Woefully Arrayed: Sacred and Secular Choral and Polychoral Works of Jonathan David Little (b.1965) ["Woefully Arrayed", Op.13; "Kyrie", Op.5; "Gloria", Op.18; “Wasted and Worn”, Op.6; “That Time of Year", Op.2]

Little, Jonathan D. (2017) Woefully Arrayed: Sacred and Secular Choral and Polychoral Works of Jonathan David Little (b.1965) ["Woefully Arrayed", Op.13; "Kyrie", Op.5; "Gloria", Op.18; “Wasted and Worn”, Op.6; “That Time of Year", Op.2]. [Audio]

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“A music redolent of the past and the future” Several of the works in this collection feature intricate, a cappella, polychoral-inspired techniques. These include multi-part, multi-divisi, and unusual spatial effects (or cori spezzati – literally “split choirs” – as the technique was referred to in the Renaissance and early Baroque periods). Therefore different sections of the choir, or different “sub-choirs” and/or vocal soloists, are sometimes placed in various arrangements around and above the audience: this ancient technique being pioneered in modern form in “Kyrie”, Op.5, for 21 individual vocal lines – where some singers are stationed in a gallery, and at a distance. Some works also feature echo effects, as well as isorhythmic fragments, melodic and rhythmic hocket, while cross-rhythms and cross-textuality may additionally be involved. Due to the incorporation of such “polychoral”-derived techniques (in addition to some derived from Medieval music), a striking extra dimension is added both to recordings and to live performances (where the aural “spatial” interest creates a quasi-theatrical effect). The harmonic language is largely built on the composer’s personalised modal foundations, frequently complemented by very subtle use of rhythm and ornament, which can sometimes involve quite elaborate – but always delicate – “filigree”-like patterns. All but the Kyrie are world première recordings (including the first recording of the choral version of That Time of Year), and were recorded over five separate sessions in the UK and US. Includes an additional historical and contextual essay by Renaissance and Baroque scholar, Hugh Keyte, leading expert on early polychoralism: "Polychorality: Some Observations". (NOTE: Opus numbers in the composer’s œuvre are apportioned according to date of initial conception, rather than by date of completion.) “WOEFULLY ARRAYED”: Sacred and Secular Choral and Polychoral Works of JONATHAN DAVID LITTLE (b.1965) INCLUDES WORLD PREMIÈRE RECORDINGS Vox Futura, Boston (USA) Directed by Andrew Shenton; Organ: Heinrich Christensen ‡Stanbery Singers, Cincinnati (USA) Directed by Paul John Stanbery †Thomas Tallis Society Choir, Greenwich (UK) Directed by Philip Simms SACRED WORKS: 1. “Woefully Arrayed”, Op.13 (Anthem for Triple Choir: AATTBB + SSA + SSA) [attrib. to John Skelton] (with Organ) (ca.26:00) 2. †Kyrie, Op.5 (SATB Double Choir with Soloists) (from Missa Temporis Perditi) (ca.4:50) * * * ROYAL PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY / BBC RADIO 3 “ENCORE Choral” Award Winner * * * 3. Gloria, Op.18 (SATB Double Choir with Soloists) (from Missa Temporis Perditi) (ca.12:00) SECULAR WORKS: 4. ‡“Wasted and Worn”, Op.6 (Part Song for SSAATTBB Choir with Soloists) [Lord de Tabley] (ca.12:10) 5. ‡“That Time of Year”, Op.2 (SATBarB Choir) [Shakespeare] (ca.4:45) 6. “Woefully Arrayed”, Op.13 [Reprise – abridged version] (ca.12:30) This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body (Individual International Arts Project Award 2015-17: UK-USA-Australia). Invaluable support has also been provided by the Royal Philharmonic Society (UK), through its “ENCORE Choral” Award scheme. The support and advice of music publishers Anne Keats, OAM, and Brennan Keats, OAM, Directors of Wirripang Pty Ltd (Australia), of Ben Hall and staff at the University of Chichester (UK), of Professor Craig De Wilde of the University of Singapore, of music copyist David Turner (UK), of Bob Lord and all his team at PARMA Recordings (USA), and of James M. Kendrick (Director and Treasurer of ASCAP, USA), is gratefully acknowledged.

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