Does mood state and line-up style affect facial recognition?

Student, A. (2014) Does mood state and line-up style affect facial recognition? UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Mood state and line-up style have been shown to affect the accuracy of facial recognition across a variety of settings. The broad range of literature on this topic shows clear societal impacts although many of the studies have varied findings. Very little research has been conducted focusing on particular combinations of variables on facial recognition. This study had two independent variables, mood state and line-up style, each with two levels (stress/neutral and sequential/simultaneous). Participants were exposed to a stimulus to induce the desired mood state before being shown ten faces. After 5 minutes a further mood-inducing stimulus was presented. Participants were subsequently asked to identify the original 10 faces from a final line-up consisting of 40 faces. Contrary to previous literature, the results found no statistically significant difference between the four conditions on facial recognition accuracy. The implications of this could suggest mood state and style of line-up may not effect accuracy of recognition as negatively as previous research has suggested. Future research might focus on the levels of mood state and different combinations of variables.

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