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Bacon, Jane (2006) Myths of woman: Arabic dancing in a non-Arabic world. In: UNSPECIFIED Königshausen & Neumann.

Bacon, Jane (2006) The feeling of the experience: a methodology for performance ethnography. In: UNSPECIFIED Trentham Books.

Briginshaw, Valerie A. (2006) Deconstruction in die orchidee: mischievous plays in the spaces between language and meanings. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Burkitt, Esther and Barnett, N. (2006) The effects of brief and elaborate mood induction procedures on the size of young children’s drawings.

Buscombe, Richard; Greenlees, Iain A.; Holder, Tim; Thelwell, Richard C. and Rimmer, Matthew (2006) Expectancy effects in tennis: The impact of opponents' pre-match non-verbal behaviour on male tennis players.


Chandler, Andrew (2006) Catholicism and Protestantism in the Second World War in Europe. In: UNSPECIFIED Cambridge University Press.

Chandler, Andrew (2006) The Church of England in the Twentieth Century: The Church Commissioners and the Politics of Reform, 1948-1998. Boydell Press.

Chantler, Paul D.; Goldspink, D. F.; Clements, Richard E.; Sharp, L.; Schlosshan, D. and Tan, L.-B. (2006) Congestive heart failure: Extent of cardiac functional changes caused by aging and organ dysfunction.

Conoboy, P. and Dyson, Rosemary J. (2006) Effect of aging on the stride pattern of veteran marathon runners.


Davidson, Andrea (2006) D'annachronique... pavlova moi and Anaphorique(s). [Video]

Davidson, Andrea; Chen, Chu-Yin; Poissant, Louise and Bret, Michelle (2006) Bains Numeriques # 1: Danse et Nouvelles Technologies. Centre des Arts Enghien les Bains.

Davranche, Karen; Burle, Boris; Audiffren, Michel and Hasbroucq, Thierry (2006) Physical exercise facilitates motor processes in simple reaction time performance: An electromyographic analysis.

Day, Melissa C.; Thatcher, Joanne; Greenlees, Iain A. and Woods, Bernadette (2006) The causes of and psychological responses to lost move syndrome in national level trampolinists.

Dolan, Paul; Peasgood, Tessa; Dixon, Andrew M.; Knight, Melanie; Phillips, David; Tsuchiya, Aki and White, Mat (2006) Research on the relationship between well-being and sustainable development. UNSPECIFIED. DEFRA.

Draper, Nick; Bird, Ellis L.; Coleman, Ian and Hodgson, Christopher I. (2006) Effects of active recovery on lactate concentration, heart rate and RPE in climbing.

Duggan, Robert (2006) 'Circles of stage fire': Angela Carter, Charles Dickens and Heteroglossia in the English comic novel. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Duncan, Isla J. (2006) Disparity and deception in Alice Munro's 'Lichen'.


Farman, Virginia (2006) Bicycle Ballet. [Video]

Farman, Virginia (2006) Bicycle Ballet. [Show/Exhibition]

Feaver, Vicki (2006) The Book of Blood. Jonathan Cape.

Feaver, Vicki (2006) Island Blue 1: Brave New World. [Audio]

Foster, Paul and Williams, Gaynor (2006) David Goodman: artist and essayist. University of Chichester.

Frey, Hugo (2006) Louis Malle and the 1950s: Ambiguities, Friendships and Legacies.


Gifford, Terry (2006) Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice. University of Georgia Press.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Jones, Simon; Holder, Tim and Thelwell, Richard (2006) The effects of self-handicapping on attributions and perceived judo competence.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Thelwell, Richard and Holder, Tim (2006) Examining the efficacy of the concentration grid exercise as a concentration enhancement exercise.


Harris, Roger C.; Boobis, L. H.; Dunnett, M.; Tallon, Mark J.; Coakley, Jay J.; Kim, Hyo J.; Fallowfield, Joanne L.; Hill, C. A.; Sale, Craig and Wise, John A. (2006) The absorption of orally supplied β-alanine and its effect on muscle carnosine synthesis in human vastus lateralis.

Hayes, Jill (2006) Dance movement therapy with undergraduate dance students: 'special ingredients' in the development of playfulness, self-confidence and relationship. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Lipscomb, I P; Pinchin, H E; Collin, R; Harris, K and Keevil, C W (2006) Are surgical stainless steel wires used for intracranial implantation of PrPsc a good model of iatrogenic transmission from contaminated surgical stainless steel instruments after cleaning?

Lipscomb, I P; Pinchin, H E; Collin, R; Harris, K and Keevil, C W (2006) The sensitivity of approved Ninhydrin and Biuret tests in the assessment of protein contamination on surgical steel as an aid to prevent iatrogenic prion transmission.

