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Adi, Hakim (2009) The negro question: The communist international and black liberation in the interwar years. In: UNSPECIFIED The University of North Carolina Press.


Bacon, Jane (2009) The Choreographic Lab. [Show/Exhibition]

Bacon, Jane (2009) Landscape and Art. [Show/Exhibition]

Bacon, Jane (2009) Myths and stories by her. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Bacon, Jane (2009) Sitting practice: expansion earth. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bacon, Jane; Adams, John and Thynne, Lizzie (2009) Peer review and criteria: a discussion. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Barsham, Diana; Brighton, Trevor; Carter, Janet; Chandler, Andrew; Everard, Barbara; Hutchings, Bill; Kinsley, Zoe; Rounce, Adam; Salkeld, Duncan; Sambrook, James and Wyatt, John (2009) William Collins poet, 1721-59. University of Chichester.

Barwood, Martin J; Weston, Neil J V; Thelwell, Richard and Page, Jennifer (2009) A motivational music and video intervention improves high-intensity exercise performance.

Barwood, Martin J.; Weston, Neil J. V.; Thelwell, Richard and Page, Jenny L. (2009) A motivational music and video intervention improves high-intensity exercise performance.

Bentham, Susan and Hutchins, Roger (2009) A Teaching Assistant's Guide to Completing NVQ Level 2: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Second Edition). Routlege.

Blacker, Sam D. (2009) Physiological responses to load carriage by backpack. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Blacker, Sam D.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Bilzon, James L. J. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2009) Physiological responses to load carriage during level and downhill treadmill walking.

Blacker, Sam D.; Wilkinson, David M. and Rayson, Mark P. (2009) Gender differences in the physical demands of British Army recruit training.

Bowman, Stephen Austen (2009) Presence, identity, and the cloud of knowing. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Brent, Simon; Draper, Nick; Hodgson, Christopher I. and Blackwell, Gavin (2009) Development of a performance assessment tool for rock climbers.

Brown, Mathew B. (2009) Biomechanical analysis of flatwater sprint kayaking. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Brown, Pieter E. H. (2009) Physical training for loaded marching performance among British Army recruits. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Burkitt, Esther; Barrett, Martyn and Davis, Alyson (2009) Effects of different emotion terms on the size and colour of children's drawings.

Burt, Christopher D. B.; Chmiel, Nik and Hayes, Peter (2009) Implications of turnover and trust for safety attitudes and behaviour in work teams.


Callow, Nichola; Smith, Matthew J.; Hardy, Lew; Arthur, Calum A. and Hardy, James (2009) Measurement of transformational leadership and its relationship with team cohesion and performance level.

Clegg, Andrew (2009) Non-written forms of assessment: A case study of a student-led widening participation activity for local schools. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Coakley, Jay J. and Pike, Elizabeth (2009) Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies. Open University Press/McGraw Hill.

Cooper, David and Horwood, Jo (2009) Final report on the West Sussex Post Office Closure Impact Study. UNSPECIFIED. West Sussex County Council.


Daniels, Robert (2009) Bootworks: 'Little box of horrors' and 'Une boite andalouse'. [Video]

Daniels, Robert (2009) Little Box of Horrors. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidson, Andrea (2009) Paroles trouvées. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidson, Andrea (2009) Paroles trouvées. [Video]

Davidson, Andrea (2009) Scenes Saint-Denis. [Video]

Davidson, Andrea and Kelly, Jem (2009) Inter_views. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidson, Andrea and Kelly, Jem (2009) Inter_views: an interactive telematic research project for internet. [Video]

Day, Melissa C. and Thatcher, Joanne (2009) “I'm really embarrassed that you’re going to read this ...": reflections on using diaries in qualitative research.

Draper, Nick; Brent, Simon; Hodgson, Christopher I. and Blackwell, Gavin (2009) Flexibility assessment and the role of flexibility as a determinant of performance in rock climbing.

Duggan, Robert (2009) Big-time Shakespeare and the joker in the pack: The intrusive author in Martin Amis’s 'Money'.


Farman, Virginia (2009) Shoe Nail Dance. [Show/Exhibition]

Frey, Hugo (2009) Contradiction Without End: Renaud Camus and the Parti de l’In-nocence. In: UNSPECIFIED Rodopi Editions.

Frey, Hugo (2009) Contradiction without end: Renaud Camus and the parti de l’in-nocence. In: UNSPECIFIED Rodopi Editions.


