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Aeppli, Simon (2012) Come in and see the bed. [Art/Design Item]

Aeppli, Simon (2012) Come in and see the bed. [Art/Design Item]

Anderson, David (2012) Storytelling, advertising and paradigm fusion.

Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Quarini, Carol and White, Bob (2012) Cloth & memory. Direct Design Books.


Baxter, Gail and Quarini, Carol (2012) Transparent boundaries UK mapping project. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2012) Freed book. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2012) On My Behalf - self portraits from The London Group. [Art/Design Item]

Benge, Bryan (2012) Territories & Boundaries. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2012) Turner Contemporary collection of fashion accessories. [Art/Design Item]

Branagan, Ben; Pendrell, Luke and Verhoeven, Eva (2012) Doggerland. Ponsonby Press.


Caruana, Natasha (2012) Natasha Caruana ONO. UNSPECIFIED. Here Press.

Caruana, Natasha and Dehkordi, Afshin (2012) Bread and roses. [Art/Design Item]

Charter, Martin (2012) Sustainable innovation 2012: resource efficiency, innovation and lifestyles. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Charter, Martin (2012) The 'closed loop' and beyond. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Charter, Martin and Woolman, Tim (2012) Lessons learnt supporting SMEs in eco-innovation. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre for Sustainable Design.

Chell, Edward (2012) Buttercup - Ranunculus repens: Dust A20(M), 2012. [Art/Design Item]

Chell, Edward (2012) Soft estate. In: UNSPECIFIED erbacce-press.

Chell, Edward and Taylor, Andrew (2012) In the company of ghosts: the poetics of the motorway. erbacce-press.

Couch, Amanda (2012) Artistic identity: framing research within practice. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Couch, Amanda (2012) Reflection on Digestion. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2012) Reflection on Digestion. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2012) Reflection on digestion. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2012) Reflection on digestion. [Art/Design Item]

Couch, Amanda (2012) Reflection on digestion. [Art/Design Item]


Derby, Moyra and de Pulford, Matthew (2012) Picture Tableau Screen. [Art/Design Item]

Derby, Moyra and de Pulford, Matthew (2012) Picture Tableau Screen. [Art/Design Item]

Dettmers, Silke (2012) Blue Fence 3. [Art/Design Item]

Dettmers, Silke (2012) Los artistas y los libros en la era digital ('Artists and books in the digital age').


Ely, Philip (2012) The domestication of home ubiquitous computing. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Fox, Anna (2012) 37 Indian Still Lifes. [Art/Design Item]

Fox, Anna (2012) My mother's cupboards and my father's words. [Art/Design Item]

Fox, Anna (2012) Resort 1.

Fox, Anna and Caruana, Natasha (2012) Behind the image: research in photography. AVA Academia.

Fox, Anna; Kapajeva, Maria; Knorr, Karen; Luvera, Anthony; McConnell, Gareth and Mitchell, Annie (2012) The world in London. [Art/Design Item]

Francis, Patricia (2012) Making the workshop work: a dialogue between Alke Gröppel-Wegener and Pat Francis.


Garrett, Leigh and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2012) KAPTUR: examining the importance and effective management of research data in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2012) KAPTUR: exploring the nature of visual arts research data and its effective management.

Garrett, Leigh; Gramstadt, Marie-Therese; Burgess, Robin; Murtagh, John; Spalding, Mary-Anne and Nadim, Tahani (2012) JISC funded Kaptur project environmental assessment report. UNSPECIFIED. Visual Arts Data Service (VADS), a Research Centre of the University for the Creative Arts.

Garrett, Leigh; Gramstadt, Marie-Therese and Silva, Carlos (2012) Here, KAPTUR this! Identifying and selecting the infrastructure required to support the curation and preservation of visual arts research data.

Garrett, Leigh and Robinson, Amy (2012) Spot the Difference! introducing iTrace, identifying visual plagiarism in the arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh and Robinson, Amy (2012) Spot the Difference! Visual plagiarism in the visual arts.

Garrett, Leigh; Robinson, Amy and Collomosse, John (2012) I spy: reality in a visual world. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh; Robinson, Amy and Collomosse, John (2012) Look no text! Visual searching techniques. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh; Silva, Carlos and Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2012) KAPTUR: technical analysis report. UNSPECIFIED. VADS Visual Arts Data Service, a Research Centre of the University for the Creative Arts..

Gersht, Ori (2012) Artist book: Ori Gersht. Photoworks.

Gersht, Ori (2012) Ori Gersht - History repeating. [Art/Design Item]

Gersht, Ori and Miner, Al (2012) Ori Gersht - history repeating. Museum of Fine Art Boston.

Goldsmith, Shelly (2012) Lecture. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Goldsmith, Shelly (2012) Metamorphosis. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsmith, Shelly (2012) Pairings II conversations & collaboration. [Art/Design Item]

Gomm, Phil; Klappa, Peter and Poraj-Wilczynski, Michael (2012) Creative arts meets biology - a collaborative project between arts and science. In: UNSPECIFIED Higher Education Academy.

Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2012) Kultivating Kultur: increasing arts research deposit.

Gregson, Andrea (2012) Mindful thing´s. [Art/Design Item]

Gridneff, Rose and Cooper, Alexander (2012) Page 1: Great Expectations: seventy graphic solutions. In: UNSPECIFIED GraphicDesign&.

Gridneff, Rose; Cooper, Alexander and Haslam, Andrew (2012) 6x6: Collaborative Letterpress Project. [Art/Design Item]

Gridneff, Rose and Dixon, Catherine (2012) Letterpress: something to say. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Griffiths, Linda (2012) Quick e-guide to academic writing. Linda Griffiths.


Hamlyn, Nicky (2012) Layers in tension: the photographs of Joséphine Michel.

Hamlyn, Nicky (2012) What's wrong with cinema in the gallery?

Heywood, Anthony (2012) Giant recycled boots. [Art/Design Item]

Heywood, Anthony (2012) Take all the weapons to the moon. [Art/Design Item]

Hunt, Chris (2012) Critical Narratives: Colour and Form. [Art/Design Item]

Hunt, Chris (2012) Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, a thousand plateaus [Mille plateaux] (1980). In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Hunt, Chris (2012) Martin Heidegger, 'The origin of the work of art' ['Der ursprung des kunstwerkes'] (1935). In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Hunt, Chris (2012) Wilhelm Worringer 'Abstraction and empathy' ['Abstraktion und einfuhlung'] (1908). In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.


Joule, Andy (2012) 178.98. [Art/Design Item]


Klenz, Steffi; Thatcher, Jennifer; Till, Jeremy and Wainwright, Jean (2012) Oblique angles: Nonsuch and Nummianus: a conversation between Steffi Klenz, Jennifer Thatcher, Jeremy Till and Jean Wainwright. In: UNSPECIFIED Intellect.

Kotov, Kristina (2012) LT Ranch project space: the distance between the user & maker diminishes. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kotov, Kristina (2012) Reflections on practice: LT Ranch project space. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kotov, Kristina; Shaw, Matt and Lee, Samantha (2012) Revealing the first scans of Barn 2 B. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kotting, Andrew and Sinclair, Ian (2012) Swandown. [Art/Design Item]

Kubicki, Kathy (2012) Kecskemét: Found images from Hungary.

Kubicki, Kathy; Knorr, Karen; Bajac, Quentin and Torre, de la, Alfonso (2012) Karen Knorr. In: UNSPECIFIED La Fabricia.


La Trobe-Bateman, Richard; Baier, Fred and Colwell, David (2012) Richard La Trobe-Bateman: making triangles. Crafts Study Centre.

Lang, Martin (2012) Capitalist apocalypse in the painting of John Martin and Gordon Cheung.

Lang, Martin and Bresolin, Thomas (2012) Militant training camp: the debriefing.

Lang, Martin and Grimwood, Tom (2012) Militant training camp and the aesthetics of civil disobedience.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) Making as knowing: epistemology and technique in craft.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) Materialism in fashion. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) Mode gegen Moderne. In: UNSPECIFIED Wilhelm Fink.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) Penser la mode. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) Series and multiples. In: UNSPECIFIED Progetto Prada Arte.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2012) The open critic and his enemies: Alloway and material culture.

Lehmann, Ulrich and Leslie, Esther (2012) Marx and fashion. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Lin, Yuwei (2012) Trans-disciplinarity and digital humanity: lessons learned from developing text mining tools for textual analysis. In: UNSPECIFIED Palgrave Macmillan.

Lin, Yuwei (2012) The emergence of the techno-elite audience and free/open source content: a case study on BBC Backstage.

Luepschen, Claudia; O'Connor, Clementine; Kuehr, Ruediger; Hestin, Mathieu; Mudgal, Shailendra; Charter, Martin; den Boer, Emilia; Gornikowski, Wojciech; Kopacek, Bernd; Schadlbauer, Sabine; Woolman, Tim; Yang, Mona and den Boer, Jan (2012) Industrial networking in European policies and legislation: results from the ZeroWIN project. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Makryniotis, Thomas (2012) Identity through dress in virtual environments. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Malone, Andy (2012) Collector's Cuttings. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2012) Fifth International Artists' Book Exhibition. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2012) Leeds Artists' Book Fair. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2012) London Art Book Fair. [Art/Design Item]

Malone, Andy (2012) The body as library. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2012) DomesticMATTERS. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2012) The New Silver. [Art/Design Item]

McCaig, Grant (2012) (out of) Focus: an investigation into the space around the finished object. [Art/Design Item]

McElhinney, Sam (2012) London 2012 Wayfinding Structures. [Art/Design Item]

McElhinney, Sam (2012) Reconstructing urban labyrinths. In: UNSPECIFIED EURAU12.

