Does competitive sport have educational validity in physical education?

Almond, Len (2014) Does competitive sport have educational validity in physical education?

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Official URL: 10.1016/j.scispo.2014.08.102


In this paper, I shall portray the negative and positive associations with competitive sport and I shall also address the taken-for-granted values claimed for sport. In presenting this case, I shall propose that a major rethink about the value of competitive sports in schools is needed. This will be followed by an analysis of what is meant by educational validity and an outline of what criteria could be used to select appropriate curricula content? A number of questions will be raised whether current practice can meet these standards. Education has made strong claims about capacities and dispositions that can be nurtured and cultivated during schooling. So to name a few, autonomy, empowerment and agency, independence, responsibility, resilience and imagination are seen as important but rarely addressed in physical education. Their relevance will be explored in the context of physical education and sport.

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