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Al-Assaf, S; Phillips, G O; Aokia, H and Sasaki, Y (2007) Characterization and properties of Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. var. senegal with enhanced properties (Acacia (sen) SUPER GUM™): Part 1—Controlled maturation of Acacia senegal var. senegal to increase viscoelasticity, produce a hydrogel form and convert a poor into a good emulsifier.

Ashton, Gail (2007) Pebble on my wing.


Buchanan, Julian; Parry, Odette; Pithouse, Andrew; Warren, Emily and Ifans, Jonquil (2007) Focusing on the Needs of the Child An evaluation of the Family Dispute Resolution Programme pilot in Private law proceedings provided by CAFCASS CYMRU. [Report]


Carnwell, R and Baker, Sally-Ann (2007) A Qualitative Evaluation of a Project to Enhance Pupils' Emotional Literacy Through a Student Assistance Programme.

Carnwell, R; Baker, Sally-Ann; Bellis, M and Murray, R (2007) Managerial perceptions of mentor, lecturer practitioner and link tutor roles.

Carson, Alexander M and Bleakley, Colette (2007) Critical Conversations: Ethics, Professional Development and Organisational and Cultural Change.

Costello, Patrick J (2007) Developing Communities of Inquiry: The Role of Narrative.

Costello, Patrick J (2007) Writing Reflectively and Effectively: Developing the Skills of Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Argument in Higher Education.

Cunningham, Stuart and Grout, Vic (2007) Advances in Similarity-Based Audio Compression. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cunningham, Stuart and Grout, Vic (2007) A Study of the Geographic Spread and Security of Wireless Access Points. In: UNSPECIFIED.


De Prez, Phil (2007) Aunty Betty and the sunny day.

Delgado, Armando Roy; Robinet, Alexia; McGinn, John; Grout, Vic and Picking, Rich (2007) Assistive Human-Machine Interfaces for Smart Homes. In: UNSPECIFIED.


English, Rob J; Ratcliffe, Ian; Blanchard, R L and Parsons, B J (2007) Effect of Polydispersity on Fluorescence Quenching in Micelles Formed by Telechelic Associative Polymers.


Ferguson, N; Binks, E; Roe, M D; Brown, J; Adams, T; Cruise, S M and Lewis, Christopher A (2007) The IRA Apology of 2002 and Forgiveness in Northern Ireland's Troubles: A Cross-National Study of Printed Media.

Francis, L J; Robbins, M; Lewis, Christopher A; Barnes, L P and ap Sio^n, T (2007) Attitude toward Christianity among secondary school pupils in Northern Ireland: shifts in denominational differences.


Grout, Vic; Cunningham, Stuart and Picking, Rich (2007) Practical Large-Scale Network Design with Variable Costs for Links and Switches.

Grout, Vic; Davies, John N and McGinn, John (2007) An argument for simple embedded ACL optimisation.


Heard, Peter J (2007) Dynamic Stereochemical Rearrangements in Chira Organometallic.

Heard, Peter J (2007) NMR of Organomagnesium Compounds. In: UNSPECIFIED Glyndŵr University Research Online.


Kay, William K (2007) Can ‘Skills’ Help Religious Education? In: UNSPECIFIED Glyndŵr University Research Online.

Kennedy, Lynne (2007) Public Health Nutrition from principles to practice, M Lawrence and Worsley T, McGraw Hill, 2007 Book Review. Glyndŵr University Research Online.


Lewis, Christopher A; Cruise, S M and Lattimer, B (2007) Temporal Stability of the Francis Scale of Attitude Toward Christianity Short-Form Among 10- To 12-Year-Old English Children: Test-Retest Data Over 15 Weeks.

Lloyd, Marjorie (2007) Empowerment in the interpersonal field: discourses of acute mental health nurses.


Madoc-Jones, Iolo (2007) Welsh Prisoners in English Jails.

Madoc-Jones, Iolo; Warren, Emily; Ashdown-Lambert, Joan; Williams, E and Parry, Odette (2007) Planned telephone support for disadvantaged parents in North Wales: perceptions of service users.

McGinn, John; Picking, Rich; Picking, Liz and Grout, Vic (2007) The Use of Interactive Visual Metaphors to Enhance Group Discussions using Mobile Devices. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Razaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) Robustness of HEAF(2) for Estimating the Intensity of Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) CoLoRaDe: A Novel Algorithm for Controlling Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) A Comparison of Methods for Estimating the Tail Index of Heavy-tailed Internet Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED Glyndŵr University Research Online.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) Identifying Long-range Dependent Network Traffic through Autocorrelation Functions. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) Managing the Bursty Nature of Packet Traffic using the BPTraSha Algorithm. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) An Overview of Long-range Dependent Network Traffic Engineering and Analysis: Characteristics, Simulation, Modelling and Control. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) A Survey of Performance Evaluation and Control for Self-Similar Network Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammed Rezaul, Karim and Grout, Vic (2007) Towards Finding Efficient Tools for Measuring the Tail Index and Intensity of Long-range Dependent Network Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morgan, Mike and Grout, Vic (2007) Metaheuristics for Wireless Network Optimisation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morgan, Mike and Grout, Vic (2007) Virtual Backbone Configuration in Wireless Mesh Networks. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mottershead, Richard (2007) Including the Excluded: Weathering the Storm. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mullan, M and Lewis, Christopher A (2007) The psychometric properties of The Religious Status Inventory—'Being Ethical' subscale among Northern Irish adolescents.


Navabpour, P; Nesbitt, A; Mann, T and Day, Richard J (2007) Comparison of the Curing Kinetics of a DGEBA/Acid Anhydride Epoxy Resin System Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and a Microwave-Heated Calorimeter.


Perraton Mountford, Clive (2007) In memoriam: Mary.


Razaul, Karim Mohammed and Grout, Vic (2007) BPTraSha: A Novel Algorithm for Shaping Bursty Nature of Internet Traffic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Roberts, Nathan J; Grout, Vic and Worden, John (2007) Adaptable and Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments Supporting Soft Skills. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Rogers, M B; Loewenthal, K M; Lewis, Christopher A; Amlot, R; Cinnirella, M and Ansari, H (2007) The role of religious fundamentalism in terrorist violence: A social psychological analysis.


See, C H; Abd-Alhameed, R A and Excell, Peter S (2007) Computation of Electromagnetic Fields in Assemblages of Biological Cells Using a Modified Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scheme.

She, Zhishun; Liu, Y and Damatoa, A (2007) Combination of features from skin pattern and ABCD analysis for lesion classification.

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