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Alsop, Will (2015) Making life better. [Art/Design Item]


Baker, Camille (2015) Wear next: an investigation into the future of wearable technology. [Art/Design Item]

Baker, Camille (2015) A match made in heaven? Marrying fashion and technology & rebranding wearables. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Baker, Camille and Sicchio, Kate (2015) Stitch, bitch, make/perform: wearables and performance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Balaskas, Bill (2015) 10th Mildura Palimpsest Biennale 2015. [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2015) PUNK: its traces in contemporary art. [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2015) Tous Pour Tous. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2015) Akula dream. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2015) By the way. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2015) Fences make senses. [Art/Design Item]

Barwell, Claire (2015) Whose memory? reflections on the construction of an archive, or Canute against the waves of oblivion.

Baxter, Gail (2015) Re-viewing lace in archives: connecting the lacunae. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Benge, Bryan (2015) Dwell: a book of nets. Sampson Low Ltd.

Bennett, Evelyn and Rutter, Christopher (2015) 'Gunfighter' project. [Art/Design Item]

Bossom, Andrew and Dunning, Ben (2015) Video games: an introduction to the industry. Bloomsbury.

Bougdah, Hocine (2015) Internal summertime temperatures in courtyard houses in Boussaada, Algeria.

Burgoyne, Greig (2015) Gapfillers. [Art/Design Item]

Burgoyne, Greig (2015) Scapelands. [Art/Design Item]

Butler, Tom; Mariani, Julia; Mifsud, Daniel; Shim, Yewon and Zhang, Yaqi (2015) The Future of Urban Resilience. [Art/Design Item]


Caruana, Natasha (2015) Love Bomb. [Art/Design Item]

Caruana, Natasha (2015) Love is an Act. [Art/Design Item]

Caruana, Natasha (2015) Married man. Here Press.

Charter, Martin (2015) Sustainable innovation and design: future implications and lessons learnt from the last 20 years. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Charter, Martin (2015) What will sustainable innovation and design look like in 2015?

Chell, Edward (2015) Bloom. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward (2015) Bloom. Horniman Museum & Gardens.

Chodha, Dal (2015) High functioning: the next generation of minimalists defining a new, easy-going, all-day elegance.

Clough, Gary (2015) Trace engines. [Art/Design Item]

Coke, Charis and Sudlow, Joe (2015) Sharing best practice in audio software workshops at undergraduate level or how Cilit Bang and Bruce Willis saved the day! In: UNSPECIFIED.

Couch, Amanda (2015) Reflection on digestion: a lecture performance dinner. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda; Hladky, Andrew; Lee, Mindy and Nash, Richard (2015) On Innards | Publication. [Art/Design Item]


Derby, Moyra (2015) Abstract Apartment 1. [Art/Design Item]

Dimitrijevic, Katarina (2015) Design transposal workshop: visualising through the gyre. [Art/Design Item]

Dixon-Smith, Steven and Badger, Ian (2015) Integrating sources and specialisms. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Fox, Anna (2015) Resort 2: Butlin's Bognor Regis. Schilt Publishing.

Fox, Anna (2015) Work, rest, play: British photography from the 1960s to today. [Art/Design Item]

Fox, Anna and Bruce, Andrew (2015) Spitting. [Art/Design Item]

Fox, Anna and Sheokand, Amit (2015) Portraits from an Island. [Art/Design Item]


Garrett, Leigh (2015) Exploring research data management in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh (2015) Stuff & data: challenges for research data management in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gersht, Ori (2015) Revelations: experiments in photography. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsmith, Shelly (2015) Art_Textiles. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsmith, Shelly (2015) Crafting Anatomies. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsmith, Shelly (2015) Drawn to Ohio: textiles by Shelly Goldsmith. [Art/Design Item]

Gregory, Joy (2015) Working title: the veil in Saudi Arabia.


Hamlyn, Nicky (2015) Brownian Motion. [Art/Design Item]

Hamlyn, Nicky (2015) Imperfect scans: Jamie Jenkinson’s iPhone video works.

Hamlyn, Nicky (2015) Nicky Hamlyn: Zoetrope. [Art/Design Item]

Harrat, F; Bougdah, Hocine and Sahnoune, T (2015) A review of housing policy and delivery measures in Algeria.

Howard, Ashley (2015) Demonstration. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hughes, Jennifer (2015) Memento. [Art/Design Item]

Hughes, Jennifer (2015) South East Open Studios 2015. [Art/Design Item]


John, Tomasz (2015) Intercultural teaching and learning and respectful dialogue with international students. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jordan-Baker, Craig (2015) Pan-aesthetics in the context of creative writing. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jordan-Baker, Craig (2015) The philosophy of creative writing.