Lipscomb, I P; Sihota, A K; Botham, M; Harris, K L and Keevil, C W (2006) Rapid method for the sensitive detection of protein contamination on surgical instruments.

Lipscomb, I P; Sihota, A K and Keevil, C W (2006) Comparative study of surgical instruments from sterile-service departments for presence of residual gram-negative endotoxin and proteinaceous deposits.

Lipscomb, I P; Sihota, A K and Keevil, C W (2006) Diathermy forceps and pencils: reservoirs for protein and prion contamination?

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) DJs. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Duo Sonata on Elizabethan Themes, Op.4. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Fanfare, Op.3. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Financing New Music-Business Ventures. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Labels and Distribution. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Marketing, Management and Finance. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Performing. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Recording and Production. In: UNSPECIFIED A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Sacred Prelude, Op.1 [String Quintet version]. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Terpsichore, Op.7. [Audio]

Little, Jonathan D. (2006) Terpsichore, Op.7: "The Whirler", or Muse of Dance (from "The Nine Muses" - No.7 of 9). [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. and Chatburn, Katie (2006) The Musicians’ and Songwriters’ Yearbook 2007: The Essential Resource for Anyone Working in the Music Industry. A&C Black.

Little, Jonathan D.; Striggio, Alessandro; Tallis, Thomas; Hanson, Robert and Cooke, Mervyn (2006) Thomas Tallis 500th Anniversary Celebration Concert [1505-2005]. [Audio]


McMorris, Terry; Harris, Roger C.; Swain, Jonathan P.; Corbett, Jo; Collard, K.; Dyson, Rosemary J.; Dye, L.; Hodgson, Christopher I. and Draper, Nick (2006) Effect of creatine supplementation and sleep deprivation, with mild exercise, on cognitive and psychomotor performance, mood state, and plasma concentrations of catecholamines and cortisol.

McMorris, Terry; Swain, Jonathan P.; Lauder, Mike A.; Smith, Neal A. and Kelly, John (2006) Warm-up prior to undertaking a dynamic psychomotor task: Does it aid performance?

McMorris, Terry; Swain, Jonathan P.; Smith, Marcus S.; Corbett, Jo; Delves, Simon; Sale, Craig; Harris, Roger C. and Potter, Julia (2006) Heat stress, plasma concentrations of adrenaline, noradrenaline, 5-hydroxytryptamine and cortisol, mood state and cognitive performance.

Morgan, Sue (2006) Women, Religion and Feminism in Britain, 1750-1900. Palgrave Macmillan.


O'Neill, Anna and Whitby, Siobahn (2006) Stepping out: the changing role of e-resources librarians.


Richardson, Amanda (2006) 'Hedging, ditching and other improper occupations': Royal landscapes and their meaning under Edward II and Edward III. In: UNSPECIFIED Boydell & Brewer.

Rimmer, Matthew (2006) Forming impressions of opponents: the impact of person perception on individual competitive sports interactions. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Rose, Sarah E.; Jolley, Richard P. and Burkitt, Esther (2006) A review of children's, teachers' and parents' influences on children's drawing experience.

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2006) Global Drifts. [Show/Exhibition]

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2006) Global Drifts. [Video]

Rubidge, Sarah F. (2006) Sensuous geographies and other installations: interfacing the body and technology. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Rubidge, Sarah F. and Sky, Hellen (2006) Global Drifts: Final artistic research report. UNSPECIFIED. Sarah Rubidge.

Rubidge, Sarah F. and Sky, Hellen (2006) Global Drifts: interim research report: creative development stage 1. UNSPECIFIED. Sarah Rubidge.


Smith, Marcus S. (2006) Physiological profile of senior and junior England international amateur boxers.

Smith, Neal A.; Dyson, Rosemary J.; Hale, Tudor and Janaway, Lee (2006) Contributions of the inside and outside leg to maintenance of curvilinear motion on a natural turf surface.

Southgate, Beverley (2006) 'A pair of white gloves': Historians and ethics.

Sutton, Agneta (2006) The complementarity and symbolism of the two sexes: Karl Barth, Hans Urs von Balthasar and John Paul II.

Swann, David (2006) The Last Days of Johnny North: Stories. Elastic Press.



Thelwell, Richard C.; Greenlees, Iain A. and Weston, Neil J. V. (2006) Using Psychological Skills Training to Develop Soccer Performance.


Worsfold, Paul (2006) Biomechanical assessment of the shoe-surfact interface during the golf swing. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Worsfold, Paul; Smith, Neal A. and Dyson, Rosemary J. (2006) Modern golf shoe traction properties on grass.


Zanotti, Marisa (2006) Edges 2. [Show/Exhibition]

Zanotti, Marisa (2006) Edges 2. [Video]

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