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Adi, Hakim (2010) Amy Ashwood Garvey and the Nigerian Progress Union. In: UNSPECIFIED Indiana University Press.

Adi, Hakim (2010) The Comintern and black workers in Britain and France, 1919–37.


Bacon, Jane (2010) Psyche and artistic creativity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bacon, Jane (2010) Psyche’s Witness. [Show/Exhibition]

Bacon, Jane (2010) Sitting Practice. [Show/Exhibition]

Bacon, Jane (2010) Sitting/walking/practice: reflections on a woman’s creative process.

Bacon, Jane (2010) The voice of her body: somatic practices as a basis for creative research methodology.

Bamford, Desmond N. (2010) Person, deification and re-cognition: A comparative study of person in the Byzantine and Pratyabhijna traditions. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Barker, Jamie; Jones, Marc and Greenlees, Iain A. (2010) Assessing the immediate and maintained effects of hypnosis on self-efficacy and soccer wall-volley performance.

Barker, Jamie; Jones, Marc V. and Greenlees, Iain A. (2010) Assessing the immediate and maintained effects of hypnosis on self-efficacy and soccer wall-volley performance.

Barker, Simon (2010) "We gather honey from the weed": Shakespearean manoeuvres in the deserts of Iraq.

Blacker, Sam D.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Bilzon, James L. J. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2010) Neuromuscular function following prolonged load carriage on level and downhill gradients.

Blacker, Sam D.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Bilzon, James L. J. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2010) Within-day and between-days reproducibility of isokinetic parameters of knee, trunk and shoulder movements.

Blacker, Sam D.; Williams, Neil C.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Bilzon, James L. J. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2010) Carbohydrate vs protein supplementation for recovery of neuromuscular function following prolonged load carriage.

Bowman, Stephen Austen (2010) Disconnection, Disintermediation and Disaffection: Transformative change and 'Human-Centred' impact in a small specialist Library Service. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Brown, Peter I.; McLellan, Tom M.; Linnane, Denise M.; Wilkinson, David M.; Richmond, Victoria L.; Horner, Fleur E.; Blacker, Sam D. and Rayson, Mark P. (2010) Influence of hydration volume and ambient temperature on physiological responses while wearing CBRN protective clothing.

Brown, Victoria (2010) Monologues: Victoria Brown.

Burkitt, Esther and Barrett, Martyn (2010) Child and adult reports of graphic strategies used to portray figures with contrasting emotional characteristics.

Burkitt, Esther; Jolley, Richard and Rose, Sarah (2010) The attitudes and practices that shape children's drawing experience at home and at school.

Buscombe, Richard (2010) Interpersonal perception in tennis. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Chmiel, Nik; Turner, Nick; Hershcovis, M. Sandy; Stride, Chris B. and Walls, M. (2010) Life on the line: Job demands, perceived co-worker support for safety and hazardous work events.

Churchill, Sue and Jessop, Donna (2010) Spontaneous implementation intentions and impulsivity: Can impulsivity moderate the effectiveness of planning strategies?

Clegg, Andrew (2010) Captivating students in the 21st century: Developing online SPSS simulations to support statistical techniques. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Clegg, Andrew (2010) Creativity in assessment - assessing creativity: A case study of a student-led widening participation activity for local schools. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Clegg, Andrew (2010) Embedding sustainability education into curricula design: An example of the destination management handbook. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cooper, Linda and Doherty, Jonathan (2010) Physical Development. Continuum: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Cooper, Linda; Johnston, Jane; Rotchell, Emily and Woolley, Richard (2010) Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Continuum: Bloomsbury Publishing.


Draper, Nick; Jones, Glenys A.; Fryer, Simon; Hodgson, Christopher I. and Blackwell, Gavin (2010) Physiological and psychological responses to lead and top rope climbing for intermediate rock climbers.

Duggan, Robert (2010) Ghosts of Gotham: 9/11 mourning in Patrick McGrath’s 'Ghost Town' and Michael Cunningham’s 'Specimen Days'.

Duggan, Robert (2010) Green and Red Zones: Literary Form and the Politics of Space in Recent British Fiction. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dunkerley, Hugh (2010) Hare. Cinnamon Press.

Dunkerley, Hugh (2010) Poetry and sustainability.


Edmunds, Sarah (2010) Wellbing: conceptual issues and implications for interdisciplinary work.

Edmunds, Sarah and Brown, George (2010) AMEE Guide 48: Effective small group learning. UNSPECIFIED. Association for Medical Education in Europe.

Edmunds, Sarah and Brown, George (2010) Effective small group learning: AMEE Guide No. 48.

