’t see it: coaching, research and the promise of a discursive psychology.

Miller, Paul K. (2012) Review: Race, sport and politics: The sporting black diaspora.

Miller, Paul K.; Grimwood, Tom; Relph, Nicola and Bargh, Melissa (2012) Cumbria PFT: Foundation in Management and Leadership Programme: interim evaluation report. [Report]

Miller, Paul K.; Relph, Nicola and Grimwood, Tom (2012) Cumbria PFT: Foundation in Management and Leadership Programme - Tranche 1 Survey Report: Cohort Analysis. [Report]

Miller, Paul K.; Rowe, Louise; Cronin, Colum and Bampouras, Theodoros (2012) Heuristic reasoning and the observer’s view: the influence of example-availability on ad-hoc frequency judgments in sport.

Moeller, Karl (2012) Amos, book of. In: UNSPECIFIED Inter Varsity Press.

Moeller, Karl (2012) The rhetoric of desire in the Song of Songs. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mogra, I (2012) Role play in teacher education: Is there still a place for it?

Murtagh, L (2012) Enhancing Preparation for Higher Education.


Nevin, Owen; Swain, Peter and Convery, Ian (2012) Nature tourism : do bears create a sense of place. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Norton, Lin S.; Norton, Bill and Sadler, Ian (2012) Assessment, marking and feedback: understanding the lecturers’ perspective.


Overman, Linda Rader (2012) Ekphrastic narrative: a genre focalizing image and text.

O’Riordan, Zoe (2012) Living in the ‘real world’: the experiences and support of school-leavers with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Peck, Frank; Mulvey, Gail; Jackson, Keith and Jackson, Jacqueline (2012) Business perceptions of regulatory burden. [Report]

Prince, Heather (2012) Children learning outside the classroom: from birth to eleven.

Prince, Heather; Bunce, Robert G.H. and Jongman, Rob H.G. (2012) Changes in the vegetation composition of hay meadows between 1993 and 2009 in the Picos de Europa and implications for nature conservation.


Renou, Michel; Clapham, Melanie; Nevin, Owen T.; Ramsey, Andrew D. and Rosell, Frank (2012) A hypothetico-deductive approach to assessing the social function of chemical signalling in a non-territorial solitary carnivore.

Riesch, Rüdiger; Barrett-Lennard, Lance G.; Ellis, Graeme M.; Ford, John K.B. and Deecke, Volker B. (2012) Cultural traditions and the evolution of reproductive isolation: ecological speciation in killer whales?

Rogers, Jennifer; Convery, Ian and Simmons, Eunice (2012) Local renewables for local places? Attitudes to renewable energy and the role of communities in place-based renewable energy development. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Rogers, Jennifer; Convery, Ian; Simmons, Eunice and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) Chapter 8: Local renewables for local places? Attitudes to renewable energy and the role of communities in place-based renewable energy development. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell Press.

Rogers, Jennifer; Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) What does it mean to be a friendly outsider? Critical reflection on finding a role as an action researcher with communities developing renewable energy projects.

Rogers, Jennifer; Simmons, Eunice; Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) Social impacts of community renewable energy projects: findings from a woodfuel case study.

Rogers, Jennifer; Simmons, Eunice; Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) Social impacts of community renewable energy projects: findings from a woodfuel case study.


Scott, C (2012) Who’s doing all the work? Using a technology-enhanced learning resource to develop student autonomy.

Smith, Caroline and Boyd, Pete (2012) Becoming an Academic: The reconstruction of identity by recently appointed lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2012) Nanoq. In: UNSPECIFIED Penn State University Press.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2012) What we can do: art methodologies and parities in meeting. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury Continuum.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis; Wilson, Mark; Benediktsson, Karl and Jónsson, Unndór Egill (2012) The wild, the tame and the feral (research project). [Artefact]

Starkey, L and Rawlins, P (2012) Student teacher learning during practicum experience.

Stephenson, Clare; Topping, Jane and MacPherson, Sophie (2012) Smoking Forever. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stuart, Karen (2012) Leading multi-professional teams in the children’s workforce: an action research project.

Sutton, P (2012) An Essay in the Political Economy of Assessment Design.


Thanaraj, Ann (2012) Student engagement with e-portfolios: purpose, benefits and problems.

Topping, Jane (2012) Arise. [Artefact]

Tulley-Pitchford, Kay (2012) Mouse click plagiarism: Can technology help to fight back?


van der Velden, Naomi (2012) How does your garden grow? Participatory polycultures research in the UK. In: UNSPECIFIED.

van der Velden, Naomi (2012) Multispecies systems in agroecology. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Wallis, T (2012) Building partnerships for success: a model for working with teacher trainers, mentors and trainees.

Walsh, Mike (2012) Virtual Communities and Narrative Pedagogy: A 21st Century Learning Strategy. In: UNSPECIFIED Nova.

Walsh, Mike and Van Soeren, Mary (2012) Interprofessional learning and virtual communities: An opportunity for the future.

Weatherall, Andrew (2012) Forests under climate change and air pollution: Gaps in understanding and future directions for research.

Weaver, Margaret (2012) Managing Complex Change Collaboratively. In: UNSPECIFIED Facet Publishing.

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