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Al-Ani, Jananne and Deville, Noski (2010) Excavators. [Art/Design Item]

Alsop, Will (2010) Carnegie Pavilion. [Art/Design Item]


Barber, George (2010) India shouting match. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, George (2010) The long commute. [Art/Design Item]

Bech, Tine (2010) Catch me now. Watermans.

Bech, Tine (2010) Echidna. [Art/Design Item]

Bech, Tine and Frame, Tom (2010) Echidna.

Bellingham, Mark (2010) Cuba ether.

Benn, Susan and Mey, Kerstin (2010) Olfact – on a pedagogy of curiosity©. In: UNSPECIFIED LIT.

Blackmore, David (2010) Self help. [Art/Design Item]

Blackmore, David (2010) The fir tree. [Art/Design Item]

Blackmore, David (2010) The punishment fits the crime. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil (2010) TechnoCraft collection. [Art/Design Item]

Bottle, Neil and Prichard, Sue (2010) Neil Bottle exhibition catalogue. UNSPECIFIED. The Ruthin Craft Centre.

Buchan, Suzanne (2010) A curious chapter in the manual of animation: Stan VanDerBeek's animated spatial politics.

Bull, Stephen (2010) Photography. Routledge.

Bull, Stephen (2010) Postcards from New Brighton. [Art/Design Item]


Charter, Martin; Clements, Vic; Cheng, Ichin and Di Nardo, Livia (2010) The European Social Fund: sustainable development and eco-technologies. UNSPECIFIED. European Union.

Chell, Edward (2010) Ten steps to heaven. [Art/Design Item]

Chick, Lucy (2010) I am the Stars. [Art/Design Item]

Colwell, David; La Trobe-Bateman, Richard and Baier, Fred (2010) David Colwell: making chairs. Crafts Study Centre.


Da Gandra, Maria; Moret, Madeleine and Van Neck, Maaike (2010) Fog & conflict: exploring cross-disciplinary and methodological positions in information design. Mwmcreative Limited.

Derksen, Uwe (2010) Creative Challenge research report. UNSPECIFIED. University for the Creative Arts.

Dimitrijevic, Katarina (2010) Township metropolis: design for disposal. In: UNSPECIFIED Queensland University of Technology.


Edwards, Harriet and Tappenden, Curtis (2010) Writing experiments with a lateral leaning.


Foster, Alicia (2010) Gwen John. In: UNSPECIFIED Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium.

Fox, Anna (2010) 41 Hewitt Road 1996-1999. Photographers' Gallery.

Fox, Anna (2010) Anna Fox. In: UNSPECIFIED Photographers' Gallery.

Fox, Anna (2010) Anna Fox: 41 Hewitt Road 1996-1999. Photographers' Gallery and Impressions Gallery.

Fox, Anna (2010) Back to the village and dream day.


Garrett, Leigh (2010) Look Here! building, embedding and sustaining digitisation practices in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Garrett, Leigh and Robinson, Amy (2010) Captivate: audience engagement and the digital image repository in the visual arts. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gilhooly, Jonathan (2010) Enchanted objects: agency in the magic act and contemporary art practice. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Goldsmith, Shelly (2010) Print Now. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsmith, Shelly (2010) Scrap of a thing: 18th-century textile tokens from the Foundling Museum.

Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2010) Changing light: a plethora of digital tools as slides gasp their last? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2010) From VADS to VADS: ‘wayback’ to 1996 and fast forward to 2010. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gramstadt, Marie-Therese (2010) Locating image presentation technology within pedagogic practice.

Green, Nigel and Meade, Martin Kew (2010) Reconstruction. Diaphane.

Gregor, Morven; Loose, Gerry; Stephen, Ian and Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2010) Crossing Alba. Collins Gallery.


Haddaway, Pauline and Bull, Stephen (2010) Spectres in the city In: where are the people? Contemporary photographs of Belfast 2002-2010. In: UNSPECIFIED Belfast Exposed Photography.

Hamlyn, Nicky (2010) Layers and lattices: the Super 8 films of Helga Fanderl.

Hamlyn, Nicky (2010) Nicholas Sinclair: urban palimpsest. In: UNSPECIFIED Royal Academy Publications.

Hamlyn, Nicky and Sinclair, Nicholas (2010) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED Royal Academy Publications.

Harrison, Diana (2010) Box 1 and Box 2. [Art/Design Item]

Houghton, Nicholas (2010) Connections and divisions:how conceptions and disciplinary borders of art, design and craft have changed. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Ireopoulos, Fil (2010) The film poem. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Joule, Andy (2010) Entrance to hell. [Art/Design Item]


Keeble, Trevor (2010) Wallpaper, dust and 'muck of that sort': themes in the work of Catherine Bertola. In: UNSPECIFIED Whitworth Gallery / KWS Publishers.

Kelley, Victoria (2010) Soap and water: cleanliness, dirt and the working classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. I B Tauris & Co Ltd.

Klenz, Steffi (2010) Caster. [Art/Design Item]

Klenz, Steffi (2010) La Posa. [Art/Design Item]

Klenz, Steffi (2010) Nummianus. [Art/Design Item]

Kotting, Andrew (2010) Afterword. In: UNSPECIFIED Pighog Press.

Kotting, Andrew; Hill, Leslie and Paris, Helen (2010) Sea swallow'd & the moment I saw you I knew I could love you. [Art/Design Item]

Kubicki, Kathy (2010) Fables 2004-7. In: UNSPECIFIED Musee D'art Toulon.