Edmunds, Sarah; Roche, Denise M. and Stratton, Gareth (2010) Levels and patterns of physical activity in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes and associated metabolic and physiological health outcomes.

Everley, Suzanne and Wild, Andy (2010) Approaches to teaching. In: UNSPECIFIED Continuum: Bloomsbury Publishing.


Farman, Virginia (2010) Smorgasboard. [Show/Exhibition]

Flexer, Yael (2010) The Living Room. [Show/Exhibition]

Flexer, Yael (2010) The Living Room. [Video]

Flexer, Yael (2010) What If. [Show/Exhibition]

Flexer, Yael and Sandiland, Nic (2010) Orbital. [Show/Exhibition]

Francombe, Benedict (2010) The Long Surrender: Finding a theatrical voice through the plays of the 1970s. In: UNSPECIFIED Craysfort Press.

Frey, Hugo (2010) Inside-out: questions of form in the work of Friedrich Meinecke and Robert Aron. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave.

Frey, Hugo and Flood, Christopher (2010) Henry Rousso (1954- ). In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell.

Frey, Hugo and Jordan, S. (2010) Inside-out: the purposes of form in Friedrich Meinecke's and Robert Aron's explanations of national disaster. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.


Gault, Mandy L. (2010) Adaptations of older adults to concentric and eccentric endurance exercise. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Gutic Marin, Jorge; Caie, Eliza and Clegg, Andrew (2010) In search of heterotopia? Motivations of visitors to an English cathedral.

Gutic Marin, Jorge; Caie, Eliza and Clegg, Andrew (2010) In search of heterotopia? Visitor motivations to an English Cathedral.


Habibzadeh, Nasim (2010) Does walking exercise improve BMD of young obese and thin women?

Hansez, Isabelle and Chmiel, Nik (2010) Safety behavior: Job demands, job resources, and perceived management commitment to safety.

Hayes, Jill (2010) Dancers in a Dance Movement Therapy Group: Links between Personal Process, Choreography and Performance. UNSPECIFIED. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Hayes, Jill and Povey, Sarah (2010) The Creative Arts in Dementia Care: Practical Person-Centred Approaches and Ideas. UNSPECIFIED. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Hodgson, Christopher I.; McMorris, Terry and Christian, Edward (2010) Performance on the portable rod and frame test predicts variation in learning the kayak roll.

Holder, Tim and Winter, S. (2010) An exploratory investigation into the use of observation by experienced applied sport psychologists. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Holder, Tim and Woodley, M. (2010) The effects of auditory and visual distractions on pre-performance behaviours, attention and free throw performance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hopker, J.; Myers, Stephen D.; Jobson, S. A.; Bruce, W. and Passfield, Louis (2010) Validity and reliability of the WattBike cycle ergometer.

Hunter, Victoria (2010) 'Getting Lost: Site-specific Performance and Relocation'.


Icke, Peter P. (2010) The journey from language to experience: Frank Ankersmit's lost "historical" cause. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Jenkins, Louie (2010) Five Fragments. [Show/Exhibition]


Lake, Jason P. (2010) Establishing the optimum resistance training load for maximal gains in mechanical power output. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Lake, Jason P.; Lauder, Mike A. and Smith, Neal A. (2010) The effect that side dominance has on barbell power symmetry during the hang power clean.

Lander, Vini (2010) Race and ethnicity. In: UNSPECIFIED Learning Matters: SAGE Publishers.

Law, Kate (2010) Liberal Women in Rhodesia: A Report on the Mitchell Papers.

Leeson, Miles (2010) Iris Murdoch: Philosophical Novelist. Continuum.

Legg, Susan and Martin-Davis, Ann (2010) Heaven-Haven: The Songs of Peter Pope. [Audio]

Leseure, Michel (2010) Exploitation versus Exploration in Island Economies: A Brand Diagnostic Perspective.

Leseure, Michel (2010) Organisational design alternatives within international operations networks: a transaction cost perspective.

Leseure, Michel and Atif, Hassan (2010) Transferring academic decision models to practitioners: a structured process.

Leseure, Michel and Driouchi, Tarik (2010) Exploitation versus Exploration in Multinational Firms: Implications for the Future of International Business.

Little, Jonathan D. (2010) The Influence of European Literary and Artistic Representations of the "Orient" on Western Orchestral Compositions, ca.1840-1920: From Oriental Inspiration to ‘Exotic’ Orchestration. Edwin Mellen Press.