Gault, Mandy L.; Clements, Richard E. and Willems, Mark E. T. (2009) Effect of wearing the Cosmed K4b2 metabolic system on 1 mile walking performance in older adults.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Hall, Benjamin; Filby, William C. D.; Thelwell, Richard C.; Buscombe, Richard and Smith, Matthew J. (2009) Warnings given to observers can eliminate order effects.


Harper, Catherine (2009) Double dresses for double brides. In: UNSPECIFIED Berg Publishers.

Heine, Steven J.; Foster, Julie-Ann B. and Spina, Roy (2009) Do birds of a feather universally flock together? Cultural variation in the similarity-attraction effect.

Heine, Steven J.; Foster, Julie-Ann B. and Spina, Roy (2009) Do birds of a feather universally flock together? Cultural variation in the similarity-attraction effect.

Hunter, Victoria (2009) 'Experiencing Space: The Implications for Site-Specific Choreography'. In: UNSPECIFIED ROUTLEDGE.

Hunter, Victoria (2009) Experiencing space: The implications for site-specific choreography. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Hunter, Victoria and Gladstone, Pauline (2009) Dance and Social Inclusion: Facilitating the Process, Developing Graduate Employability.


Johnston, Rachel; Neville, Richard and Lawlor, Emily (2009) Unpacking the Past. [Show/Exhibition]


Kempton, Matthew J.; Ettinger, Ulrich; Schmechtig, Anne; Winter, Edward M.; Smith, Luke; McMorris, Terry; Wilkinson, Iain D.; Williams, Steven C. R. and Smith, Marcus S. (2009) Effects of acute dehydration on brain morphology in healthy humans.

Khan-Panni, Raissa; Horwood, Mark; Sandrone, Paul; Giles, Tessa; Rix, Maddie; Oliver, Lindsey; Thomas, Loz; Heasman, Rob and Ritchie, Laura (2009) Tale to Tell, by The Mummers. [Audio]

Khan-Panni, Raissa; Horwood, Mark; Sandrone, Paul; Giles, Tessa; Rix, Maddie; Oliver, Lindsey; Thomas, Loz; Heasman, Rob and Ritchie, Laura (2009) Wonderland and March of the Dawn, from Tale to Tell album, by The Mummers. [Performance]

Knight, Barbara (2009) Squaring Paul Tillich's ecclesiological circle. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Law, Kate (2009) Episodes of Ambiguity: Steps Towards Socialism in Zimbabwe, 1980-1985.

Lipscomb, I. P.; Weaver, P. M.; Swingler, J. and McBride, J. W. (2009) Micro-computer tomography—An aid in the investigation of structural changes in lead zirconate titanate ceramics after temperature-humidity bias testing.

Lipscomb, I.P.; Weaver, P.M.; Swingler, J. and McBride, J.W. (2009) The effect of relative humidity, temperature and electrical field on leakage currents in piezo-ceramic actuators under dc bias.

Locks, Adam (2009) Flayed animals in an abattoir: The bodybuilder as body-guarde. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Manley, Andrew J. (2009) Expectancies and their consequences within the coach-athlete relationship: and athlete-centred investigation. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Matsumoto, D.; Olide, A.; Schug, J.; Willingham, B. and Callan, M. (2009) Cross-Cultural Judgments of Spontaneous Facial Expressions of Emotion.

Mauger, Barbara (2009) The selected poems of Pierre de Bourdeille, Abbé de Brantôme (1539?-1614). UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

McCray, Janet (2009) Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice. Sage Publications.

McCray, Janet and Palmer, Adam (2009) Developing a work-based leadership programme in the UK social care sector.

McCray, Janet and Ward, Cally (2009) Social enterprise — A new challenge for nursing practice and collaborative partnerships.

McKay, Jane; Wright, Annemarie; Lowry, Ruth; Steele, Kenny; Mutrie, Nanette and Ryde, Gemma (2009) Walking on prescription: The utility of a pedometer pack for increasing physical activity in primary care.

McMorris, Terry; Myers, Stephen D.; Dobbins, Trevor D.; Hall, Benjamin and Dyson, Rosemary J. (2009) Seating type and cognitive performance after 3 hours travel by high-speed boat in sea states 2-3.

Morgan, Sue (2009) Theorising feminist history: A thirty year retrospective.


