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Bacon, Jane (2007) Psyche moving: ‘active imagination’ and ‘focusing’ in movement-based performance and psychotherapy.

Bacon, Jane and Midgelow, Vida (2007) Revealing and concealing the in/visible-un/thinkable in articulating dance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bacon, Jane and Wainwright, Richard (2007) Authentic movement. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Baily, Ursula; Barnard, Geoffey; Bryan-Brown, Hilary; Devonshire Jones, Tom; Frayling, Nicholas; Gray, Donald; Holtby, Robert; Manktelow, Michael; Mason, Lancelot; Sparkes, Chris; Treadgold, John and Wyatt, John (2007) Chichester Deans: continuity, commitment, and change at Chichester Cathedral, 1902-2006. University of Chichester.

Barnes, Jean (2007) Misericords in Sussex: a photographic record. University of Chichester.

Burkitt, Esther; Tala, Katri and Low, Jason (2007) Finnish and English children's color use to depict affectively characterized figures.


Chandler, Andrew (2007) Patronage des Widerstandes: Bischof Bell und das "andere Deutschland" wahrend des Zweiten Weltkrieges. In: UNSPECIFIED Kohlhammer.

Chandler, Andrew (2007) The march to the establishment: British nonconformity enters the twentieth century. In: UNSPECIFIED Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Collins, Paul M. (2007) Christian Inculturation in India. Ashgate.

Collins, Paul M. (2007) The praxis of inculturation for mission: Roberto de Nobili's example and legacy.

Corbett, Jo (2007) Optimising whole-body fat oxidation, in humans. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Davranche, Karen; Tandonnet, Christophe; Burle, Boris; Meynier, Chloe; Vidal, Franck and Hasbroucq, Thierry (2007) The dual nature of time preparation: neural activation and suppression revealed by transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex.

Duggan, Robert (2007) Iain M. Banks, postmodernism and the Gulf War.

Duggan, Robert and Finnerty, Páraic (2007) The body of the terrorist in contemporary cinema.

Duncan, Isla J. (2007) Travels through this place: Joan Barfoot's 'Gaining Ground' as quest narrative.


Edmunds, Sarah; Roche, Denise M.; Stratton, Gareth; Wallymahmed, K. and Glenn, Sheila M. (2007) Physical activity and psychological well-being in children with Type 1 diabetes.


Flexer, Yael (2007) Shrink'd. [Show/Exhibition]

Flexer, Yael (2007) Shrink'd. [Video]

Flexer, Yael and Sandiland, Nic (2007) Doing, Done & Undone. [Show/Exhibition]

Flexer, Yael and Sandiland, Nic (2007) Doing, Done & Undone. [Video]

Frey, Hugo (2007) Paul Sérant and the extreme right's rhetoric of antithesis.

Frey, Hugo (2007) Shutting out the city: reflections on the portrayal of London in 1960s Auteur Cinema. In: UNSPECIFIED Berghahn.


Gray, William (2007) Pullman, Lewis, MacDonald, and the anxiety of influence.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Dicks, Matthew; Holder, Tim and Thelwell, Richard (2007) Order effects in sport: Examining the impact of order of information presentation on attributions of ability.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Graydon, Jan K.; Stopforth, Marie L.; Thelwell, Richard L.; Filby, William C. D. and El-Hakim, Yassein (2007) The impact of match importance and gender on the team-serving attributional bias among interdependent sports team players.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Webb, Hayley; Hall, Ben and Manley, Andrew (2007) Curmudgeon or golden-ager?: reported exercise participation influences the perception of older adults.


Harper, Catherine (2007) Intersex. Berg Publishers.

Harris, Roger C.; Pottier, Andries; Ozdemir, Mahir S.; Derave, Wim; Reyngoudt, Harmen; Koppo, Katrien; Wise, John A. and Achten, Eric (2007) β-Alanine supplementation augments muscle carnosine content and attenuates fatigue during repeated isokinetic contraction bouts in trained sprinters.

Hart, Sally (2007) Derrida and postmodernity: At the end(s) of history. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hayes, Jill (2007) Performing the Dreams of Your Body: Plays of Animation and Compassion. Archive Publishing.

Hill, C. A.; Harris, Roger C.; Kim, Chang K.; Harris, B. D.; Sale, Craig; Boobis, L. H.; Kim, C. K. and Wise, John A. (2007) Influence of β-alanine supplementation on skeletal muscle carnosine concentrations and high intensity cycling capacity.