Joule, Andy (2015) Salvage. [Art/Design Item]


Keiller, Scott and Charter, Martin (2015) Repair cafés: implications for product developers and designers. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Kelley, Victoria (2015) Housekeeping: shine, polish, gloss and glaze as surface strategies in the domestic interior. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

Kelley, Victoria (2015) The streets for the people: London’s street markets 1850-1939.

Kelly, Jessica (2015) Everyday places and everyday objects. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kelly, Jessica (2015) Experiments in biography and architectural history. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kelly, Jessica (2015) Vulgar modernism: J.M. Richards, modernism and the vernacular in British architecture.

Kelly, Jessica (2015) The castles in the air and the castles on the ground: vernacular modernism and the future of British architecture 1939-1947. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kelly, Jessica (2015) The media, the public and the role of the architect. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Klenz, Steffi (2015) Figures of absence.

Klenz, Steffi (2015) LACDA 2015 International Juried Competition Winners Exhibit. [Art/Design Item]

Klenz, Steffi (2015) LOOK/15 launch: LightNight 2015. [Art/Design Item]

Klenz, Steffi (2015) Plotting Spaces. [Art/Design Item]

Knight, Adam (2015) The Long Modern. [Art/Design Item]

Knight, Adam (2015) Memorial Hall. In: UNSPECIFIED ArtQuarters Press.

Knorr, Karen (2015) Femina ou la réappropriation des modèles. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen (2015) Karen Knorr: Belgravia. Stanley Barker.

Knorr, Karen (2015) Monogatari. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen (2015) Work, rest, play: British photography from the 1960s to today. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen and Richon, Olivier (2015) Punks. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen and Richon, Olivier (2015) We could be heroes. [Art/Design Item]

Kotting, Andrew (2015) By Our Selves. [Art/Design Item]

Kubicki, Kathy (2015) The time someone pointed to the outside. In: UNSPECIFIED IB Tauris.


Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) Assimilation: Dada, Surrealism and commercial art. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) Der kalte Krieg im Anzug. In: UNSPECIFIED transcript.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) Materialism and material history. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury Publishing.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) Mode, Markt, Modernität: Salons, Galerien und die Modeindustrie im Paris des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. In: UNSPECIFIED Transcript.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) Performance in three parts. In: UNSPECIFIED Yale University Press/The Jewish Museum.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) The immaterial [working title].

Lehmann, Ulrich (2015) The luxury principle [working title]. In: UNSPECIFIED Edinburgh University Press.

Lin, Yuwei (2015) Archives and enterprise education: the importance of archive-based education for developing abilities to re-interpret and re-contextualise archival materials. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lin, Yuwei (2015) Open data and co-production of public value of BBC Backstage.

Lindsey, Matt (2015) A culture of text. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell.

Little, Mark; Millar, Lesley; Bland, Adrian; Allman, Debra; Holden, Colin; Olding, Simon; Vacher, Jean; Fox, Anna; Perk, Terry; Dobson, Jamie; Keeble, Trevor and Hylton, Richard (2015) Academic choice. [Art/Design Item]

Löwenstein, Heike; Rai, Amie and Gapper, Ollie (2015) Regenography: a photographic study of recreate regions. University for the Creative Arts.


Millar, Lesley (2015) Kawaii: crafting the Japanese culture of cute. [Art/Design Item]


Northey, Tom (2015) M.O.T.H.E.R Part 01 Omnipresent. [Art/Design Item]

Northey, Tom (2015) M.O.T.H.E.R Part 02 Universum. [Art/Design Item]


O'Brien, Lucy (2015) PJ Harvey records a new album in public.

Odundo, Magdalene (2015) Tri-part-it-us. Cornerhouse Publications.

Olding, Simon (2015) Building the future. In: UNSPECIFIED Tyne and Wear Museums.

Olding, Simon (2015) Magdalene Odundo: Untitled #10.

Olding, Simon (2015) A temple for the self.


Panse, Silke (2015) Introduction to part III: work. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Panse, Silke (2015) The work of the documentary protagonist: the material labor of aesthetics. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Perks, Sue (2015) Transforming the Natural History Museum in London: Isotype and the New Exhibition Scheme. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley Blackwell.

