Life after Rugby: Issues of Being an ‘Ex’ in Fiji Rugby.

Kanemasu, Yoko and Molnar, Gyozo (2014) Life after Rugby: Issues of Being an ‘Ex’ in Fiji Rugby.

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Official URL: 10.1080/09523367.2014.924927


Rugby has given Fiji international recognition and reputation. Not only is rugby a source of national pride but it has also become a valuable export, with an estimated 500 Fijian players currently in foreign leagues in, for instance, New Zealand, Australia, France, England and Japan. The economic and socio-cultural gains from rugby migration are often considerable, and consequently, many players in Fiji aspire to secure foreign club contracts as their personal and professional goal. However, little is known about the realities and challenges of the players’ life after their active playing career, the burden of which falls largely upon informal, community/family-based support networks. Such informal structures are increasingly under strain especially in urban areas and, faced with a lack of formal structural support mechanisms, many retired athletes experience a number of socio-economic and emotional problems. Some negotiate their post-rugby life successfully while many struggle with becoming and being an ‘ex’. Based on semi-structured interviews, the present paper explores these athletes’ experiences of “life after rugby” and illuminates the local as well as international neoliberal power dynamics that intersects Fiji rugby.

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