Street synergy: African re-tale in a global narrative

Dimitrijevic, Katarina (2008) Street synergy: African re-tale in a global narrative. In: UNSPECIFIED FrancoAngeli.

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The narrative of retail design is a complex interweaving plot between place, consumer and product, which ultimately culminates in an entire fusion of experience, lifestyle and culture. In the South African context the Township Mall presents as a new symbol of aspiration in keeping with a growing middleclass. However globally there appears to be new trends to create multi sensorial and experiential retail spaces. The question is how this trend is manifesting in the Global and South African context? What design strategies are being explored that represent community and lifestyle? We propose that the answer to these questions lies in the fusion and incorporation of street culture within the more formal retail environments. The street represents an informal, liminal and to some extent marginalized retail space that is paradoxically the pivotal axis from which new and dynamic design can be re- invested into formal retail spaces. Inherent in African street culture is the concept of ubuntu or sense of community, which has implications for future design both locally and globally. This paper will therefore investigate these issues by examining both global and local examples and will also present student work that has a direct correlation to the issues discussed.

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