Application of WRF-Chem to Forecasting PM10 Concentration over Poland

Werner, Malgorzata; Kryza, M.; Ojrzyńska, H.; Skjøth, C.; Wałaszek, K. and Dore, A.J. (2014) Application of WRF-Chem to Forecasting PM10 Concentration over Poland. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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The meteorological and chemical transport model WRF-Chem was implemented to forecast PM10 concentrations over Poland. WRF-Chem version 3.5 was configured with three one way nested domains using the GFS meteorological data and the TNO MACC II emissions. Forecasts, with 48h lead time, were run for a winter and summer period 2014. WRF-Chem in general captures the variability in observed PM10 concentrations, but underestimates some peak concentrations during winter-time. The peaks coincide with either stable atmospheric condition during nighttime in the lower part of the planetary boundary layer or on days with very low surface temperatures. Such episodes lead to increased combustion in residential heating, where hard coal is the main fuel in Poland. This suggests that a key to improvement in the model performance for the peak concentrations is to focus on the simulation of PBL processes and the distribution of emissions with high resolution in WRF-Chem.

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