Burgoyne, Greig (2014) Apparatus. [Art/Design Item]

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This exhibition gathers the work of eight artists: Greig Burgoyne, Pierre Martens, Thomas Beckers, Pascal Courcelles, Pascal Bernier, Robert Quint, François Huon, and Aldo Guillaume Turin. Burgoyne's series of site specific works act as propositions only activated by the engagement of the viewer in the experience of the work in situ. Rule based repetition; endurance and accumulation seek to explore how physical spaces can be reconfigured through gesture and duration. For L’escaut a project space engaged in architectural and spatial concerns, Burgoyne created a series of propositions centred around the columns that dominate the space. In the largest works suspended between floor and ceiling, the starting point was the dimensions themselves. Beginning with the furthest away drawing at the back of the space, determined by rule based processes the drawings appear to rise and fall. The lengths of which are unknown in advance but in turn determine the starting point of the drawing that will follow it. In doing so Burgoyne hopes the resulting drawing might contest the contradictions between the physical role of support and volume alongside how we might see this in our perception and experience of moving around the space. The outcome maybe the liberation of our perceptions as to what maybe solid and secure and as a result the need for re-evaluation in our rapport with the space of our mind and the physical one we encounter. The smaller works that accompany this show begin in the centre of the paper, through repetitive gesture until the ink runs out, the cartridge placed at the starting point may measure, penetrate or not the resulting markmaking.

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