A Reflective Encounter With the Fine Sand Area in a Nursery School Setting

Barnett, Anthony (2016) A Reflective Encounter With the Fine Sand Area in a Nursery School Setting.

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Official URL: 10.1080/02568543.2016.1143898


This article draws on a model of reflection that involves creating meanings through repeated encounters with evocative objects. Responses to one such evocative object, a 20-second video clip of children playing in the fine sand area, illustrates the “turning toward” and then “turning away” from the object to engage with broader themes. Parten’s play types are used when analyzing children’s play in the fine sand area (the evocative object). The focus then turns away to themes of English as a second language, messy play, energies of childhood, and Foucault’s docile bodies. The intention was to integrate loosely formulated research aims relating to quality of the physical environment within the evolving life of the nursery setting to encourage a developing research orientation and reflective dis-position. This way of approaching practitioner research is well adapted to a longer-term engagement with enduring areas of interest, such as developing the potential of the physical environment.

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