Noys, Benjamin (2009) ‘Monumental Construction’: Badiou and the politics of aesthetics.

Nugent, Ann (2009) Extending critical voices between the lecture room and the dance studio.


Parfitt, Clare (2009) Cyborg Cinema: (Dis)Embodying Cultural Memory in the Digital Age.

Parfitt, Clare (2009) From fairground site to website: the dancing body and visual technology in early film and YouTube. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Parfitt, Clare (2009) ‘Like a butterfly under glass’: the cancan, Loïe Fuller and cinema.

Pike, Elizabeth and Coakley, Jay J. (2009) The social significance of sports.

Potter, Julia (2009) Childhood obesity: Monitoring and management in clinical and school settings. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Price, Fiona L. (2009) Revolutions in Taste, 1773-1818: Women Writers and the Aesthetics of Romanticism. Ashgate.


Quinn, Paul (2009) John Rough's beard and Isaiah 50:6.

Quinn, Paul (2009) Response to Peter Milward.


Robson, Arthur (2009) Beethoven Mass in C. [Performance]

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2009) Nomadic Diagrams: Choreographic Topologies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2009) Performing installations: towards an understanding of choreography and performativity in interactive installations. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2009) Towards an understanding of choreography and performativity in interactive installations. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Rubidge, Sarah F. and Stones, Alan (2009) Sensing Sounding Place. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Salkeld, Duncan (2009) Shakespeare studies, presentism and micro-history.

Schreiner, Ann Marie (2009) The British Labour Party and the break-up of Yugoslavia 1991-1995: A historical analysis of Parliamentary debates. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Simmonds, David (2009) The evaluation of learning and development interventions. In: UNSPECIFIED Oxford University Press.

Smethurst, Christopher (2009) Negotiation skills in practice: Implications for service users and practitioners. In: UNSPECIFIED Learning Matters: SAGE Publishers.

Smith, Marcus S. (2009) Physiological demands of rock drumming. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Smith, Matthew J. (2009) Order effects in assessments of sporting ability. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Smith, Matthew J.; Greenlees, Iain A. and Manley, Andrew J. (2009) Influence of order effects and mode of judgment on assessments of ability in sport.

Stevens, Karen (2009) Creating authentic characters. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Thatcher, Joanne; Thatcher, Rhys; Day, Melissa C.; Portas, Matt and Hood, Simon (2009) Sport and Exercise Science. Learning Matters, SAGE.

Tyndall, Ian T.; Roche, Bryan and James, Jack E. (2009) The Interfering Effect of Emotional Stimulus Functions on Stimulus Equivalence Class Formation: Implications for the Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety.

Tyndall, Ian T.; Roche, Bryan and James, Jack E. (2009) The interfering effect of emotional stimulus functions on stimulus equivalence class formation: Implications for the understanding and treatment of anxiety.


Waterton, Emma and Wilson, Ross (2009) Talking the talk: policy, popular and media responses to the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade using the `abolition discourse'.

White, J. L.; Scurr, J. C. and Smith, Neal A. (2009) The effect of breast support on kinetics during overground running performance.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Bond, Timothy S. (2009) Comparison of physiological and metabolic responses to playing Nintendo Wii Sports and brisk treadmill walking.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Bond, Timothy S. (2009) Metabolic equivalent of brisk walking and playing new generation active computer games in young-adults.

Willems, Mark E. T.; Hale, Tudor and Wilkinson, Carley S. (2009) Effect of manual massage on muscle-specific soreness and single leg jump performance after downhill treadmill walking.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Northcott, Simon R. (2009) Gender differences after downhill running for voluntary isometric contractions of knee extensor muscles using surface EMG.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Stauber, William T. (2009) The effect of number of lengthening contractions on rat isometric force production at different frequencies of nerve stimulation.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Archaeology Quiet on the Western Front. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge Scholars.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Cultivating the city: York’s allotment gardens 1905-1914.

Wilson, Ross (2009) History, memory and heritage.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Memory and trauma: narrating the Western Front 1914-1918.

Wilson, Ross (2009) Writing the bicentenary – reconciling in the museum through the written word. In: UNSPECIFIED Historical Museum of Serbia.

Worsfold, Paul; Smith, Neal A. and Dyson, Rosemary J. (2009) Kinetic assessment of golf shoe outer sole design features.


Zanotti, Marisa (2009) Moving Screens. In: UNSPECIFIED Goat Media.

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