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Abt, Grant and Barry, Timothy (2007) The Quantitative Effect of Students Using Podcasts in a First Year Undergraduate Exercise Physiology Module.

Aspden, William; Pegg, Graham; van Herwerden, L.; Newman, S.J. and Sinclair, Billy (2007) Population Genetics of Red Throat Emperor of Australian East and West Coasts and Norfolk Island based on Mitochondrial DNA sequence. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Bailey, William; Marshall, Gill and Coals, Jacqui (2007) A pilot study to investigate the effect of a hydration regime upon immediate and 24 h delayed MRI contrast agent reactions.

Barry, Timothy and Abt, Grant (2007) A Strategy for Using Podcasts for Teaching and Learning in the Biosciences. [Report]

Barry, Timothy; Abt, Grant and Mallabon, Elizabeth (2007) Podcasting Exercise Physiology - enhancing the student experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bloxham, Susan (2007) A system that is wide of the mark.

Bloxham, Susan and Boyd, Pete (2007) Developing Effective Assessment in Higher Education: A Practical Guide. Open University Press.

Bloxham, Susan and West, Amanda (2007) Learning to write in higher education: students’ perceptions of an intervention in developing understanding of assessment criteria.

Booth, Lisa (2007) Observations and reflections of communication in health care - could Transactional Analysis be used as an effective approach?

Bourne, Richard (2007) Witness, Democracy and Civil Society: Reflections on John Howard Yoder's Exilic Ecclesiology.

Boyd, Pete and Bloxham, Susan (2007) Editorial: Practitioner Research in Higher Education, 1 (1).

Boyd, Pete; Harris, Kim and Murray, Jean (2007) Becoming a teacher educator.

Boyd, Pete; Harris, Kim and Murray, Jean (2007) Becoming a teacher educator: guidelines for the induction of newly appointed lecturers in Initial Teacher Education.

Boyd, Pete and Lawley, Liz (2007) Becoming a Professional Educator: induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher and nurse education.

Burley, Lucy; Cox, Diane and Findley, Leslie J. (2007) Severe chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME): recovery is possible.


Chapman, Amanda (2007) The informed student voice: what can our students teach us about retention. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Chapman, Amanda; Parmar, Deeba and Trotter, Elaine (2007) An evaluation of the first year experience from the mature students’ perspective: a multiinstitutional comparison.

Convery, Ian; Mort, Maggie; Bailey, Cathy and Baxter, Josephine (2007) Role Stress in Front Line Workers during the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic: The Value of Therapeutic Spaces.

Cooper, Hilary (2007) History 3-11: a guide for teachers. David Fulton.

Cooper, Hilary and Dilek, Dursun (2007) A Comparative Study on Primary Pupils' Historical Questioning Processes in Turkey and England: Empathic, Critical and Creative Thinking.

Cox, Diane (2007) Book reviews... Living with fatigue: fatigue management for people with MS.

Cox, Diane and Araoz, Gonzalo (2007) The perceived experience of supervision within the PACE trial. [Report]

Curnow, Trevor (2007) Pantokrator: An Introduction to Orthodoxy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Darwell, John (2007) Dark days. Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Darwell, John; Herrmann, Paul and Grennan, Simon (2007) Committed to Memory. Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery.

Donovan, Tim; Arthurs, O; Pickard, J.D.; Spiegelhalter, D and Boniface, S (2007) Intracortically Distributed Neurovascular Coupling Relationships within and between Human Somatosensory Cortices.

Donovan, Tim and Manning, David (2007) The radiology task: Bayesian theory and perception.

Dudgeon, John (2007) Cross-curricular resources to develop mathematical thinking. In: UNSPECIFIED SAGE Publications.

Dykes, Nigel; Prince, Heather; Lemmey, Richard and Bunce, R.P. (2007) The Picos de Europa mountains, north-west Spain, an inspiration to non-specialist students to study living cultural landscapes. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Gibson, Susanne (2007) Uses of Respect and Uses of the Human Embryo.

Greenwood, Anthony (2007) Using external live projects with final year undergraduates.


Haywood, Mark (2007) Depicting Wilderness: re-wilding, or re-colonisation? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haywood, Mark (2007) Morphologies of beauty evolutionary psychology and the genetically relayed appeal of biomorphic design. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haywood, Mark (2007) One Body Politic: Metamorphosis of Place Reflected in Face. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haywood, Mark (2007) Re-wilding or hyperwilderness - plus ca change?

