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Appleby, Richard and Xiao, Li (2013) Designing for social interaction and sharing experiences.

Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Bagley, Kim; Baxter, Gail; Couzins, Richard; Digkas, Grigoris; Halpin, Michael; Lovey, Christina; Plant, Michael Wayne; Psarologaki, Liana and Quarini, Carol (2013) Research students exhibition catalogue 2013. University for the Creative Arts.


Baker, Camille (2013) MINDtouch: embodied mobile media ephemeral transference.

Balaskas, Bill (2013) At a time of crisis (AUDI Art Award artworks). [Art/Design Item]

Balaskas, Bill (2013) Living in a global 'Society of the Spectacle' from Guy Debord to the economic crisis through an exhibition of contemporary art.

Balaskas, Bill (2013) The market: hybrid spatial practices in contemporary art. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2013) The Freestone Drone. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2013) The very, very end. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) +100 The London Group Today. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Art Jazzed Up. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Cardboard City. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) Centenary Members' Exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2013) The London Group at 100. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Crysalis 'Metamorphosis'. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) I am not dead. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Keeper of the patterns. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn (2013) Whitstable Laser Dinghy Sail Design. [Art/Design Item]

Bennett, Evelyn and Rutter, Christopher (2013) Cabaret Voltaire with Needless Alley Collective. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2013) Kaleidoscope – Printed Textiles by Neil Bottle. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2013) Lace Effects Coat and Wallhanging Installation. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2013) Model : making. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil and Goldsmith, Shelly (2013) How to teach digital. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Braso, Emma (2013) Global Archive. [Art/Design Item]

Braso, Emma (2013) Man of the Year: Henry Coombes and Carles Congost. [Art/Design Item]

Brown, Roni (2013) Pleasure brand: material culture and experience at Butlin's Bognor Regis. In: UNSPECIFIED Schilt Publishing.

Burgess, Robin and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2013) Towards an A-Z of visual arts research data: disseminating guidance and information from the KAPTUR Environmental Assessment Report. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Burgoyne, Greig (2013) Omon Ra. [Art/Design Item]

Burgoyne, Greig (2013) We are alternative structures. [Art/Design Item]

Burgoyne, Greig and Seki, Yumino (2013) What is line, and how does it travel through space? [Art/Design Item]


Cattaneo, Jac; Gramstadt, Marie-Therese and Tappenden, Curtis (2013) Create curate collaborate! Expanding student responses to the V&A through the juxtaposition of creative writing and non-linear presentation technology. In: UNSPECIFIED University of Brighton Press.

Charter, Martin (2013) Emerging issues, cities and grassroots innovation. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Charter, Martin (2013) Sustainable innovation 2013: collaboration, co-creation and new business models. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Charter, Martin; Keiller, Scott and Clements, Vic (2013) A guide for SMEs on eco-design for the construction industry. UNSPECIFIED. EDECON project, Enterprise Europe Network.

Charter, Martin; Miedzinski, Michal; Doranova, Asel; Castel, Johanna and Roman, Laura (2013) Eco-innovate: a guide to eco-innovation for SMEs and business coaches. UNSPECIFIED. Eco Innovation Observatory.

Chell, Edward (2013) Eclipse. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward (2013) Soft Estate. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward; Mabey, Richard and Parsons, Sara-Jayne (2013) Soft estate. Bluecoat.

Chick, Lucy (2013) Intervention 1. [Art/Design Item]

Chick, Lucy (2013) Intervention 2. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner 2013. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on Digestion: The Mouth. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2013) Reflection on digestion. In: UNSPECIFIED Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom.

Couch, Amanda (2013) A Reflection on digestion: embodiment and the professional. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Couch, Amanda; Hladky, Andrew and Lee, Mindy (2013) On Innards: Presentation of Artwork by Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda; Hladky, Andrew and Lee, Mindy (2013) On Innards: three-way conversation by Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Derby, Moyra (2013) Depth as breadth in rotation: Tableau as holding apparatus.

Derby, Moyra (2013) Visualising painting: a space drawn in ratio. In: UNSPECIFIED UCA.

Derby, Moyra; Elliot, Stuart; Finch, Mark and Harland, Beth (2013) Painting Tableau Stage. [Art/Design Item]

Dettmers, Silke (2013) "Engel" (Angel). [Art/Design Item]


Foster, Alicia (2013) Warpaint. Fig Tree.

Fox, Anna (2013) Resort 1: Butlin's Bognor Regis. Schilt Publishing.

Francis, Patricia (2013) Buttonory (who remembers Jackanory?).

Froome-Lewis, Oliver and Street, Chloe (2013) Lea Valley Drift: transgressing cartological norms as a means to stimulating new. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Garrett, Leigh (2013) Err, what do I do with this? Exploring infrastructure requirements for visual arts researchers. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh (2013) Introducing research data management in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh; Spalding, Mary-Anne and Silva, Carlos (2013) UCARIS: Developing a research information system for a specialist arts institution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Goldsmith, Shelly (2013) Lace Effects 1. [Art/Design Item]

Gomm, Phil; Buckner, Jordan and Beg, Thomas (2013) La création du monde. [Art/Design Item]

Gridneff, Rose and Cooper, Alexander (2013) Touch. In: UNSPECIFIED Pointed Press.

