Pluralism and Justice: A Theological Critique of Red Toryism

Smith, Graeme (2012) Pluralism and Justice: A Theological Critique of Red Toryism.

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Red Toryism analyses the problems of contemporary British society as resulting from an expanding authoritarian state and irresponsible global free markets. It proposes as a response to the current economic, political and social crises a return to a politics of virtue which celebrates and engenders local associations, moral behaviour and the traditional family unit. The link between Red Toryism and John Milbank's political theology is established before a critique of the elitism of Red Toryism is connected to the exclusive ontology employed by Milbank. Employing a reading of the politics of descriptions and interpretations from Vattimo and Zabala it is argued that Milbank's anti-pluralism results in a conservative political order in which the poor are viewed as passive recipients of middle-class social and political activism.

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