Haywood, Mark (2007) The Sensual Metonymy of the Biomorphic Chair. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Haywood, Mark (2007) Vladimir Arkhipov: art and artefact. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hoelterhoff, Mark; Romig, K and Levickiene, G (2007) Cross-cultural complexities; barriers or pathways to transformation in the classroom? In: UNSPECIFIED.


Jackson, Elizabeth (2007) Seventies, eighties, nineties, noughties…. a sequence of concerns.

Jones, Alison and Sinclair, Billy (2007) Fluorescence in the corals around Keppel Island: dive log.

Jones, Alison and Sinclair, Billy (2007) Make every dive count.

Jones, Paul and Bampouras, Theodoros (2007) Resistance Training for Distance Running: A Brief Update.

Jones, Paul A. and Bampouras, Theodoros (2007) Resistance training for distance running: a brief update.


Kele, B.; Bembridge, Jodie; Hood, Barry; Midmore, D.; Percival, Ross and Sinclair, Billy (2007) Explaining the mysteries of nitrogen and phosphorous in on-site wastewater. In: UNSPECIFIED Lanfax Laboratories.


Leslie, Andrew (2007) Developing the Super Sycamore.

Leslie, Andrew; Wilson, Edward R. and Starr, Christopher (2007) Would the last forestry graduate turn out the lights?

Logan, Cheri; Kurien, Anish; Flint, Debbie and Allan, Simon (2007) Distributed e-learning in Art, Design, Media. [Report]

Longstaffe, Stephen (2007) Entries on Jim Cartwright, Road, and Bed. In: UNSPECIFIED Columbia University Press.

Loynes, Christopher (2007) Social reform, militarism and other historical influences on the practice of outdoor education in youth work. In: UNSPECIFIED Budrich-Verlag.

Loynes, Christopher (2007) Why outdoor learning should get real. In: UNSPECIFIED Natural Heritage Books/Dundurn.


Mallabon, Elizabeth and Taylor, B (2007) Formal coach education programmes: Perceptions from coaches (PC104).

Mallabon, Elizabeth and Taylor, B (2007) The educational journey of paddlesport coaches (PC105).

Mallabon, Elizabeth and Taylor, B (2007) The professionalisation of sports coaching and the changing face of volunteerism (PC106).

Marrin, Kelly and Bampouras, Theodoros (2007) Anthropometric and physiological characteristics of elite female water polo players. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Marshall, Gill (2007) Guest editorial: Writing review articles.

Marshall, Gill (2007) Promoting independent learning by curriculum design and assessment.

Marshall, Gill and Kelly, Sean (2007) How to... Critique a scientific article: a beginner's guide.

McEntee, Mark F.; Ryan, John; Evanoff, Micheal; Keeling, Aoife; Chakraborty, Dev P.; Manning, David and Brennan, Patrick (2007) Ambient lighting: setting international standards for the viewing of softcopy chest images (Proceedings Paper). In: UNSPECIFIED SPIE.

McGregor, Richard (2007) Fanfare “The University of Cumbria”. [Composition]

McGregor, Richard (2007) Interpreting Compositional Process in Wolfgang Rihm's Chiffre Cycle.

McGregor, Richard (2007) James MacMillan: O Bone Jesu.

McGregor, Richard (2007) Let Thy hand be Strengthened. [Composition]

McGregor, Richard (2007) Looking for Inspiration. In: UNSPECIFIED.

McGregor, Richard (2007) ‘Transubstantiated into the musical…’ : a critical exegesis on metaphor and actuality in James MacMillan’s Veni Veni Emmanuel. In: UNSPECIFIED The Musica Scotica Trust.

Motschaniwskyj, N.A.; Hall, K.; Lipinski, M; Marian, J.E.; Miske, V; Nishiguchi, M.; Sakai, M.; Shulman, D.; Sinclair, Billy; Sinn, D.; Staudinger, M.; Villanueva, R. and Warnke, K. (2007) Ethical and welfare considerations when using cephalopods as experimental animals.


Nevin, Owen (2007) Advertising Dominance or Sexual Availability: The Use of Rub Trees by Brown Bears. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nevin, Owen (2007) Advertising dominance or sexual availability : the use of rub trees by brown bears. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nevin, Owen and Swain, Peter (2007) Incorporating the Value of Watchable Wildlife in the Landuse Planning Process - Values and Impacts of British Columbia's Bear-Viewing Industry. In: UNSPECIFIED.