Gridneff, Rose; Cooper, Alexander and Haslam, Andrew (2013) 6x6: collaborative letterpress project. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gridneff, Rose; Cooper, Alexander and Haslam, Andrew (2013) Letterpress: looking backward to look forward. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gunn, Rosie; Palmer, Rachel; Branson, Mary and Clark, Mat (2013) The Birth Of Stars. [Art/Design Item]


Harrison, Diana (2013) Handkerchiefs. [Art/Design Item]

Hilton, Stuart (2013) CV for Stuart Hilton. UCA.

Hofer, Peter (2013) Aircabin. [Art/Design Item]

Houghton, Nicholas (2013) Craft education: what it is, where it comes from, where it's going.

Howard, Ashley (2013) Demonstration. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Jessop, Michelle (2013) Contemporary jewellery practice: the role of display in addressing craft values within the creative process. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

John, Tomasz (2013) A 'roller coaster' experience? An exploration of postgraduate international students' perceptions of teaching, learning and assessment, integration with home students and building a campus community. In: UNSPECIFIED.

John, Tomasz and Denicolo, Pam (2013) Doctoral education: review of the literature monitoring the doctoral student experience in selected OECD countries (mainly UK).

Jones, Chris (2013) "Life is a river, time is a journey, the door is ajar": reflections on librarianship in the creative arts.

Jordan-Baker, Craig (2013) Agency, structure and realism in language and linguistics. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Jordan-Baker, Craig (2013) Ecosystem engineers.

Joule, Andy (2013) Four and five. [Art/Design Item]

Joule, Andy (2013) Me Fish Bring. [Art/Design Item]


Keeble, Trevor (2013) Halls and corridors: spaces between and beyond. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury.

Keeble, Trevor (2013) Technology and the interior. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloomsbury.

Kelley, Victoria (2013) A superficial guide to the deeper meanings of surface. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester University Press.

Knight, Adam (2013) Amateur/Failure. In: UNSPECIFIED ARTSCHOOL/UK Press.

Knorr, Karen (2013) A Contemporary bestiary. [Art/Design Item]

Knorr, Karen (2013) India song. Tasveer Arts.

Knorr, Karen and Richon, Olivier (2013) Punks. Gost.

Kubicki, Kathy (2013) Everyday and everywhere: vernacular photography today. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Lambert, Charles (2013) Fair game? Sport and the right to privacy at the Leveson Inquiry. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2013) Luxury and contemporary art. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2013) Object lesson. In: UNSPECIFIED White Cube.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2013) Surface as material, material into surface: dialectic in C.C.P. Depth, im/permeability. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester University Press.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2013) Works to show work. In: UNSPECIFIED Kiito-San.

Lopes, Maria Manuela Carvalho de Sousa (2013) Representational strategies on Alzheimer's studies: a practice-based art research in a neuroscience laboratory. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Malone, Andy (2013) Book - Art - Botany. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2013) London Art Book Fair. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2013) Made. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2013) Moi + Toi + Nous. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2013) Solo exhibition. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2013) Fundir. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2013) SOFA (Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art + Design) Chicago 2013. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2013) Spoons are the Mirror of a Culture. [Art/Design Item]

McElhinney, Sam (2013) WWF Experience Zones. [Art/Design Item]

Mifsud, Daniel (2013) An 'exploded' replica of a commode.

Millar, Lesley (2013) Cloth & memory {2}. [Art/Design Item]

Millar, Lesley (2013) Surface as practice. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester University Press.

Millar, Lesley; Silver, Zöe; Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Hill, June; Ofield-Kerr, Simon; Agano, Machiko; Appleton, Jeanette; Bamba, Masae; Bartlett, Caroline; Bower, Hilary; Bristow, Maxine; Clements, Reece; Fujino, Yasuko; Garfen, Caren; Gray, Rachel; Harrison, Annie; Harrison, Diana; Hinsberg, Katharina; Jacobs, Peta; Lawrence, Philippa; Leighton-Boyce, Hannah; Murayama, Yoriko; Pym, Celia; Steihaug, Kari; Takaki, Koji; Takasuka, Katsura; Thompson, Karina and Yoneyama, Yoriko (2013) Cloth & memory {2}. Salts Estates Ltd.


Nolan, Katherine (2013) Seducing the machine : narcissism and performance in contemporary feminist practice. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Northey, Tom (2013) Exploring Generative Design. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Odundo, Magdalene (2013) Untitled. [Art/Design Item]

Olding, Simon (2013) Alexis Rago: chaos contained. In: UNSPECIFIED Protoangel.

Olding, Simon (2013) Archival quality: Blodwen's Welsh heritage blankets.