Perks, Sue and Whittingham, Nicola (2015) Timelines in design: where linguistics meets design history. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Psarologaki, Evangelia (2015) Beyond the physical threshold: enfolding the ontology of Immersive Experience. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Quarini, Carol (2015) The domestic veil: exploring the net curtain through the uncanny and the gothic. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Raby, June (2015) Material, memory, metaphor - convergences of significance in the ceramic vessel. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Rahtz, Dominic (2015) Indifference of material in the work of Carl Andre and Robert Smithson. In: UNSPECIFIED Whitechapel Gallery/MIT.

Reading, Christina (2015) Representing melancholy: figurative art and feminism. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Reeves, Tony and Gomm, Phil (2015) Community and contribution: factors motivating students to participate in an extra-curricular learning activity and implications for learning.

Reimers, Anne (2015) Dance, drugs and vampiric people: Anita Berber and Otto Dix, Berlin 1925. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Reimers, Anne (2015) On aesthetic pleasure: the problem of 'fashion' in 1920s German art journals. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Reimers, Anne; Barillà, Silvia Maria; Büsing, Nicole; Forbes, Alexander; Klaas, Heiko and Meixner, Christiane (2015) The third BMW art guide by independent collectors. Hatje Cantz.

Rogers, Kathleen (2015) Cosmopolitical Futures - The Fate Maps - Human Donor Series - Cuts 000-006 - Video Installation. [Art/Design Item]

Rogers, Kathleen (2015) Cosmopolitical Futures - Human Donor Series - Acts 1-3 - Fate Maps - 00-04 - Photographs. [Art/Design Item]

Rogers, Kathleen (2015) Cosmopolitical Futures - Human Donor Series – Visceral - Photographic Diptych. [Art/Design Item]

Rogers, Kathleen (2015) Cosmopolitical Futures - The Fate Maps - Human Donor Series - Cuts 000 – 006 - Video installation. [Art/Design Item]

Rogers, Kathleen (2015) Cosmopolitical Futures: The Anthropocenic Human in the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Space. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rutter, Charlotte and Armstrong, Kate (2015) Ethical fashion consumption: a working paper. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Selby, Mark (2015) ...And then I got off the bus. In: UNSPECIFIED ArtQuarter Press.

Stevanovic, Tijana (2015) Review of Le Normand, Brigitte, Designing Tito's Capital: Urban Planning, Modernism, and Socialism in Belgrade.

Stevanovic, Tijana (2015) Tools for conviviality: architects and the limits of flexibility for housing design in New Belgrade. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Tannant, Maria (2015) Reflective, formative spaces for learning, teaching and assessment moulded around course pedagogy. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Rebekah (2015) Animation archives: collaboration with archivists, academics, and practitioners. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Rebekah (2015) Archiving a feminist animation archive. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Rebekah and Lovis, Adrian (2015) Shake the bottle: contemporary photography and sexual identity. [Art/Design Item]

Taylor, Sarah and Robertson, Sara (2015) Digital Lace. [Art/Design Item]

Trafford, James (2015) Abstract duality and co-constructive logic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Trafford, James (2015) Co-constructive logics for proofs and refutations.

Trafford, James (2015) Duality and inferential semantics.

Trafford, James (2015) Logic, duality, and interactivity. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Trafford, James (2015) Rationality and rupture.

Trafford, James (2015) An interactive approach to proof-theoretic semantics. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Trafford, James; Pendrell, Luke; Barcelos, Lendl; Burch, Katrina and Austad, Henrik (2015) Apophenia. [Art/Design Item]

Trafford, James and Tillas, Alex (2015) Intuition & reason: re-assessing dual-process theories with representational sub-activation.

Trafford, James and Tillas, Alexandros (2015) Communicating content.


Vivian, Paul (2015) Satorious Islands. [Art/Design Item]


Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2015) Code—x. bookRoom.

Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2015) Reading (Story of) O. Uniformbooks.

Wainwright, Jean (2015) Andy Warhol: from Pittsburgh to New York: reproduction and repetition. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wainwright, Jean (2015) Critical essay for the 'New Art of Making' exhibition poster. Futurecity.

Wainwright, Jean (2015) Essay. In: UNSPECIFIED Wetterling Gallery/Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing.

Wainwright, Jean (2015) Lluís Barba making history. In: UNSPECIFIED Related.

Wainwright, Jean (2015) Women and photography: the vocal chord. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wainwright, Jean and Hoare, Philip (2015) Ship to shore: art and the lure of the sea. John Hansard Gallery.

Wainwright, Jean; Klenz, Steffi; Knorr, Karen and Gersht, Ori (2015) Rights of passage. [Art/Design Item]

Watt, Fiona (2015) Make/Believe: UK Design for Performance 2011 - 2015. [Art/Design Item]

Welsford, Katie (2015) Genetic Moo performance. [Art/Design Item]

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