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Khwarahm, N.; Dash, J.; Skjøth, C.; Newnham, R.M.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Head, K.; Caulton, E. and Atkinson, P.M. (2016) Mapping the Birch and Grass Pollen Seasons in the UK Using Satellite Sensor Time-series.

Sadyś, Magdalena; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Herbert, Rob and Kennedy, Roy (2016) Comparisons of Fungal Spore Distributions Using Air Sampling at Worcester, England (2006-2010).

Skjøth, C.; Bilińska, D.; Werner, Malgorzata; Malkiewicz, M.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Kryza, M. and Drzeniecka-Osiadacz, A. (2015) Footprint Areas of Pollen From Alder (Alnus) and Birch (Betula) in the UK (Worcester) and Poland (Wrocław) During 2005–2014.

Skjøth, C.; Baker, Peter; Sadyś, Magdalena and Adams-Groom, Beverley (2015) Pollen From Alder (Alnus sp.), Birch (Betula sp.) and Oak (Quercus sp.) in the UK Originate From Small Woodlands.

Skjøth, C.; Werner, Malgorzata; Kryza, M.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Wakeham, Alison; Lewis, Mary and Kennedy, Roy (2015) Quality of the Governing Temperature Variables in WRF in Relation to Simulation of Primary Biological Aerosols.

Hawkins, J.; de Vere, N.; Griffith, A.; Ford, C.R.; Allainguillaume, J.; Hegarty, M.J.; Baillie, L. and Adams-Groom, Beverley (2015) Using DNA Metabarcoding to Identify the Floral Composition of Honey: a New Tool for Investigating Honey Bee Foraging Preferences.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2015) Frequency and Abundance of Pollen Taxa in Crime Case Samples from the United Kingdom.

Fernández-Rodríguez, S.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Silva-Palacios, I.; Caeiro, E.; Brandao, R.; Ferro, R.; Gonzalo-Garijo, Á.; Smith, Matt and Tormo-Molina, R. (2014) Comparison of Poaceae Pollen Counts Recorded at Sites in Portugal, Spain and the UK.

Khwarahm, N.; Dash, J.; Atkinson, P.M.; Newnham, R.M.; Skjøth, C.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Caulton, E. and Head, K. (2014) Exploring the Spatio-temporal Relationship Between Two Key Aeroallergens and Meteorological Variables in the United Kingdom.

Newnham, R.M.; Sparks, T.H.; Skjøth, C.; Head, K.; Adams-Groom, Beverley and Smith, Matt (2013) Pollen Season and Climate: Is the Timing of Birch Pollen Release in the UK Approaching its Limit?

Stach, Alicja; Emberlin, Jean; Smith, Matt; Adams-Groom, Beverley and Myszkowska, D. (2008) Factors that Determine the Severity of Betula spp. Pollen Seasons in Poland (Poznań and Krakow) and the United Kingdom (Worcester and London).

Emberlin, Jean; Smith, Matt; Close, R. and Adams-Groom, Beverley (2007) Changes in the Pollen Seasons of the Early Flowering Trees Alnus spp. and Corylus spp. in Worcester United Kingdom 1996-2005.

Emberlin, Jean and Adams-Groom, Beverley (2004) An Analysis of the Possible Effects of the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic on Grass Pollen Concentrations in the Midlands, UK.

Emberlin, Jean; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Treu, R. and Carswell, F. (2004) Airborne Pollen and Fungal Spores in Florist Shops in Worcester and in Bristol UK: A Potential Problem for Occupational Health.

Adams-Groom, Beverley; Emberlin, Jean; Corden, J.; Millington, W. and Mullins, J. (2002) Predicting the Start of the Birch Pollen Season at London, Derby and Cardiff, United Kingdom, Using a Multiple Regression Model, Based on Data from 1987 to 1997.

Book Section

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2012) Forensic Palynology. In: UNSPECIFIED Wiley-Blackwell.

Conference or Workshop Item

Brennan, G.; Adams-Groom, Beverley; Barber, A.; Clewlow, Y.; De Vere, N.; Griffith, G.; Hegarty, M.; McInnes, R.; Osborne, N.; Petch, Geoffrey; Skjøth, C.; Wheeler, B. and Creer, S. (2016) Linking Grass Pollen Biodiversity and Human Health: an Environmental Genomic Approach. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Skjøth, C.; Werner, Malgorzata; Baker, Peter and Adams-Groom, Beverley (2014) Saharan Dust, Allergenic Pollen and High Air Pollution: A Detrimental Spring Cocktail for the English Population. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2012) The Pollen Count and Other Related Potential Indicators of Climate Change. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2011) Aeroallergens: Detection and Forecasting. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2009) Aerobiology and the Work of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2009) Forensic Palynology – What is Pollen and How Can it Help to Solve Crimes? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2009) The Work of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley (2008) Forensic Palynology – What is Pollen and how can it Help to Solve Crimes? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Bustos Delgado, I.; Adams-Groom, Beverley and Emberlin, Jean (2006) A Fungal Spore Calendar for Worcester, West Midlands, UK (Poster). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Adams-Groom, Beverley; Bustos Delgado, I. and Emberlin, Jean (2006) Relationships Between Didymella, an Important Allergenic Spore, and Meteorological Parameters During 2005 in Worcester, UK. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Emberlin, Jean; Adams-Groom, Beverley and Prieto Baena, J.C. (2006) Transfer of Pollen from Woodland Soil to a Vehicle and Footwear During Winter Months, Worcester, UK. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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