Borrowed from my bank 2008 - 2011

Blackmore, David (2008) Borrowed from my bank 2008 - 2011. [Art/Design Item]

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Unfortunately I, like the majority of average westerners, owe money. After a visit to one bank I took a complementary pen. When I got home I began to work out my monthly in-comings and outgoings, rent, travel, food etc... with the intention of forming some kind of repayment plan. I got frustrated and looked down at the pen I was writing with; the branded blue pen from the bank. Printed on the spine of the pen was the phrase ‘Borrowed from my bank’. I decided to see how much ‘ink’ I could ‘borrow from my bank’. I started to fill in each square on A3 graph paper until the ink ran out. I wanted to see if I could fill the page or not. In the same way I try to stretch my wages and manage debt each month. As the project progressed I started to use the ink to depict specific financial data related to particular financial institutions and their/our role in this recession. Each of these drawings is made using all the ink from a single ball point pen. Each individual pen has been acquired for free from the banks listed below. This currently a work in progress more images will be added as the project develops. Works Allied Irish bank, 2010 Barclays - 'Borrowed from my bank' 2008 Barclays - 'Borrowed from my bank' #2 2008 Barclays I love a good doodle. 2010 Barclays - 'I'm free! Now there's a thought' 2010 Barclays 'I used to be a plastic cup' 2009 Barclays - 'Take me I'm yours' #1 2008-9 Barclays, 'Take me I'm yours' 2008-9 Barclays 'Unlimited edition' 2008 Barclays 'Write here, write now'. 2010 BNP Paribas, 2010 Credit Agricole Corporate and investment bank 2010 Deutsche bank, A passion to pre form 2009 Halifax - Sold working together with our local community 2009 HSBC 2009 Islamic bank of Britain. 2009 JP Morgan, 2009 Lloyds TSB 2009 Nationwide 'Pride' 2010 Northern rock. 2008-09 RBS 2009 Exhibition - Open studio Hackney Wicked 2010 Published as work in progress in Dutch newspaper in November 2009 - View tear sheet

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