A qualitative study of perceptions of professionalism amongst radiography students

Challen, Val; Siinalaanelaid, Z. and Kukkes, T. (2016) A qualitative study of perceptions of professionalism amongst radiography students.

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Official URL: 10.1016/j.radi.2016.10.010


Purpose: To explore perceptions of professionalism amongst Estonian radiography students in order to identify their understandings of professionalism, the factors that influence the development of their understandings and those skills required to achieve professionalism. Methods: A qualitative study using a semi-structured focus group approach involved four main questions: 1. What does the word professionalism mean to you? 2. What does the word unprofessionalism mean to you? 3. What has influenced your understanding of professionalism? 4. What is your current understanding of what you need to become a professional? Prior to the study, first year students had no radiology clinical placement experience unlike third year students. Interviews with first years (n = 7) and third years (n = 10) were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Thematic content analysis was employed to classify student responses resulting in a number of related to general skills, specific skills, personal characteristics and the impacts of educational environments. Results: Four main themes were explored: 1) characteristic features of professionalism; 2) common manifestations of unprofessional conduct; 3) factors influencing the development of professionalism; 4) developmental needs for the achievement of professionalism. Sub-themes emerged related to three groups of influencing factors i.e. theoretical studies, clinical training and personal characteristics. An influencing factor may have a positive effect or a negative effect dependent on the nature of any particular factor. Conclusions: Awareness of student perceptions enables educators and clinical staff to assure the content and organisation of theoretical studies and clinical placements to facilitate the impact of positive factors and minimise the negative factors.

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