McKie, Annamarie (2012) Smart sourcing for the creative arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mifsud, Daniel (2012) 'Exploded' half case replica of a commode, commission for the V&A Furniture Galleries. [Art/Design Item]

Millar, Lesley (2012) Transparent boundaries colloquium. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Millar, Lesley; Silver, Maggie; Ayling-Smith, Beverly; Quarini, Carol and White, Bob (2012) Cloth & memory. Direct Design Books.


Nah, Gill (2012) Living the discourse of teaching and learning in higher education: participants of the post graduate certificate in teaching and learning in the creative arts. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Northey, Tom (2012) Didymus One. [Art/Design Item]


O'Brien, Lucy (2012) Madonna: like a crone. In: UNSPECIFIED Ashgate.

O'Brien, Lucy (2012) She bop : the definitive history of women in popular music. Jawbone Press.

Odundo, Magdalene (2012) Transition. [Art/Design Item]

Olding, Simon (2012) Bouke de Vries: stairwell installation.

Olding, Simon (2012) Craft studio. In: UNSPECIFIED OxfordFolio.

Olding, Simon (2012) Dogs that bark in the night.

Olding, Simon (2012) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Garden House.

Olding, Simon (2012) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Manchester Metropolitan University.

Olding, Simon (2012) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Study Centre.

Olding, Simon and Vacher, Jean (2012) Robin Tanner. Crafts Study Centre.


Panse, Silke (2012) The work of the documentary protagonist. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Parker, Ian (2012) On my behalf - self portraits from The London Group. [Art/Design Item]

Petrey, Grant (2012) Assessing the impact of students facilitating workshops within the context of a collaborative cross institution project.


Rahtz, Dominic (2012) Carl Andre, Artisan.

Rahtz, Dominic (2012) Indifference of material in the work of Carl Andre and Robert Smithson.

Reeves, Tony and Gomm, Phil (2012) Blogging all over the world: can blogs enhance student engagement by creating a community of practice around a course? In: UNSPECIFIED Emerald Publishing Group.

Robinson, Amy (2012) More than just a pretty interface: three recent projects at the Visual Arts Data Service.

Robinson, Amy (2012) Spot the Difference project: final report. UNSPECIFIED. JISC.

Rogers, Kathleen (2012) Black Lace - Dark Space - Bite-Size, Miniature Textiles. [Art/Design Item]

Rogers, Kathleen (2012) Going beyond humanness – new paradigms in design interaction. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rugg, Judith (2012) The Barbican: living in an airport without the fear of departure. In: UNSPECIFIED Intellect.

Rugg, Judith and Martin, Craig (2012) Spatialities: the geographies of art and architecture. Intellect Books.


Selby, Mark (2012) Circa 1960. [Art/Design Item]

Selby, Mark (2012) Warehouse of failed invention. [Art/Design Item]

Selby, Mark and Smith, Will (2012) Product placement. [Art/Design Item]

Spalding, Mary-Anne (2012) Managing an arts institutional repository.

Starkey, Bradley (2012) Design Investigation III: Poolhouse. [Art/Design Item]

Starkey, Bradley (2012) The meeting room: a space for minds to meet (Group Show). [Art/Design Item]

Summers, Francis (2012) What a body can do: from the frenzy of the communicative to the visual bond... Either/And project, National Media Museum.

Summers, Francis and Minkin, Louisa (2012) FTW (For the Win / Fuck the World). [Art/Design Item]

Summers, Francis and Minkin, Louise (2012) Preliminary Notes for Moving between Desert and Occupation. [Art/Design Item]


Tappenden, Curtis (2012) Zippos circus. [Art/Design Item]

Taylor, Sarah (2012) Hidden Stories. [Art/Design Item]

Ting, Sharon (2012) Creation and environment. [Art/Design Item]

Ting, Sharon (2012) Interview with Sharon Ting for 'What does creativity mean for you'. Willis Newton.


Vacher, Jean (2012) Robin Tanner. [Art/Design Item]

Veno, Bjorn (2012) Mann. Self published.


Waeckerle, Emmanuelle (2012) Jungle fever. [Art/Design Item]

Waeckerle, Emmanuelle (2012) Jungle fever in Dusseldorf. [Art/Design Item]

Waeckerle, Emmanuelle (2012) Jungle fever in Dusseldorf. [Art/Design Item]

Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2012) Book Live! Symposium. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Wainwright, Jean (2012) Mediated pain: Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Walker, James (2012) The Vernacular line: adoption and transposition of the kitsch in illustration. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ward, Denise and Ives, Donna (2012) Fashion placements - optional. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ward, Denise and Ives, Donna (2012) Fashion placements - optional. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Waterworth, Rebecca (2012) Twelve Simple Dances (in 4 parts). [Art/Design Item]

Williamson, Judith (2012) Advertising: Pantene.

Wilson, Gillian (2012) Is academic writing the most appropriate complement to art students' practice? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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