Little, Jonathan D. (2010) Polyhymnia, Op.10. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2010) Recordare Domine, or, "On Ixion’s Wheel", Op.9 (A Prayer for Mercy). [Composition]

Locks, Adam (2010) Anglo Argento: A critical reassessment of the films of Norman J. Warren. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Locks, Adam (2010) Dead posh: Reappraising the films of Hammer actor John Carson. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Locks, Adam (2010) Ripped mass monsters: Professional bodybuilding and the cult(ivation) of the freak. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lynch, Thomas (2010) Religion and Revolution: Slavoj Žižek’s Challenge to Liberation Theology.


MacLeod, Alison J. (2010) Cafe bohemia.

MacLeod, Alison J. (2010) Under the Minarets.

MacLeod, Alison J.; Hershman, Tania; Marek, Adam; Mayhew, Julie; Pinnock, Jonathan; O'Riordan, Valerie; Salway, Sarah; Vowler, Tom and Wild, Susie (2010) Consequences.

MacLeod, Alison J. and Hesslenberg, Axel (2010) "Monday, Wash Day" in Above the Books. [Show/Exhibition]

Manley, Andrew J.; Greenlees, Iain A.; Thelwell, Richard and Smith, Matthew J. (2010) Athletes' use of reputation and gender information when forming initial expectancies of coaches.

Mantell, Andy (2010) Traumatic brain injury and potential safeguarding concerns.

Mantell, Andy (2010) Under a cloud: carers' experiences of Huntington's Disease.

Mantle, Melissa (2010) Stoolball Coaching Manual. Stoolball England.

Mantle, Melissa (2010) Student teachers reflection.

Mantle, Melissa (2010) An exploration of the maturation of PGCE student teacher’s ability to reflect - using a range of reflective strategies to identify possible stages of development.

Mantle, Melissa (2010) The impact and effectiveness of reflective learning strategies on student teachers' ability to reflect.

McCray, Janet (2010) Resilience in interprofessional teamwork. In: UNSPECIFIED.

McKinley, E. and Fletcher, S. (2010) Individual responsibility for the oceans? An evaluation of marine citizenship by UK marine practitioners.

Minett, Elaine (2010) Down on the farm! In: UNSPECIFIED.

Minett, Elaine (2010) La sortie de Monsieur Grumpy - using big books in primary modern foreign languages. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morgan, Sue and de Vries, Jacqueline (2010) Women, Gender and Religious Cultures in Britain, 1800-1940. Routlege.

Moyise, Steve (2010) Jesus and the scriptures of Israel. In: UNSPECIFIED Brill.


Noys, Benjamin (2010) The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory. UNSPECIFIED. Edinburgh University Press.

Noys, Benjamin (2010) ‘Remain true to the earth!’: remarks on the politics of Black Metal. In: UNSPECIFIED Glossator: Black Metal Theory.

Noys, Benjamin (2010) The horror of the real: Zizek's modern gothic.

Nugent, Ann (2010) William Forsythe and the model viewer. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Nugent, Ann (2010) The dancing texts of William Forsythe.


Parfitt-Brown, Clare (2010) Popular past, popular present, post-popular?

Parfitt-Brown, Clare (2010) Popular past, popular present, post-popular?

Pike, Elizabeth (2010) The elite child athlete and injury risk. In: UNSPECIFIED Brunel University Press.

Plowright, Jonathan (2010) Dobrzynski, Schumann and Zarebski. [Performance]

Plowright, Jonathan (2010) Hommage à Chopin. [Audio]

Plowright, Jonathan (2010) Paderewski Piano Concerto / Artur Rubenstein Philharmonia and Solo Recital. [Performance]

Popper, Steven (2010) High quality leadership and the early years professional status award. In: UNSPECIFIED David Fulton: Routledge.

Potter, Julia and Everley, Suzanne (2010) Health concepts in action. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Quinn, Paul (2010) A witty, learned persecutor? The staged afterlife of Thomas More.


Richardson, Amanda (2010) Putting the “royal” back into forests: Kingship, largesse, patronage and management in a group of Wessex forests in the 13th and 14th centuries. In: UNSPECIFIED St John's College Research Centre.

Robins, Dawn (2010) Devon Marine Industry: CAMIS Themed Analysis Report for Devon County Council. UNSPECIFIED. Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy INTERREG IVa.

Robinson, Paul E. (2010) Foundations of Sports Coaching. Routlege.

Robson, Arthur (2010) Child of Our Time by Michael Tippet. [Performance]

Robson, Arthur (2010) Vivaldi, "Magnificat" and Schubert, "Mass in G". [Performance]

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) Diagramming movement between the cartographic and the choreographic: research report. UNSPECIFIED. Sarah Rubidge.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) Fugitive moments. [Video]

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) Fugitive moments: Artist's report of research project undertaken as part of the Wellcome Trust People's Award (2004-2006). UNSPECIFIED. Sarah Rubidge.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) How art matters. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) How art matters.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2010) How art matters.