Kubicki, Kathy (2010) Reinventing history: Warren Neidich, photography, re-enactment, and contemporary event culture.

Kubicki, Kathy (2010) Shirin Neshat. In: UNSPECIFIED Phaidon.


Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin and Woolman, Tim (2010) Energy use in houses and buildings and sustainable consumption. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin; Woolman, Tim and Tukker, Arnold (2010) Conclusions: steps towards more sustainable energy use in housing. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Lahlou, Saadi; Charter, Martin; Woolman, Tim and Tukker, Arnold (2010) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED Greenleaf Publishers.

Lang, Martin (2010) Exhibition title: "By Appointment/ Propositions", my Artwork Title: "Remasculation: putting the dick back into art". [Art/Design Item]

Lehmann, Ulrich (2010) Imiter c'est créer: du transfert des formes naturelles à la transgression économique, 1800-1850. In: UNSPECIFIED Livres EMCC.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2010) L'Homme des foules, dandy, and flâneur: fashion and the metropolis 1850-1940. In: UNSPECIFIED Routledge.

Lehmann, Ulrich (2010) Performance materielle: Dufour et le materialisme. In: UNSPECIFIED Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Lähteenoja, Satu; Kuhndt, Michael; Charter, Martin and Csobod, Eva (2010) Network of change: civil society partnerships for sustainable consumption and production. UNSPECIFIED. United Nations Environmental Programme.


Mallinder, Steven (2010) ADM OER Project final report. UNSPECIFIED. JISC.

Martin, Craig (2010) A discussion of after method: mess in social science research by John Law. In: UNSPECIFIED ICA.

Matthews, Bob (2010) And then again. [Art/Design Item]

McElhinney, Sam (2010) Labyrinths, mazes & the spaces inbetween. In: UNSPECIFIED Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies.

McKie, Annamarie (2010) Joining up the dots: transformative library experiences for creative arts students. In: UNSPECIFIED.

McKie, Annamarie (2010) Waving and definitely not drowning. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mey, Kerstin (2010) AES+F – more than just a matter of (bad) taste. In: UNSPECIFIED Liverpool University Press and Tate Liverpool.

Mey, Kerstin (2010) Afterword: in/ter/ceptions and in/tensions – situating Suzanne Lacy's practice. In: UNSPECIFIED Duke University Press.

Mey, Kerstin (2010) But where is the art? In: UNSPECIFIED Public Communications Centre.


Nava, Zadoc (2010) Shadowlands. Black Dog.


Odundo, Magdalene (2010) Gango series I-III. [Art/Design Item]

Odundo, Magdalene (2010) Magdalene Odundo: ceramic forms. [Art/Design Item]

Olding, Simon (2010) David Colwell: making chairs; Fred Baier: the right angle; Richard La Trobe-Bateman: making triangles. [Art/Design Item]

Olding, Simon (2010) Disparate connections. In: UNSPECIFIED Crafts Council of Ireland.

Olding, Simon (2010) Order and poise.

Olding, Simon (2010) The etchings of Bernard Leach. Crafts Study Centre and The Leach Pottery.

Olding, Simon (2010) The slightly estranged.


Panse, Silke (2010) Land Film: Subjectivities and Structure, Ecology and Economy in James Benning’s Documentaries. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2010) Land Film: Subjectivities and Structure, Ecology and Economy in James Benning’s Documentaries. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Panse, Silke (2010) On the dominance of experience. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Roberts, Christopher and Mifsud, Daniel (2010) The Utopian. Newsfax Ltd..

Rogers, Kathleen (2010) Photographic documentation/full page frontispiece of art work 'Tremor'. In: UNSPECIFIED Thames and Hudson.

Roworth-Stokes, Seymour (2010) Capturing and retaining knowledge to improve design group performance.

Rugg, Judith (2010) Disorder from the edge: spaces of inside and outside and the boundaries of anxiety. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rugg, Judith (2010) Exploring site-specific art: issues of space and internationalism. I. B. Tauris.


Scrimshaw, Nathan and Thomson, Liz (2010) Incite. [Teaching Resource]

Selby, Mark (2010) Coming out of the woodwork. [Art/Design Item]

Starkey, Bradley (2010) Eidos (Group Show). [Art/Design Item]

Starkey, Bradley (2010) Scales of the architectural model. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Summers, Francis (2010) Plumbing the surfaces: reading Martin Arnold's 'Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy'. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Surti, Srin (2010) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010. [Art/Design Item]


Tappenden, Curtis (2010) Out of our minds: exploring attitudes to creative writing relating to art and design practice and personal identity.

Ting, Sharon and Burden, Marc (2010) Print and man-made materials. [Art/Design Item]

Trafford, James (2010) Modal rationalism and the transference of meaning.


Vacher, Jean (2010) Bernard Leach: graphic artist. [Art/Design Item]


Waeckerlé, Emmanuelle (2010) Hole-story. [Art/Design Item]

Wainwright, Jean (2010) Speaking of art: four decades of art in conversation. Phaidon.

Welsford, Katie (2010) Fragment. [Art/Design Item]

Widdicombe, Kristy (2010) Cog-Ignition: An introduction to research for creative arts students. [Art/Design Item]

Widdicombe, Kristy (2010) Report on IFLA 2009 pre-conference. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.

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