Kelly, Jem (2007) Pop music, multimedia and live performance. In: UNSPECIFIED Edinburgh University Press.


Lipscomb, I P; Hervé, R; Harris, K; Pinchin, H; Collin, R and Keevil, C W (2007) Amyloid-specific fluorophores for the rapid, sensitive in situ detection of prion contamination on surgical instruments.

Lipscomb, I P; Pinchin, H; Collin, R and Keevil, C W (2007) Effect of drying time, ambient temperature and pre-soaks on prion-infected tissue contamination levels on surgical stainless steel: concerns over prolonged transportation of instruments from theatre to central sterile service departments.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) DJs. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) The Feast of Kings and Martyrs, Op.8. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Financing New Music-Business Ventures. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) History of Copyright: A Chronology in Relation to Music [1455-2006]. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Kyrie, Op.5. [Performance]

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Labels and Distribution. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Marketing, Management and Finance. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) New Artistic Projects: Some Methods of Proceeding. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Performing. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Recording and Production. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Songwriting and Composing. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2007) Themes on a Variation, Op.3. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. and Chatburn, Katie (2007) The Musicians’ and Songwriters’ Yearbook 2008: The Essential Resource for Anyone Working in the Music Industry. A&C Black.


MacLeod, Alison J. (2007) Dreaming Diana: Twelve Frames.

MacLeod, Alison J. (2007) Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction. Hamish Hamilton.

MacLeod, Alison J. (2007) Making literature, science - and love? In: UNSPECIFIED Pari Publishing.

Mantin, Ruth (2007) Dealing with a jealous God: Letting go of monotheism and 'doing sacrality'. In: UNSPECIFIED Equinox.

McMorris, Terry; Harris, Roger C.; Howard, Alan N.; Langridge, G.; Hall, Benjamin; Corbett, Jo; Dicks, M. and Hodgson, Christopher I. (2007) Creatine supplementation, sleep deprivation, cortisol, melatonin and behavior.

McMorris, Terry; Mielcarz, Gregorsz; Harris, Roger C.; Swain, Jonathan P. and Howard, Alan N. (2007) Creatine supplementation and cognitive performance in elderly individuals.

Morgan, Sue (2007) Wild oats or acorns? Social purity, sexual politics and the response of the late-Victorian church.

Moyise, Steve (2007) Deuteronomy in Mark's Gospel. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury.

Munslow, Alun (2007) Narrative and History. Palgrave Macmillan.


Noys, Benjamin (2007) Antiphusis: Werner Herzog’s 'Grizzly Man'.

Noys, Benjamin (2007) Destroy cinema!/destroy capital!: Guy Debord's 'The Society of the Spectacle' (1973).

Noys, Benjamin (2007) La libido réactionnaire? The recent fiction of J. G. Ballard.


Parfitt, Clare (2007) Chahut: The mediation of rationalism and the unruly body in the cancan. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Porter, Jane (2007) The Scottish Chiefs: A Romance. Broadview Press.

Potter, Julia A; Laws, Chris and Candy, D C (2007) Classification of Body Composition in 11-14 year olds by both Body Mass Index and Bioelectrical Impedance.


Rubidge, Sarah F. and Wijnans, Stan (2007) A preliminary exploration of the choreographic potential of new motion tracking technologies in conjunction with interactive ambisonic surround sound. UNSPECIFIED. University of Chichester.


Salkeld, Duncan (2007) The texts of Henry V.

Smith, Graeme (2007) A Short History of Secularism. IB Tauris.

Sutton, Agneta (2007) Do human-animal hybrids and chimeras mean the abolition of man?

Swain, Jonathan P. (2007) The effect of anxiety on central executive processes. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Thatcher, Joanne; Kerr, John; Amies, Kristy and Day, Melissa C. (2007) A reversal theory analysis of psychological responses during sports injury rehabilitation.

Thelwell, Richard C.; Weston, Neil J.V. and Greenlees, Iain A. (2007) Batting on a sticky wicket: Identifying sources of stress and associated coping strategies for professional cricket batsmen.

Thompson, Barbara (2007) Working beyond the glass ceiling: women managers in initial teacher training in England.


Wilson, Ross (2007) Archaeology on the Western Front: the archaeology of popular myths.

Worsfold, Paul; Smith, Neal A. and Dyson, Rosemary J. (2007) A comparison of golf shoe designs highlights greater ground reaction forces with shorter irons.


Zanotti, Marisa (2007) Wipe Out. [Video]

Zanotti, Marisa (2007) Wipe Out/Edges. [Show/Exhibition]

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