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Briginshaw, Valerie A. (2005) Difference and repetition in both sitting duet.

Briginshaw, Valerie A. (2005) From performance through narrative to interconnected subjectivities. In: UNSPECIFIED Peter Lang.


Clements, Richard E.; George, K. P.; Sharp, L.; Chantler, Paul D.; Tan, L.-B. and Goldspink, D. F. (2005) The influence of body size on measurements of overall cardiac function.

Collins, Paul M. (2005) Communion with God, A proposal for understanding the outcome of theosis in the writings of Maximus the Confessor.


Davranche, Karen; Burle, Boris; Audiffren, Michel and Hasbroucq, Thierry (2005) Information processing during physical exercise: a chronometric and electromyographic study.

Dixon, Andrew M. and McManus, M. (2005) An introduction to life cycle and rebound effects in water systems. In: UNSPECIFIED IWA publishing.


Edmunds, Sarah; Garratt, Andrew; Haines, Linda and Blair, Mitch (2005) Child health assessment at school entry (CHASE) project: evaluation in 10 London primary schools.

Edmunds, Sarah; Haines, Linda and Blair, Mitch (2005) Development of a questionnaire to collect public health data for school entrants in London: Child Health Assessment at School Entry (CHASE) project.


Gray, William (2005) The incomplete fairy tales of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Bradley, Andrew; Holder, Tim and Thelwell, Richard C. (2005) The impact of opponents' non-verbal behaviour on the first impressions and outcome expectations of table-tennis players.

Greenlees, Iain A.; Lane, Andrew; Thelwell, Richard C.; Holder, Tim and Hobson, Gina (2005) Team-referent attributions among sport performers.


Harper, Catherine (2005) Meditation on translation and seduction. In: UNSPECIFIED University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury.

Hunter, Victoria (2005) 'Embodying the Site: The here and Now in Site-Specific Dance Performance'.


Imray, Christopher H. E.; Myers, Stephen D.; Pattinson, Kyle T. S.; Bradwell, A. R.; Chan, Colin; Harris, S.; Collins, Phil and Wright, Annemarie (2005) Effect of exercise on cerebral perfusion in humans at high altitude.


Kelly, Jem (2005) Auditory space: emergent modes of apprehension and historical representations in Three Tales.


Lauder, Mike A. and Dabnichki, P. (2005) Estimating propulsive forces - sink or swim?

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Basque Lullaby, Op.1a. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) The Complete Songwriter: An Antidote to Industry Short-Termism [or, The Complete Songwriter/Producer]. In: UNSPECIFIED Sanctuary.

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Kyrie, Op.5. [Performance]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Kyrie, Op.5. [Performance]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Kyrie, Op.5. [Composition]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Sacred Prelude, Op.1. [Audio]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Themes on a Variation, Op.3. [Audio]

Little, Jonathan D. (2005) Two Lyrics. Tillet Press.


MacLeod, Alison J. (2005) The Wave Theory of Angels. Hamish Hamilton.

Macfarlane, Calum D. (2005) Transfiguration as the heart of Christian life: the theology of Thomas Traherne (1637?-1674) with special reference to 'the kingdom of God' and other recently discovered manuscripts. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

McMorris, Terry; Delves, Simon; Sproule, John; Lauder, Mike A. and Hale, Beverley J. (2005) Effect of incremental exercise on initiation and movement times in a choice response, whole body psychomotor task.

Mitchell, Andrew C. S. (2005) The biomechanics of functional ankle instability. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Moyise, Steve (2005) Isaiah in 1 Peter. In: UNSPECIFIED T & T Clark.

Moyise, Steve (2005) Word frequencies in the Book of Revelation.

Muldoon, Orla; Lowry, Ruth; Prentice, Garry and Trew, Karen (2005) The factor structure of the multidimensional measure of children's perceptions of control.


Noys, Benjamin (2005) The Culture of Death. UNSPECIFIED. Berg.

Noys, Benjamin (2005) Shattering the subject: Georges Bataille and the limits of therapy.

Noys, Benjamin (2005) Tulse Luper Database: Peter Greenaway, the New Media Object and the Art of Exhaustion.


Passfield, Louis; Dobbins, Trevor D.; Myers, Stephen D.; Reilly, Mike and Williams, E. Mark (2005) Acute cardio-respiratory changes induced by hyperpnoea using a respiratory muscle trainer.


Richardson, Amanda (2005) The Forest, Park and Palace of Clarendon, c.1200-c.1650: Reconstructing an Actual, Conceptual and Documented Wiltshire Landscape. Archaeopress.


Salkeld, Duncan (2005) Literary traces in Bridewell and Bethlem, 1602-1624.

Salkeld, Duncan (2005) New allusions to London 'shewes' and playhouses, 1575-1605.

Southgate, Beverley (2005) What is History For? Routledge.

Swann, David (2005) Homage: Twenty-four fifty-word stories.


Tallon, Mark J. (2005) Carnosine metabolism in human skeletal muscle. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Villarreal, Edgar L. and Dixon, Andrew M. (2005) Analysis of a rainwater collection system for domestic water supply in Ringdansen, Norrköping, Sweden.


Weston, Neil J. V. (2005) The impact of Butler and Hardy's (1992) performance profiling technique in sport. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Willems, Mark E. T. and Stauber, William T. (2005) Streptomycin and EDTA decrease the number of desmin-negative fibers following stretch injury.

Williams, Craig (2005) Peripheral muscle fatigue during intense exercise. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Zanotti, Marisa (2005) At the End of the Sentence. [Video]

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