Olding, Simon (2013) Commentary.

Olding, Simon (2013) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Walford Mill Education Trust.

Olding, Simon (2013) Of plate and place. University of Westminster.


Panse, Silke (2013) Judgement after Kant, Deleuze and television. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2013) Land as protagonist – an interview with James Benning. In: UNSPECIFIED Berghahn.

Panse, Silke (2013) Planes in the plane of immanence, or: who or what moves the leaves. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2013) Snow Business. [Art/Design Item]

Panse, Silke (2013) Symposium and screenings. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2013) Ten skies, 13 lakes, 15 pools - structure, immanence and eco-aesthetics in 'The Swimmer' and James Benning's land films. In: UNSPECIFIED Berghahn.

Perk, Terry (2013) Inside-Out. [Art/Design Item]

Perk, Terry and Rowe, Julian (2013) Catoptromancy. [Art/Design Item]

Petersson, Lina (2013) Contemporary Jewellery. [Art/Design Item]

Petersson, Lina (2013) From the Coolest Corner. [Art/Design Item]

Petersson, Lina (2013) Making Moves. [Art/Design Item]

Petersson, Lina (2013) Suspended in Pink. [Art/Design Item]

Petrey, Grant (2013) Extending the boundaries of the learning institution: enhancing learning via collaboration and situated learning. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Rahtz, Dominic (2013) Dematerialization and /cloud/. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rahtz, Dominic (2013) The literal in painting. In: UNSPECIFIED UCA.

Reeves, Tony and Rowland, Philip (2013) What about my prezi? Evaluating students' perceptions of online collaboration and group work. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Robinson, Amy (2013) Celebrating fifty years of fashion: The Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection project. UNSPECIFIED. JISC.

Robinson, Amy (2013) Role models: designers who have been offering inspiration for decades: Zandra Rhodes.

Robinson, Amy (2013) Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection.

Robinson, Amy and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2013) Uncovering hidden treasures in silver trunks: the Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Robinson, Amy; Gramstadt, Marie-Therese and Reeves, Tony (2013) Open education in the fashion studio: the Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection project. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rogers, Kathleen (2013) STEM. [Art/Design Item]


Samuels, Kate (2013) Made. [Art/Design Item]

Selby, Mark (2013) Rescue Kite. [Art/Design Item]

Skilton, Laura; Ramirez, Matt; Armstrong, Guyda; Lock, Rose; Vacher, Jean and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2013) Augmented reality in education: the SCARLET+ experience.

Spalding, Mary-Anne (2013) Raising the profile of research data management: the UCA story. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stark, Gabor (2013) Black currency - the portable monument. [Art/Design Item]

Stark, Gabor (2013) A circulating tribute to El Lissitzky (1890-1941) and Sophie Lissitzky-Kueppers (1891-1978). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Stark, Gabor and Rudolph, Ines-Ulrike (2013) Zwischen Landnahme und Offenhaltung. Stadt- und Freiraumentwickung mit Raumpionieren. In: UNSPECIFIED Fraunhofer IRB Verlag.

Stevanovic, Tijana (2013) The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON: domestic sphere in the age of flexible working.

Summers, Francis and Minkin, Louise (2013) Common Conduct. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Surti, Srin (2013) The Zeitgeist Open 2013. [Art/Design Item]


Tappenden, Curtis (2013) The poise of the pen.

Taylor, Rebekah (2013) Working Press, books by and about working class artists, 1986-1996: collaborative cataloguing. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Rebekah and Andrews, Rebecca (2013) LGBT photography archives: the archive and work of LGBT photographer Tessa Boffin and current professional photographer Rebecca Andrews, a graduate of UCA. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Rebekah and Martin-Bowtell, Adele (2013) UCA @ UCA: utilising creative archives at the University for the Creative Arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, Sarah; Robertson, Sara; Satomi, Mika and Perner-Wilson, Hannah (2013) E-Textiles Exchange Swatchbook 2013. [Art/Design Item]

Trafford, James (2013) Inference and rational commitment.


Vacher, Jean (2013) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Study Centre.

Vacher, Jean (2013) Norah Braden. In: UNSPECIFIED Fry Art Gallery.

Vivian, Paul (2013) The territorial role of the cut, fold and tear: the territorial in collage. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2013) The book is alive! Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom.

Wainwright, Jean (2013) Bufferin: a love story. In: UNSPECIFIED British Film Institute.

Wainwright, Jean (2013) Disappearing acts: presence and erasure. In: UNSPECIFIED Carpenters Workshop/rAndom International.

Wainwright, Jean (2013) Douglas Gordon: mirror images. In: UNSPECIFIED Ridinghouse/Art Monthly.

Walker, James; Baldwin, Kevin; Challis, John and Bell, Steve (2013) 6 Degrees of Bob Godfrey an imaginative life. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Watt, Fiona (2013) Design as performance. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Welsford, Katie (2013) Fragment. [Art/Design Item]

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