O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan.

O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Framing Globalization - Visual Perspectives.

O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Questions of Responsibility [film]. In: UNSPECIFIED.

O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Refugee and migrant vulnerability to injury.

O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Scratching the Surface [film]. In: UNSPECIFIED.

O'Brien, Vincent (2007) Visible voices: participatory video and photography in transcultural research and health development in Kyrgyzstan and Salford. In: UNSPECIFIED.

O'Brien, Vincent; Djusipov, Kenesh and Wittlin, Flavio (2007) Visible voices, shared worlds: using digital video and photography in pursuit of a better life. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ottitsch, Andreas; Kazmarek, Krzysztof; Kazusa, Lauma and Raae, Karsten (2007) Study in the issues of illegal logging and related trade of timber and other forest product issues in Europe. In: UNSPECIFIED MCPFE.


Poole, Christine (2007) Marking the work of students with specific learning difficulties. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Poole, Robert (2007) Book Review: Theatric Revolution: Drama, Censorship and Romantic Period Subcultures 1773–1832.

Poole, Robert (2007) Politics and Melodrama in Late Georgian England. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Ryan, John; McEntee, Mark F.; Barrett, Saoirse; Evanoff, Micheal; Manning, David and Brennan, Patrick (2007) A software system for the simulation of chest lesions (Proceedings Paper). In: UNSPECIFIED SPIE.


Sinclair, Billy; Briskey, Leica; Aspden, William and Pegg, Graham (2007) Genetic diversity of isolated populations of Nautilus pompilius (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) in the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

Sinclair, Billy and Farrell, Katrina (2007) Hopes Rise For Coral Sea Reefs.

Sinclair, Billy and Jones, Alison (2007) Climate Change, Global Warming and Glowing Coral and Coral Reefs - what's going on?

Sinclair, Billy and Jones, Alison (2007) Climate change, global warming and glowing corals.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2007) Nanoq - flat out and bluesome [exhibition] - The Nordic House, Thorshavn, Faroe Islands. [Show/Exhibition]

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2007) Tuesday Talk: Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis; Wilson, Mark; Baker, Steve and Birrell, Ross (2007) Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir/Mark Wilson In conversation with Steve Baker and Ross Birrell: On Animals, Death and Derrida’s Cat.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis; Wilson, Mark; Broglio, Ron and Cheatham, Robert (2007) Delayed: Live from Edge City (podcast). [Show/Exhibition]

Sugarman, Leonie (2007) Loosening chronology's collar: Playing with the tension between time and agelessness.

Swain, Peter and Nevin, Owen (2007) Mammal Survey Site: Drumkeen, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. [Report]

Swain, Peter and Nevin, Owen (2007) Mammal Survey Site: Newmills, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. [Report]


Taylor, Paul and Kelsey, Jan (2007) Home Sweet Home. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane (2007) Residency: Jane Topping (interview in Map Magazine).

Topping, Jane; Copestake, Anne-Marie; Pedersen, Fred; Mojsiewicz, Kristin and Davis, Kate (2007) Naked Intruder Tries on Jacket. [Show/Exhibition]

Topping, Jane; Hammond, Charlie; Gertz, Lotte; Colquhoun, Jim; Hrafnhildur, Halldorsdottir and Pedersen, Fred (2007) Out of Nowhere. [Show/Exhibition]

Twiselton, Samantha (2007) Seeing the wood for the trees: learning to teach beyond the curriculum. How can student teachers be helped to see beyond the National Literacy Strategy?

Tyers, Karen (2007) Redefining services to distance learners: what’s in a name?


Weaver, Margaret (2007) Introducing England’s newest university – the University of Cumbria.

Weaver, Margaret and Stanning, Michael (2007) Reclassification project at St Martin's College: a case study.

Weze, Clare; Leathard, Helen; Grange, John; Tiplady, Peter and Stevens, Gretchen (2007) Healing by Gentle Touch Ameliorates Stress and Other Symptoms in People Suffering with Mental Health Disorders or Psychological Stress.

Williams, Robert (2007) Arca Tartareum: The Underworld Project. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Robert and Aylward-Williams, Jack (2007) Inside Out Paper – 2 Projects about Collecting: Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae & Virga et Lapilla. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Williams, Robert and Dion, Mark (2007) Multiple Interpretations: Contemporary Prints in Portfolio at The New York Public Library. [Show/Exhibition]

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