Salkeld, Duncan (2010) Shakespeare and ‘the I-word'.

Scott, Andrea (2010) The medical welfare of elite athletes. The unintended consequences of organisational change. In: UNSPECIFIED Brunel University Press.

Seach, Diana (2010) Children with autism and Asperger's syndrome. In: UNSPECIFIED Routlege.

Simmonds, David (2010) The matching process in e-mentoring: a case study in luxury hotels.

Simmonds, David and Tsui, Ophelia (2010) Effective design of a global leadership programme.

Smith, Matthew J. (2010) Students' perceptions of using reflective blogs in an undergraduate sport science module. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Guo, Tieyuan; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Ye and Fabrigar, Leandre (2010) Cultural Differences in the Representativeness Heuristic: Expecting a Correspondence in Magnitude Between Cause and Effect. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Guo, Tieyuan; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Ye and Fabrigar, Leandre (2010) Cultural differences in the representativeness heuristic: Expecting a correspondence in magnitude between cause and effect.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Ross, Michael; Li, Ye and Zhang, Zhiyong (2010) Why best cannot last: Cultural differences in predicting regression toward the mean.

Spina, Roy; Ji, Li-Jun; Ross, Michael; Li, Ye and Zhang, Zhiyong (2010) Why best cannot last: Cultural differences in predicting regression toward the mean.

Stevens, Karen (2010) Imagination & authority. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stevens, Karen (2010) The Visit.

Swann, David (2010) The Privilege of Rain: Time Amongst the Sherwood Outlaws. Waterloo Press.


Tankard, Danae (2010) Domestic culture in the south east: evidence from the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Tankard, Danae (2010) Theoretical and empirical approaches to the understanding of the late medieval rural house. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Tankard, Danae (2010) The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, 1970 to 2010.

Thelwell, Richard C.; Weston, Neil J. V. and Greenlees, Iain A. (2010) Coping with stressors in elite sport: A coach perspective.

Thelwell, Richard C.; Weston, Neil J. V.; Greenlees, Iain A.; Page, Jenny L. and Manley, Andrew J. (2010) Examining the impact of physical appearance on impressions of coaching competence.

Thompson, Barbara (2010) Extraordinary women: Senior women managers and leaders in initial teacher training... forging new identities. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Thompson, Barbara (2010) Re-assessing gender issues in the primary classroom. In: UNSPECIFIED Routlege.

Thompson, Barbara (2010) Towards gender equality in social work. In: UNSPECIFIED Learning Matters: SAGE Publishers.


Varella, Stavroula (2010) Metaphor across languages. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Vatansever-Ozen, Serife; Tiryaki- Sonmez, Gul; Yuktasir, Bekir; Yalcin, Hasan B.; Bugdayci, Guler and Willems, Mark E. T. (2010) Effects of exercise on leptin and acylated ghrelin hormones in trained males.


Warwick, Robert (2010) The experience of policymaking in healthcare: the interaction of policy formulation and frontline staff practice. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Waters, Trisha (2010) The use of therapeutics storywriting to support pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Waterton, Emma; Smith, Laurajane; Wilson, Ross and Fouseki, Kalliopi (2010) Forgetting to heal: remembering the abolition act of 1807.

Weston, Neil J. V.; Greenlees, Iain A. and Thelwell, Richard C. (2010) Applied sport psychology consultant perceptions of the usefulness and impacts of performance profiling.

Wild, Andy and Burns, Suzanne (2010) National curriculum 2007. In: UNSPECIFIED Routlege.

Willems, Mark E. T.; Miller, Gerald R.; Stauber, Francoise D. and Stauber, William T. (2010) Effects of repeated lengthening contractions on skeletal muscle adaptations in female rats.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Webb, Emily C. (2010) Effects of wearing graduated compression garment during eccentric exercise.

Wilson, Ross (2010) Cultivating the city and its citizens: the creation of corporation allotments in York.

Wilson, Ross (2010) The Popular Memory of the Western Front: Archaeology and European Heritage. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Wilson, Ross (2010) Rethinking 1807: governmentality and the bicentenary.

Wyss, Marco (2010) Un Suisse au service de la SS: Franz Riedweg (1907-2005). Editions Alphil-Presses universitaires suisses.


Zanotti, Marisa (2010) Myth and legend.

Zanotti, Marisa (2010) When dance is imagined in cinema: Disclosure in dance practice.

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